GLR Ch. 48.1

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After the lottery quota came out, Su Yemu sent out the prizes, turned off the terminal and went out to find someone. As soon as he left the door, Xiaonan came back with No. 2.

By this time, it was getting dark.

Su Yemu’s face was straight as he asked: “Where were you?”

Xiaonan was stunned for a moment, then hesitated and said: “I was at Boss Hei’s place.”

“Don’t be too late in the future. You are only twelve years old and still a child. I will be worried.”

Su Yemu touched Xiaonan’s head.

Xiaonan secretly breathed a sigh of relief. She thought her brother knew about her conspiracy with Boss Hei and the others!

“I got it!”

Xiaonan smiled and held Su Yemu’s hand to go home.

“Xiaonan, what school do you want to go to?” Next week was the day to take the Level 4 Chef Certificate test, and Su Yemu needed to know Xiaonan’s thoughts first.

Xiaonan was confused: “Isn’t there only one school in District 1?”

“Xiaonan, I want you to go to Neptune to study. I think the Royal Academy is good.” Su Yemu learned about the Royal Academy on the Star Network and found that no matter what aspect, it was great and it suited Xiaonan very well.

Xiaonan let go of Su Yemu’s hand and said angrily: “Didn’t we agree on the school in District 1?”

“Neptune is not very far away. Now we have added a flight, and you can easily come back…”

“I don’t want it, I won’t go.”

“Xiaonan, didn’t you say that you wanted to enter the military academy, and that you would lead a team and put on armour to perform a military performance for me?”

“Not now, we can’t go now.”

Xiaonan left one sentence and threw away No. 2, and ran away.

Su Yemu brought the sobbing No. 2 home, and several people were staring at Xiaonan’s room with frightened faces.

Seeing Su Yemu come back, everyone rushed up: “Xiaonan is angry, what’s wrong with her?”

Su Yemu put down No. 2 and knocked on Xiaonan’s door, but she didn’t open it.

Xiaonan and Su Yemu had a cold war.

Immediately afterwards, the Su family suddenly became lively, and there were waves of visits, all of which were the people they had seen at Boss Hei’s place that day.

They brought various gifts, and one of them even gave a mecha generously, which Su Yemu used to make Xiaonan happy.

For the sake of the mecha, Xiaonan reluctantly accepted; but neither of them mentioned the topic of school again.

The mecha stayed in Xiaonan’s hands for two days, and then Xiaonan handed the mecha to Da Zhuang, saying that it would be a weapon for him to defend the farm.

Several people with spiritual powers in the farm were moved to tears. They had never piloted a mecha since gaining spiritual powers.

In the interstellar era, the higher the mental power, the higher the level of mecha piloting. The level of the mecha determined the strength of the force value. This mecha was only A-level, so it was only for the strong and powerful, and it was a waste of talent.

At this time, Saier Star started to move, and the flowers and trees here had to follow. When Su Yemu received the notice from Boss Hei to go purchase fruit trees and flower seedlings, all his disciples stood up and wanted to follow. They didn’t trust him.

Su Yemu was depressed. Wasn’t it reassuring that he had this?

Finally, after deliberation, it was decided that Xiaonan, Erha, Da Zhuang, and Da Yu would be traveling with him. That was it.

Mai Tian hugged Su Yemu’s legs and howled, but was unable to change his decision.

The planet for this trip was relatively far away, and they had to skip a galaxy. The sailing time was from the afternoon to the next morning.

Everyone packed some simple luggage and took the hover car to the place designated by Boss Hei. When Su Yemu saw the huge star ship, he was stunned.

This star ship was at least ten times larger in size than the star ship they saw on the opening day.

The star ship was long, and its appearance looked like it was made up of strips of rectangular metal. The hard black metal glowed with a cold light. It looked very spectacular and domineering. It was similar to what Su Yemu saw in the interstellar movie, but this one was even more… Shocking.

“Hey, this star ship is only half of a military star ship. When you see the warship, won’t you be unable to walk?”

Boss Hei came up from behind Su Yemu and patted him on the shoulder.

“Is it necessary to build a star ship?”

Anyone who had watched interstellar movies knew that star ships were particularly powerful. On the day of the opening, when two star ships landed at the farm, Su Yemu was a little disappointed because they were too small, although it looked good, it was less domineering.

Now he understood that the difference between a small star ship and a large star ship was the difference between a helicopter and a passenger plane. The most important difference was that the larger star ship was more powerful and had more powerful weapons and equipment.

“We are leaving the Neptune system and crossing over to the Celestial system. If the ship is not big, it might be attacked halfway.” Star pirates liked to sail to the edges of galaxies. Without big starships, crossing galaxies was simply courting death.

This time it was a big deal, nothing could go wrong.

Su Yemu nodded, reluctantly accepting the powerful existence in his heart, and now he was going to use it to pull the saplings.

Seeing that Su Yemu hadn’t recovered yet, Bai Jun said, “Don’t worry, the money will be earned soon.” Although Bai Jun said this, Su Yemu secretly made up his mind. It seemed that wine making also needed to be put on the agenda. Yes, wine was a money-making thing no matter in which era.

It was just that this star ship was really domineering. He could have one himself someday.

“Aren’t we leaving?”

Su Yemu saw that everyone was here, why didn’t everyone move?

“We still need to wait for someone,” Bai Jun said, “Here he comes.”

