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The two lived a sweet life together at the seaside, and only reluctantly returned to Capital Star after the holiday.

They left on September 5th, and it happened to be the 20th when they came back. These two weeks had been the happiest two weeks for Qin Yize since he was a child, and he had been greatly satisfied both physically and mentally. The same was true for Luo Ning. After this period of running around, the two not only connected with each other, but also adapted to each other physically, and became even more tacit.

After returning, the two called manager Li Xin to have dinner together. When Li Xin saw them, he felt that Qin Yize was very radiant and looked very energetic. Luo Ning also had a ruddy complexion, with a slight smile in his eyes, looking very happy.

It seemed that this honeymoon was very happy… Li Xin was a little envious, and asked casually: “Yize, when do you plan to resume work? If you have decided, do let me know so that I can make arrangements in advance.”

Qin Yize looked at Luo Ning, the latter smiled slightly, and said: “You have been idle for half a month, you should go out and show your face, otherwise your fans will worry about you. Why don’t you carry on with the notification normally next week?”

“Okay.” Qin Yize really listened to Luo Ning.

Li Xin had also found out that Luo Ning saying one sentence was much more effective than him saying ten sentences as his manager. So he had also learned to be smart, and said directly to Luo Ning: “A variety show approached me recently and wanted Yize to be a regular guest. This variety show selects some unknown newcomers from among the college students who are studying at the Film Academy to participate in the show. They have to perform classic clips from movies, and then the guest mentors would guide them in their acting.”

Luo Ning had also heard of this variety show, and its current popularity ranked among the top three among all variety shows. The guests invited were all big names in the film and television industry. The seniors were all top performers. Qin Yize was able to get an invitation from the program group in such circumstances. Obviously, the popularity and praise of the two movies “Replicator Project” and “Feng Xing Chen” made his acting skills recognized by professionals, and he was already qualified to sit in the position of “teacher”.

Thinking of this, Luo Ning smiled and said: “I think it’s good. If you can become a mentor in this variety show, your status and popularity will become more stable. Maybe you can meet a good seed like Xiao Zhou. If you want to, why don’t you think about it?”

Qin Yize looked at Li Xin and said, “Then take it.”

Li Xin: “…”

Sure enough, Luo Ning nodded, and Qin Yize immediately nodded. This guy really dotes on Luo Ning, thinking like this Li Xin smiled helplessly, and said: “Then I will sign the contract tomorrow, and the official recording will start next week.” He paused, suddenly thought of something, and looked at Luo Ning again then he said, “By the way, Luo Ning, do you intend to sign a film and television contract for the adaptation of your book “Necropolis Hospital”?”

“Of course I want to, but the companies who approached me before were not very reliable.” Luo Ning said with some distress.

“A few days ago, a company sent you a private message, but you didn’t reply, so they found me instead. I don’t know from where they heard that I have a good relationship with you. They asked me to tell you to remember to contact them if you are free.” Li Xin said in detail, “This media company specializes in making fantasy movies, and has released several classic works before, and “Replicator Project” was also a movie they invested in, they have strong financial strength, you can consider cooperating with them.”

“Really?” Luo Ning’s eyes lit up, and he immediately logged into Weibo.

He was on his honeymoon for half a month, and he just wanted to enjoy the sweet time alone with Qin Yize, so after posting the leave note on Weibo, he didn’t log in again. Now as soon as he logged in, hundreds of private messages suddenly poured out, one of which was sent to him by a person named “Tim Media Planner, Mr. Mike”.

Luo Ning opened it and saw that the private message said: “Hello, Mr. Luo, we have seen your Necropolis Hospital series and liked it very much. We want to adapt it into a series of movies. You can contact me here, and I hope to hear from you.”

Luo Ning asked: “Mr. Mike do you know him, Brother Li?”

Li Xin nodded: “Yes, he is the general manager of Tim Media’s planning department, he came looking for you in person, apparently the company attaches great importance to your project.”

Luo Ning replied excitedly, and the other party asked him to meet tomorrow for a detailed discussion.

“In a face-to-face interview, that kind of old fritter will definitely try to lower your copyright price because you are a newcomer.” Li Xin thought for a while and said, “Well, I will go there with you tomorrow. For my sake, they won’t dare to bully you, a newcomer.”

“Is this too much trouble for you?” Luo Ning was a little embarrassed to disturb Li Xin.

“It’s okay.” Li Xin said with a smile, “Your business is also Yize’s business. If something goes wrong on your side, Yize will definitely worry about you and not work hard. Then I will have a headache again, right? Yize?”

“…” Qin Yize, whose ears were reddened by what he said, looked at Luo Ning and said, “Let Li Xin go with you. He is my manager, and he is very experienced in negotiating contracts. He can get you more rights and benefits.”

“Okay.” Luo Ning knew that Li Xin was actually willing to take this trip because he regarded him as a friend. He knew Li Xin was a bit wordy, but his heart was very soft.

The next day, Li Xin and Luo Ning went to meet with the people from the film and television company. Li Xin was really very experienced in contract negotiations. He chattered a lot and spoke clearly and logically. Luo Ning almost fainted, and the other party was also almost made to faint by him. In the end, Brother Li helped Luo Ning win the contract and get many favorable terms with his super eloquence.

After signing the contract, Luo Ning’s Weibo also resumed updating.

The third arc “Phantom in the Mirror” of the Necropolis Hospital began to be serialized. Luo Ning used “mirror” as an entry point to tell a story about a schizophrenic patient who often saw scenes in the mirror. It was a thriller mixed with suspense. A lot of puzzles were solved, and the idea of this story was very exciting, readers read it with gusto, and the number of fans on Luo Ning’s Weibo continued to rise, and even broke through the million mark.

