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It was already past two o’clock in the afternoon when he returned home. As soon as Jiang Lan entered the house, he saw a black starling poking his head on the balcony, making little noise. It didn’t seem to realize that the owner of the house had come back and walked up and down on the security window of the balcony with its two claws.

Jiang Lan glanced at Suan Ni, who had just emerged from the shoulder bag, and saw Suan Ni leaning down, his golden cat eyes narrowed slightly, his black pupils forming a straight line, and his hind legs resting on Jiang Lan’s arms, then with a kick, he rushed towards the balcony like an arrow. He was very fast. Before the black starling could react, he fell under his claws, fluttering in panic, and the bird feathers flew all over the balcony.

Suan Ni successfully hunted, then biting the black starling’s neck gently, and with four thick legs upside down, he sent the prey to Jiang Lan with arrogance. Jiang Lan patted his little head in admiration: “It’s amazing.”

Suan Ni became immediately happy, then he let go and threw the black starling on the ground, pressed it with one paw, and wagged its tail happily.

The panic-stricken black starling finally saw Jiang Lan clearly while struggling, and a human voice came out of its orange beak: “My lord, spare me, my lord, spare my life.”

Jiang Lan lifted him up with his wings: “Aren’t you the bird raised by Uncle Yao? What are you doing sneaking into my house?”

He could tell in the morning that the bird in the cage was not the bird that Uncle Yao raised before. Uncle Yao’s black starling was said to have been raised by his wife when she was still alive, and so it must have been raised for 13 or 14 years now. The average lifespan of a pet starling was generally only about ten years. That black starling was already very old, so old that a thick layer of rough skin had accumulated on its claws.

But the black starling in front of him was still young, his claws were tendon-colored, and the scales on the claws were also tight and smooth. It looked very robust. What’s more, this starling had clearly activated its intelligence.

If you activated your intelligence, you became a demon.

The Demon Management Bureau was very strict in the management of the demon races that were active in human society and had set forty-nine rules as constraints. There was a rule among them: Demon clan members that had developed spiritual intelligence were not allowed to pretend to be pets and approach humans.

This was to protect humans, but also to protect the demon race.

This black starling replaced Uncle Yao’s pet with a cover-up, which was obviously a violation of regulations. Judging by his behavior, he probably had never been registered with the Demon Control Bureau, and he was still a black household.

Jiang Lan had caught many black households who did bad things before, so he was not so polite to this black household bird demon in his hands.

The black starling kicked its claws and yelled out a series of painful sounds. Seeing that Jiang Lan was still indifferent, he finally shrugged his head and said dejectedly: “My lord, please forgive me. I just want to come to worship the mountain, and I dare not have bad intentions.”

He was practicing in the mountain, and the demons on the mountain told him that if he met a big demon and didn’t want to be eaten by him, he had to take the initiative to worship the mountain.

“Worshiping the mountain?” Jiang Lan looked at him incredulously, as if asking if your family has just connected to the Internet: “Now it is a harmonious society, and worshiping the mountain has long been out of the question. Have you registered with the Demon Management Bureau?? Do you have an ID card? What do you want to do by sneaking into Uncle Yao’s house?”

Black Starling: “???”

Probably because the amount of information was too much, the black starling couldn’t accept it all at once, and the whole bird was stiff, as if dead. Jiang Lan shook it impatiently, only to hear the black starling stutteringly asking: “The Demon Management Bureau… is, what is it? Isn’t the ID card unique to human beings?”

The first two questions’ answers could not be shortened, so Jiang Lan chose to jump over them directly: “Tell me first what you want to do when you sneak into Uncle Yao? What did you do to Da Hei?”

Uncle Yao had told him that black starling was called Da Hei[1].

“Da Hei…it’s dead.” The black starling didn’t try to struggle any more, and said listlessly, “It was my mother.”

He learned to absorb spiritual energy and to practice without a teacher, and he didn’t want to stay in Uncle Yao’s house anymore, so he secretly left one day. Relying on instinct, he found a mountain with more vigorous aura to practice, and several years passed in a flash. When he came out from the mountains to see his mother, he found that his mother was very old and dying.

The average life expectancy of ordinary starlings was only ten years, but Da Hei had lived for fourteen years, which was a very long life among starlings. A few days before its death, Da Hei began not to eat or drink. Uncle Yao took it to all the veterinary clinics, but all the veterinarians said that it was too old and had reached the end of its life span.

Uncle Yao was very sad, and Xiao Hei[2] who was hiding outside was also very sad.

This was the first time he faced life and death. Da Hei, who was not wise, didn’t understand much, but when Xiao Hei went to see it secretly on the last night, he still felt its reluctance and concern for Uncle Yao.

Da Hei was raised by Uncle Yao and his wife, and later his wife passed away, leaving Uncle Yao alone. The old man had no children, so he raised Da Hei as a child, and this care lasted for nearly ten years. Uncle Yao was reluctant to part with Da Hei, and Da Hei was also reluctant to part with him.

“Uncle Yao has cancer, and he only has one year to live.” Xiao Hei said in a low voice.

Jiang Lan did not expect that Uncle Yao, who played chess cheerfully every day, would soon be dying of cancer. He froze for a moment, then looked at the unhappy Xiao Hei, and his expression eased: “You are afraid that he will be sad, so you pretended to be Da Hei?”

“En.” The black starling with messy feathers landed on the ground, combed his feathers neatly with his beak, and said very solemnly: “Uncle Yao has no children, and he was kind to us mother and child. I have to support him until the end of his life.”

“A good bird who knows how to repay favors.” Jiang Lan flicked him on the head, and said with a smile: “However, with your current state, you can’t provide for Uncle Yao’s retirement, can you? Uncle Yao will have to take care of you instead.”

Xiao Hei obviously hadn’t thought about such a complicated problem. He tilted his head to look at Jiang Lan, and his small eyes showed a trace of bewilderment.

“You go to the Demon Control Bureau with me to register first, can you change form?” Jiang Lan asked.


Xiao Hei took human form unskillfully, he looked like a young man in his early twenties, with a moderate build, and a little innocence and simplicity in his delicate features, in fact he looked easy to deceive.

Jiang Lan sighed, took his own clothes and changed them for him, and said, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to the Demon Management Bureau to register first.”

Although he didn’t know what the Demon Management Bureau was, Xiao Hei followed him obediently.

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[1] Big Black.

[2] Little Black.

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