CFCS Ch. 197: Apocalypse World (1)

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Jing Yang felt a little sore in his neck and a little numbness in his arms. He was obviously sitting in a wrong posture on the table now. He opened his eyes and sat up straight, turned his neck, and stretched his arms. While doing these actions, he looked around at his surroundings.

What Jing Yang saw was a row of step benches, and directly opposite him was a large screen, so this should be a university classroom or something.

However, the classroom was empty. It should have been the end of classes and the other students had left.

Jing Yang took out his backpack from the drawer, threw it on his shoulder and was ready to leave. At this time, a few people walked in, Jing Yang didn’t want to meet them so he turned to leave. But seeing that the eyes of those few people kept looking at him, and that they were obviously looking for him, they should be people the original owner knew, so Jing Yang had to stand and wait for them to come over.

“Qiu Jin, Qi Yun has something to ask you for help.” One of the tall boys said.

“What’s the matter?” Jing Yang put his hand in his trouser pocket and looked at them.

“It’s like this…, I, I…” The boy named Qi Yun found it hard to say, but he finally summoned up the courage to say, “My father is seriously ill in the hospital and needs a large amount of surgery fees, can you lend me some money for my father’s surgery, and after graduation, I will definitely find a way to pay it back to you slowly.”

Jing Yang looked at the boy named Qi Yun, and the image of the enemy from the previous lives suddenly appeared in his mind. A familiar feeling arose in him spontaneously. It turned out that in this life, they met again. They were really enemies for life, what kind of hatred was it, that they wanted to hurt each other so much. Jing Yang thought, in this life also, he would never lose.

Jing Yang thought about it and thought it was a little funny, so he really laughed.

“His father is sick and hospitalized, yet you are still smiling. Are you too inhumane?” The tall boy looked at Jing Yang dissatisfiedly and said.

Jing Yang glanced at the tall and strong boy, and then said to Qi Yun, “I’m really sorry, I’m used to an inhumane nature, so I may not be able to help you with this favor, you should find someone human to help you.

“Qiu Jin, don’t be angry, Qi Yun’s father is really serious and cannot wait for the money, now is not the time to be angry. Everyone is a friend, just help if you can.” A boy with glasses said.

Jing Yang looked at the gentle boy who was talking again, activated the system, and it showed that the boy’s name was Wu Hao, and the tall boy who was talking just now was called Zhao Gang.

“Yes, your family is so rich and everyone is friends. What’s wrong with saving someone’s father’s life with your money?” Zhao Gang said as a matter of course.

“No matter how much money I have, it’s my money. I can lend it if I want, and I won’t lend if I don’t want to. Why do you care?” Jing Yang looked at Zhao Gang with disdain and said.

“You…” Zhao Gang was so angry at Jing Yang’s attitude that he was about to quarrel with Jing Yang but was immediately stopped by Qi Yun.

“Okay, Zhao Gang, I have already asked others, can you please stop arguing at this time, my father is still lying in the hospital waiting for money to save his life.” Qi Yun stopped Zhao Gang because he was a little unhappy when he saw Jing Yang, and he was also worried that he really won’t lend him money. If it was normal times, he would never stop Zhao Gang from quarreling with Qiu Jin.

These few words from Qi Yun not only taught Zhao Gang to give Jing Yang face, but also gave Jing Yang some pressure to lend him money.

Although Jing Yang has not yet understood the world and these people, but from his experience in so many lifetimes, he also knew by feeling that this Qi Yun was definitely uneasy and not well-intentioned when borrowing money, so he must not lend it to him.

“Qiu Jin, I won’t borrow it for nothing, I can pay you the interest.” Seeing that Jing Yang didn’t speak, Qi Yun said more sincerely, “Please, help me no matter what this time, I have only Dad as my last relative, I can’t help but save him!”

“My family’s money is also earned by my parents. It didn’t fall from the sky, or in our yard.” Jing Yang originally wanted to refuse directly, but the word ten days suddenly appeared in his mind, and he subconsciously blurted out, “But it’s not impossible to lend you money, you said your father is sick, how do I know if it’s true? Show me your father’s medical certificate, and ten days later, I will lend you the money.”

“You don’t believe me?” Qi Yun stared at Jing Yang, he heard Jing Yang say that he would lend him the money in ten days, and his heart skipped a beat, because if he really had to wait ten days, it would be too late for anything, he must get the money now “Do you think I’ll use my dad to deceive you? Friends, do you actually distrust me so much?”

“Even if it’s a friend, can’t you tell me how much money I can give you right away? Besides, don’t you have any idea in your heart whether our relationship is that good? And it’s not that I don’t agree to lend you money, I just want to see your father’s medical certificate, if you think this request is too much, then ask someone else for the money.” Jing Yang was about to leave.

Seeing that Jing Yang was about to leave, Qi Yun was in a hurry. In order to get the money immediately, he became ruthless, knelt in front of Jing Yang and pleaded eagerly, “I beg you, my father is waiting for money to save his life. After he finishes the operation, whether you want to read the medical certificate or the case, I will give it to you, okay? Please lend me the money now, no matter what, I have no one else to borrow money except you!”

Before Jing Yang could anything, the others behind Qi Yun immediately looked at him with accusing eyes, and Zhao Gang glared at Jing Yang angrily. Because Qi Yun had already told him, he was also worried that if he quarreled with Jing Yang again, Qi Yun would really not be able to borrow money, so he resisted the urge to scold Jing Yang.

