NHSRE Ch. 143: Real World 2

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Then the program team set off to the boys’ dormitory mentioned in the script, the host had his own nanny car, and there were not enough seats for other guests, so they all went there in the car arranged by the program team, and Shen Dongqing was the same.

Maybe it was because of the chat just now, the internet celebrity specially reserved a place for Shen Dongqing, beckoning him to come over.

Shen Dongqing sat down there.

After waiting for a while, the car started slowly and drove out.

The internet celebrity touched up her makeup in the small mirror. After finishing it, she seemed to remember something, put away the mirror and whispered, “You said you know Mr. Zhou?”

Shen Dongqing was still thinking about where his grave was. The internet celebrity suddenly said such a sentence, so before he could react, he was stunned for a while: “Huh?”

At this moment, the guest sitting in front of them sneered: “Do you know Mr. Zhou? Don’t be like that, right?”

The Internet celebrity’s voice was deliberately lowered, but the space inside the car was only so big, so it was still heard by others. The guest didn’t know where felt displeasure towards Shen Dongqing, but it was fine before he heard it, now he wanted to get angry.

“Then I know a lot of people, so I’ll introduce you next time.”

He didn’t know whether this person’s rank was too high or Shen Dongqing was too simple, so he didn’t hear the implication at all, and answered seriously: “I met Zhou Wenyan one, two, three… many, many times.”

The guest didn’t expect to hear such a simple answer and was stunned for a while.

The internet celebrity seized the opportunity and said, “We still have to shoot later, so we might as well read the script again if we have this time.” It meant don’t hold on to this anymore.

The guest glanced at the face of the Internet celebrity, and snorted softly: “Sister, I also advise you, don’t just believe it when you hear something, not to mention that as far as I know, Mr. Zhou has a lover, and he has always kept himself clean and never had any gossip, don’t miss the grapes and make your whole body fishy.”

The Internet celebrity’s face turned cold: “You don’t need to remind me.”

For a while, the car fell into an embarrassing atmosphere, and no one said a word.

The internet celebrity felt that this matter was caused by her talkativeness, so she looked at Shen Dongqing apologetically, wanting to comfort him, but she didn’t expect to find that he was in a daze when she looked over.

Shen Dongqing looked at his fingers in confusion, and finally understood the mental activities of the ghosts he had beaten up.

Maybe the ghosts were thinking at that time, why did a good horror movie suddenly become a martial arts movie? And now Shen Dongqing was thinking, why did a good martial arts movie suddenly become an entertainment movie? This was an area he had never touched.

Time passed slowly in silence.

The driver stepped on the brakes, the car stopped at the entrance of the boys’ dormitory building, and the staff of the program group got out of the car one after another.

Because it was the summer vacation, there were not many students in the school, and people from the program group had greeted the authorities in advance, so only a few students were watching outside.

The program team quickly set up the shooting equipment, people from various departments were in place, and the host and guests began to perform.

They had all read the script and recited the lines, and a series of witty words raised many questions.

Host: “Having said so much, why don’t you go and have a look first?” He turned his head to ask for other people’s opinions.

According to the script, everyone should readily agree at this time, but only the Internet celebrity pretended to be afraid and said a line that she wanted the host to protect her, but the guest did not follow the script and added drama to himself.

The guest deliberately asked Shen Dongqing: “You have been staring at this building, do you feel something?”

Shen Dongqing recovered, pointed to one of the dormitory buildings and said, “I think it’s best to go here and have a look.”

He happened to be referring to the third floor.

This was completely different from what was written in the script. Under the arrangement of the screenwriter, the program team had already recruited a few students to act as supporters, preparing to create a certain atmosphere and then reveal the truth. Cats, that was why babies cry sounded in the middle of the night.

In this story, they were going to room 444, which was very suitable for a room number in horror movies, and there was no role for the third floor at all.

Originally, there was no Shen Dongqing’s lines at the entrance. Seeing that he was a newcomer, the guest wanted him to make mistakes on purpose. Unexpectedly, Shen Dongqing threw away the script and played freely. He was even more proud and turned around to find the director.

