TBLF Extra 6 (Ch. 106): From School Uniform to Wedding Dresses

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As we all know, Ji Rang was a person with a sense of ceremony.

He loved the holidays.

From the New Year’s to birthdays to his first kiss or when he broke a big case, he had to buy some cakes and supper on the same day the following years. As the police officers didn’t know it, they thought it was the boss who was in a good mood to entertain guests.

In order to prevent him from celebrating his wedding anniversaries twice a year, Qi Ying was very wise to schedule the wedding on the same day as when they received the certificate. In this way, every year, once her birthday was over, the wedding anniversary would be celebrated the next day.

In previous years, he had to think of some ingenious ways. This year, the police had a lot of cases, and he couldn’t plan anything different. He could only book a restaurant and have a romantic candlelight dinner to celebrate.

As a result, he didn’t expect to meet criminals who were snatching bags in the street when they came out for a meal.

As soon as he parked the car and pulled Qi Ying towards the restaurant, he heard a girl screaming on the opposite road: “Help! Grab the bag! Come on! Is there anyone!”

Before his brain reacted, his body had already taken a step.

Qi Ying only saw the silhouette of the person flashing, Ji Rang had already jumped over from the flower bed in a vertical step and chased after the bag thief.

This neighborhood was close to the suburbs. It was a quiet and elegant place for high-end consumption. There were not a lot of people, and the bag thief was also focusing on this point before starting here.

He never expected to meet the police.

When the girl saw someone catching up, she screamed and ran. When Qi Ying and the girl ran to them, Ji Rang had already pushed the person to the ground.

The girl had pink dyed hair, held a selfie stick in her hand, tied a mobile phone to the pole, panting, and said to the mobile phone camera: “Caught! Don’t worry, everyone! Someone caught it for me!”

Qi Ying approached and saw that she was actually livestreaming.

The girl turned the camera back to Ji Rang and said, “Look! This hero helped me catch it! Thank you so much, thank you so much.”

Ji Rang was taking out a pair of handcuffs from his waist and putting them on the bag thief, watching her point her phone at him, he suddenly said coldly, “Turn it off! No shooting allowed!”

The barrage in the live broadcast room went crazy in an instant.

——Fuck, this little brother is so handsome! Hurry, hurry up, Miaomiao hold the phone closer!

——What kind of fairy face is this! Is this kind of look when you meet a passerby?!

——This will not be the plot designed by the anchor, is it? I happened to be robbed of the bag and I happened to meet such a handsome little brother again. What follows is the cliché plot of the hero saving the heroine?

——Why does he have handcuffs?!

——Fuck it’s the police uncle?

——Fuck, really the police? Miaomiao is lucky too, right?!

——If you are lucky, you won’t encounter a bag thief. I can only say that God still favors our Miaomiao, and there happened to be a policeman nearby.

——Not really a policeman, right? How can there be such a coincidence? Reasonable suspicion is it is acting.

The barrage was swiping quickly, and Qi Ying had already rushed to Ji Rang’s side, and asked worriedly: “Are you all right?”

Ji Rang shook his head and slapped the bag thief who was still struggling: “Be honest!” He raised his head and said to Qi Ying, “Call the police.”

Qi Ying quickly took out his mobile phone and dialed 110.

The barrage started to go mad again:

——Who is this young lady in the shot?! Damn it, too pretty!

——The script is undoubtedly amazing. The two group performers invited by the anchor are pretty good-looking.

——These looks! I bet fifty cents, they would be popular in the future! Miaomiao hand in the Weibo name of the little brother and sister!

——No, I see that the little brother’s look and attitude is not like acting, he really seems to be a policeman.

–What do you know! This is called acting!

After Ji Rang packed up the bag thief, he looked even more impatient when the girl was still holding the phone, and he shouted coldly and fiercely: “I told you not to record, don’t you understand?!”

The audience in the live broadcast room and Miaomiao were taken aback by him.

Miaomiao quickly turned the phone back to the front, pointed it at herself, and then smiled cautiously: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. Thank you, thank you so much.”

Ji Rang coldly glanced at her, and did not answer, Qi Ying politely smiled at Miaomiao: “It doesn’t matter. Are you okay? Are you injured?”

Miaomiao stared at them, frowned, and answered the unexpected question: “Why do I think you are a little familiar?” She twisted her wrist, and said, “It seems to be injured.”

Qi Ying came over and said, “I’ll take a look for you.” She was afraid that Miaomiao was upset, and explained, “I’m a doctor.”

