CFCS Ch. 221: Road to Immortality (10)

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Because Lan Donian and the others were called back halfway when they were about to leave, everyone who was going to leave with them also returned with them.

Lan Manqing brought them to Zhiting Pavilion, and she asked Lan Daonian to go in with her to meet Bai Guang, while the rest of them waited outside.

Lan Manzi looked at the backs of the two who disappeared before her eyes, and shook her hands nervously, because although she didn’t know what Bai Guang wanted to do with her father, the bad premonition in her heart was getting stronger and stronger.

Not long after Lan Daonian and the others went in, Jing Yang came over. When Lan Manzi saw Jing Yang, she immediately lost her mind and wanted to rush over.

Xiao Liangqi hurriedly grabbed her, and reminded her in a low voice, “Don’t forget what this place is, and that Bai Guang Shenzun is inside.”

Lan Manzi seemed to be poured by a bucket of cold water, although it did not quench her anger, but it still calmed her down. But her eyes still stared at Jing Yang viciously, with a vicious look of wanting to tear Jing Yang apart.

Jing Yang turned his head and glanced at Lan Manzi. Although his face was expressionless, the disdain and sarcasm in his eyes were particularly obvious. He showed it to Lan Manzi on purpose, because he also wanted to see Lan Manzi become even more angry, but he couldn’t make him look unwilling.

Xiao Liangqi watched Jing Yang walk into the Zhiting Pavilion, feeling mixed feelings in his heart. He was really happy and proud that Jing Yang became Bai Guang’s great apprentice. This was the highest honor for their Xiao family. But at the same time, he also knew that because of Lan Manzi and the Lan family, Xiao Jing also hated the Xiao family and his father, so it was impossible for his own glory to become the glory of the Xiao family.

Lan Manzi couldn’t move Jing Yang, so she could only vent her anger with Xiao Liangqi. She shook off Xiao Liangqi’s hand vigorously and gave him a hard look.

As soon as Jing Yang entered, he saw Lan Daonian who was kneeling below and listening respectfully to Bai Guang. He took the tray from the disciple behind him, went to the low table in front of Bai Guang and knelt down, then he quietly started making tea.

Bai Guang sat lazily in the armchair, supported his head with his hands, and while watching Jing Yang making tea, he said to Lan Daonian who was kneeling below, “Your Heming City has been enjoying a very high position in the world of cultivating immortals all these years, and now it is time to take some responsibility for the world of cultivating immortals.”

“What the god said is right, if there is anything that our Heming City needs to do for the world of cultivating immortals, we, Heming City, will definitely do our best to complete it.”

Lan Daonian was also an old fox, knowing that since Bai Guang specially called him and said these words, there must be something for him to do, no matter what it was, he had no right to refuse at all, so it was better to just accept it from the beginning.

“I went to Zhenmo Mountain a few days ago and found that the purification of the magic beads by the net pool has weakened. The magic beads have been purified by the net pool for so many years, which has caused a great burden on the net pool. I remember that your Heming City has a Soul Cleansing Hall, which also has the effect of purifying magic energy. In order to reduce the burden on the purification pool and increasing the time for self-repair, this time the magic bead purification task is up to you, Heming City. You have to finish it.”

After listening to Bai Guang’s words, Lan Daonian’s heart was shocked, and he could only lower his head to cover up the panic on his face. Their Soul Cleansing Hall in Heming City did have the effect of purifying the magic energy, but the magic energy on the magic-gathering bead was left by the king of the magic way. After Bai Guang killed the king of the magic way, he kept using the beads which were placed in the net pool for purification, and the net pool had only decayed faster and faster over the years. But the Soul Cleansing Hall was their Heming City’s and their Lan family’s foundation. If it was used to purify the magic beads, it would definitely pollute the Soul Cleansing Hall and damage it.

Jing Yang put the brewed tea in front of Bai Guang, Bai Guang picked it up, brought it in front of his nose and smelled it, and then he slowly finished a cup, but he didn’t hear Lan Daonian’s answer. He put down the teacup, and asked in an obviously displeased tone, “What? You don’t want to?”

