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“Welcome!” Boss Hei stubbed his cigarette and walked over: “There is someone else who wants to talk to you.”

He Yunting raised his eyebrows and instantly thought of who it was.

The two entered the hall and a little girl was sitting on the sofa. When she saw He Yunting, she said loudly: “When I was still crawling on the ground, my father told me to protect my brother; when I was eight years old, my father told me I have to take care of my brother, but you are just someone who appeared out of nowhere.”

He Yunting: “It is not easy to pick this leaf and put it in your pocket.”

It was a bit strange today. After He Yunting left, Su Yemu couldn’t find Xiaonan.

“She told me she is going to see Grandpa Xu.”

Jiang Xiaoyu told Su Yemu what Xiaonan told him when his master asked him.

Su Yemu nodded and looked at the time. It was time for the live broadcast again. He was going to make seafood today. Ninety percent of the oceans of this world was on the Saier planet. If the seafood could be pushed out, it would definitely be a source of huge wealth.

“Hello everyone, I’m Su Yemu, welcome to the live broadcast room.”

I cried when I saw the announcement. Bobo actually changed the live broadcast time to every two days.

As for the previous one, there is nothing we can do about it, Bobo still has a farm! Understand.

It’s okay, it’s okay. Compared with only being able to see Bobo in the live broadcast room, Bobo can open a farm is a good thing, and the live broadcast can be done every two days.

Be careful what you say in front, what if he hears it?

“It’s really too busy. If I have time, I will try to add more broadcasts,” Su Yemu said: “By the way, are there any viewers who like cooking or know the basics of cooking? The farm is hiring now.”

As soon as these words came out of Su Yemu’s mouth, everyone was stunned for a moment before they came to their senses.

I, I, although I don’t know how, I have a heart that loves cooking.

I, I know how to get a first-level chef certificate, haha, it finally came in handy.

“I will write the requirements on the bulletin board later, and there will be interviews in the live broadcast room in a few days. If you want to sign up, leave your name under the bulletin board. Then, let’s get started!”

Su Yemu lifted a big basin, in it were two large lobsters as thick as thighs and ten oysters as thick as bowls.

“Today we bring you cheese-baked lobster[1] and charcoal-grilled oysters[2].”

Su Yemu moved the stones on the side, formed them into a square, and then tried it with an iron net. It was just right.

Wow, that sounds delicious!

Haha, I was happy to see the live broadcast in the yard, it must be a big portion.

Bobo, what are you doing?

“If there is no charcoal, we can only use firewood.” In the interstellar era, charcoal no longer existed; if charcoal could not be found, Su Yemu could only use wood. Then he lit a fire on a stone oven surface, slowly added chunks of wood in it, and let it burn.

After setting up the oven, Su Yemu yelled at Da Zhuang again. He had no choice as he had to open the oysters.

After Da Zhuang arrived, Su Yemu explained to him how to clean, break apart, and wash the lobsters, and then he started to cook the big lobsters.

The big lobster’s claws were swinging like crazy, and he couldn’t get close at all.

Everyone: Shock it.

Before Su Yemu could speak, the live broadcast room was already pointing at the big lobster and yelling.

Da Zhuang looked at Su Yemu, saw him nodding, and then made another move.

Some people in the live broadcast room joked and booed: Yo!

Other people in the live broadcast room: Refuse, refuse, broadcaster is underage.

Fly away at the speed of light holding Bobo, Bobo belongs to us.

Whoever dares to touch Bobo will step over our corpses first and we will rise up to protect Madam.

Wrong, stepping over the corpses of one billion of us people.

The ion cannon has been aimed, and it has a radius of ten, and you will become slag.

Su Yemu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He took out a rolling pin and poked it under the lobster.


It hurts!

I was so scared that I almost fell down while sitting on the chair. Bobo, you…

Hahaha, you are all scum, you are cruel, if Bobo says you are second, no one dares to say you are first.

Su Yemu took a rolling pin and looked at the live broadcast in confusion.

Everyone: Ah, the weather is really nice today.

After using a rolling pin to drain the two large lobsters, Su Yemu cleaned them, then put the large lobsters into boiling hot water, added two pieces of ginger, and cooked until they completely changed color and the tentacles could be pulled off, that’s it.

After picking it up, he put it directly into ice water, so that the meat would be more fresh and tender.

Now he prepared the minced garlic, because the oysters would be used later, so Su Yemu simply prepared them all.

After the lobster had cooled, he took it out, cut the back of the lobster with scissors, removed the head, and took out the meat completely from the shell.