Miaomiao handed her right hand to her for inspection. Holding the mobile phone in her left hand, she saw the barrage. She couldn’t laugh or cry, and said to the camera: “What kind of group acting? You have seen too many plays. It’s really an emergency.”

The audience expressed their disbelief.

Miaomiao turned to ask Qi Ying, who held her wrist, “Eh, is your boyfriend a policeman?”

Qi Ying nodded: “Yes. You have no major problems with your wrists. Just go home and apply ice. Don’t lift heavy objects these days.”

Miaomiao nodded gratefully, then turned back to the camera and said, “Have you heard, he is really a policeman! This little sister is a doctor. My God, I met a fairy couple.”

She paused, then glanced at Qi Ying: “I always think you seem familiar.”

Qi Ying blinked and smiled sweetly: “Really?”

Miaomiao scratched her hair and tried to remember, until the police car pulled over, she was shocked suddenly and asked, “Are you from Haicheng?”

Qi Ying was by Ji Rang’s side and turned around a little unexpectedly: “Yes, are you too?”

Miaomiao stamped her feet with excitement: “I saw it! A few years ago! At that forest princess internet celebrity restaurant! I took pictures of you at that time!” She looked at Ji Rang excitedly, “You didn’t let me take pictures at first. I later praised little sister, and you agreed. Do you remember? I still have photos of you back then!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she immediately picked up the phone and flipped through the album, and she really found out the photo that year.

At that time, they were still in the second year of high school, and it was the first day of the new year.

That day Qi Ying was taken back to Ji’s house by Ji Weiyan. When Ji Rang rushed over, he clashed with him and he received a slap in the face. When they came out of Ji’s house, the two went to eat at that Internet celebrity restaurant.

Ji Rang remembered that after eating, Qi Ying dragged him to watch a horror movie.

Fate was wonderful.

Miaomiao was so excited that she didn’t know what to say and looked at the diamond ring on Qi Ying’s index finger: “You are married! My God, from school uniforms to wedding dresses, I believe in love again!”

The audience in the live broadcast room also called it incredible.

The policeman who received the report came quickly.

Miaomiao was still on the live broadcast with her mobile phone, and the audience saw the police in the camera shouting “Captain Ji Rang” to the handsome little brother just now, and then they really believed that they weren’t acting.

After such a delay, the reservation of the booked candlelight restaurant was cancelled directly.

In the end, Ji Rang took Qi Ying to the street for Mala Tang.

Ji Rang was a little depressed. The little girl always knew how to comfort him, and she leaned over and said softly: “Captain Ji Rang, you looked so handsome when you caught the thief.”

Ji Rang was uncomfortable as expected.

The two were happily eating Mala Tang. Miaomiao, who was still in a state of excitement, returned to the hotel, and posted the photo of that year with the back photo of the two people who were secretly taken tonight and left hand in hand on her Weibo. The response was incredible today.

There were tens of thousands of Weibo reposts that usually did not exceed one thousand in one hour.

——Isn’t this the flower of the medical department of our school and her police school boyfriend?

——Isn’t this the school grass of our school and his medical school girlfriend?

——Isn’t this the school boss and school flower of our high school?

——Is this not our Captain and sister-in-law???


[His Royal Highness Miaomiao] Received a private message on Weibo:

[Second Detachment of the Criminal Police Brigade of City B]: You have violated the citizen’s right of portrait, please delete the Weibo quickly!

The net celebrity sister who saw the private message almost started crying after taking a shower.

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  1. I hate the idea of not being able to record the cops or public incidents. Seems like a way to oppress the general public

  2. Well, the thing is, they recorded Ying Ying too, and she’s a private citizen. Even under EU’s GDPR, she has the right to ask for sites to take down videos/pictures of her that she didn’t give the rights to.

  3. Please consider that there are criminal syndicates and gangsters. Some crimes might involve one of them and/or member(s) of the organization. Even if there’s no citizen/civilian was involved (helping the police) in the scene, the police officers are there. People would know which police officers involved in which cases and the criminals can single out them (and maybe their family) in their revenge. It’s alright if the case wasn’t involved with those organization. But, there’s no telling whether a case is related to those organization at the first time a police officer was in touch with it. I think it’s better be safe than sorry.

  4. Look at what happened to Ji Rang’s mother and what happened to Yingying’s mother. They’re both private citizens who married policemen, both were kidnapped and died because of their husband’s profession. If I was Ji Rang, I’d be furious too if Yingying’s photo is on broadcast for all his enemies to see.

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