TBLF Extra 7 (Ch. 107): Ji Xiaoqi is Born

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Ji Rang didn’t plan to have a baby at first.

On the one hand, it is because of not wanting Qi Ying to give birth to a child, and on the other hand, he did not want anyone to disturb the two-person world between him and Qi Ying, not even his own child!

But Qi Ying wanted it.

She liked children, and every time she met one on the road, she couldn’t help but look more.

And she also hoped to have a child with him, not only to make up for the regrets in the previous life, but also to give him a more complete and warm home.

And she had also heard that after becoming a father, men will become very gentle and patient.

Most suitable for a big devil like Ji Rang.

He treated her as if he wanted her to have the stars in the sky, let alone his child.

Qi Ying spoke, Ji Rang thought, and immediately decided to give birth to a baby to play with his baby.

Therefore, Qi Ying became pregnant at the beginning of the year, and the due date was October.

According to Qi Ying’s idea, she could still continue to work in the hospital, till there was no time for her vacation in September, but Ji Rang refused. As soon as he heard that she was pregnant, he rushed to the hospital the same day to apply for unpaid leave and took the person back home.

He used to think that his baby was made of water, soft and moist.

Now he felt that the little baby was made of porcelain, and he was afraid of breaking her when he touched her.

The inexperienced Ji Rang drove to the book store, resolutely walked into the pregnant women’s area, and bought a bunch of books to go home and read without the various gazes around him.

It was all knowledge about pregnancy.

Qi Ying couldn’t laugh nor cry: “How can you be so serious? I am a doctor and I know it myself.”

Ji Rang ignored her. After carefully reading the must-read books for pregnant women, he felt that he had perfectly mastered the ability to deal with emergencies during pregnancy. Then he followed the instructions on the pregnant woman’s meals and cooked soup for her every day in order to give her a balanced nutritious meal.

The post-marriage plan was also torn down, let alone housework, if it was possible, Qi Ying felt that he even wanted to help her go to the toilet.

However, his police team had so many things that he couldn’t accompany her at home every day. Ji Rang wanted to hire a nanny to take care of her, but Qi Ying stopped him, and Wu Yinghua rushed to city B to accompany her within a few days.

With the aunt taking care of her, both of them felt relieved.

Although Ji Rang was still worried, after all, childbirth came with risks, but he never revealed it to Qi Ying. He tried to finish the cases as early as possible every day and hurried home from work to accompany her to read, take a walk, or listen to music.

Before going to bed at night, he would stick to Qi Ying’s bulging belly, telling bedtime stories to the little thing in her belly.

When “Snow White” and “Cinderella” were said in his tone of voice, they all became suspenseful stories.

He didn’t know if the little thing could hear him, but Qi Ying loved to listen, and every time she fell asleep to the low voice of his storytelling.

Then Ji Rang would put the book away, stare at her gradually bulging abdomen, and threaten it fiercely: “Be honest! Dare to toss your mother, you come out and I’ll kill you!”

Little things that hadn’t been born yet: “…”

He didn’t know if the secretive threats from the big guy every night played an effect. But Qi Ying didn’t suffer much during pregnancy. The child was very obedient and even the birth went smoothly.

In October, Ji Xiaoqi was born.

It was a boy.

Ji Rang, who came in wearing sterile clothing, saw the red and wrinkled mass in the doctor’s hand, and then looked at Qi Ying, who was tossed into weakness by this ugly little thing, and said suddenly: “Dead ugly!”

Then Ji Xiaoqi cried out with a shout.

Lying on the operating table, Qi Ying couldn’t laugh or cry, and softly taught him: “What are you doing, the child will hear it.”

Ji Rang didn’t care about him. He squatted heartily by the bed, touched the little girl’s head, and kissed her pale cheek, “Does it hurt? Is it still uncomfortable?”

The little girl’s eyes were full of happy light: “It doesn’t hurt, let me see the child.”

Ji Rang: “Look at what he did! Look at me.”

Ji Xiaoqi, who had never been seen since he was born, screamed even more: “Woo wooo woooo…”

Doctors all over the room: “…”

Nurses in the room: “…”

Apart from being scolded and crying a few times when he first came to this world, Ji Xiaoqi hadn’t made much noise. He was well-behaved and not noisy and had inherited the good genes of his parents. He was the cutest of all newborn babies, especially attractive.

After staying in the hospital for half a month, after the various examinations were over, Ji Rang took his wife and child back home.

Although Qi Ying had prepared a nursery during her pregnancy, Ji Xiaoqi was still too young now, and he still had to sleep with her for the time being.

Ji Rang’s sleeping posture was not good. After falling asleep, he always liked to hold Qi Ying in his arms. She was afraid that Ji Rang would hit the child accidentally and drove him to the guest room.

Ji Rang was so angry that he dragged two quilts and laid down on the floor next to the bed.

The confinement period was more troublesome than the pregnancy period, and Qi Ying spent almost all of her energy and time on the child.

The longer Qi Ying looked, the more adorable Ji Xiaoqi seemed, and the more she liked him. Every day, she kissed his fingers, feet, and his chubby belly.

The neglected Ji Rang: …………

Wanted to beat someone very much.

As a result, everyone in the police team found that after becoming a father, Captain Ji Rang not only had not become gentle, but had become more violent!!!

Qi Ying had seen the childishness of this man.

He was naive enough to compete with his son, she felt both angry and funny.

When he returned to the room after taking a shower and pulled out the quilt to lay on the floor, Qi Ying picked up the sleeping Ji Xiaoqi, handed it to him, and said softly, “You hug him.”

Ji Rang suddenly tensed his muscles.

His body was strong, his hands were rough, and his strength was great. The little thing seemed as if he could crush him with his two fingers, so he would never hold the child, for fear that he would really crush the child.

Qi Ying knew what he was thinking and smiled and put the little dumpling that was still smacking his lips in his sleep on his chest, “It’s okay, he is asleep.”

Ji Rang smelled a strong milk fragrance.

He wore a black vest, the little ball was close to his heart, and his heart was beating wildly.

Encouraged by Qi Ying’s eyes, he finally reached out and hugged the small dumpling.

Soft, light, small and waxy.

Ji Rang couldn’t help lowering his head and kissing Ji Xiaoqi’s fleshy cheek.

This taste! That’s great too!

Qi Ying’s eyes sparkled: “Is our son super cute?”

Ji Rang’s tense expression moved slightly.

His mind began to tremble.

Was this what it felt like to be a father?

This little thing smelled really good and soft to the touch, exactly the same as the smell on his mother’s body.

Ji Rang looked at Ji Xiaoqi’s eyes more and more tenderly.

Suddenly, his abdomen became hot, and he smelled urine.

The sleeping Ji Xiaoqi opened his eyes, yawned softly, smiled innocently at him, and then continued to pee without psychological pressure.

The warm liquid spread from the lower abdomen to the waist of his trousers.

Ji Rang tucked the little thing back into Qi Ying’s arms and jumped violently: “He’s a cute ass!”

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  2. YES! I was always confused as to why, in stories, parents or relatives always describe their new born child as handsome/beautiful. But new borns are ugly!!

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