“Qiu Jin, that money is nothing to you, but it can save Qi Yun’s father’s life, so you can help him.” Wu Hao also resisted the words he wanted to accuse Jing Yang with and helped Qi Yun plead.

“I won’t lend you a dime without seeing the diagnosis certificate,” Jing Yang said with a blank expression.

“He knelt down for you, what else do you want?” Zhao Gang finally couldn’t help roaring at Jing Yang, “You usually like to show off your wealth so much, you drive a sports car and wear brand-name clothes, eat well and use well, now when we are asking you to take some money out to save your friend’s father’s life, you refuse to accept it. Are you still human, and do you have a conscience?!”

“How I spend my own money, why do you care? You can do it if you have the ability. Drive a sports cars, wear brands, eat well and use them well.” Jing Yang said sarcastically, “Since you are so sympathetic and value friendship, why don’t you give money to help him? If I have money, I should be taken for granted. Do you want to help him? It’s a joke!”

“I beg you, save my father, you can do anything you want to me in the future, and I will repay you by working like a bull and a horse, okay?!” Qi Yun wanted to borrow the money and did not want to give up, so he felt that this low-key attitude was also quite effective.

If it wasn’t for Jing Yang’s experience in so many lifetimes, because of which he knew that he must have other purposes for borrowing money, and this purpose was definitely not good for him, Jing Yang would probably have been deceived by his acting skills.

“Qiu Jin…” Wu Hao was about to say something with a serious expression but was interrupted by Jing Yang.

Jing Yang was impatient while listening to them teach him a lesson, and said directly, “Well, since everyone is friends, then everyone should do their best, why should I be the only one slaughtered? You guys, contribute half of it, I’ll be at a loss, and me a single person will give out half, what do you think?”

Jing Yang looked at those people, saw their hesitant appearance, and immediately showed a sarcastic smile.

Qi Yun’s purpose was money. As long as he could get the money, whoever gave it was the same to him. He held Wu Hao’s hand and looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“I’m in.” Wu Hao loved Qi Yun in his heart, and couldn’t resist his pleading eyes, so he agreed without hesitation.

“I’m also in.” Zhao Gang admired Qi Yun, so naturally he was not willing to lag behind Wu Hao, and quickly agreed.

The others saw that both of them agreed. Although they were a little reluctant, they also agreed.

Among these people, although Qiu Jin was the richest, other people’s family conditions were also good, but unlike Qiu Jin, they had to get the consent of their parents if they wanted to pay such a large amount of money. Among these people, Qi Yun was the poorest and Zhao Gang was in more ordinary conditions, but the others were considered wealthy families. If Zhao Gang wanted to take out the money, he must ask others to borrow it. He couldn’t take it out of his own home, but for Qi Yun’s sake, he was willing to borrow it.

“Since everyone has agreed, tell me which hospital your father is in, and I’ll transfer the money directly.” Jing Yang looked down at Qi Yun and said.

Qi Yun was stunned for a moment, then swallowed and said, “No need, you can transfer the money to me, and I can go to the hospital to pay the money myself.”

“What’s the trouble with it, now it’s very convenient to pay the hospital, you just need to tell me your father’s name and hospital number, and I’ll just transfer the money.” Jing Yang took out his phone and shook it.

“I, I…” Qi Yun never thought that Jing Yang would not believe him so much from the beginning, he thought that with Qiu Jin’s personality, if he would bring all these friends over, he would definitely not have to say anything much and Qiu Jin would give money to him, so no other preparations were made.

“You didn’t even forget your father’s hospital number, do you? It’s just a few letters and numbers, how can your smart mind not remember?” Jing Yang asked pretending to be puzzled.

Qi Yun didn’t know how to explain for a while, so he could only bow his head in silence.

“Well, you can call the hospital or ask your father, and I will transfer the money immediately after asking.” Jing Yang said, “Isn’t your father waiting for the money to save his life? What are you still doing, hurry up and call.”

Under the pressure of Jing Yang, Qi Yun could only take out his mobile phone, but after holding it in his hand for a long time, he didn’t make a call. He didn’t have to look up to feel that others were looking at him with puzzled eyes.

“Me, my dad should be sleeping at this time, I’ll call him again in the afternoon and ask.” Qi Yun could only say that now, if Jing Yang asked him to call the hospital directly, he would never know how to answer.

“Okay, then contact me when you say hello. By the way, tell me the phone number of your father’s attending physician’s office. Since I am paying, I will naturally pay attention to the results of your father’s operation.” Saying this, he left gracefully.

After walking out of the classroom, Jing Yang activated the short-term memory in the system, and walked to the place where the original owner usually parked according to the picture in the short-term memory.

Jing Yang got on the original owner’s sports car, and when he saw that it even had the function of automatic driving, he thought that although this world could not be compared with the interstellar world, it should also be a world with advanced technological development.

Because Jing Yang was worried that after returning home, other people in the original owner’s family would realize that he had no memory of the original owner, so he wanted to briefly understand the relationship between the original owner’s relatives in advance. After searching, the system showed no relatives, which meant that the original owner now not only had no parents, but also no relatives.

Back at the original owner’s home, the luxurious and spacious villa was really not lively. From the furnishings and various supplies, it was obvious that only the original owner lived alone.

Jing Yang threw the backpack on the coffee table, lay down on the large sofa, activated the system and began to understand the world and the memory of the original owner.

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