TCYEC Ch. 55

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Dongfang Zhe’s black hair was like black ink and the white clothes he wore like snow. As he walked in from the door lightly, a gust of wind blew, and his clothes fluttered, as if his feet were not even touching the ground, and the next moment he will sprout feathers and become immortal.

The two little maids clasped their hands in front of their chests, their cheeks were blushing, their eyes were dreamy and blurred, and they couldn’t control themselves at all. They trembled and said, “Mr. Dongfang is so beautiful, Mr. Dongfang is my love, Mr. Dongfang will you marry me… …”

“Puff…cough cough cough…” Yu Siyang, who was still fascinating thousands of girls in the last second, frantically held his wig, and said depressed: “Director, this blower is a little too cold. Well, I’m almost blown out.”

“Stop—” Jin Ce called the martial arts instructor who was also the prop master, put the blower on standby, and explained to Yu Siyang: “Sorry, this blower can’t adjust the air volume and speed. Let’s find another one. From a different point of view, so that your wig is not blown off your face.”

Because they bought a second-hand blower, when it was turned on, no matter how you turned the knob on the machine, the wind speed could not be adjusted. As a man who always came out with strong wind, Yu Siyang had been tossed about by the blower over the past few days.

Guan Yahua took the mobile phone to film this scene, and when the movie was about to be released, she could use it as a promotional material.

The martial arts instructor picked up the blower and changed it to the other side, “Try to see how it goes.” Then, he turned on the blower again.

A gust of wind blew over, and Yu Siyang yelled, “It’s too close, I can’t open my eyes.”

The martial arts instructor immediately stopped the blast mechanism, walked a little further, and then blew again.

Hong Zhehao laughed so much that he was almost rolling on the ground. Fortunately, he did not have such a perverted appearance setting, otherwise it would be difficult for him to guarantee not to laugh.

However, his appearance was not much better. Although he did not come with a strong wind, he had to pretend to be crazy and stupid as soon as he appeared, and he had to act the role of a shrewd and capable person pretending to be mentally retarded.

How to play this role and not act silly and funny, it was a special test of the actor’s acting skills.

“It’s almost done. Let’s do it again.

“Try it again.” Jin Ce carried the camera and returned to the original position. Yu Siyang returned to the door. Hong Zhehao patted his smiling face, again showing the required emotions.

Guan Yahua, who was also a recorder of the scene, hit the board, and the filming started again.

Dongfang Zhe’s clothes fluttered and the fairy spirit walked in from the door. The worried old grandmother saw him, just like seeing a living Bodhisattva, and hurriedly greeted him, “Mr. Dongfang, take a look, yesterday the child was given the injection, and it was good for a while, but today he fell ill again, how can this be good.”

“The old lady is restless, the son of your house has a rare disease, and it is normal to fall ill again.” Dongfang Zhe laughed brightly like a blowing wind, and took out a big box from behind, “It’s probably not enough to apply the needle underneath. Now let’s try it with this bigger silver needle.”

Dongfang Zhe said, taking out a few from the box. It was a long silver needle with thick girth.

Seeing such a thick and long silver needle, Ximen Guang shouted “Fuck, death stick”, and couldn’t hold it anymore. He stood up and sent Dongfang Zhe flying.

“Guang’er, how are you,” the old lady Ximen was excited, “Mr. Dongfang really is a living bodhisattva who can rejuvenate even the dead.” Ximen Guang froze, his face slowly returning to an idiot expression, and ran back towards the old lady Ximen with his mouth open. She shouted: “Xiao Cui, I miss you so much…”

Old lady Ximen was embarrassed when her grandson held and rubbed her cheek.

Yu Siyang, who was dragged by wires and flew out, was lying on the ground with a look of pain.

It hurts!

When he fell down, his back must have been bruised.

Tang Hang was the first to discover that something was wrong with him. He couldn’t control it and was not acting anymore. He ran over in a few strides and helped him up. “Siyang, what’s the matter?”

“My back hurts.” Yu Siyang frowned and said to Tang Hang.

