CRA Ch. 88

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In the Chronos Star of the Saen tribe, it was now night, the quiet and dark night sky was dotted with stars, a huge clock stood quietly in this city, and frost-like moonlight was sprinkled on it. And the pointer was entwined with green plants.

In front of this huge clock, there was a figure standing very close to the clock. The silver tail behind the figure was in a drooping state, almost close to the ground, but it clearly showed a certain aggressiveness.

There was no expression on the cold and handsome face of the tail owner, and the pupils of his vertical eyes were contracted, silently staring at the clock.

A few days had passed, and the Nox standing in front of the huge clock had maintained this state, standing in this place and waiting, without taking a step away.

It was not right to say that he had been in the same state. The Prophet Kelai, who had fixed the clock because of worry these days, felt an increasingly tight and depressive breath from this Nox.

It was like a string being stretched tighter and tighter, and the more it was stretched, the more there was the danger that the string may break.

But even though Kelai had this feeling, he saw that this Nox was still waiting very quietly.

The old clock, which was originally a symbol of the city, had an effect that had only existed in their racial rumors. The three prophets of the Saen tribe were all alarmed, and they had been reading ancient books for relevant information these days.

The guest who was invited disappeared on their planet; it was impossible to justify this kind of thing.

After consulting all the ancient books and classics in the clan, only a little bit of information could be found. The only thing the three prophets could be sure of was the limited effect of the clock. After a certain period of time, the disappeared youth would automatically return.

The problem was how long this certain period of time was, and the prophets had no way to determine it.

He wanted to destroy something, a sticky emotion gradually enveloped his heart, and the Nox, who was standing in front of the huge clock, became more and more expressionless.

This Nox wouldn’t follow this mood, because waiting for the youth to come back was much more important than destroying something.

However, it was a fact that the string in his heart was getting stretched tighter and tighter. The small black mark exposed on the lower side of Ya Yi’s neck also seemed to be induced, and the original light-colored pattern seemed to be slightly darkened.

On this night, the still hands on the huge clock vibrated slightly again-


When the body completely dissipated into many small light spots, at the same instant, Xie Luan’s consciousness briefly plunged into a vague darkness.

After staying in this darkness for a while, Xie Luan suddenly felt a thrust behind him pushing him forward.

There was a light spot in front of Xie Luan’s eyes, and the light spot widened and widened, and soon this light expanded to cover his entire field of vision.

In the next second, Xie Luan had the feeling of stepping on the ground, and he saw a familiar scene but in the night.

Coming back… It was too late to think about the word “again”. When Xie Luan first realized, he found that his waist was firmly surrounded by a tail, and then he was hugged in a familiar way by the owner of this cold tail. Suddenly his whole person lost the ability to move freely.

But Xie Luan didn’t want to move, he relaxed his body as much as possible, and let the Nox circle him.

The tail looped around his waist started becoming tighter. When it was tightened to a certain level, Xie Luan was prepared to endure the discomfort.

But the silver tail didn’t move anymore, maintaining it at a strength that circled him very firmly, but didn’t make him feel any discomfort.

Knowing that just letting the other party circle in this way could not soothe him, Xie Luan moved his hands and tried to lightly touch the silver tail around his waist.

Touching the tail should be one of the best ways to soothe this Nox. Based on experience, Xie Luan had always thought so.

However, this time Xie Luan discovered that even if he touched the silver tail several times, the profile of Nox was still slightly taut, and it didn’t seem to be loose at all.

This time Xie Luan was in trouble. He really made the other party anxious this time. Thinking that this Nox might have been waiting here, Xie Luan felt that he had to comfort him.

Couldn’t touch the tail, have to change it?

This thought hurriedly crossed his mind, Xie Luan subconsciously raised his left hand and placed it on the head of Nox, who was holding him in the circle, deliberately placing it in the position where the horns were growing.

Even in this state, Xie Luan showed the behavior of wanting to touch his horns, so Ya Yi still obediently revealed the horns without saying a word.

Unlike as the small and cute cub, the pair of hard horns looked very beautiful. Xie Luan touched the left horn without saying a word, and then he forced the Nox to lower his head slightly towards him.

In fact, Ya Yi didn’t resist. Xie Luan wanted him to lower his head, so he lowered his head slightly along the way.

After doing some psychological preparation, Xie Luan moved his head closer, and he kissed the horn on the Nox’s head.

It could be said that before it was an unconscious behavior, but this time, whether it was before or during the kiss, Xie Luan knew what he was doing.

