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After the itching and stretching discomfort of the transformation process passed, Xu Maomao’s eyes gradually cleared of blurriness.

The transformation potion this time was version 2.0. Dr. Mi had vowed to emphasize stable performance, flexible mimicry, and cute effects. This was the first time Xu Maomao had used it. When he was curious to know what changes had taken place, he suddenly found something wrong.

——Why were his paws still there!

Below the line of sight, his arms were slender and smooth, but they started to be furry from the wrists. They should be human fingers and palms, but somehow they were still pink and tender cat claws, and his normal human legs also reached only till the ankles. It didn’t end in human feet like it should, rather he saw a pair of cat paws just resting in place of his feet…

Meh, why was this happening?

Xu Maomao jumped off the table, the flexible cat paw pads were full of cushioning power, and the soft touch of stepping on the carpet proved that the scene in front of him was not an illusion, and the real cat had four paws.

As soon as he stood firmly, he immediately keenly felt something heavy behind him. Looking back, the big fluffy tail hung down from his waist, blocking his naked butt…Xu Maomao stretched out his hand in disbelief to pick up the big tail that hung down to his knees, and pinched it slightly.

“Meow!” It hurts so much! Cat tails are fragile!

Xu Maomao didn’t believe in evil, so he ran to the full-length mirror to take a look, only to see cute pointed cat ears growing on his head. The person in the mirror was himself, that’s right, he was obviously a size smaller, his skin was fairer, and his knees and elbow joints were still pink and tender, making him look… more like a cosplay porn doll!

Xu Maomao’s eyes went dark, and he felt the sky and the earth spinning. Ten thousand, not ten million grass Nimas ran past in front of his eyes. In the wind, he knelt down to Dr. Mi’s transformation potion 2.0, for which he had repeatedly guaranteed the effect!

Xu Maomao took a few deep breaths before recovering from the dizzying blows and thunder. As frugal as he was, it was absolutely impossible to waste a chance to transform. Even if there were only four cat claws, he would try his best to use them to write articles!

After weighing the pros and cons, he resolutely returned to the study, opened the Jinjiang author’s backend, and concentrated on writing the article with great difficulty.

The claws after he became an “orc[1]” were larger than the original cat’s claws, about the size of a human palm. This pair of claws was a little more flexible, but it was only a little more flexible. When he raised his nails and carefully fumbled to press the punctuation marks while trying to isolate sensitive words, as he made repeated mistakes which resulted in extremely slow efficiency, he wanted to die in his heart.

But Xu Maomao didn’t dare to delay, he gritted his teeth and started typing on the keyboard. At this speed, it was estimated that in the middle of the night, he would have to quietly get up to revise while Shen Yu was sleeping, so that he could complete the text within the stipulated time.

He was typing on this side, while on the other side, Shen, who was staring at the phone screen, had become completely petrified.

He couldn’t believe what he saw.

The Oscar in his family had surely become a master now!

It was just that the little face on the screen looked familiar? It seemed to be…that person…?

It was a pity that the camera was a little far away. Although Shen Yu already had a blurred face floating up in his heart, he still couldn’t completely conclude that it was the same face. Even so, these short few tens of seconds were enough to set off a wave of excitement in Shen Yu’s heart. Huge waves!

What are you waiting for! If you don’t go home, you are not a man! Ah no, if you don’t go home, you won’t be a qualified shit shoveler!

Shen Yu’s expression froze, he decisively opened the door of the office, and hurriedly walked towards the entrance of the hall.

“Huh? Manager Shen, what are you going to do? It’s not time to get off work yet?” the bold and daredevil Xiao Guan asked strangely. If a subordinate of an ordinary company dared to ask about the whereabouts of the boss, he would definitely be seen as someone who had eaten the heart of a bear and a leopard and they would not dare to mess around, but the atmosphere of the Nausicaa Pet Shop was unbelievably good, and the clerks were quite familiar with each other and the boss.

Shen Yu calmly said six words: “Catch criminals.”

Xiao Guan: “…” When did you become a police uncle? Can you put on your uniform and give us a hug?

After leaving the pet shop, Shen Yu rushed all the way back to his neighborhood in just ten minutes. By this time, Xu Maomao was able to modify the sensitive words in one chapter, and there were seventeen chapters waiting for him.

Just as Xu Maomao continued to work hard, the sound of the key unlocking came.


Xu Maomao squinted at the time, there was still more than an hour before Shen Yu got off work, maybe he heard it wrong, right?

Hmm, never mind, anyway, there were only a few minutes left for the transformation potion, and he would rest after changing this…


The study door was pushed open forcefully and hit the buffer on the wall.

Xu Maomao’s heart shrank, and he raised his head suddenly, only to see a figure that should not appear at the door of the study.

Shen Yu: “…”

Xu Maomao: “…”

The air was terribly quiet, and time seemed to stand still at this moment! Looking at each other for a short moment was like a thousand years!

Two seconds later.

“Meow meow meow meow!!!”

Why did Shen Yu come back early! It’s over! I’m exposed, exposed, exposed, exposed! Cat Immortal, I didn’t mean to expose it! You mustn’t use my body to run naked – he hadn’t forgotten that the cat had threatened him with this!

And Shen Yu’s expression at this moment could be said to be like seeing the Godzilla Lake Monster – after all, witnessing the spectacle of his own cat’s transformation, the shock was too shocking, even Shen Yu couldn’t accurately manage his expression at this moment.

He pursed his lips and walked in with large strides.