Tang Hang glanced at his back, and suddenly took a cold breath.

The outermost chiffon robe of the white costume had been scratched into bits, and the flimsy silk satin gown inside had cracked a few holes, and traces of blood had come out.

“Ah ah ah ah ah …… the head of the house is injured la la la la la ……”.

Fans watching on the outside of the set saw the blood behind Yu Siyang and couldn’t help screaming. If they weren’t a bit sane and were afraid that they would cause trouble for the head of the family, they would have rushed over to take Yu Siyang to the hospital.

“Quick, fast, first aid kit, first aid kit…” Jin Ce was so anxious that he asked Guan Yahua to get the first aid kit, and at the same time asked the deputy director to drive the only truck in the crew and send Yu Siyang to the hospital.

“Why is he injured? I have clearly checked…” Seeing that the place where Yu Siyang just fell was actually covered with small pieces of stone, Jin Ce was immediately furious and shouted: “Chen Yanyan, didn’t I ask you to check it now? Why is that? Why is there gravel, huh?”

Everyone else looked to the ground, and then looked at Chen Yanyan angrily. With so much gravel, and them all being angular, and Yu Siyang’s back was probably also shaved when he rolled over it.

“I, I have inspected it…” Chen Yanyan aggrievedly defended: “I also swept the ground specially, I, I don’t know…”

Tang Hang didn’t care who had placed the gravel on the ground and asked Hong Zhehao to help take care of Yu Siyang while he drove the car over.

Hong Zhehao helped Yu Siyang with the expression on his face as if he himself was injured, “Is it painful? Let’s sit and wait.” Turning his head, he asked the assistant to bring a chair over.

Yu Siyang shook his head, raised his chin, and motioned him to look at the Bentley that came quickly.

Tang Hang drove the car over and helped Yu Siyang into the car with Hong Zhehao.

“You seem to be holding a pregnant woman like this.” Yu Siyang turned his face pale with pain but seeing that the expressions of Hong Zhehao and Tang Hang were uglier than him who had the injury, he joked.

Hong Zhehao looked at him with a dubious face, “The joke you said is not funny at all, you have no comical talent.”

Yu Siyang was amused, haha, but did not pay attention to the injury behind his back, and immediately his face distorted with pain.

“My lord, is the injury serious, is it painful?” The fan standing outside the cordon saw Yu Siyang grinning, and asked loudly in worry.

“It’s okay, don’t worry,” Yu Siyang smiled and shook his head. “It’s also very hard for you to come from a long distance. Go back and pay attention to safety on the road.”

Being cared for by the dear leader, the food group was so excited and worried that they could hardly control their division.

The fans of Hong Zhehao were not to be outdone, they squeezed to the front and shouted: “Hong Bao, Hong Bao, you are not injured, take good care of your family Yang Yang.”

“Thank you, I will, you guys go back soon. Don’t come here every day, it will delay your study.” Hong Zhehao said.

The assistant director who followed all the way to help drive the door sighed heavily in his heart. The crew was so poor that they couldn’t afford to hire crew to clear the scene. Fortunately, the fans of Hong Zhehao and Yu Siyang were of good quality, and there was no road filming on the Internet. Otherwise, the movie will be completely spoiled all the way, and will not be released.

Yu Siyang got into the car, his forced smile was immediately distorted, hissing in a low voice, it was obviously painful.

Guan Yahua, who went to the crew truck to get the first aid kit, ran back out of breath, walked to the car and said: “Do you need to clean up the wound first?”

“Go to the hospital directly, the set is not convenient.” Tang Hang said and sat in the driver’s seat.

Guan Yahua quickly got on the co-pilot and said, “I’ll go with you.”

There was no objection from the two in the car. Tang Hang stepped on the accelerator and drove quickly to the nearby hospital.

Others stayed on the set to continue shooting.