Lan Daonian knew in his heart that Bai Guang’s request must be for Xiao Jing’s sake. If he didn’t agree, Bai Guang would naturally have other ways to avenge Xiao Jing, and he would definitely make their Lan family pay a higher price than purifying the magic beads.

“Heming City can fulfill its responsibility for the world of cultivating immortals. Even if it consumes all the immortal power of the Soul Cleansing Hall, our Lan family will not hesitate.” Lan Daonian knew that even after hiding he would definitely not be able to escape. Losing part of the immortal power of the Soul Cleansing Palace could make Jing Yang breathe a sigh of relief, and he could only admit it if it made him not pursue the past.

“I’ve already brought back the Magic Bead. Tomorrow I will ask my big apprentice to escort the Magic Bead to Heming City with you.” Bai Guang turned his head and called, “Manqing.”

“The disciple is here.” Standing still Lan Manqing next to them turned and knelt down and replied respectfully.

“You will go to Heming City with your senior brother tomorrow and help me take care of him along the way. If someone dares to bully him because he is young, I will ask you to take care of it.” Bai Guang said, “Then Heming City is also your territory, if there is someone who even makes things difficult for you, you can send a letter back to Zhu Yang Island, and I will meet that person in person.”

“Yes, the disciple respectfully obeys the teacher’s order.”

The only person waiting outside was Lan Manzi who was very nervous at this moment, her two brothers were not as nervous as she was, this was also because she knew that Jing Yang would not let them mother and son go, so she felt very guilty.

“Father!” As soon as Lan Manzi saw Lan Daonian coming out, she immediately went up to meet him, grabbed his hand and asked eagerly, “What did the Lord Bai Guang tell you?”

After Lan Daonian came out, his expression was controlled. But now it turned ugly, however this was definitely not the place to discuss what Bai Guang told him. He lowered his voice and scolded Lan Manzi with a stern face, “Why are you yelling? Don’t even look at where this is!”

“I…” Lan Manzi saw her father’s face was ugly, and she didn’t dare to speak out after being taught a lesson.

“Father, can we leave Zhu Yang Island now?” Lan Manzi’s second brother, Lan Chengyun asked.

“Shenzun asked us to leave tomorrow, let’s go back to your sister’s place first.” Lan Daonian strode away after finishing speaking.

Lan Manzi and the others quickly followed.

After Lan Manqing also left, Jing Yang sat in Bai Guang’s arms, put his arms around his neck and said, “I’m leaving tomorrow, do you have anything to say to me?”

“Be careful not to hurt yourself.” Bai Guang said while pinching Jing Yang’s chin.

“I, I won’t feel comfortable if I don’t torture their Lan family to the point where their life is worse than death.” Jing Yang said, “The Lan family owes my mother a life and owes me a complete childhood. They must pay me back.”

Bai Guang hugged Jing Yang, lowered his head and kissed his forehead, “I know you hate the Lan family, and you must take your mother’s revenge. But the Lan family is not simple, they certainly won’t sit and wait to be slaughtered, and the Lan family also has an ancestor who has cultivated into a god.”

“If I only relied on my own ability, it is really difficult to touch the people of the Lan family, but I still have you, don’t I? Can’t you beat the ancestor of the Lan family?” Jing Yang asked.

“Although my divine power is above him, if he tries his best, we may both lose.”

“Then what should I do? Can’t I seek revenge from the Lan family?” Jing Yang asked worriedly, he didn’t want Bai Guang to be injured, if the ancestor of the Lan family was really that powerful, he thought he should deal with the Lan family in other ways first.

Bai Guang stroked Jing Yang’s face and said, “The divine power possessed by Shang Wang surpasses all the immortal powers and divine powers in this world.”

“Can Shang Wang appear and help me get rid of that ancestor of the Lan family?”

“Even if Shang Wang appears, he cannot leave Zhu Yang Island, otherwise the world will collapse because it cannot bear his divine power.” Bai Guang said.

