CRA Ch. 87.1

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In the current interstellar space with frequent wars, Gaia was one of the rarest and most stable environments among many planets.

Several nearby planets were destroyed by the army commanded by Ya Yi, but Gaia was the only one left. The other parties didn’t know if they made some inference from this, but later they also avoided the planet by coincidence.

The Ark ship opened the invisible force field, and the entire process of leaping to Gaia did not cause any concern.

Most of the soldiers stayed on standby on the Ark, and only a small unobtrusive troop landed on Gaia Star with Xie Luan.

The time point at which this parallel world line was located was the future decades later. After coming down from the Ark, Xie Luan still saw a planet that made him feel very intimate.

The planet did not seem to have changed much. In the city where he was currently, Xie Luan saw the streets and various shops from his impression, many of which were exactly the same as in his memory.

Although Gaia was left behind when the nearby planets were destroyed, Ya Yi didn’t have any feelings for the planet he was born on. He just skipped it casually.

Gaia was also one of the planets to be destroyed sooner or later for him, but he chose to put this planet behind to solve it later.

He didn’t have any good memories of this planet originally-

“It should be this road.” Xie Luan went to the destination with memory, as the city plan remained largely unchanged, which made his activities on this planet much more convenient.

The place Xie Luan wanted to go was the Yunbao branch. The Yunbao branch in this world had been unable to function many years ago. Now he didn’t know what it was like, so Xie Luan wanted to see it with his own eyes.

Thanks to an adult Muka in their company, Xie Luan and his party received some attention. The few people with shared memories knew where they were going, and their faces without much expression seemed to involuntarily change slightly.

The cub raising branch called “Yunbao” that had closed down was the place where they were born.

Not long after walking, they passed a commercial street, and Xie Luan arrived at his destination, where he saw a familiar but at the same time unfamiliar scene.

A half-open rusty iron gate, where no one was guarding the door, and the building inside was in a state of being half demolished. What appeared to Xie Luan was obviously an abandoned place.

Abandoned and guarded by no one, and there was no sign forbidding entry, thus Xie Luan walked in through the half-open iron gate.

The whole place was empty. Except for the buildings that were half demolished and left aside, the area within the wall was filled with weeds and some trees that grew randomly, which made the scene look very desolate.

There was a gap between this vision and the pictures in Ravi’s shared memory. On the other side of the world, the Yunbao Branch, which was supposed to be located in this place, was like their home. The cubs lived and studied here, and they were happy every day. The young people and other childcare workers took care of them carefully and they lived a carefree life.

But in their world, this place had been abandoned, and there was currently no cub raising branch called Yunbao in the interstellar space.

This was where everything started.

Xie Luan took out a small customized golden medal from his pocket, held it in his hand first, and waved to the blond young man next to him.

Seeing the young man beckoning to him, he ignored the abandoned surroundings for a moment. Ravi quickly approached the human youth by taking two steps and stood in front of Xie Luan and also squatted and tweeted obediently.

Xie Luan released his clenched hand and put the small golden medal in the shape of a sunflower on the Kuwei’s body.

Because it had a humanoid form in adulthood, a small medal with a particularly childlike appearance was hung on an adult Kuwei, and the style looked a little uncoordinated.

But Ravi, who received the small medal, didn’t seem to feel this at all. The adult Kuwei paused, and his eyes lit up in an instant.

Although he didn’t say it, after receiving the shared memory, Ravi really wanted the small medal he saw in his memory.

“Golden…?” Ravi showed hesitation.

Small golden medal with the number “1” engraved in the middle.

“Yeah.” Xie Luan nodded affirmatively, and by the way, he raised his hand and rubbed the dark blond hair of the Kuwei.

The awards were divided into ranks, but in Xie Luan’s mind, the three chubby cubs who participated in the flying competition were the first.

For a moment, it seemed as if he saw the young man in front of him straighten his body even more, Xie Luan slightly laughed, and the picture of the young Ravi chucking up his body overlapped with the person in front of him.

T/N: This is such a saddening comparison… And Ya Yi must be happy now that he did not attack Gaia when he had the chance.

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