Unexpectedly, the glasses brother did not pause the shooting, and even made an ok gesture, which meant that he was very satisfied with this magical stroke.

Guest: ???

What happened?

Under the decision of the glasses brother, the group gave up the originally arranged dormitory 444 and turned around to go to the third floor.

The guest was a little unconvinced, and muttered: “You still want to be a girl? Don’t look at how much you weigh.”

A calm voice came from the side: “125 catties.”

The guest’s eyes widened: !!!

Shen Dongqing was standing next to him, looking innocent: “Didn’t you ask me how many catties?”

No, I didn’t mean to ask you how many catties…

The guest suddenly felt as if his fist had hit cotton, very weak.

Shen Dongqing gave him a strange look and followed the big team.

The program group came to the third floor, and the host had an idea, pulled Shen Dongqing and asked: “Holly, which room do you think is the problem? How about we look at it one by one?”

Shen Dongqing: “No, just the one in front… 328.”

The host came to the door of 328, he had hosted the show for so long and had seen many storms, but now he was inexplicably nervous, he rubbed his palms, raised his hand and knocked on the door.

Knock knock—— after a short wait, there was the sound of slippers slapping from behind the door, and then the door opened and an ordinary head stuck out.

“Ah… are you here to shoot?” The student boy scratched his head and muttered, “Didn’t you say you were not coming to our dormitory.”

He said and opened the door.

This was a boy’s dormitory that was so ordinary that it couldn’t be more ordinary. There was a cup of instant noodles on the table, the bed was messy, and the washbasin was full of dirty clothes…

The student kicked the washbasin under the bed, opened the curtains again, and said embarrassingly: “You didn’t notify me in advance, otherwise I can clean it up…”

The host smiled warmly, even when seeing the dirty socks under the bed, he didn’t show any abnormality, and asked: “Student, have you heard the rumors about the boys’ dormitory?”

Male student: “Huh?”

Host: “It’s the sound of baby’s crying late at night.”

The student was even more at a loss: “No, where did it come from?”

The host’s smile couldn’t hold back, but he still tried his best to maintain it, frantically hinting: “Have you really never heard of it?”

The student: “No, a buddy in our dormitory snores like thunder, let alone a baby crying, even if the female ghost knocks on the door, I can’t hear it.”

The filming fell into a stalemate for a while.

The guest took the opportunity to jump out: “I said it’s unreliable. Some people are on our show for the first time, and it’s understandable if they want to show off. Why don’t we go and see it elsewhere.”

The glasses brother pondered for a moment and hesitated.

He had been doing this show for so many years, and he always had some good eyesight. He always felt that following Shen Dongqing could capture some explosive scenes, so he pressed it down temporarily to see how Shen Dongqing would do it.

He saw Shen Dongqing walking towards the cleanest bed: “Who sleeps on this bed?”

The student: “Oh, that’s the bed of the third child in our dormitory. He went out to date his girlfriend, what’s wrong?”

Shen Dongqing said lightly: “His wife and child are dead.”

“Oh…ah?!” The student looked shocked, “No, it’s impossible, I just met his girlfriend today, wait… wife? No I never heard that the third child has a wife?”

The guest jumped out to find a sense of presence: “Don’t talk nonsense and lie, if you admit your mistake now, there is still time.”

“Wrong?” Shen Dongqing tilted her head, “But his wife and children are here in the dormitory.”

After speaking, Shen Dongqing greeted the upper bunk, “Hello, little friend.”

Obviously there was nothing, but everyone inexplicably felt a gust of wind blowing, it was chilly, and everyone in the dormitory shivered.

The guest insisted and said: “Don’t be ridiculous, do you have yin and yang eyes?”

Shen Dongqing: “Of course I don’t have yin and yang eyes.”

The guest breathed a sigh of relief: “Then what are you talking about? How to prove it?”

Shen Dongqing nodded: “What you said is very reasonable, so… I can give you yin and yang eyes.”

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