KHSW Ch. 249

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“How could we have the chance to meet the big boss? He has never been to ‘Yi Ling’, even if he did, he would clear the venue first.”

Hearing what Mortina said, Ling Xi was secretly surprised, so Yizhi was so “clean and self-conscious”?

“Tell me, what if our big boss takes a fancy to me?” Bing Yanyan’s eyes were full of infinite fantasies.

Ling Xi punctured her fantasy with a funny smile, “Didn’t a news was released before? Mr. President is married.”

Bing Yanyan’s fantasy was shattered, and she still wanted to struggle, “Nowadays, the media likes to make hype, and the president didn’t deny it, maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to pay attention to it?”

“Don’t worry, the news is absolutely reliable.”

Ling Xi poked her little heart again, “How do you know?”

“Because… the person Mr. President is looking for is… me.” Ling Xi pointed her thumb at herself.

Mortina and Bing Yanyan were stunned for a moment. Then they smiled, “Ling Xi, you are even less reliable than us.” There was no malice in their laughter, it was just a simple joke among friends.

Ling Xi raised her eyebrows slightly, she was telling the truth.

Just after Mortina finished speaking, a sharp voice came from behind them, “Sister Ru, I have seen it today, what is ‘a face thicker than a city wall’, I have never even seen the president’s face, to actually say that the CEO will take a fancy to her, it’s ridiculous.”

Ling Xi was not familiar with this voice, her eyebrows were slightly raised, and there was a hint of light in her charming eyes.

A sharp gleam flashed across Yao Ru’s eyes. Thinking of the information that Ou Mengxue revealed just now, she didn’t expect that Ling Xi was not only married, but also had a child. She dared to snatch the fat from her mouth, she now finally had to obediently spit it out for her, so she echoed, “This face is indeed pretty thick.”

When Mortina saw that it was Yao Ru, she subconsciously wanted to avoid her. Everyone in the company knew that Yao Ru was not someone to be trifled with, so she nodded politely and called “Sister Ru”.

Although Bing Yanyan was a little apprehensive, she couldn’t understand what they said, “How can you eavesdrop on us? Do you understand what ‘polite’ means?”

The female artist beside Yao Ru picked up a glass of red wine and walked slowly towards Bing Yanyan, “You talk so loudly that we can’t not listen if we don’t want to, and…”

Suddenly, she raised her hand. The red wine spilled on Bing Yanyan’s body.

Bing Yanyan didn’t scream out loud, maybe she was used to this kind of drama long ago.

Ling Xi suddenly opened her eyes wide, and then dimmed slightly.

Mortina was so surprised that she covered her lips with her hand, how dare she do that in this kind of place?

The female artist approached and whispered: “This is our ‘politeness’.” When they parted, she pretended to be nervous, “Sister Yanyan, I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

Ling Xi was also used to her tricks. When she was going to wipe the stains on Bing Yanyan’s body, she took off the furry shawl on her body, revealing her snow-white skin.

Immediately, she stood in front of Bing Yanyan, wrapped the shawl around her waist, and tied a knot by the way, just covering the large stains.

Bing Yanyan’s heart warmed up.

When Ling Xi got up, she looked at the female artist with sharp eyes, “Thank you for your politeness, but if there is a next time, I will show you our ‘politeness’.”

Today was “Star Charm” dinner party with “Yi Ling”, and Yizhi would come later, so she didn’t want to make things bigger. ~.

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