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Enough was enough, of course it was enough!

If he had known that his husband’s skills were so powerful, what kind of NPC would Su Yu look for? This was a waste of time and energy!

“Honey, you are simply amazing!” Su Yu praised sincerely with blinking eyes, even if some words were not said on the bed, they would still make people feel happy.

At this moment, Cang Qiong took advantage of this sentence very much, and inexplicably had the illusion that his heart was slowly floating: “Is there anything else I need to do? Since they are going to be white, should they be forced to resurrect in place?”

Su Yu’s star eyes instantly turned into a heart shape: “Honey, can you still resurrect them in place?”

According to the setting of this game, players could choose to resurrect in place or return to the resurrection point after death, if they were killed by a monster, most players would directly choose to resurrect in place, but if they were killed by an enemy stronger than themselves, resurrecting in place was equivalent to finding a wheel.

It was also for this reason that Su Yu asked Cang Qiong to find so many NPC helpers. In this way, even if these people returned to the safe zone to resurrect, they would be chased and beaten by the NPCs.

But in this way, the locations of the wheel would be severely scattered, and the effect of pretending to be aggressive would be greatly reduced. It was just that these people were not fools, and it was impossible for them to choose to resurrect in place. Su Yu had no other choice or a better way.

But now the simple sentence of Cang Qiong had solved this problem fundamentally. If these people could only be forced to resurrect in situ, wouldn’t they have to be beaten passively and wait to be vain?

But if you thought about it more carefully, there seemed to be something wrong?

For the super boss Cang Qiong, the reason why there was a skill that could revive others in situ, surely it couldn’t be for the sake of whitewashing, right?

So no matter how you think about it, this skill looked like a couple skill, even if it was not for couples, at least it should be used on friends, but now it had become a weapon to help people like Su Yu.

Thinking about it, he felt inexplicably at a disadvantage. Maybe this skill should be used on himself? But even if such an idea came up, Su Yu couldn’t use such a cheating weapon. Seeing Cang Qiong nodding calmly, he immediately nodded accordingly: “Then let them all be resurrected in place, such a thing will be even more exciting!”

“Okay.” Cang Qiong was not interested in the fate of these people, but he liked to see the smiling face of the person in his arms, and the raised eyebrows and eyes could almost melt his heart.

So when the guild members of [Flashy Dreams] were beaten to death by these NPCs, and knocked down by Cang Qiong, they couldn’t help spitting out a mouthful of old blood, and were about to run to the resurrection point to hide in desperation, and then they discovered…they were resurrected directly on the spot?!


Why didn’t they get to choose, just resurrected in place?!

This was unscientific!

What was even more frightening was that such a situation was not an isolated case. After being killed by one blow, all the people present were resurrected on the spot again. Wasn’t that terrifying?

People who hadn’t been resurrected in place at the beginning, saw their companions get up on the spot, and thought that they didn’t know what kind of idiot it was. They didn’t go to the resurrection point at this time but chose to resurrect in place.

But when more and more people had the same situation, and even they themselves were forced to resurrect in place, the mockery was immediately covered by shock and fear. If it was just a resurrection in place, it would be deleted at most, losing experience, relegation, but if they were forced to be resurrected continuously, then what awaited them was forced whitewashing!

Were they really going to be whitewashed? But this was really unscientific!

It should be said that everything that happened today was very unscientific. From seeing the true face of the vicious woman at the beginning, to the attack by these NPCs, and now they even forcibly resurrected on the spot, so what was it all about? What the hell?!

Could it be that they were very unlucky to catch up with the game’s bug group, and then it had spread?

However, the facts were crueler than they imagined, because after they reported the bug, the feedback they got was that there was no problem with the game data, and everything that happened now was normal.

Fuck your sister’s game data, everything was normal, if the game data was normal, were they the ones who were abnormal?

They were indeed in the virtual world now, but this did not mean that they were daydreaming!

It was never okay to be forcibly destroyed. After all, human nature was complicated, but they were forcibly attacked by NPCs, and now they were forced to resurrect in situ. How could this kind of thing be normal!

If even these were normal, then the existence of this game itself was very abnormal!

