CRA Ch. 87.2

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There were scattered slates and stones everywhere in the demolition area. The Yunbao Branch of this world should have built other facilities after it closed down, but it still became like this in the end.

After doing this, Xie Luan looked at the Nox standing next to him. He had a lot of things to tell the other party. Xie Luan wanted to tell all the information he knew about the world and unknown enemies that he had from the other side.

But when Xie Luan mentioned an unknown enemy that might exist, and connected this enemy with the black mark, he saw the Nox in front of him nodding at him, calmly expressing his knowledge.

The imprint was placed on him by someone else. He already knew about this, and Ya Yi naturally classified this “other” as an enemy.

As for the world, the impulse to destroy the world was his own thought. Ya Yi was not induced or controlled by this mark, at best it could only be regarded as taking advantage of the trend.

But now, Ya Yi’s thoughts had been changed, or suppressed.

Touching something warm and beautiful had affected him, this thing was very fragile, so fragile that as long as he put his hand on its white neck, light blue blood vessels would be released, and this beautiful thing would be destroyed by him.

But such a fragile existence easily suppressed the cold madness accumulated in his heart.

“There are still many beautiful things in this world.” A delicate flower grew in the gap left by the collapsed slate. Xie Luan looked at the flower and knelt down and touched the soft petal with his finger.

The beast in his heart was soothed. As Ya Yi waited for the young man to stand up, he raised his hand and touched the young man’s cheek like the young man had touched the petal.

Such warm and beautiful things were real, as long as he reached out, he could touch them, as if they belonged to him.

If he could have it all the time, Ya Yi understood for the first time what it was like to feel that the world was beautiful.

But why in his world… was there no youth like the one in front of him?

“Me too…” After uttering two words, he paused. The Nox stopped his voice in the end and didn’t say the words.

He also wanted to like this person.

The youth was like the sunlight on a cold winter day, warm but without the slightest burning sensation, or the kind of warm after-temperature on the eggshell when a cub was born within a broken shell, which made him want to get closer to him instinctively.

Me too… what?

Xie Luan thought for a while but couldn’t come up with an answer. Seeing that the other party didn’t plan to speak again, he didn’t ask.

The youth would leave and go back to the other world. The few people who had received the shared memories were all conscious of this. The more limited time they had, the more they wanted to get along with the youth.

There was nothing to visit in the abandoned place. After Xie Luan informed Ya Yi of the known information and guesses, they were ready to leave this place.

But when he walked out of the iron gate, Xie Luan was surprised to see a familiar person.

In the war-struck interstellar age, the appearance of the people of various races was lower. Standing near the door was a sevilla woman with two small tentacles on her head. In addition to her appearance, she was a little mature, but otherwise there was no difference from Xie Luan’s memory.

“Xia Qi?” Xie Luan said the name reflexively, and then from the other’s puzzled eyes did he remember that the other party didn’t know him.

Without letting Gale share the memory, Xie Luan chose to talk directly with the other party. With his understanding of Xia Qi’s character, Xie Luan quickly let the other party to put down her guard against him.

Xie Luan learned even more information from the conversation.

After the branch had to close down due to lack of funds, in order to treat the old dean, Xia Qi had no choice but to find someone to sell the land after persuading the old dean.

After the branch building was demolished, an auction house was built in this place, but it was also closed due to poor management.

Originally, the landlord was going to demolish and build it again, but half of it was demolished and then the project was shelved. He had not decided what to build, so this place became what Xie Luan saw now.

“I want to make money to buy this land back, and then reopen the cub raising branch, but the amount of money is too big…” Xia Qi smiled bitterly, and she didn’t know why she was being so open with a stranger for the first time. However, it felt natural to say it in the conversation with him.

The money for buying land and the money for building new facilities was an astronomical figure for Xia Qi. She knew that even if she worked hard for decades, it would not be enough, but she must have a direction for her efforts.

“This is for you; I hope you can fulfill your wish.” Xie Luan stuffed a crystal card that hadn’t been bound to Xia Qi’s hands. Without waiting for the other party’s response, he motioned to Ya Yi to use the space ability to take them away.