All of a sudden, various magazines and media companies kept sending private letters to interview him. Luo Ning didn’t want to be too high-profile, so he refused all of them, and just wrote with peace of mind. There were also other film and television companies who wanted to buy the adaptation rights, and Luo Ning politely responded to them with “the rights have already been sold”.

On November 8th, the largest publishing house in the empire, approached Luo Ning to publish a series of novels for this work. Luo Ning happily signed the contract and sent the refined manuscripts of the first and second volumes to the reviewer, all the while awaiting publication.

On November 11th, the movie “Digital Code” written by Luo Ning was finally officially released.

Due to the excellent production of this work, the review went very smoothly. On the day of the premiere, the busy Qin Yize also came to the scene in person. When the reporters saw that the great god came to the premiere scene, they went to interview him one after another. Qin Yize just said calmly: “I made a cameo appearance in “Digital Code”. The plot of this movie is very exciting, I hope everyone will pay more attention to it.”

As soon as the interview was broadcast, Qin Yize’s fans bought tickets to watch the movie.

In the end, it looked like… What about Qin Yize? Where did the male god go?

Everyone looked for Qin Yize from the beginning to the end, and it was not until they finally saw the cast list that they suddenly realized that the passer-by villain with gray hair and wrinkled face and a total of no more than 20 lines was actually played by Qin Yize.! God, what are you trying to do? Fans couldn’t understand his train of thought at all. Even if you want to make a cameo for friendship, why just make a cameo like this passer-by?

At the premiere studio, after watching the whole movie, Qin Yize gently held Luo Ning’s hand and said, “The movie is great, and it will be a success.”

“But two big-produced movies collided with our release. I looked at the real-time box office statistics. The pre-sale box office sold on the day of the premiere is currently only one million. It is estimated that most of them are your fans and my readers.”

Qin Yize said softly: “Don’t worry, the movie will be released for a month, and I have a hunch that this movie will become this year’s dark horse.”

Qin Yize’s hunch was indeed correct. All major media had given favorable comments to it, and people who had watched “Digital Code” also frantically recommended it on the Internet. The Imperial “Inference Fan Forum” gave Digital Code a high score of 9.5, attracting a large number of curious viewers.

According to statistics at 00:00 the next day, the box office had broken 10 million, which directly doubled the pre-sales statistics by ten times!

Three days later, the box office exceeded 100 million, and it had increased hundredfold!

The other two big-production movies released at the same time were widely complained about by netizens because of the embarrassing acting skills of the actors and too many plot bugs. In this way, relatively speaking, this brain-burning suspense movie with an investment of only 5 million had become a clear stream that stood out. More and more netizens were joining the movie-watching army for this movie. Those who had watched it once wanted to watch it a second time, and those who had watched it themselves wanted to drag their relatives and friends to watch it together.

The box office of this movie had been soaring all the way just relying on the audience’s spontaneous promotion. The original theme song of the movie “Soul Code” also quickly reached the top of the song chart. At the end of November, the movie’s box office had reached 1500 million, becoming the strongest dark horse of the year. Director Yu Cheng, screenwriter Lin Xiaoluo, and actor Zhou Jinyun all became popular because of this, and their number of fans continued to rise.

Luo Ning’s career was going smoothly, and his popularity was in full swing.

Qin Yize was also very popular recently, because the TV series “Strange Records” starring him and Xiao Zhuo had started being broadcast, and it was being broadcast simultaneously on the entire network, and the number of hits on a single episode quickly exceeded 500 million. At the same time, Qin Yize participated in the first episode of the new season of the variety show “The Development of an Actor”. Qin Yize’s rigorous and serious attitude in guiding newcomers in the variety show was widely acclaimed. In addition to making his fan base more loyal, it also attracted the favor of many passers-by.

The end of the year was the voting month for major film festivals and TV festivals. In Li Xin’s opinion, it was still very hopeful that Qin Yize would win the best actor in a TV series. The 10 episodes of the series would definitely be finished before the voting deadline.

Just when Li Xin was in a good mood and ready to canvass votes, a lot of hot searches suddenly became airborne on Weibo’s homepage——

#Qin Yize’s marriage derailed#

#Qin Yize, your loving husband design is lost, and instead changed to cheating scumbag#

There was a “buzz” in Li Xin’s head, and he clicked into the topic tremblingly – it was a revelation from a well-known paparazzi studio in the entertainment industry. This paparazzi studio specialized in exposing scandals of celebrities to make a living. It had more than 100 million followers, and its influence was very large, a scandal broken out by them before had ruined a movie queen.

The pictures could be said to be P, and the text could be scribbled, but what about a video?

The breaking news this time was the most convincing because of the video.

In the eight-minute-long video, Qin Yize’s face was clearly photographed. The scene was the hotel where the crew of “Strange Records” had been staying at that time.

In the first clip, an overhead shot showed a young man sneaking into the hotel wearing a mask and hat.

In the second clip, Qin Yize opened the door, and the man wearing a mask and hat threw himself into his arms enthusiastically, but Qin Yize was visibly stiff, until the other party took off the mask and hat, then Qin Yize came back to his senses, leaned over and they kissed each other suddenly.

The two kissed inseparably…for a full five minutes.

Then, Qin Yize carried him horizontally into the bedroom, and the video broke the news.

Even if the following clips were not broadcast, netizens could make up tens of thousands of words of small h texts.

Li Xin’s head was about to explode.

This Weibo was quickly ranked as the number one most searched on the homepage, and now, the whole entire entertainment circle had blown up.

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