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The soul-gathering array was put on the spirit-protecting array, which was used to check the soul. The soul of an immortal was the key to sword control and cultivation. It was said that the immortals in ancient times could train their souls to leave their bodies. When the soul broke away from the physical body and transformed into a god, it meant ascending to immortality.

Naturally, today’s immortals couldn’t do it, and their souls were also very fragile. They must completely trust the people who set up the formation before they could be inspected.

“Your father coughed when he saw the wind when he was a child. So, every winter, your grandfather would send him to the Southern Region,” Zhu Xingli put Luli on the ground, and said something casually, “That year when I was falling into the valley of flames, he was the one who went in and carried me out.”

A gentle blue light swept up and completely surrounded Shen Lou who was sitting in the formation. Shen Lou had never heard of these things before, so looking at Zhu Xingli through the burst of light, he saw the Luli on his forehead was as bright as a star, “This nephew understands, just check it out.”

A light-colored spirit came out of his body, under the effect of the spirit protection array, it was calm and safe, without the slightest hint of wanting to escape. Lin Xin held his breath, stared closely at Shen Lou’s spirit, and slowly tightened his grip on the cushion under him.

This didn’t look like the soul of a young man at all, it seemed to be sawed open by something, it was riddled with holes and dilapidated.

Zhu Xingli glanced at it and immediately retreated.

Just after returning to his body, Shen Lou was still in a coma, and he fell backward defenselessly, so Lin Xin quickly caught him and let him lean into his arms.

“Hey, pitiful,” Zhu Xingli shook his head, his guess was right, “I’m afraid this child has been enduring pain all the time.”

“Can it be cured?”

Lin Xin’s voice was a little hoarse, and his understanding of the soul was beyond the existing understanding. In fact, it was better than his master.

The best treatment for the soul in this situation was to live like a mortal without using swords and spiritual power. Because every overuse would bring heart-piercing pain. And with the increase of Shen Lou’s own spiritual power, it would be difficult for the broken soul to bear the weight, and the final result was that the soul would collapse and the person would die.

Zhu Xingli shook his head, and seeing Shen Lou open his eyes, he said, “When I go back to the Southern Region, I’ll look for the ancient remains, there may be a way in it.”

Xin’er’s sword needed to be forged, and Shizi’s illness needed to be treated, so he had to go home early.

After sending Shen Lou to rest, Lin Xin walked alone to the courtyard where the Gu sculpture was placed, plucked the fur off the head of the Gu sculpture, and then slammed it on the ground. He was really too careless, he had noticed that Shen Lou was ill six years ago, but he never paid attention to it, and he didn’t even think to check his soul.

Lin Xin had only done soul destroying, not soul replenishing, then how to treat Shen Lou, his eyes darkened.

“There must be a way.” Lin Xin picked up the bald gu carving head and said to himself. After his rebirth, his soul was also very weak. In order to make himself healthy, he absorbed the soul power of many immortals in the past few years.

As the saying went, what you eat nourishes you, maybe you can try nourishing your soul with other souls.

He drew a formation on the spot, smashed the skull of the Gu carving, and the undigested remnant souls gathered in the skull cap rushed out, and were fixed by the formation again. There were mortal souls and immortal souls. The soul of a mortal was relatively fragile and had little effect, while the soul of an immortal was a divine soul, full of aura.

Sitting cross-legged, gathering spiritual power at the fingertips, he peeled off these messy souls bit by bit like peeling cocoons.

In the dead of night, Lin Xin got up lightly, and blew into Shen Lou’s ear, “Your Highness, Your Highness?”

Shen Lou had fallen into a deep sleep and didn’t intend to wake up at all. Lin Xin felt relieved, took out a little soul that had been protected with spiritual power, and stroked Shen Lou’s skull with one hand. Because he didn’t know if this method would work, he didn’t dare to make up too much of it for Shen Lou.

A firefly-like spot of light entered his skull, and Lin Xin held Shen Lou’s pulse wrist, observing his condition nervously.

“Hmm…” Shen Lou suddenly snorted in pain, as if something had broken into his peaceful dream.

Passers-by in the small town, horseshoes on the official road, smiling faces of strange women, big black mouth of the Gu carving… Shen Lou knew that this was a memory that did not belong to him, and wanted to throw this thing out. But the pain got worse when he tried. Suddenly, he heard Lin Xin’s voice, which seemed to come from nowhere: “Don’t be afraid, try to make them merge.”

At the same time, a pair of soft and warm hands caressed his chest.

The scene in the dream changed suddenly, and those memories that did not belong to him gradually dissipated. His eyes were red and thin, smoke curled up in front of him, and there seemed to be the sound of running water in his ears. Here was the fief of the Marquis of Lu, that palace that he couldn’t get out of no matter how he walked.

“His Royal Highness Xuan Wang, have you seen enough? Is my flesh and blood satisfactory to Your Highness?” Lin Xin took off his hair crown, took off his inner shirt, and only wore a translucent gauze outer shirt, sitting astride his waist between his legs.

“Shameless!” Shen Lou struggled vigorously, but his hands were chained to the head of the bed, making him unable to move.

“Hehe, is this shameless? I have something more shameful to do to you.” Lin Xin smiled recklessly, his dark blue eyes seemed to be bluer than usual, showing a bit of bewitchment.

Turning his head to avoid Lin Xin’s kiss, Shen Lou tried to activate his spiritual veins.

