KHSW Ch. 307

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When Shen Bingqian had just walked into the gym, she saw them all gathered around the fighting ring, so she walked forward curiously, but caught a glimpse of a familiar figure.

Ling Xi? Why was she here?

“Get up, let’s continue.” Ling Xi’s “arrogant” arrogance was very strong.

And the person lying on the ground was… the squad leader?

How was this possible?

Only the male soldiers below continued to make noise, “Yin Jun, get up quickly, don’t be underestimated by her.”

“Yin Jun, don’t take her pretty face into consideration. Your dignity is more important. Come on.”

“Squad leader Yin, come on, come on.”

The squad leader got up from the ground, the blood in his bones was ignited at once, “Come again.”

His unyielding personality made Ling Xi feel excited.

When his fist was about to brush Ling Xi’s cheek, Ling Xi’s speed was even faster. She spun her back feet, leaned back, and walked around to the squad leader’s side. With one hand clasped, the squad leader’s body was pressed against her. After landing, the backhand was held by Ling Xi.

Shen Bingqian couldn’t help being startled, Ling Xi was actually still a “Lian Jiazi”.

The captain’s eyes began to glow with “green light”. Unexpectedly, he met a good seed this time, and he couldn’t help but start gearing up.

“Okay, Yin Jun, come down!” He said as he took off his coat and stepped onto the fighting ring.

Ling Xi looked suspiciously, with a sly gleam in her eyes, “Captain, didn’t you just say that I can’t do it? I think it’s better to forget it, so as not to break your rules.”

Hearing the dissatisfaction in Ling Xi’s words, the captain’s serious face finally showed some smiles. When the male soldiers in the audience caught the captain’s expression, they couldn’t help but sigh. It was not ordinary people who could get the captain’s face to change.

“Ling Xi.” The captain turned serious in seconds.

“Here.” Ling Xi immediately became obedient.

“Remember what I told you the first day you came here?”

“Reporting to the captain, you said that in the army, orders are mandatory, and the task of soldiers is to obey the orders of superiors unconditionally.”

The captain was satisfied, “Well, you have a good memory, now I order you to use all your strength to attack me.”

Hearing what the captain said, Ling Xi smiled secretly, “Yes, captain.”

Ling Xi had never fought against the captain, so she didn’t know where his weakness was, where he would show his flaws, so at first, she only tried cautiously.

The captain’s defence was like an impenetrable fortress, which made Ling Xi feel a little annoyed.

His footwork was also very solid, every time Ling Xi wanted to fool him, she was caught every time.

Be steady, don’t be impatient, Ling Xi warned herself like this.

Suddenly, Ling Xi launched a new round of attacks. Since the captain was good at defence, she tried to force him to punch.

“Ling Xi, jiayou, Ling Xi, jiayou.”

When they saw the captain going into battle in person, they all sweated for Ling Xi and encouraged her from the bottom of their heart.

The captain was stimulated by her non-routine and savage fighting style without any moves, and finally punched. Ling Xi was like a nimble and cunning fox. She knew that she would definitely not be able to match his strength in a head-on confrontation, and always attacked unexpectedly.

Immediately, an elbow locked the captain’s throat, and the two were brought down at the same time.

“I have begun to doubt my eyes, the captain was actually brought down?”

“It’s amazing, Ling Xi is so good.”

Ling Xi locked the captain with her elbow, and at the same time, the captain’s knee was tightly hooked around Ling Xi’s leg.

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