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“Boss?” Lu Chengyu walked into the office. Seeing Yan Mu turned his head to look at himself, he said, “Boss, what’s the matter with you?” He even made a special trip to his office to wait for him.

Yan Mu didn’t want to admit that he had been worried just now, so he walked to Lu Chengyu’s office unconsciously. He looked away from Lu Chengyu, walked from the window to sit on the guest sofa, “I came here to tell you, what happened to the Liang family.”

“What happened to the Liang family?” Lu Chengyu had no good impressions of the Liang family. He frowned slightly when Yan Mu mentioned the Liang family. “This inspection was also caused by the Liang family. Could it be that they made trouble again? What happened?”

“Liang has a new major shareholder on the board of directors,” Yan Mu looked up at Lu Chengyu, “That shareholder is my father’s illegitimate son outside.”

“You mean Song Junyan?” Lu Chengyu remembered what he saw before. Song Junyan and Yan Mu don’t look alike at all in the pictures. Judging from the appearance, he really couldn’t tell that the two were half-brothers. He thought for a moment and said, “You mean, he is going to use the Liang family to fight against our Huading?”

Yan Mu saw Lu Chengyu’s expression. With some anger, the expression on his face gradually softened, “He cannot be on stage with Huading now, I am just worried that he will start with people around me.”

Although this was brief, Lu Chengyu heard the worry in Yan Mu’s words. He smiled at Yan Mu: “Boss, don’t worry, I am not afraid of a real prince like Liang Deyou, let alone Song Junyan. Besides, I am the assistant to the president of Huading, how can he deal with me?”

Yan Mu frowned. He moved slightly, hesitated, and said: “Song Junyan is very good at provoking people’s hearts, so…” He almost knotted his eyebrows, obviously not accustomed to speaking like this.

“The boss is worried that he will provoke the relationship between the two of us?” Lu Chengyu smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I am your assistant, how can I believe other people’s words.”

Yan Mu looked at the smile on his face and his mouth squeezed uncomfortably: “Thank you, and you performed well this afternoon. I still have documents to deal with, so I’ll go out first.”

Lu Chengyu looked at his back for a moment, then laughed.

Thank you for these few words?

It’s… it makes people feel funny and close. After all, sometimes silly bosses are more humane.

He walked to the desk and saw an extra box of tea on the table. He couldn’t help but laugh again. Is the main purpose of the boss coming to his office to give him a box of tea?

After coming home from work, Lu Chengyu just got into the elevator when he saw a young man wearing rimless glasses coming in. He stepped aside and saw that the other party had pressed 7, which was the number of floors upstairs.

The young man looked at him carefully, and suddenly said with joy, “Are you, Mr. Lu?” This man had fair skin and a clean smell.

“I like your role as rich and handsome. I didn’t expect it. We live in the same building.” The elevator door slowly closed, and the young man still said with joy, ” Can you autograph for me?”

“Sorry, I didn’t bring a pen, next time,” Lu Chengyu smiled apologetically, and said shyly, “I will sign it for you next time.”

“That’s OK,” the young man Junxiu’s face smiled wider, “Next time I will bring paper and pen.” The elevator door opened. When the floor where Lu Chengyu was located appeared, he walked out of the elevator, not forgetting to turn his head and smiled at the young man: “Goodbye.”

“Goodbye!” The young man smiled and waved to Lu Chengyu, and the elevator door slowly closed to isolate the expressions of the two.

Lu Chengyu’s smile gradually disappeared, his index finger gently stroked his chin, and he said to himself: “Song Junyan…”

Yan Mu is in stark contrast with this bastard brother. The former has very few expressions, and the latter has rich expressions. His smile is full of sunshine and vigor, which makes people unconsciously feel close to him.

“Good acting skills, it’s a waste of a good seed not to go to the showbiz.” Lu Chengyu opened the door of his house and entered the house with a smile. He likes watching other people acting the most. How interesting.

Song Junyan walked out of the elevator, the smile on his face disappeared without a trace. This Lu Chengyu, as he knew it, was gentle, friendly, and personable.

However, he is such a person to who he can calculate better and get closer.

The next morning, when Lu Chengyu came downstairs, he heard someone calling him behind him. When he looked back, he saw Song Junyan coming out of another elevator room, wearing casual clothes, looking like a brother next door.

“Mr. Lu, are you going to work?” Song Junyan took two steps quickly, walked to Lu Chengyu, took a pen and paper from his pocket, scratched his head embarrassedly, “Please sign your name.”

Lu Chengyu took the pen and paper, quickly After signing his name in his signature book, “Don’t use honorific names to me, we are similar in age, don’t be so polite.”

“Hey,” Song Jun smiled honestly and didn’t say whether it was good or not. He took a look at the autographed book and saw that it was not Lu Chengyu’s name, but “Gao Fushuai”. This is the name of the character played by Lu Chengyu. The homophonic is Gao Fushuai, which is in sharp contrast with the leading actor Cao Gen.

“Haha…., Mr. Lu’s handwriting is so beautiful,” Song Junyan smiled and closed the signature book. Seeing Lu Chengyu wearing a suit, he asked, “Are you going to work?”

“Yes,” Lu Chengyu sighed, “all for affording a bowl of food, our boss is very serious, and if you are late, your salary will be deducted.” He pretended to look at Song Junyan unintentionally, “You don’t need to go to work?” Since the other party insisted on using his honorific name, he too didn’t force it.

“It’s not too busy these days,” Song Junyan said with a smile, “Then I won’t delay you, let’s talk together if we have time.”

“I’m sorry, then I’ll take one step ahead,” Lu Chengyu smiled sternly at Song Jun, “I don’t dare to offend the boss.” He waved his hand and turned to leave.

Song Junyan watched Lu Chengyu’s leaving back. After seeing him driving away, he turned and walked back. When passing the trash can by the elevator, he threw the autograph book in his hand and sneered, “Such a tender assistant, Yan Mu’s eyes are getting worse and worse.”

Suddenly, his brow furrowed and he glanced back in the direction where Lu Chengyu was leaving. No, this is not necessarily the true face of Lu Chengyu, he needed to observe before he can conclude.

Fighting against people most requires avoiding carelessness. This is one of the principles his mother taught him to compete with others.

Lu Chengyu rushed to the company on time, went to the secretarial department for a walk after punching the card, and then went upstairs to make a cup of tea to start a new day’s work.

After finishing the documents that he needed to deal with, he turned around and made a cup of tea, and brought it to the president’s room. Although Song Junyan’s intentions were temporarily unknown, he felt that it was necessary to tell Yan Mu about this matter.

Yan Mu held the tea made by Lu Chengyu. After listening to Lu Chengyu’s description, he frowned and said, “He asked for your signature?”

Lu Chengyu nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Did you give it to him?” Yan Mu asked after taking a sip of tea, he didn’t know why, he thought Lu Chengyu smiled strangely at this time.

“Boss, you know, I’m always good at talking,” Lu Chengyu said with a smile, “Mr. Song also praised me for writing these three words well.”

Yan Mu’s mouth moved upward in a small arc: “Yeah. He praised you very well.”

Lu Chengyu smiled at Yan Mu and saw Yan Mu’s other hand that didn’t hold the teacup unconsciously touching the pen several times. He thought that the other party had something to do, so he stood up and said, ” Boss, this is what happened, so I’ll go out first.”

Yan Mu looked at the pen in his hand and the work notebook in front of him, and nodded slowly: “Okay.”

After the door closed and other office drawers and took out several files with the signature Lu Chengyu, after a long while frowned and said to himself, “Lu Chengyu still looks better than other words.”

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