IHSB Ch. 102

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The helicopter hovered over the private island. Looking from above, the entire island was surrounded by blue water. The snow-white gravel on the beach was like fine gems. The island was covered with vegetation, and there was a huge natural lake in the center of the island.

From the helicopter, they could see a panoramic view of the lake, which looked like a piece of crystal clear jasper, shining in the sun and looking even more beautiful.

There was an obviously modern building by the lake, which was a villa standing on the island.

The helicopter landed directly on the lawn of the villa. Through the glass, Nuan Nuan could see two horses running on the vast grassland in the distance, one black and one white, as beautiful as a picture scroll.

“Let’s go.”

Nuan Nuan, who was still looking at the horse, was picked up by a strong arm.

The little girl subconsciously hugged her fourth brother’s neck.

“Fourth brother, there is a horse over there!”

She pointed at the horse running in the distance with her thin white fingers, her eyes bright and energetic.

“Do you like it?”

Gu Nan handed the suitcase to Nan Feng. A gust of sea-smelling wind blew, and his windbreaker flew, making him look even better.

Nuan Nuan nodded obediently. She had loved animals since she was a child, and she was also very popular with animals. Whether it was cats, dogs, sheep in the village, or squirrels and birds in the forest, she liked them all.

When no one was playing with her, she would talk to the animals.

“I’ll take you to see them later.”

“Okay, big brother, you’re so kind.”

The little girl’s voice was so soft and sweet that it touched people’s hearts, and her smile with crooked eyebrows was also healing.

The villas on the island were managed by dedicated personnel. The villas had an elegant and clean layout. Basically, there were large floor-to-ceiling windows on all the floors in the front facing the sea and lake. You only needed to stand in front of the window every day to enjoy the beautiful sea and lake. There was nothing more pleasant than being able to swim in the lake.

Their luggage was packed by themselves. As soon as Gu Mingyu arrived here, he took off his coat. He was wearing a bright burgundy shirt underneath.

A few buttons on the collar were unbuttoned, making his neck appear more slender and beautiful. His snow-white skin seemed to be glowing in the sun, and the burgundy shirt made him look even more gorgeous.

The temperature here was not cold at all, it was even a little hot.

Bai Mohua held Little Orange in his arms on the ground, took his suitcase and ran to the room prepared for him to change his clothes.

When he came out again, he was wearing a white T-shirt, knee-length light grey pants, in which his pair of slender straight white legs were exposed, making him seem filled with a sunny and clean youthful atmosphere, making him seem more like a student.

Nuan Nuan also changed into a small floral skirt that reached her knees. She stepped on the warm floor with her bare feet. Her skin was as milky white as a milk bun. Her toes were chubby, round and cute, and each one looked like pink and white pearls.

During the time when they were changing clothes, Little Orange had basically adapted to the environment of this three-quarter acre of land. At this moment, she was walking on the soft little plum blossom pads and meowing softly at Nuan Nuan’s feet.

Its chubby and soft body rubbed against the warm, milky white jiojio, and the tip of its tail hooked her ankle in a semicircle. It was a little itchy, but it was also very comfortable.

Nuan Nuan laughed, squatted down and touched Little Orange’s soft fur. It felt so soft.

“Big brother.”

When she saw Gu Nan walking out, the little girl stood up and ran towards her big brother with her bare feet on the floor. Her eyes curved into beautiful little crescents. The small one had a shy and happy smile on her face, looking cute.

Little Orange shook her head and followed with small steps, but she didn’t dare to get too close to Gu Nan. She turned her clean and beautiful cat eyes, found Bai Mohua, and meowed to find him.

Nuan Nuan ran to Gu Nan, grabbed his broad palm with two thin white hands, still with a slightly cool temperature, and Nuan Nuan’s fleshy white face came over and rubbed against him affectionately.

“Brother, it’s so beautiful here and it’s very warm.”

You don’t even need to wear so many clothes.

Gu Nan lowered his eyes, and his cold eyes softened.

“I’ll bring you here often if you like it.”

His low and cold tone was doting. This was a treatment that no one except Nuan Nuan could get from him.

“I’m going to bring you to see the horses, let’s go.”

After saying that, he easily picked up the little Nuan Nuan and put her on his arm, then turning his long legs, he walked towards the stables.

“Horse riding? I’ll go too.”

Gu Mingli, who was passing by, put his hands in his trouser pockets and followed them at a leisurely pace.

“Brother, wait, put our sister down and I’ll hold her and walk!”

It was too much. Everyone was relying on their own height to hug Nuan Nuan. So, he didn’t have much time to get along with her sister.

Gu Nan glanced at the series of people following him expressionlessly.

He kind of wanted to throw these guys back.

The two horses on the island, one black and one white, were carefully raised and had a large enough space for them to run freely, so they were a little wild in temperament.

Gu Nan took the whistle from the keeper’s hand and blew into the distance.

The sound of the whistle could be heard far away, and not long after, Nuan Nuan saw two horses running towards them with almost the same speed.

As the distance got closer, they could clearly hear the clatter of horse hooves.

The horses were as strong as the wind, but very humane. They gradually slowed down as they approached them, and finally stopped steadily in front of Gu Nan.

Little Orange in Bai Mohua’s arms was so frightened when he saw these two horses with his round eyes that his hair stood on end. He meowed, his soft little body twisted, and his head burrowed desperately into his master’s arms. Only his fat butt with a fluffy tail was trembling outside.

Two tall horses stopped in front of Gu Nan, shaking their heads and snorting. Their dark eyes looked at Nuan Nuan in his arms. The white horse took the lead in pushing away the black horse, stepped on its hooves and leaned its big head over the little girl’s body.

Gu Nan was a little surprised. He knew the temperament of the two horses he raised. They were very arrogant. Apart from him, they didn’t even bother to pay attention to the breeders who had been feeding them

Of course, he did spend a lot of energy in order to gain the recognition of these two horses, and was even injured when training the horses, but the final result was indeed satisfactory to him.

But now, after meeting her for the first time, they seemed very fond of Nuan Nuan, and they even took the initiative to come over and caress her intimately.

“It’s called Gale.”

Nuan Nuan’s dark eyes were bright, and her eyes were full of the beautiful white horse in front of her. She raised the corners of her mouth, smiled, put her little hand on Gale’s head and touched it, her voice soft and warm as she said hello.

“Hello, Gale, I’m Nuan Nuan.”

“Bah ah…”

Gale moved closer, until almost his whole big head was pressed into her arms.

At this time, the black horse next to him was not happy. He hit the white horse with his body and pushed his head into the little girl’s arms.

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