Xu Maomao shook his hands in fright, and his first reaction was to flee the scene. While in a hurry, his head hit the screen violently, his claws kicked over the power strip, and the computer screen went black in an instant—fortunately, the things he just modified had been saved, otherwise he would have cried to death.

“Don’t move!” Shen Yu suddenly said, reaching out his hand to stop the rash guy, the intention was to let Xu Maomao be careful of those messy wires and power strips.

As a result, Xu Maomao was even more frightened when he saw the hand stretched out towards him. With a meow, he suddenly “flew” up—even in human form, he was still a cat, with full jumping ability, and immediately jumped over the desktop with both his paws raised, wanting to get past Shen Yu.

Shen Yu watched him “fly” over him, and without thinking, he grabbed a random part of his body and wanted to pull it down, but what he caught was fluffy.

“Meow meow meow meow!!!”

Xu Maomao screamed, and as soon as his tail hurt, Shen Yu pulled him into his hands and dragged him from mid-air into his arms.

“What are you running for?” Shen Yu snorted, looking down at the “cat” who was a head shorter than himself. His Oscar had turned into a juvenile, with a small frame, as fleshy as the main body, with cat ears on his head, and “it” was tearing at the moment, and his peach blossom eyes were widened in horror.

This face was more intuitive and clearer than what was shown in the video…

Shen Yu paused after every word: “Xu, Mao, Mao?”

“Meow!!!” He still remembers my face, is this vest going to be stripped today?!

Xu Maomao resisted with all his strength! Absolutely not!

He raised a paw subconsciously, and greeted Shen Yu’s face – he didn’t want to scratch the face of the male god, but the cat’s nature was causing trouble!

Shen Yu quickly reacted, turned his head away, and unconsciously let go of his hands, Xu Maomao hurried out as soon as he had the opportunity.


Shen Yu quickly chased after him, his steps were bigger than Xu Maomao’s, so within two strokes, he slammed the panicked and dazed Xu Maomao against the wall, and held Xu Maomao’s hands with both hands… They should actually be called front paws, firmly fixed on the wall.

Xu Maomao was unwilling to bear this, so his tail and lower limbs started writhing uneasily.

Shen Yu simply pressed him firmly, raised his knees, and bumped into the middle of his legs.

Xu Maomao instinctively retracted his legs, but Shen Yu didn’t intend to hurt him, he just stuck to his thighs, avoiding the tail behind him, and knocked his whole body off the ground with his knees, forcing him to be immobile. This action made the top of his knees stick tightly to Xu Maomao’s indescribable part.

——A veritable and dangerous crotch thump!    

Xu Maomao shuddered all over. Even a male would be afraid of being controlled by the other party. He immediately called out nervously: “Meow.”

He smiled wickedly: “What are you running for? Huh?” It had nothing to do with pornography, but he just felt he was pitiful and cute when he shivered.

QAQ What are you talking about running away? Can you not be afraid if someone knows your secret identity?

The person below was indeed very similar to that blind date, but upon closer inspection, it seemed a little different.

“…Who are you? Are you my Oscar?” Shen Yu paused, put his two hands together, easily held down with one hand, then gently lifted Xu Maomao’s chin, and after examining for a while, and narrowing his eyes, he said, “Still, Xu Maomao?”

Xu Maomao was trembling, moving his butt against the wall, and when he found that he couldn’t move it, he lowered his ears in frustration: “Meow.”

QAQ mother, the male god suddenly got scary.

“Talk.” Shen Yu asked again, “Can’t you talk if you change into people?”

“Meow.” QAQ really can’t.

“Where did you hide my Oscar?”

Shen Yu carefully looked at the “half-orc” in front of him and realized that this “human” in front of him was very small, much smaller than the Xu Maomao he had been on a blind date with, and his appearance was also younger, maybe he just looked like an adult, the key was the cat’s ears, cat’s tail, and cat’s paws. To say it was the same person… seemed a bit far-fetched.

“Are you Xu Maomao?”

The young man shook his head in a panic!

“Then why did you become like this?”

He still shook his head, and his peach blossom eyes filled with water!

“…Is it intentional?” Shen Yu thought to himself, could it be that he knew that I liked that person, so he turned into a similar appearance?

Probably because Shen Yu’s eyes were too serious, Xu Maomao had goosebumps all over his body, and then he sneezed heavily, the sound was the delicate sneezing sound unique to cats, Shen Yu was taken aback for a moment, thinking that it was afraid of the cold, and approached slightly. After a while, he felt the two cat’s paws in the palm of his hand struggling weakly, and in those beautiful and bright cat’s eyes, panic, grievance and fear appeared one by one in front of his eyes.

After shoveling shit for Oscar for a long time, when he suddenly saw such a special side of Oscar, Shen Yu couldn’t help but feel dark, and an inexplicable sense of joy secretly rushed into his heart—such a little guy, really good, so cute, I really want to bully it!

Pushing up with his knee a little viciously, it really caused it to tremble. Shen Yu made a wicked face and said: “I heard that after the founding of the people’s Republic of China, you are not allowed to become a demon. Oscar, you violated the rules.”

Xu Maomao: QAQ

“How about I hand you over to the country?” Just kidding, how could he be willing.

But before he finished “interrogating”, the boy in front of him meowed and shrunk at a speed visible to the naked eye. The fluffy hair climbed up his body again, and he changed back to the original puppet cat.

Shen Yu who hadn’t “bullied” enough: “…”

The author has something to say:

Shen Yu who fulfilled his wish first wall-thumping and then hip-thumping: Smiling smugly, I smile smugly~~

Big Black Cat: …Wait!

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[1] A combination of human and animal.

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