The horns reported back the new feeling of being kissed, and at the moment that soft feeling spread, Ya Yi paused suddenly.

For the Nox race, the horn was similarly as sensitive a part as the tail, and both had a high degree of sensitivity.

Xie Luan didn’t know this. When he kissed the beautiful horns nearby, he saw the Nox quickly lowered his cold eyebrows slightly, and his eyelashes cast a small shadow on his white face.

This reaction was very obvious, especially the moment when Nox stopped his body suddenly, and when Xie Luan touched the place where he had just kissed with his fingers, he saw the long eyelashes trembling slightly imperceptibly.

It was kind of cute…

This thought flashed in his heart. Unconsciously but consciously, Xie Luan continued to get closer to kiss the beautiful horn on his left side, and the soft lips touched the hard horn lightly, dropping a light kiss like feathers.

Being touched by the youth on his tail was very similar to being kissed by the youth on his horn, but the latter was more unbearable. Ya Yi could clearly feel every touch on the horn.

Kissing became a means to see the Nox’s kind of cute reaction, and Xie Luan forgot the purpose at the beginning, but his approach did get the desired effect.

Until the tail on his waist suddenly tightened, Xie Luan realized that he was doing a little too much when he faced the pair of blue vertical pupils which were staring at him.

But at this time, it was too late to react. Just when Xie Luan was about to say something, Xie Luan’s open mouth was completely sealed, and he was not given any chance to escape, and a hand was placed on the back of his head.

“Hmm…” It was not the corner of the lips, this time he was being kissed on the lips, Xie Luan only had time to make a vague sound in a very short interval.

He didn’t know how long it was before he was let go, and Xie Luan’s mind was still a little blank when he was set free as he was gasping.

The tail around his waist was still there, and his consciousness returned, Xie Luan met those cyan vertical pupils.

Being watched intently by these eyes, Xie Luan’s heart was inevitably shaken, and finally he raised his hand again and touched the Nox’s horn, which was equivalent to a response to the other party’s behavior just now.

“I was sent by the clock to another parallel space-time.” Xie Luan took the initiative to speak about this. He put his gaze on the side of Ya Yi’s neck. The small mark below was still light in color. Xie Luan was very relieved.

The deepening of the color in the past few days was restored when the youth returned. Xie Luan was a special inhibitor for this Nox, even though he himself did not have such awareness.


The next morning, the Prophet of the Saen tribe also learned of this incredible thing from Xie Luan. They didn’t know why the clock was triggered by Xie Luan, but this was a fact that the Prophet Kelai witnessed with his own eyes.

According to the information in the rumors of the Saen tribe, the clock effect would only be triggered once for each person, that is, Xie Luan would not have any reaction if he touched the huge clock now.

Taking out a small carved wooden box from the space button, Xie Luan opened the wooden box and confirmed that there was an ice-blue scale lying quietly inside, before he carefully retracted the small wooden box into the space button.

He promised to keep it safe, and when he returned to the Yunbao Branch, he would store this scale together with the scales of the cubs in this world.

Speaking seriously about the Nox race with the three prophets of the Saen tribe, the three prophets became more willing to believe Xie Luan’s words about going to parallel time and space.

They were willing to believe in the existence of unknown enemies, and clearly stated that they would make corresponding preparations for this.

After confessing the matter, Xie Luan could now be said to want to go back home, thinking about the little mermaid, the Muka cub, and the Kuwei cub, he didn’t want to stay even for a moment more.

Fortunately, they now had an Ark ship that could make multiple jumps, so using the invisible force field, Xie Luan and Ya Yi quickly returned to Gaia.

Seeing the youth hurriedly entering through the door, Xia Qi was a little surprised when she saw Xie Luan in such a hurry for the first time, but she did not have time to ask what happened when the youth had hurried past her and walked towards the hall.

Today was the weekend, and both Ravi and Leeds[1] were taken home by their parents, so Xie Luan didn’t see the little fat guy with only feathers in the lobby.

The Muka cub approached Xie Luan the moment he entered the hall. That afternoon, the mermaid cub was also picked up by Xia Qi from the indoor pool to play with the other cubs.


Looking at the visitor with clear blue eyes, the little mermaid reached out and grabbed the young man’s trouser legs. At this time, his tail fin shook slightly, obviously very happy to see his parent.

The voice was tender and clear. Although the little mermaid’s delicate face did not have much expression, at the same time, there was no sense of indifference. His eyes became brighter because of seeing the youth.

It was like they were filled with stars.

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[1] I think this is the cotto cub’s name.

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