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“…” Your sister’s bug was a necessary condition, this was not a person!

Yiqu Huahua’s face almost blackened like the bottom of the pot, he thought about it, and could only temporarily put aside his face, and open his mouth to bite his lip: “Suzha [****] [*****], before it was me who was wrong, I hope you don’t bother my brothers.”

Although the words of Yiqu Huahua were very humiliating, the audience around them couldn’t help but sneer, really don’t blame them, it really sounded ridiculous.

Su Yu smiled till his ears: “Called wrong, come again.”

There was a blue vein pulsing on Yiqu Huahua’s forehead. This person really wanted to talk about it. He was deliberately humiliating him!

“I have bowed to you and admitted my mistake, you should not be too much!” Since playing this game, this was the first time Yiqu Huahua had felt so humiliated.

In the past, he stepped on others and asked others to plead with him. This was the first time he had been trampled under the feet of others, and he felt so shameful and trampled!

If it was ok, Yiqu Huahua would have really tried to smash this man into a corpse, but the situation was compelling, and he couldn’t do anything!

“I’m being too much? Was it me indiscriminately and directly encircled you with hundreds of people? Did I discard my brothers for a vicious woman? Did I know that I am doing something wrong, and was still being cheeky? Did I not admit my mistake?” Su Yu smiled and scornfully said, “If I remember correctly, these should be all what you did? I have done nothing too much, it was just reasonable self-defense, you still have a face. Conversely, I am too much? You are too much!”

After that, Su Yu also turned to look at Cang Qiong: “Dear, am I right?”

Cang Qiong nodded unprincipledly: “Yes.”

Now everyone behind Su Yu supported him unprincipledly: “The Great God is right!”

Su Yu modestly nodded: “Of course, I must be right.”

Yiqu Huahua: “…” I was clearly not attacked, but suddenly I felt like I want to vomit blood.

[Flashy Dreams] helpers: “…” The heart is so tired, what kind of ghost is this reasonable self-defense? We have all lost so many levels, can you not see it?

Just when everyone’s atmosphere was “harmonious”, Liu Jinjin, who had fallen on the floor and crying, suddenly screamed and shouted: “Liu Feng, you must not die! You will face my retribution!”

Then, she turned her head and reluctantly looked at Yiqu Huahua, with both self-blame and grievance: “Brother Huahua, I know that I have made you embarrassed, you can rest assured, I will not drag you down anymore, I only hope that you know, I really liked you, I always liked you…”

After that, Liu Jinjin lifted her hand and wiped her neck.

Everyone: “…”

Wiping the neck in the game was tantamount to suicide. It was a very clean way of death, and because the actor was the game player himself, it was able to completely wipe the blood.

They had to say that Liu Jinjin’s actions at this time could really give a good impression to him, at least to make Yiqu Huahua no longer be disgusted with her. After all, at this time, Yiqu Huahua was in the midst of a dilemma. She could find a way out for him at this time, so he should be very grateful for the exaggeration.

This kind of move that could help the other side and reflect her affection was indeed very powerful, but the reality was…

After Liu Jinjin slowly fell down, she slowly climbed up from the ground. Without a doubt, she was obviously forced to resurrect.

Everyone: “…” This scene was too embarrassing, they really didn’t know what it looked like.

Even Liu Jinjin’s face was hard to hide. In the previous moment, she looked sad and strong and chose to use her own life to exchange for Yiqu Huahua’s understanding. As a result, she was resurrected again. In front of so many people, what kind of expression did it make for her?

The big determination, more effort, and deeper friendship from before had become such a joke.

Su Yu also smiled unceremoniously. He also suggested: “It seems that you have a deep feeling for Yiqu Huahua. If this is the case, then you should manually turn yourself white, which would save the other party. This is really a good way to get the best of both worlds. What do you think?”

It would allow her to feel self-satisfied, and she could express her affection and determination. She could also pull the image value of herself in these people’s minds. But if she committed suicide many times in a row, even if others said nothing, Liu Jinjin herself would feel quite embarrassed, this behavior was simply MDZZ!

This had become Liu Jinjin’s dilemma. She did not want to give up the previous preparations, so that her own efforts were wasted, and it was impossible to really commit suicide like a mentally retarded person. She really could not turn herself white.

Su Yu did not speak, he just looked at Liu Jinjin like a smile, but the few people behind him couldn’t help but laugh and talk.

Hehehehe I’ll show you: “Oh, it’s really interesting. I saw it for the first time in the game. It’s really a good idea for a woman to express her love for a man.”