The old-style crystal cards were no longer available in the interstellar a few decades later. With this in mind, Xie Luan received four crystal cards when he was on Loren. Everyone from Ya Yi to Nick gave him one.

Xie Luan didn’t take a closer look at the amount of credits in the crystal card, but the numbers displayed after each swiping had a long string of zeros.

After being stuffed with a crystal card, she couldn’t see anyone again. Xia Qi was stunned for a long time. She checked the amount in the crystal card and was startled by the number displayed.

Opening her eyes wide and looking at the crystal card in her hand, Xia Qi stood there hesitating and struggling for a long time and could hear her heart beating in the process.

Giving an uncertified crystal card with a huge amount of money for free was too much of a pie falling from the sky but looking up at the abandoned place in front of her, Xia Qi gritted her teeth, and thought that she didn’t want to let this opportunity go.

“Thank you—” Although there was no one around, Xia Qi still bent over and thanked the young man by bowing where he had stood just now.

With this money, she would rebuild the Yunbao branch and develop it well. When one day in the future, she saw the human youth again, she would let the other party see that she was using the money on the right path.

The place where the space transferred them to was another commercial street, with people coming and going on the street, which was a lively scene, but on the other hand, it also looked peaceful.

Although it didn’t take much time to come from Loren to Gaia, it was a lot of trouble to fly over on the Ark. Xie Luan chose a dessert shop and sat down in a separate small room. The other people also disguised themselves.

“Trouble you to accompany me all the way, this is a thank you gift.” Xie Luan put the two puddings he brought over in front of the man with closed eyes and the only female member in the room.

After being able to clearly hear the sound of the porcelain gently dropping in front of him, Ain moved his eyes to the direction accurately.

He knew the location of the pudding, but he didn’t know where the tableware was. When Ain was about to remove his closed eyes, a porcelain spoon was stuffed in his hand.

As for the other person, because he remembered that the other person did not like people approaching, Xie Luan quickly withdrew his hand after pushing the pudding over. The black dragon in the humanoid form glanced at him with vertical pupils and said nothing with a cold face. But she lowered her head and picked up the small spoon placed nearby.

After delivering the pudding to the two people, Xie Luan then chose a few desserts according to the cub’s taste in his memory.

“The last piece, this Nick can’t eat too much.” Xie Luan tapped Nick’s sharp forearm, and Xie Luan had already ordered several more desserts for the other side according to the appetite of the adult Muka tribe.

Tilting his head, the huge adult Muka stared at the young man with scarlet eyes and responded with a low hiss.

Xie Luan and his party stayed on this planet until the evening, and it so happened that there was a festival being held in the city that day.

It was not an important festival of special significance. It was just a simple blessing, and a wooden sign with the wish written on it was hung on a symbolic ancient tree with a short string to complete the event.

It was not a well-known festival, and there were very few people who actually went to the festival. When Xie Luan passed by, there was only their group around the big old tree.

There was no way to change the things that had happened in this world line, and there was no way to stay in this world. Xie Luan’s wish written on the wooden sign was to hope that the cubs who had grown up in this world would be able to do well in the future. They would be able to live a little happily, and a hope that this world would have a different ending than the original trajectory.

There were some fireflies flying around the old tree. Only Xie Luan and his group had written wishes to hang on wooden signs.

After he finally hung up the wooden sign, Xie Luan lowered his head when he exhaled and found that his hand seemed to gradually resemble small spots of light like the fireflies around.

Of course, it was not just him, but other people standing near him also saw it.

The time was up-the body could still move, the few people who had approached him had surrounded Xie Luan, and there were hands clutching his clothes.

With his body slowly dissolving into light, Xie Luan hugged the three big babies one by one with the arms that were temporarily still there, as if they were pups drenched in the rain.

Facing the Nox who was staring at him with the cyan vertical pupils that were constricted into a thin line, Xie Luan kissed the opponent’s forehead.

“I am…” I love you.

In the end, the voice was not allowed to be conveyed, but from the youth’s mouth, they could still see what Xie Luan wanted to say.

The spot of light gradually disappeared, leaving the spot of light in this place, only the fireflies flying around.

The warm body temperature that they were exposed to seemed to have some residue left, and they seemed to have experienced a short, beautiful…and very happy dream in the past few days.

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