They were full of grief and anger in their hearts, and at the same time couldn’t help crying bitterly, regretting why they appeared here, but no matter what they thought in their hearts, they couldn’t change the tragic situation where they were killed twice in a row, and because of these three consecutive kills, they lost more than four levels to tragic fate.

Four levels!

Why was it four levels?!

This was obviously another bug. According to their current levels, being killed once was at most result in losing less than one level, and killing three times was only between one and two levels, but now they had dropped four levels all at once. It was not scientific!

But maybe they had experienced too many unscientific things before, and now that this kind of thing happened, they had no other feelings except heartache and helplessness.

However, at this moment, the guy whose background they couldn’t see at all stopped kindly, and those NPCs who were frantically shooting at them just now also stopped moving.

Then they heard the hunter standing next to this man who looked like he needed a beating say loudly: “How does it feel to be killed three times in a row and lose four levels in a row?”

Everyone closed their mouths in unison. They refused to answer this question!

“Don’t be too busy getting angry, remember what I said just now?” Su Yu clapped his hands and said in a very happy mood, “I just said that as long as your boss made this woman white, I would let you leave, so the reason why you have been killed three times in a row and dropped four levels in a row is all your boss’s own choice, and it has nothing to do with me.”

The logic of this statement was obviously wrong, but it smoothly pushed Yiqu Huahua out. When it came to the point of contradiction, he transferred the anger of these people who had just been killed three times to him, especially the emphasis in Su Yu’s words, which was obviously focused on giving up them for the sake of a vicious woman.

This felt like the old relationship between the boss of his family was over. But even though he knew that Yizhi Jingcai was vicious and disgusting, he still didn’t want to kill her, and even made his brothers white for her.

Giving up so many brothers for the sake of a woman was hard to accept, but for such a woman, it was even more disgusting!

The boss in their minds should be a wise and mighty overlord who was tender when he should be tender and decisive when he should be decisive, not a coward who abandoned his brother’s hegemony for the sake of his own love!

Therefore, there was no need for Su Yu to say a second sentence, the crowd had already started to riot.

“Boss, how can you disregard your brother for such a woman? You have let us down!”

“Boss, if you still want us to recognize you as the boss, you should quickly get rid of this woman, or I will withdraw immediately!”

“Boss, we are all brothers who work hard together with you, you can’t leave us alone!”

“Boss, please help me, it’s not easy for me to level up, if I’m so rotten now, how do I still play this game in the future?”

“Boss, even if you don’t think about us, you still have to think about the guild. If you really let us be whitewashed today, how will you face the guild in the future? And what about the people in the game? How can you gain a foothold in the game? You have to think clearly!”


Listening to these rushing words, Yiqu Huahua’s face was already dark, and his expression became even more ferocious. These people only thought about themselves, but they don’t think about him at all!

They said it nicely. If he didn’t do this, it would be very bad for him, but if he did, would the problem be solved?

The leader of a guild was actually forced to take over a woman. If this news got out, would he be able to gain a foothold in the game in the future?

Therefore, Yiqu Huahua‘s situation at this time was basically a dilemma. No matter what he chose, the result would be unbearable for him. Thinking of this, his heart was about to explode.

But now he was no match for these two people in front of him, especially this white-clothed man who he couldn’t even tell where he came from. He could kill all the players present with one move, including himself. It was too bad!

That’s right, the people who were killed three times in a row just now were not just the group of [Flashy Dreams]. The feeling of being killed in one fell swoop was simply too sour!

With a strong enemy in front and even his own subordinates persecuting him, Yiqu Huahua only felt his eyes going black for a while, making his head in a mess, and he had no ideas at all.

No matter which of the two decisions in front of him he made, he would fall into a place of eternal doom, so how else could he choose?

Yiqu Huahua shook his head and could only force himself to give in in front of Su Yu, and lowered his head: “Yishui Liushang, what I did wrong before, I apologize to you, I hope you can forgive me, let me and my brothers go.”

Standing behind Su Yu, Xiaojia Biyu and the others were also shocked by the scene they just witnessed, they just didn’t know what expressions to put on. “You can’t easily forgive him for treating you like that before!”

Su Yu glanced at Yiqu Huahua: “If you want to apologize, that’s fine, first call my name correctly.”

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