Su Yemu looked in the direction pointed by Bai Jun. A dozen or so battle armours came from a distance, menacingly, but in a moment, they stopped in front of them. The huge battle armours gave people a full sense of pressure.

After the armours stopped, soldiers in military uniforms jumped out from behind, ten of them in total. They put the armour into their space button, came to Su Yemu, lined up, and saluted him.

The leading man said: “Hello, Mr. Su, I am Yuan Ying, the captain of the escort team. Under the order of the marshal, I will lead ten soldiers to be responsible for your safety during this voyage. Please give me your advice.”

Su Yemu: “What advice can I give?”

“And this,” Yuan Ying took out a bracelet from his body: “This is the terminal. The marshal asked me to bring it to you. It can also be used for communication when the star ship is sailing.”

“Tsk, it’s actually a love token that came here.”

Boss Hei put his arm around Su Yemu’s shoulders, took Yuan Ying’s terminal, and pulled the unresponsive person onto the star ship: “Why are you so dumb again?”

Boss Hei put the terminal on Su Yemu’s hand. This was a nice one.

“I’m just a little surprised. I was taken in by him for a night last time, and I didn’t treat him well after he came to the farm.”

Su Yemu thought out loud: “Is this an apology for biting me?”

Everyone in the star ship’s eyes lit up, and they turned, all staring at Su Yemu, especially He Yunting’s group of soldiers, who were obviously sitting on the other side, their eyes almost squinting.

Boss Hei was also interested: “Where did he bite?”

Su Yemu turned around, and sure enough, Boss Hei had a gossipy face and looked to be very interested.

Su Yemu was silent.

The star ship set sail, passed through the clouds, and entered outer space. The scene he saw last time appeared before his eyes again. Su Yemu thought that even if he did it ten times, he would still be shocked by the vastness of the universe.

“Ah! No. 2.”

Xiaonan shouted and pulled out No. 2 from the gap in the table.

Boss Hei: “How did you get here?”

Bai Jun: “Let someone adjust the monitoring!”

Boss Hei: “It’s more suitable to adjust the seasoning.”

No. 2 was shivering, his red eyes full of tears, and his three-petal mouth was moving, he seemed both helpless and pitiful.

Su Yemu returned to the room, thought for a moment, took out the terminal, and dialled He Yunting’s communication device. The first thing he saw was the room, the room where Su Yemu had slept before. Then, he saw a man with no clothes on.

The crystal water droplets slipped from the hair, along the muscles, and slid to an indescribable place.

Su Yemu blinked, looked up from there, saw He Yunting’s half-smiling face, and said, “Why aren’t you wearing clothes?”

“Aren’t you blushing?”

“Why should I blush, because of you?”

“I have some, too.”

He Yunting sighed, took the bathrobe from the bed and put it on, sat on a chair and started wiping his hair. The span of his feet was a bit too wide, almost showing off.

“You’re on the ship. Have you met Yuan Ying?”

“Of course, how else would I use this terminal to contact you.”

He Yunting: “Speaking is always an advantage.”

“This terminal is very good, thank you! In fact, you don’t need to specially send things or send people to protect me. I don’t mind if you bite me. After all, I can understand that you are sick,” Su Yemu said, “I…I just have something to ask you.”

He Yunting put down the towel and wiped it off again. He was afraid that he would pluck out all his hair.


“That night, when you bit me, you felt a bit like A Sha.”

Aren’t you very stupid!

He Yunting pointed to the table not far away, where there was a brown cup.

“You are really stupid.”

Although he should know, he still had doubts: “But when A Sha was on Planet Saier, were you not at Poseidon Fortress…”

“No, I remembered. Wasn’t the general who came to see someone that night, General Allen?” Su Yemu slapped his head: “I am so stupid.”

Very good, he concluded it himself.

“Then, thank you.”

After getting the answer, Su Yemu also started feeling hungry: “I’m turning off the communication.”

“Wait, what about my proposal that day?”

“What proposal?”

“I am sick and need treatment.”

Su Yemu felt a little uncomfortable now. It was too shameful to let someone into his dream. What if one day he was dating Teacher Cang? How embarrassing.

Su Yemu’s face turned red and green, and He Yunting secretly gritted his teeth: “Although it is your spiritual world, I can’t see what you don’t want me to see.”

“Don’t all therapists use spiritual tentacles to help you?”

“Can a soldier restore his mental power?”

“Then can you extend your tentacles?”

“I have no mental power.”

He Yunting’s eyes darkened and his voice was low: “But I can’t wait any longer. My chief of staff told you, right, about my mental condition.”

Su Yemu: “No.”

He Yunting: “Nothing!”

Secretly exhaling deeply, He Yunting said: “My mania is on the verge of breaking out at level four at any time. Once it breaks through, I will explode and die.”

“Is it that serious?”

“Well, last time I couldn’t do it because I was about to break through the critical point. If you don’t lock your consciousness into the sea of consciousness, you will become a fool.”

He Yunting looked at Su Yemu, his eyes dark and deep: “If I hadn’t bit you twice, maybe Allen would have had to collect my body for me.”

Su Yemu was silent, and after a while he said: “Let me think about it again.”

He had to make good mental preparations and let Teacher Cang take a leave first.


“Let’s go eat.”

“Let’s go! By the way, next time we can take a bath together, no, a hot spring bath.”

Since you are not shy, it’s just right.

“Is there a hot spring?” Su Yemu’s eyes lit up: “Okay!”

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