CREG Ch. 32.1: Surprise Night 2

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[Mimihu]: Surprise night? OK, OK, how are you doing?

[Michelle]: Group photos?!

[Red Lantern]: Then I want to see the body of my male god Oscar! Just this event!

[Poached Egg]: Raise my paw and agree!

[Orange Miaomiao]: You nasty idiots…but I like it! I want to see Oscar’s body too!

[Xinbao]: And it must be high-definition and uncensored!

Xu Maomao couldn’t help covering his fur.

Can you girl cats give me a surprise night! Group lord, come out and silence them!

Unexpectedly, [Ginger] who had always been ruthless, did not jump out at this moment. Instead, he replied happily: Hehehehehe, I am very pleased with everyone’s enthusiasm for participating. It seems that the surprise night is highly anticipated.

Xu Maomao: …It’s over, the group leader has become unreliable because of the sense of accomplishment that is overwhelming, he should save himself

[Oscar]: QAQ ladies and sisters, if you continue like this, I will not participate in the event.

Immediately, a bunch of mourning followed.

[Xinbao]: Then make a mosaic, don’t miss out

[Oscar]: …

After the female cats who were not fanatical on QAQ reluctantly swiped through a few messages asking for explosive photos, they probably felt Oscar’s determination and finally clammed down.    

[Orange Miaomiao]: Brother Oscar is good everywhere, but he is too shy.

At this time Alalei, jumped out kindly: “Okay, sisters, don’t play with Oscar anymore. As far as I know, he is not much older than Migu, and he is still the future flower of us cats~~~

The goddess had a lot of prestige in the group. As soon as she said it, everyone gradually stopped talking about it. Xu Maomao was grateful and quickly sent a red envelope with 1,000 likes inside.

[Oscar (private chat)]: Thank you goddess for your rescue

[Alalei (private chat)]: Hee hee, you are welcome to return to the group.    

[Rice]: Wow, it’s amazing~~ Oscar, your cat spirit is so high, but I’m still the goddess’ biggest lover.


[Oscar]: =. =

With all due respect, in my eyes, you are all just cute balls of fur…

[Migu]: That’s right, brother Oscar, the older sisters in the group are all pretty good, and there are some who are very close to you, for example, @Mengzi sister, she is rather shy, but she has been learning Little Apple for a long time for you, and wants to dance with you

[Mengzi]: Yay, Migu, how can you be rude, I don’t need to be a cat anymore Yingyingying

[Mengzi] has gone offline.

Xu Maomao: …

I, why do I have so many love debts? It seems that I need to clarify it!

Oscar: Uh, thank you for your kindness, I am a public, and my hobbies are also public, so, sisters, don’t worry about me any more…

They were all amazed by what you said! Never expected that the popular male cat in the group was actually a gay cat!

The group of ladies who confessed their love just now were all overwhelmed by the blow, and they all went offline collectively.

[Ginger]: Do you like male ones? Shocked.jpg!

[Oscar]: Well, what, what, does the cat world discriminate against us?

Many cats quickly said no. Although it was shocking, they were much more enlightened than conservative and hypocritical humans.

[Ginger]: Tell me honestly, you are not fascinated by the heroic appearance of this seat, are you?

[Oscar]: You are worrying too much… pick your nose, jpg

[Ginger]: This cat was scared to death…

The narcissism of the little heart group leader in this seat was indeed incomparable to that of a cat

[Rice]: Asking weakly, then what about me?

Brother Rice, why are you here to join in the fun! Xu Maomao decided to be domineering once and for all.

[Oscar]: Ugly reject!

It’s better to be infatuated with Dr. Mi than to be obsessed with you, but he couldn’t say this, it would be bad if he scared Dr. Mi.


Group of cats: Meow ha ha ha!!! The Oscar male god is too funny, what should I do if I love you even more haha!!!

Ginger saw that the topic was getting further and further away from the issue, so he quickly redirected it back.

[Ginger]: Continue to discuss the activities of the surprise night, don’t chat anymore, otherwise this seat will kick the cat out of the group!

This sentence had its deterrent, so everyone began to honestly discuss how to celebrate this event.

After swiping the screen with hundreds of messages, they finally had a plan.

Given that the group leader’s birthday was the day after tomorrow, the surprise night was naturally scheduled for the day after tomorrow. Coincidentally, the day after tomorrow happened to be human Christmas, so Ginger could be said to be a veritable Christmas cat.

The surprise night activities were divided into three sections:

The first section was a voluntary burst of photos and vocal congratulations, requiring cats to be harmonious and friendly, and not to post bad things. This link depended on the wishes of the members. If you are shy, you don’t have to participate, just be a melon-eating crowd.

The second section was for group members to send red envelopes to each other. Each cat was required to prepare three red envelopes, which would be gathered by the group owner for members to draw. Each cat could draw three times.

The third one was a lucky bag from Santa Claus. As for what it would contain, it would be kept secret for the time being.

[Ginger]: Humph, let me tell you, I have practiced for more than ten thousand years and have never made a move easily. Blessed are you kittens!

Practiced for more than ten thousand years! It sounded awesome! But—— thinking of the bad behavior and stinginess of the group leader in the past days, the cats trembled again, fearing that it would be a hairless photo of the group leader, maybe it would even be a high-definition and uncensored one… it would really be a surprise night event.

After confirming it, Xu Maomao remembered his mission, and sent tens of millions of red envelopes to the group leader, Ginger, in full view of everyone!

[Oscar]: After many days of hard work, I finally reached 10 million! Congratulations on the opening of the mall!

[Rice]: Damn, you’re so domineering! The male god is mighty!

[Alalei]: The male god is mighty +2!

[Schrödinger’s Meow]: The male god is mighty +3


Among the crowd swiping the screen, there was a magical message.

[Heimang]: Thank you for your hard work, don’t be so tired

This message flashed by so fast that even Xu Maomao didn’t notice it.

The whole group fell into joy, and that night, the group was upgraded smoothly, and a picture of dried fish appeared on the bell’s WeChat page, annotating the high-end and high-grade “Cat Mall”.

The savvy cat merchants in the group suddenly became overwhelmed, and they put their products on the shelves one after another.

However, pictures and text descriptions were required for the shelves. The cats were not good at writing, so the sales were extremely slow. There were only a few things on the shelves, and there were sporadic products on display, such as canned rice (three thousand favorites are worth one can) Michelle’s Simmons mattress (8,000 likes), etc., while Dr. Mi’s shelves were still empty.

And there was also a reward section in the mall, which was grayed out at present, and required a love value of two million to open it. Xu Maomao thought it should be a top section and planned to open it later if it was worthwhile.

Two days later, amidst the much-anticipated anticipation, the surprise night for the cat group finally came!

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