RCFS Ch. 248

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She was so handsome!

The combination of a beautiful girl and a fierce golden eagle was so handsome!!

Ding! Awesomeness XP + 10+10+…

“Senior, do you think you’re satisfied?” Ye Yunxi teased Hades and asked with a smile, “Or do you want to sit on the ground?”

Xie Lian’er’s face turned red immediately!

She also wanted to ridicule Yehuang, the new club, but she was dumbfounded when she saw it!!

There was nothing she could do about it, the decoration was more beautiful than her own home, which made her want to make her own home look like this, so it was natural for her to be stunned!

“Okay, okay!”

Xie Lian’er gritted her teeth, feeling increasingly unwilling.

But, it was so beautiful here that she couldn’t say anything! She was so envious and jealous!!!

Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the task: creating the perfect club office! Reward: Awesomeness XP +3000, physical strength +20!

The system laughed, you can just feel envy, jealousy and hate!

Not only did this place look luxurious, but there was also various fitness equipment upstairs. Their Yehuang Club would definitely be able to cultivate batches of talented people who were capable in both literature and martial arts in the future!

So, dear friends, do you want to consider changing to Yehuang?

Lots of benefits!

“Ye Yunxi, what exactly does your family do?”

“Yeah, it will cost a lot of money to decorate this club, right?”

“Where are you a princess of? You even raise golden eagles!!!”

“Yes, yes, I heard that in the desert countries, only the royal family have them that to just for fun!”

Everyone was chattering. Now, no one thought that Ye Yunxi was a poor girl anymore!

How could a poor girl afford to decorate such a society?

How could a poor girl afford a golden eagle for fun?

Just these two things could kill everyone in seconds!

Ye Yunxi found it ridiculous. How did these people usually make up for themselves in their heads?

“It’s okay, it only cost a few million to renovate.”

The furniture was not worth much, mainly the green plants and the fitness equipment upstairs, and this carpet, which was made of sheepskin and covered almost 200 square meters, could be said to be expensive.

But she had money, so why shouldn’t she spend it?

“How many, how many millions?”

How many millions could be put into decorating a club office?

Oh my gosh, this is not your home, it is just a club. It won’t have anything to do with you after graduation. Do you want the decoration to be so nice?

“Yehuang is like the three major clubs. It will never fall if it continues to exist!”

Ye Yunxi curled her lips and smiled freely.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have spent so much money to decorate the club like this!

She used the most intuitive physical objects to tell everyone that Yehuang had this strength and would always stand firm!

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10+10+…

“Oh my god, I want to come to Yehuang!”

“Me too!”

“I’m so envious, this is definitely the best decorated among the three major clubs!”

“But then again, that’s it! What else?”

Someone finally noticed the small ball on Hades’ head.

Qiuqiu was holding the melon seeds that Ye Yunxi gave him and was eating them. Suddenly, he felt the sight on him, and then he stuffed the melon seeds into his mouth and pocketed them. His cheeks were bulging, and then he raised his arms to show off his muscles!

Look! I’m also very strong! Brother Cousin, can I beat you to the ground and make you look like you have teeth?


Someone couldn’t help laughing: “This hamster is so cute!”

“And he’s so brave!”

“Hey, Ye Yunxi, won’t the golden eagle eat it?”

Someone wanted to reach out, but was blocked. The gaze of Hades was so wild that no one dared to take Qiuqiu from its head.

So Qiuqiu became even louder, grinning and extending its claws. Unfortunately, its image was too cute and soft, and it had no lethality at all. However, its cuteness value continued to increase.

“Ahh…!! So cute!!!”

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