YXBG Ch. 33: Kiss

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Yin Zhefei’s expression appeared sluggish for a moment.

Yin Xiaomei walked out of the room, wearing only colorful leopard-print underwear. Because she was at home, her hair was only randomly pulled into a small bun, revealing her graceful neckline. She came downstairs casually, obviously not discovering that Yin Zhefei had actually returned home for the first time.

Yin Zhefei stared at her blankly, from her well-developed full chest to her thin waist, to her duck-like buttocks and smooth long legs. Although reason had been calling for him to close his eyes, he couldn’t move his gaze away and seemed to have fallen into a volcano full of thick and hot magma. He had never had such a clear and uncontrollable impulse.

Only now did he truly feel that the girl in front of him was no longer the child with short arms and legs. Time’s magic had shown the greatest miracle on her. As long as she was willing, there would be batches of men willing to go through fire and water for her.

By the time Yin Xiaomei had gone into the kitchen casually, Yin Zhefei’s heart was still beating wildly. Even after a long time, he couldn’t recover. He was disgusted by his despicableness, but he couldn’t forget the situation before. He was immersed in the shock of seeing Yin Xiaomei. Then he saw Yin Xiaomei coming out of the kitchen holding a plate with beef, a small piece of cake and melon seeds in it as she wriggled her butt and went upstairs again.

At that moment, Yin Zhefei had an impulse to rush forward.

She went into her room and hooked her foot to the door to close it.

The living room was plunged into darkness again.

Yin Zhefei seemed to have a hundred clocks beating back and forth in his head. He barely got up and staggered out the door. He was feverish all over, and only the shadow of Yin Xiaomei came and went in his eyes.

He avoided her for several days.

Yin Xiaomei just felt that he was still depressed about what happened before, and she didn’t care about it. In her opinion, if Yin Zhefei suddenly had a good attitude towards her, she would think he was conspiring against her!

On this day, a tall young man walked into the building with a triumphant smile, but he was stopped by the security guard before he reached the elevator: “Sorry sir, please show your ID and register.”

“I’ve been working here for so long; you tell me to register?!” This young man had a baby face, even if he didn’t smile, there were two shallow dimples on his cheeks, so he looked very sunny and lovely.

However, the security guard just looked at him suspiciously: “Sorry sir, I haven’t seen you, please show your credentials.”

The young man shouted angrily, “Second Brother Sun, I am your eldest brother Zhang Xiangyi!” Wow! Don’t be so exaggerated, even the little brother who had been with him for so many years didn’t recognize him!

“Brother? Bandit?” His eyes widened, and then he realized some clues from his familiar facial features. Second Brother Sun was the name he was forced to accept when he was beaten up by Zhang Xiangyi when they fought on the road. Now, no one in this building knew about it except him. He held Zhang Xiangyi’s face in his hand and looked carefully back and forth from left to right.

“You are sick!” The irritable young man shook off his claws, “I just shaved a beard, I didn’t have plastic surgery. Is it so exaggerated?!”

“Couldn’t tell, old man, that you are still such a Pretty Boy.” The security guard looked at his back and couldn’t help muttering.

Zhang Xiangyi’s new image caused a huge wave in his department. He finally escaped the claws of the people in his department and ran into Yin Zhefei as soon as he escaped. “Zhang Xiangyi?!” He grabbed the dashing man in amazement, his expression was shocked as if he saw his friend wearing a pink maid outfit.

Zhang Xiangyi raised his head, and his black face turned red: “I know you want to laugh at me too! You laugh!”

“You…your beard…” He couldn’t believe his eyes, this guy. Was he crazy to shave his beard!

“I shaved it off!” he yelled without confidence, “Wouldn’t Xiaomei like me without a beard?”

Yin Zhefei stared at him in disbelief: “You haven’t given up yet?! I thought you had long transferred your enthusiasm to someone else!”

“Hey, how is it possible? I am very dedicated. I am determined to be your brother-in-law, and of course I have to stick to it. I have thought about it. At least let Xiaomei accept me first. Then we can date while she is back at university? I will propose to her after she graduates. Although I may be a little older at that time, I would still be alive and well, so your parents would also accept me easily…”

Yin Zhefei interrupted his chatter: “Zhang Xiangyi, are you serious?!”

“What’s the matter, why are you so surprised? Didn’t I tell you earlier?” He thought why his friend was so fussy every time he heard this news!

“She…” Yin Zhefei wanted to list Yin Xiaomei’s serious crimes, those things turned around in his heart, but he realized that there was no powerful crime that could make Zhang Xiangyi give up.

But he didn’t want to, he didn’t want to agree at all, he didn’t want Zhang Xiangyi to become his brother-in-law at all!

“Well, I also thought about your attitude. Are you worried that I would not be good to Xiaomei? Don’t you worry, I, Zhang Xiangyi can’t guarantee anything else, but as long as I marry her, I must hold her in my hand and in my heart. I won’t let her be wronged!” He patted Yin Zhefei on the shoulder, “Wait for my good news!”

Yin Zhefei nodded woodenly.

Yin Zhefei was confused and absent-minded all day, and the people in the laboratory reached a unified consensus that this guy’s love affair still had no results. Alas, regardless of whether you are an iceberg man or not, you still had to worry about things like feelings not going well! Several old hands were very thankful that they had passed this age of suffering.

In the evening, Yin Zhefei stayed in the laboratory as usual, but his phone suddenly rang. He picked up the phone and looked at the number on it, a little surprised. “Hello?”

“A Fei, are you in the company?”

“Where are you, Aunt Chun, what’s the matter?”