Chen Yanyan silently took a broom and cleaned the shooting site again. Seeing Jin Ce walking towards her, she said aggrieved: “Director Jin, I really checked it carefully. I don’t know why there are so many broken pieces of stone…”

Jin Ce and Chen Yanyan nodded and carefully observed the expressions of everyone on the set. After a while, he suddenly walked towards the fans standing outside the cordon and asked them to show him the photos they took today.

Fans’ attention may be on their favourite idols, but the photos they take was likely to capture the person who placed the stones.

Jin Ce whispered to explain the reason, and the girls immediately took out their phones and looked at the photos they took one by one.

“Where are you going?”

Suddenly, Hong Zhehao’s fans yelled and pointed to a young man in crew costume.

The man was so frightened, he tugged at the corners of his mouth and smiled nervously: “I, I am urinating…”

“I think you are not urinating,” Jin Ce walked over with a mobile phone with a back shell covered with rhinestones in his hand. With a grim face, he said, “I think you have a guilty conscience.”

“Director Jin, how can I have a guilty conscience?” The man wanted to argue, but Jin Ce was too lazy to give him a chance to show the photos on his phone to everyone.

The photo was mainly taken of Yu Siyang who was “playing” with the blower, but in the corner of the photo, you could see at a glance that this man in the crew costume threw something on the ground. There was no need to compare carefully. It could be found that the place where he threw something is where Yu Siyang originally planned to fall.

The evidence was as strong as a mountain.

The martial arts instructor led a few strong men to surround the man, not allowing him to escape without being noticed.

“You committed the crime of intentional harm,” Jin Ce said coldly, “Say, why did you do this.”

The foodies jumped with anger, standing outside the cordon yelling to call the police.

“I, I, I…” The man was in a cold sweat and couldn’t say a complete word.

“Call the police, call the police, and ask him to go to jail.” The foodies were furious, and even Hong Zhehao’s fans yelled.

There was such an unforgivable person in the crew who intentionally harmed others.

Hong Zhehao put a finger to his mouth at the fans, “hush”, then glared at the man, and said, “Perhaps you would prefer to talk to the police.” He asked the assistant to call the police.

The man rushed towards Hong Zhehao, trying to grab his phone.

The assistant immediately stood in front of Hong Zhehao, punched the man’s abdomen with his right hand, bent over when the man was suffering, turned sideways, pinned the man’s right arm with both hands, and slapped the man so he laid on the ground. Then he pressed his knee against the man’s back, holding him tightly.

Hong Zhehao, who was stunned by his assistant’s strength level, said: “…”

The Great Demon King didn’t tell him that the facial paralysis assistant B assigned to him had such a high strength level!

He quickly recalled whether he had offended Assistant B with facial paralysis before.

It’s better to be with the long-winded assistant A. When he found out that he was eating something, he would be a bit long-winded at most, and he would listen to it. If assistant B found out…

Hong Zhehao shuddered and was frightened by his own mental image.

Jin Ce saw that the man not only injured Yu Siyang, but also wanted to attack Hong Zhehao—in fact, he wanted to grab his mobile phone, and called the police without saying anything.

After making the phone call, he realized that he was actually using the fan’s phone covered with rhinestones. He touched his nose awkwardly, hurriedly returned the phone to the fans, and persuaded the fans to go home as soon as possible.

Fans of Yu Siyang and Hong Zhehao were reluctant to leave.

The food troupes were full of indignation and wanted to wait to know why the man hurt their head.

Fans of Hong Zhehao were reluctant because their own Hong Bao was almost hurt by the wretched man, so they wanted to wait to see the police take the wretched man away, as well as the majestic assistant who watched and worshipped Hong Zhehao.

Oops, my Hong Bao is so cool, and his assistants are so crazy.

After a while, the police drove to the set and took the man away. As the director and producer of the crew, Jin Ce also followed.

The food groups voluntarily rode or drive to the police station to be witnesses.

——Hmph, dare to hurt the head of my family, we will sue you to go to jail.

At the same time, an anonymous post from the community of China’s largest gossip forum made netizens angry with the post-“When the popular little fresh meat Yu Siyang was seriously injured while filming, it was deliberate! 》

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