“Then…” Jing Yang thought for a while and said, “Are you going to lure them all to Zhu Yang Island?”

“Don’t worry, you do it as per your thoughts. When you need him to appear, he will appear naturally, as he will never let anything happen to you.” Bai Guang took out the previous white jade pendant and said, “Put this on your body, and I will be able to sense you at any time.”

“Also make sure that nothing happens to you.” Jing Yang said.

“Understood.” Bai Guang pressed Jing Yang under his body and squeezed into his legs. “Believe me, I can definitely let you do what you want, don’t worry, you don’t have to be afraid of anyone.”


The next day, Jing Yang boarded the Lan family’s boat with the magic gathering beads packed in an ice box. In addition to Lan Manqing, there were more than 30 dedicated disciples to attend to Jing Yang. Among the disciples, Jing Yang personally named Xiao Ling and Yang Junmao who must accompany him.

After Jing Yang went to the island for a while, he thought that Shang Wang must have allowed Yang Junmao and the others on the island together with him just to let him vent his anger. Although Yang Junmao and others were not guilty enough to die, Jing Yang still would not spare them easily, and must let them suffer along with Xiao Ling.

After Jing Yang boarded the boat, he deliberately asked Xiao Ling to kneel on the ground to serve him tea in front of Lan Manzi, and then deliberately pretended to be unsteady, pouring all the hot water on Xiao Ling’s face, the burnt Xiao Ling rolled on the ground and screamed.

Because the boat had already left Zhu Yang Island, Lan Manzi no longer had the subconscious idea of holding back. When she saw Xiao Ling’s face was scalded, she rushed over and hugged Xiao Ling. “Let Mother see how your face is doing!”

“It hurts so much, my face and my eyes hurt so much! Mother, I hurt!” Xiao Ling was embraced by his mother, feeling that he had a backing in his heart, he started howling wantonly.

When Lan Manzi heard that Xiao Ling’s eyes were scalded, she immediately lost her mind, stood up and was about to pounce on Jing Yang, and cursed, “You little bastard! How dare you burn my son’s eyes!”

The disciples, in addition to serving his food and daily life, were also dedicated to protecting his safety. Naturally, they would not let Lan Manzi get close to Jing Yang’s body.

Even though Lan Manzi was stopped, she continued to pounce on Jing Yang, “Little beast, if you dare to torture my son, I will kill you!!”

Lan Manqing was originally talking to Lan Daonian outside, but when she heard the noise, she quickly walked in, and seeing Lan Manzi pointing at Jing Yang and yelling like crazy, she walked over and slapped Lan Manzi forcefully.

Lan Manqing was a person who had become an immortal, and she didn’t deliberately withdraw her immortal power when hitting this slap, so Lan Manzi couldn’t bear it at all, and after being slapped on the ground, she couldn’t recover for a long time.

The corners of Lan Manzi’s mouth were bleeding, and the whole face was quickly bruised and turned purple. She covered her numb face with trembling hands, and turned her head to look at Lan Manqing in disbelief, “You hit me? Ever since I was a child, even my father and mother never beat me, but you beat me?!”

“It’s because you were spoiled by your parents since you were a child, so you are used to being unruly and willful! You think everyone in the world will let you go! They will all obey you! If you don’t know how to restrain yourself, I, your eldest sister, will educate you well and let you know what is right and wrong!”

Lan Manzi sat up, turned to look at Lan Daonian, and patted the floor all the while crying, “Dad! Are you just going to watch your daughter and your grandson being bullied like this?! Look, my Lan family has lost all face!”

Lan Manzi had never been treated like this before, she was so angry that her internal organs exploded, but no one helped her, she was helpless and powerless. This feeling made her unable to stop crying.

Lan Daonian had someone lift Lan Manzi up and take her out, then he looked at Xiao Ling who was lying on the ground covering his face, then he turned his head to look at Jing Yang who was sitting leisurely, his hands hidden in his sleeves. He clenched his fist and turned around without saying anything.

Jing Yang looked at Xiao Ling who was lying on the ground and smiled ironically with the corners of his mouth pulled.

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