The kneading started from his neck from time to time, and swept down inch by inch, making him feel as if his body was being set on fire by something, and as Lin Xin’s fingers burned more and more intensely, it gradually burnt his mind to ashes.

“Shen Qingque, don’t you want me?” Lin Xin was sweating on his forehead, he seemed to be in pain, but he also seemed to be feeling joy.

Shen Lou’s eyes turned red, and he suddenly felt a light wrist…

What’s wrong with this man? Had a nightmare?

Seeing that Shen Lou was sweating and seemed to be very hot, Lin Xin touched his chest anxiously, wanting to transfer some spiritual energy to him. At this moment, Shen Lou suddenly opened his eyes.

“You asked for this!” Shen Lou said through gritted teeth, suddenly turned over, and pressed Lin Xin hard under his body.

“Ah!” Lin Xin was taken aback, and before he could react, Shen Lou ripped off his underwear, “My lord, what’s wrong with you? Uh…” Lin Xin was bitten on the neck unexpectedly, and Lin Xin let out a muffled snort. Shen Lou may have been affected by the memories in those remnant souls. Could it be that he sucked the soul of a flower picker[1]?

Suddenly feeling funny, Lin Xin put on a weak and helpless look, and cried, “My lord, don’t!”

The momentary overlapping of dream and reality made Shen Lou a little confused. His weak soul could not help him quickly regain his sanity until he heard Lin Xin’s exclamation.

The scene in front of him gradually became clear. Lin Xin, who was much younger than in the dream, was being pressed between the brocade quilts, his eyes full of horror. A bucket of cold water poured down from the top of his head, Shen Lou paused for a moment, as if being scalded, then he quickly let go of Lin Xin.

Lin Xin pulled up his inner shirt, curled up to one side, took a deep breath, his eyes were reddened, and he lowered his head and did not speak.

Shen Lou sat on the spot awkwardly, not knowing what to do.

The room fell silent, save for the crackling of candles burning.

“Were you having a nightmare?” Lin Xin asked Shen Lou in a low voice, pretending to be a gentleman who endured humiliation but still insisting on giving in to others.

Shen Lou shook his head and raised his hand to his forehead. The pain in his head was much better than before going to bed. However, facing the current situation, he would rather have a worse headache. Fortunately, he passed out. “I’m sorry, I just entered the illusion and was confused for a while. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“Who did you see in the illusion?” Lin Xin narrowed his eyes slightly.

Shen Lou raised his eyes and looked at him, “No one, what happened just now? Why did you light the candles?”

While he was playing happily, he was unexpectedly asked this question, Lin Xin paused for a moment before saying, “I saw that you didn’t sleep well and were sweating a lot, so I just wanted to wake you up…” With a nasal tone, coupled with the huddled body, he looked indescribably pitiful.

Seeing Lin Xin’s red eyes, Shen Lou was at a loss, “Xinxin, I…”

“Don’t call me Xinxin!” Lin Xin interrupted Shen Lou, this title was created by him. He got goosebumps every time he heard it.

Shen Lou’s breath stagnated slightly, and his thin lips, which were originally light in color, gradually lost their color.

Seeing that Shen Lou’s face became so ugly, Lin Xin smacked his lips and wondered if he had played too much.

“Everyone is a man, you don’t have to pay too much attention to the matter just now.” Lin Xin rubbed his eyes, stretched his body, and moved to Shen Lou’s side, expressing that he was not afraid anymore.

Shen Lou’s fingertips trembled slightly, looking down at Lin Xin’s hand holding the quilt.

If it was Lin Xin in his previous life, he would probably laugh at him severely when he encountered this situation.

Tsk tsk, you finally can’t continue to wear the mask of a hypocrite, you are clearly a hungry ghost, why pretend to be noble?

Shen Qingque, hiss, be nice to me.

The Lin Xin in front of him however was pitiful and cute, but the reckless and glamorous Marquis Lin was no longer there.

Shen Lou didn’t know what he was struggling with, so he smiled wryly, “If you’re not called Xinxin, then what should I call you?”

“Ah?” Unexpectedly, this person was still immersed in the last topic, Lin Xin didn’t realize it for a while.

“You haven’t picked up your characters yet, do you have a nickname?” Shen Lou looked up at him.

This was the first time in two lifetimes that he asked his nickname, Lin Xin’s heart felt inexplicably hot, and he wondered to himself that this son would not want to be responsible for him because he took a bite, right? That was really a big profit, and he said without hesitation: “When I was young, my mother called me Chi Nuo.”

“Chi Nuo.” Shen Lou chewed on the name in a low voice, such a regular word, it really didn’t look like a nickname.

“Shizi, you just bit me, let me bite it back, it will be evened out, okay?” Lin Xin bared his white teeth, and leaned into Shen Lou’s neck, completely forgetting his persona of a shivering boy.

“From now on, don’t call me Shizi again.” Shen Lou tilted his head slightly to make it easier for him to bite.

“Okay, how about I call you Qingque from now on?” Lin Xin opened his mouth and grabbed a small piece of Shen Lou’s neck.

Shen Lou trembled suddenly, and asked in a hoarse voice, “How do you know my name[2].”

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Small theater:

Xinxin: Help, QJ[3]!

Loulou: I’m sorry, I didn’t

Xinin: Can it be forgiven if you didn’t do it on purpose?

Loulou: So what should we do?

Xinxin: Come here quickly and continue


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[1] A licentious person.

[2] This is SL’s official name.

[3] QJ in dirty language means rape.

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