KHSW Ch. 258

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Pei Shan was silent for a while, then sighed, “Do you think I’m joking with you now?”

Hearing Pei Shan’s words, Ling Xi’s eyelids twitched suddenly, and her heart stopped beating, “Sister Pei, are you really… outside my house?”

“Come out and open the door.”

Ling Xi quickly covered her phone, jumped up from the chair, and ran to the door quickly, looking through the electronic peephole.

Damn, the big witch really came here. She remembered that Sister Pei was wearing this dress in the morning. Ling Xi suddenly felt her hands and feet go cold, and the hand holding the phone couldn’t help shaking, trembling… trembling again.

“Pei… Sister Pei, how did you know about my family? Could it be that you made a mistake?”

“Ling Xi, don’t try to make excuses for me, I know you are at home, come and open the door.” Pei Shan said in a very serious tone.

Pei Shan naturally found her through a special channel, so she couldn’t believe that she had found the wrong place.

Ling Xi knew that she couldn’t escape, so she used her brain quickly, “Well, sister Pei, can you give me ten minutes? I’m still washing my hair in the bathroom!”

“Well, hurry up.”

After hanging up the phone, Ling Xi had an anxious and nervous expression on her face, “Oh, it’s over, it’s over, if I’m discovered, I’ll be dead.”

Seeing Ling Xi’s restless state, Xu Yizhi asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Honey, Xiao Nuo, can I wrong you, please go hide in the bedroom, my manager is here.”

Xu Yizhi’s face was calm when he heard the words, “It doesn’t matter even if she knows.”

Ling Xi shook her head quickly, like a rattle drum, “Now is not the time, if she finds out about our relationship, I will ‘die’ very badly, please…please…please.”

Ling Xi’s pitiful appearance moved Xu Yizhi’s heart, “Okay!”

Xu Yizhi glanced at the shoe rack and the clothes rack, he had to do a full set for the show, and everything about him and Xiao Nuo at home should be hidden.

Although Xiao Nuo didn’t know what happened, he listened to his mother very much.

Ten minutes later.

Ling Xi wrapped her hair in a bath towel, walked out of the villa and opened the door. At this time, the sky was getting darker and darker.

“Sister Pei, why are you here?”

Pei Shan came in and looked at the scenery outside the villa, doubts arose in her heart, she had seen many houses where artists lived, some were high-rise buildings in the community, some were villas, but none of them were as grand as hers, “I came to check your internal affairs.”

“Check internal affairs?” Ling Xi repeated in surprise.

Xu Yizhi and Xiao Nuo were still in the bedroom, it seemed that she would have to send a text message to Xu Yizhi later to see if there was any hiding place.

“The villa you live in is worth tens of millions?”

Hearing Pei Shan ask this question, Ling Xi didn’t know how to answer for a while, this villa was Xu Yizhi’s, and she really didn’t ask the price.

“I forgot, I bought this a long time ago.”

Pei Shan obviously didn’t believe it, but she had a faint feeling, could Ling Xi be being taken care off?

It would be bad if that was the case.

Entering the door of the villa, the decoration of the inner hall was even more luxurious. The combination of European style and Chinese style was ingenious. It was elegant and noble. What kind of character could own such a house.

Pei Shan secretly sighed.

“Sister Pei, sit down first, I’ll get you a cup of tea.”

Look, this is starting to feel guilty? Pei Shan looked at her back and shook her head lightly. Ling Xi usually called “you[1]” in front of her, but now she called her “you[2]“. There must be something wrong with it.

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[1] Respectful you.

[2] Casual you.

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