KHSW Ch. 257

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Pei Shan looked at Ling Xi’s face and frowned slightly. Could it be that she was trying to hide something?

“What does it have to do with no one being in your house if I go to your house?”

“I didn’t bring the key. As soon as you called me today, I rushed over immediately. I even forgot the key at home.” The time for acting had come.

“Isn’t it a combination lock?”

She really guessed it right, “Well, yes, it is indeed a combination, but the combination lock is broken, so I can only use the key to open it. I have been very busy these days, so I haven’t had time to fix it.”

Pei Shan’s ability as an ace manager was beyond the comprehension of ordinary people.

Although there was nothing wrong with Ling Xi’s words, relying on her intuition, Ling Xi must have something to hide from her, as if she was covering up something.

“I just want to visit your house. Since your door lock is broken, forget it. Let’s do this for today. You can go back. I have to go to a meeting later.”

Hearing Pei Shan’s words, Ling Xi seemed to have won the gold medal of amnesty, thinking that she had finally escaped the catastrophe.

“Okay, goodbye, sister Pei.”

This time it was definitely a false alarm.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, there was already a lot of traffic outside the gate of Noble Kindergarten, and the parents and nannies who came to pick up the children had already lined up in a long line.

Yao Ru guarded the car for a long time, but she didn’t see anyone wearing a mask.

Last time, she felt that there was a person who looked like Ling Xi at the entrance of the kindergarten, but since she was going to send her daughter to a shoot, she didn’t care. Now that she thought about it, that person must have been Ling Xi.

She now only hoped that Ling Xi would come to pick up the child today.

But until everyone left, she didn’t see her. It didn’t matter. She would continue to squat for the next few days, and there would always be a time when they would meet.

“Mom, I’m going to be late for hip-hop dance class.” Yao Tiantian, who was sitting in the back seat, pouted displeased, the dance teacher was very fierce when she was late.

Yao Ru came back to her senses, “Well, mom will take you there now.”

What she didn’t know was that since the last time she knew that Yao Ru’s daughter was also in this school, it was either Xiao Nuo’s grandparents or Aunty Zhang who picked up Xiao Nuo.

It was getting darker.

“Baby Xiao Nuo, eat this, it can help baby Xiao Nuo grow taller quickly!” Ling Xi put a piece of meat into Xiao Nuo’s bowl, fortunately Xiao Nuo had accepted the taste of meat.

“Thank you mom, and thanks to the little animals for giving us food.” Xiao Nuo clasped his hands together and closed his eyes.

“Okay, let’s start!”

The warmth of a family of three eating together made Ling Xi feel very warm in her heart.

“Yizhi, I always feel that our positions seem to be switched!”

Xu Yizhi peeled the shrimps habitually, put them on an empty plate, and looked up at Ling Xi, “Why don’t you sit here?”

He thought Ling Xi was talking about the seat.

“No, I mean I should be the one doing things like cooking, but you leave work so early every day just to cook dinner for me and Xiao Nuo, and you are so virtuous… I think you are more suitable to be a mother.”

Xu Yizhi paused with his chopsticks and Xiao Nuo looked puzzled.

At this moment, Ling Xi’s cell phone rang. Seeing that it was the big witch, Ling Xi was terrified, and hoped that she would not mention the lock.

“Sister Pei, what do you want from me?”

“Where are you?”

“I’m at home, what’s the matter?”

“I’m outside your house.”

Ling Xi thought Pei Shan was joking, “Sister Pei, stop joking, I’m timid.”

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