“It’s raining outside. Xiaomei went to the supermarket to buy things without an umbrella. You can pick her up. Don’t let her get wet. It’s the one near your company, the big supermarket on Jiaotiao Street!”

“Well, yes, don’t worry!” He hung up the phone, went to the window and opened the blinds. As expected, the rain was pouring outside, and with the rain there were roaring winds which caused the leaves and trees on the street to shake. Was he going to pick her up? He still thought that he should let that guy get wet in the rain and reflect on herself.

Although he thought so, he still took the car key and went out without hesitation.

It was raining heavily, and rows of cars were jammed in front of the supermarket. Yin Zhefei turned around and could not find a parking space, so he had to park a little farther before he opened the umbrella and got out of the car. The umbrella was immediately drenched and blown over. He tried several times to open it, cursed, threw the umbrella aside, took off his T-shirt and ran into the rain.

When Yin Xiaomei saw him, she was dazzled.

As soon as Yin Zhefei appeared, he immediately attracted the attention of all the people sheltering from the rain at the door. His naked upper body was covered with rainwater, his porcelain white skin, strong male dog waist, in fact his whole body looked damned sexy. However, Yin Zhefei had no time to attend to these stares, he saw the one petite woman with the cap and large sunglasses who was looking at him as if in a daze, and shouted: “Yin Xiaomei, what made you stupid, you are still not coming here.”

Yin Xiaomei answered his call and subconsciously ran under his shelter. As soon as she came out, the strong wind immediately swept away her hat, and her long curly hair danced and fell in the wind like countless soft snakes. Yin Zhefei’s left arm held her tightly in his arms, and the two ran toward the car. Yin Zhefei’s T-shirt was all over her head, but still her lips had gone purple with cold.

He hurriedly opened the door of the car, but Yin Xiaomei had only leaned in halfway when suddenly it seemed that her head was stretched by something. She screamed, “Oh, my hair!”

Yin Zhefei lowered his head and found that her hair was actually twisted in his belt buckle in the process of running. He didn’t care about anything and threw down the T-shirt to untie the pliable hair. But the rain kept pouring, so he couldn’t see clearly. He shouted, “You squeeze and let me go in!” His hands had become stiff with cold.

Yin Xiaomei hurriedly raised her body slightly to make room for him. Although this guy had a poor attitude, she should cooperate with him because of his sincerity in picking her up! Yin Zhefei squeezed in and immediately took up the entire seat. He closed the car door and blocked the sound of wind and rain outside, then he breathed a sigh of relief. He then found that Yin Xiaomei was lying awkwardly on his body.

“What are you looking at!” Queen Yin shouting frantically, “Hurry up and untangle my hair!” She blushed, which was really annoying. This tempting man was naked, so she had no place to place her hands! She was so tense that it was very uncomfortable.

“I’m trying to solve it; you get up a little bit.” Yin Zhefei was not only blushing, but even his whole body’s skin was turning red. He just couldn’t face her like this. He suddenly regretted that he had thrown away the T-shirt just now.

And that bunch of hair, just like the current situation, was a mess.

Yin Zhefei did not hesitate to take out the Swiss Army knife from his pocket, intending to cut the annoying hair.

“Don’t cut it!” Yin Xiaomei screamed and grabbed his murderous hand, “Can’t you be patient?!” She cherished her hair like her life, how could she see him be so rude to it!

“I think you can’t hold it anymore.” His voice was low and ambiguous, as he watched her trembling arm truthfully, while the subtle distance between the two made it difficult for him to restrain his desire.

“You don’t care about me,” she curled her lips arrogantly.

“You…you can put the weight on me.” He stared at her with a scorching flame in his eyes, not letting go of any of her expression.

Yin Xiaomei bit her lip and did not speak.

Yin Zhefei immediately saw that her rosy lips were bitten by her teeth and felt even hotter for no reason.

“Relax…why be afraid of me…” In the quiet car, his voice was low and bewitching, and his hands wrapped around her waist uncontrollably. Then Yin Zhefei unexpectedly exerted force on her back, so her arms softened, and she fell into his arms.

“What are you doing!” She exclaimed, before she could react, she was firmly restrained.

Warning 18+

Her pink lips opened, as if she was about to curse him. But the thin hot male lips had already covered her lips up, and the hot tongue was fed into her mouth, enjoying her tenderness domineeringly, and swallowing all her words.

Yin Xiaomei’s frightened voice escaped from the lips that were close together. She wanted to struggle, but she couldn’t find a point of strength. Yin Zhefei’s kiss became more and more domineering, and his hand reached behind her head, not allowing her to escape.

Yin Xiaomei’s head was buzzing, and all the oxygen in her lungs seemed to be sucked away by him. She was dizzy and didn’t have any strength in her body. Under Yin Zhefei’s lure, she couldn’t help but start to kiss him back.

Yin Zhefei’s breath was heavy, and his big hands eagerly stroked her body, which was more real than just using his eyes, and made it difficult for him to control himself.

He never felt that he was a passionate person. Except for basketball and experimentation, his life has always been unremarkable. For women, he was the one who always had to hide, and he never took the initiative to provoke them. But when she was so close to him, all his sanity collapsed. He had no way to think about the consequences of this, or even the origin of everything. He only knew that he enjoyed the sweetness of the moment and enjoyed such a feeling of happiness.

Yin Xiaomei was dizzy by his kiss, her hand was scratching on his shoulder, as if she wanted to confirm his existence. She just thought vaguely, Yin Zhefei’s charm was really hard to resist.

Yin Zhefei’s arms became tighter and tighter, and her hard chest felt her soft curves with only a thin layer of clothing in between.

And he more and more eagerly hoped that the distance between the two people could become a negative number!

Warning 18+ end

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