CREG Ch. 32.2: Surprise Night 2

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At the same time, there was also a human Christmas to greet Xu Maomao.

As the Nausicaa pet shop kept pace with the times, it was natural to hold rewarding activities. Shen Yu and Qiao Lingfeng had planned a series of free experience services, the most popular of which was to let pets experience their latest Korean grooming. Of course, the experience quota was also limited. Limited because, after all, there were only so few people. This service would be the most profitable product of Nausicaa of the Wind in the future, so Shen Yu attached great importance to it, and he was very busy on Christmas Eve.

In order to gain popularity, Xu Maomao voluntarily raised his claws to Shen Yu and said that he would dance his new dance “ppap” that day.

So the long-lost puppet Cat live broadcast was started again, and this time it was Shen Yu who picked up the camera and recorded the whole funny dance.

Viewers of the cute pet live broadcast channel had been waiting for food for many days. When they saw a new work coming out, they bought gifts one after another. Xu Maomao ignored the crowd for too long in the live broadcast room, and suddenly favored them with a new attitude. In addition, it was the Christmas season again, and the audience’s emotions could be described as high, and they were merciless even when spending a small amount of money.

And because Shit Shoveling Officer Shen Yu joined the broadcast, after Xu Maomao danced to ppap, the audience’s enthusiasm remained undiminished. On the message boards, they asked Shit Shoveling Officer Shen to hold Xu Maomao for a series of small interactions.

Xu Maomao, who gained 40,000 to 50,000 love value, was not satisfied, so he urged, “Meow.” Just cooperate and cheer me up.

Shen Yu cooperated helplessly. In fact, he didn’t do anything, he just hugged Xu Maomao and held up the camera, creating a happy and peaceful time and harmony of people and pets.

Although he was very low-key and didn’t let his face enter the picture, countless viewers had already judged from his pointed chin, broad shoulders, and slender fingers that he must look good!

[Aww, the anchor has finally appeared on camera, otherwise I really think it was the cat master who started the live broadcast]

[Just by those hands, I know that he must be beautiful as a flower]

[You must have forgotten that the anchor can make money to support the family, remember that house he lives in?]

[Is there any misunderstanding about the anchor upstairs? Cats are all little angels!]

[Hey, all the handsome ones have meows these days, and the ugly ones can only be sucked in clouds]

[Hahahaha makes sense]

These messages were harmonious and loving at first, but after a while, a few lunatics came.

[Ahhh, the local tyrant anchor is so hot and handsome. According to my judgment of his Adam’s apple, the anchor is very strong in that aspect]

[+1, and the waist! Male dog waist]

[Kneeling and begging the anchor to sleep with me!!!]

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the anchor fuck me!]

Shen Yu was taken aback, why did the painting style change suddenly?!

Xu Maomao also blushed. Nowadays, netizens started driving[1] when they disagreed with each other. It was too unreserved.

“What a mess.” Shen Yu turned off the live broadcast unhappily, and accused, “Stop interacting with these dubious audiences.”

Xu Maomao was wronged, the previous style of painting was not like this, it was all because of you being on the scene, you have to know that the eyes of the masses are discerning.

Although it only lasted for less than 20 minutes, the income from the live broadcast this time was quite substantial, with a total of 600,000 likes, and the gifts that the audience swiped, including flowers, he received tens of thousands of bouquets, and dozens of cars Virtual Ferraris, virtual Porsches, and virtual Lamborghinis which all added up to tens of thousands of dollars in rewards, much more than he earned by writing words!

For a moment, Xu Maomao even wanted to give up writing and go to the broadcasting industry, but soon he realized that firstly, he didn’t like to show off so much, and secondly, he usually didn’t have that much income. It just exploded once. The ceiling of cute pet live broadcast was too low, this income was only a flash in the pan, he couldn’t be too serious about it.

The red envelope group was very lively all day long, and everyone took photos together. Xu Maomao did not participate in this session because he had to “work” in the pet shop.

When he was free to join the red envelope group, he happened to enter the second link, drawing red envelopes!

Xu Maomao had no possessions, unlike other cats who had skills or something, he could only send love points, so he prepared three red envelopes worth up to 10,000 and put them in the red envelope box of the surprise night.

[Ginger]: Meow hee hee~~ I’m here and see that everyone is here, it seems that everyone is looking forward to it, so, now I officially announce-the red envelope exchange of the first surprise night has officially started, the countdown, three, two, one, start drawing!

Immediately a bright red envelope jumped onto the screen!

In fact, all the cats had a share in this red envelope, and it was reasonable to say that there was no need to grab it, but for the festival, what they wanted was that kind of atmosphere!

Xu Maomao flashed out his claws and pressed three times.

[Congratulations! You have won a red envelope from Dr. Mi]

[Congratulations! You have won a red envelope from Huahua]

[Congratulations! You have won a red envelope from Ms. Lili]

Yeah, he actually got a Christmas gift from Dr. Mi! As for the latter two, Xu Maomao, who dreamed of becoming a human every day, ignored them for the time being, and only cared about opening the big backstage backpack in a pleasant surprise. After seeing what it was, he felt instantly beautiful!

[Super Transformation Potion, Instructions for Use: Maintain any transformation form for two hours and comes with an unlimited number of voice effects. Precautions: Use within three days.]

In the group, there were cats who were happy and there were cats who were worried.

[Orange Miaomiao]: I failed to get the male god’s red envelope

[Huahua]: Yes, Oscar got my red envelope

[Rice]: I failed to get the goddess’ red envelope


In another corner of the group, there was a black cat with gold rims on the tip of its ears who was in a daze: Meow, he didn’t grab my red envelope…

The black cat licked its paws, its sharp eyes were fixed on Oscar’s name on the screen, and the paws were already sending a red envelope to him in a private chat, hesitating whether to send it or not.

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[1] Euphemism for s*x or s**ual references.

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