He stir-fried minced garlic in a hot pan, added salt, stir-fried until fragrant, added shredded lobster meat, rolled twice and started the pan. It didn’t take too long. Over time, the taste became stronger and the meat of the lobster had gotten cooked. After taking it out of the pot, he put the lobster meat back in the shell, placed it on a plate, spreaded the lobster meat with a layer of cheese, sprinkled new minced garlic on top, and put it in the oven, baked it over low heat, and took it out of the oven in 20 minutes.

The time was a bit long because the giant lobsters from Saier Star were not very scientific. If it was a giant lobster from the 21st century, fifteen minutes would have been enough.

Even before it has come out of the oven, I can already imagine how delicious it is.

Saliva started flowing first as a sign of respect, sit back and wait.

After the lobster was done, Su Yemu looked at the ten oysters. Da Zhuang had already broken them open and put them aside. Su Yemu took a few fresh small chili peppers, chopped them into pieces, mixed them with minced garlic, salt, and oil and set aside. He also prepared another pure garlic ingredient.

The wood next to it had been burned until there was no open flame, and it had turned into pieces of orange-red charcoal.

He put the wire mesh on top, put the oyster rack up, added a drop of lemon juice to each oyster, and added the sauce.

Five of the ten oysters were spicy, and five were not spicy. As the heat from the charcoal fire surged up, the edges of the oysters began to squeak and boil. The tender white meat slowly rolled up slightly, and the faint smell of sweetness from the oysters spread, making people salivate.

It tastes so fresh and sweet, completely different from the spicy fried salt and pepper I ate that day.

I want to eat, but I can’t help it. Bobo, can I eat it?

“It’ll be ready soon.” Oysters could be eaten raw. So, they didn’t need to be roasted for too long. After a long time, the umami flavour would easily dissipate.

Su Yemu turned off the stove in time and put the oysters on the plate. It was still sparking and the aroma was also coming out. The size was too big, so Su Yemu used a knife to cut the oysters into four pieces.

People in the live broadcast room couldn’t bear it anymore.

Delicious, the meat is smooth and tender, the garlic is so fragrant, and it is full of salty and umami flavour.

The light spiciness blends perfectly with the garlic meat. This simple thing turns out to be so good.

So smooth, soft and waxy, I can taste the taste of sea water, light and so comfortable.

In addition to the salty and fresh sea water flavour, I also tasted a special taste. I can’t put it into words, but it has a very charming flavour.

Su Yemu said with a smile: “Oysters grow in the cracks of stones in the ocean. The stones have been soaked in seawater for many years, forming a special substance. The oysters are adsorbed on it. As they grow from small to large, they are naturally dyed with this unique substance. They have a mineral aroma.”

Suddenly discovered that Bobo is so knowledgeable and talented. Is Bobo self-taught?

As mentioned above, is Bobo always so knowledgeable?

Which school did Bobo graduate from?

“I never went to school.” Su Yemu sighed, he never expected that once he travelled through time, he wouldn’t even have graduated from kindergarten.

Bobo must have studied hard. How can I, a useless person, not cherish the books I have to read? How can I be worthy of the empire and my parents that nurtured me? I have decided to study hard starting from today.

+1, play with your heart, I will study hard and become as knowledgeable as you.

The people in the live broadcast room began to express their decisions. Su Yemu listened quietly. After grilling the remaining oysters, the lobster was also almost done.

As soon as the milky lobster came out of the oven, the delicious aroma entered the noses of everyone in the live broadcast room.

It smells so good, I still have an oyster in my mouth!

Refreshing and chewy, rich in taste, completely different from oysters, so delicious.

Garlic, cheese, and elastic lobster meat are mellow and delicious. The flavours are perfectly blended and delicious.

Broadcaster, where can I buy these things? I can do this simple method myself! Want to buy.

“It will be available online in two days. By then, you can search for ‘Saier Star Mall’ and you will find everything you want to buy.” Boss Hei had already told him that he had been working on the mall for the past two days and it would be ready soon. At this time, many of Saier Star’s products would be on sale on it.

Wow, I’m so happy, I love broadcaster every day.

Decided, in order to satisfy my appetite, I will start learning to cook from tomorrow.

I have already started learning. The casserole Bobo gave me last time was so useful. Thank you Bobo.

“As long as you like it. So, are you done eating?” Su Yemu was a little worried about Xiaonan. She rarely left home for this long.

No, I haven’t eaten enough yet, please wait.

There was a moment of nervousness in the live broadcast room, and they started to eat like crazy. After stuffing themselves with oysters and lobsters, Su Yemu was really afraid that something would go wrong with them.

After waiting for about ten minutes, everyone finally stopped. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to eat, but because Su Yemu kept looking outside, knowing that he must be busy, they stopped silently, and instead urged Su Yemu to draw the lottery quickly.

Su Yemu chuckled, this group of people was really real.

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