I love the local tyrants and they love me: “I like to watch such a play. What’s more interesting is this man is standing in front of this woman. He is completely unorganized. Is this just for him to see?”

I don’t know what to call: “I really don’t know what to say. Today, this play is really wonderful. I am very excited now. It used to be this group of people chasing us to kill. Now let’s look at this. The group was killed, it was so cool!”

Blowing the cow: “The Great God is really a cow! The great **** is mighty and domineering! The Great God is Suzha [****] [*****]!”

Xiaojia Biyu: “Everybody sister… cough, when you talk directly, it is so strange, I feel very strange, I still call you embroidered directly. Yan Xiu, how do you feel about the **** now?”

Everybody’s Lady: “Well, people are as famous.”

Yushu Linfeng: “Oh, if you two demons can still be as tired as the language chat, it is really disgusting to see. But I really look forward to the next plot development, will the last vicious woman commit suicide, or will this disgusting man kill this woman?”

I am a bug: “I can’t think of any kind of development anyway, I think it’s wonderful! It’s just an annual drama!”


At this time, the two protagonists in the annual drama, the expression on their faces were not very good-looking, Yiqu Huahua was naturally hoping that Yizhi Jingcai could be more forthcoming, and turn herself white, so that he could save himself.

As for Liu Jinjin, when she saw the attitude of Yiqu Huahua, her heart was already very clear. She was afraid that no matter how she did it, the other party would not feel a little bit of distress, and it was even more impossible to re-engage the relationship between the two.

Since this person was not worth her paying so much, why should she continue to ruin herself and become a joke for these people?

An extremely complicated emotion containing sadness, grievances, disappointment, anger, resentment, unwillingness, and despair slowly came to her heart, and Liu Jinjin fell to the ground again.

The miraculous thing was that at this moment, what came to her mind was not a bit of a glimpse of Yiqu Huahua, but a teenager who was resentful, calculating, and revenging.

Liu Jinjin was surprised to find that she could still clearly remember that when she pretended to be a stranger and met Liu Feng in the game, what kind of expression was shown by the other party when he saw her, which was mixed with surprise and admiration. The expression had been blurred by the hatred and embarrassment that had blinded in the heart, but it had become very clear at this moment.

The first time they met in the game, the teenager looked at her with stars in his eyes.

The first time they entered a copy together, the teenager always stood in front of her and didn’t want her to suffer even a little bit of damage.

The first time they ate together, even in the game, the teenager still ordered a bunch of food she liked.

And the first time she deliberately said some ambiguous words, the young man could not look at her with his blushing face, but it was difficult to hide his joy.


Liu Jinjin felt that she should not think about it. She clearly hated the mother and son. She clearly vowed to make them die, but those scenes were inexplicably smashed out, filled her brain and made her close to collapse on the ground and burst into tears.

In fact, even if she had been hypnotizing herself, she was also clear in her heart. She was an illegitimate daughter, the one who couldn’t see the light, and the simple and beautiful boy, he was truly innocent.

He clearly did not do anything, he did not know anything, but he was hurt by her…

Su Yu cold-eyed Liu Jinjin, who was crying, and could probably guess her psychological changes from her performance, but what about it?

If this had not happened today, if “Liu Feng” was still as weak as the original owner, and completely suppressed by Yiqu Huahua, Liu Jinjin would not be so desperate, then would she regret her previous actions?

However, when she was forced into a desperate situation, she began to miss the person who had brought her warmth and unconditional tolerance. This was not real repentance, and such repentance was not worth the money.

Su Yu looked at it all with a cold eye, and then turned his head and looked at Yiqu Huahua with no mercy: “It seems that it is impossible for Liu Jinjin to turn white by herself. In this case, you can start working now.”

Yiqu Huahua bit his lip and looked at Su Yu, trying to grasp the last excuse to let the other party change his mind: “She has already cried like this, and she has just killed herself once. She must know her wrong. You are her half-brother, can’t you forgive her once?”

Su Yu laughed, did this person want to impose morality on himself? That was really looking for the wrong person: “If I take all of your brothers in vain, and you will be willing to forgive me, I can consider forgiving her.”

Yiqu Huahua still wanted to say something more, but the guild of people behind him had already loudly clamored: “Boss, turn her white! Hurry up!”

However, in a few seconds, the sound behind him was completely unified, just like shouting a loud slogan: “Turn her white! Turn her white!”

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