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Shen Yu had a lot of homework when he was a student. He had to learn everything from violin and ballroom dancing to various languages. He had to see at least two tutors every day, so he didn’t have much chance to play computer games, and he didn’t know anything about live broadcasts. He was aware of this fashionable entertainment, but his so-called understanding was limited to knowing how to get on this platform.

So here came the question, how did Oscar overcome the IQ barrier of the species, and surpass the computer level of Shen Yu Shit Shoveling Officer to know how to do live broadcasts?

Shen Yu intended to imitate his cat master’s mental journey and try the difficulty of live broadcasting. He clicked the mouse to enter the registration interface of the Pain Xun platform, saw the prompt information and found that an email account was needed. E-mail was a very leaky thing on the Internet today. Shen Yu suddenly had an inspiration and decided to give up studying live broadcast and directly investigate Xu Maomao’s registered e-mail. While Xu Maomao was practicing “ppap”, he quietly visited his live broadcast room, and found that his registered username covered up his email address, but there was no doubt that Oscar must have an email address to play the live broadcast, as long as he just dug out the email address he was using he would know everything.

It was easy for any hacker or even anyone who knew a little bit of computer to check the mailbox, but Shen Yu didn’t want to let others do it, so he started hard self-study.

A few days later, Shen Yu, a computer novice, finally knew how to look up information, and slowly groped for Oscar’s registered email address, and found that the suffix was Pain. Then he spread the mailbox, first found a pain fast button number, and then found a WeChat account… The profile picture of the WeChat account even looked a bit familiar?

Shen Yu was speechless, did Oscar still play QQ and WeChat?

But checking the status again, the two social accounts showed that they hadn’t been logged in for a month or two, maybe they were invalid accounts, picked up by Oscar.

Shen Yu’s tech knowledge was not so good that he could directly pull out the past message records of those two accounts, not to mention that it was not good to dig into other people’s privacy too deeply, so he turned his attention and continued to check other social media related to this mailbox.

Without exception, the accounts associated with this mailbox had been out of use for two months. There was only one website called Jinjiang Literature Network, which showed that it had been logged in and verified not long ago.

Shen Yu glanced at that date, it happened to be the time when he caught Oscar’s transformation, thinking that it was squatting in front of the computer when it transformed, that meant it might have transformed to access this website? Then this site was very suspicious!

He continued to search the traces, and then found the account, which belonged to an Internet writer with the pen name “Yao Yaojiu”, who revised a large number of chapters on the night of December 2nd and did not complete the revision until the early morning of December 3rd. The new chapter update of the book was unified as the time when the manuscript box was automatically delivered.

And it was extremely important that the login IP address matched his own IP address!!!

…Could it be that Oscar stepped on the keyboard frequently as he saw in the camera that day, and even stepped on it in human form, in order to revise the article? So he was actually the writer Yao Yaojiu?

Shen Yu had to be shocked!

A cat who could also write novels! And judging from the column, the total number of words was in tens of millions! Must have been writing this for years!

But here came the problem again, Oscar was only one year old, so he couldn’t have started writing before he was reincarnated, right?

But the solid evidence of the IP address, as well as the surveillance video that had been kept until now, without exception, all confirmed that the person who stepped on the keyboard at Shen Yu’s house that day… the creature was Oscar!

Amidst the confusion of thoughts, a face suddenly appeared in his mind, a very cute boy, who when they were to meet for the first time, because he was too nervous, hid in the bathroom to practice the introductory words for the first meeting, but was caught by him.

This boy’s name was Xu Maomao, and the transformed Oscar looked 80% similar to him.

Shen Yu suddenly remembered some information related to Xu Maomao. A few days before the blind date, when Zhong Xiang introduced that young boy to him, he once said, “He is a writer who writes novels on the Internet”

…Could it be that Oscar and Xu Maomao had some ulterior connections?! Or——Shen Yu’s gaze fell on the current page of the novel. From the point of view of the copywriting, it was a simple and crude typical possession story… Inspired by this, Shen Yu had a flash of inspiration. Could it be that Xu Maomao had possessed his cat?!!!

Shen Yu’s whole body did not feel well!

He was so shocked that he had to close his eyes and take a few deep breaths secretly. His mind quickly analyzed, and through a series of memories, he quickly realized the problems he had neglected for a long time. Although Oscar was indeed smarter when he was raised at home, his hobbies were completely different from those later. Oscar loved canned food before, small dried fish, sucking catnip, and puffing cat sticks were enough for him to be full, but he didn’t know when it started to be less enthusiastic about its original hobbies, and had developed a strong interest in electronic products, such as mobile phones, tablets and computers as he played on all of them.

Furthermore, when he wanted to sterilize Oscar that time, Oscar ran off to school A, and Xu Maomao’s alma mater was also school A. If it was thought of as a coincidence, it would be too coincidental.

There was also the appearance, and the IP address evidence as hard as a hammer…

By the way, he remembered that the WeChat avatar was exactly the same as Xu Maomao’s in his memory! Only by connecting Oscar and Xu Maomao could he notice so many coincidences that were so difficult to complete at the same time.

The more Shen Yu analyzed, the more he felt that the speculation of possession was true, which could explain the series of changes in Oscar, but this was too shocking!

He still needed a little more evidence, more rigorous evidence.

Shen Yu asked the original introducer Zhong Xiang for Xu Maomao’s address, and after getting the address of the community, he went to investigate it quietly. Coincidentally, he knew a person in that community property, and it was easy to find out, so he soon discovered a strange phenomenon, that was, shortly after the blind date, the surveillance showed that Xu Maomao left home, and did not come back for a long time, it was as if he disappeared. The notice for payment of property utilities not being paid on time had been posted for a long time.

And Oscar’s abnormality probably started at that time… Once the assumption of possession was established, the changes of Oscar and Xu Maomao seemed very convincing!

So Xu Maomao, who had been rejecting him on the grounds of “not being able to get along with pets”, entered the wrong place and came to his house to be a cat?

What’s the point?!

And when he was coming to be a cat, what about Oscar? Where did he hide it?

No matter how hard he thought, Shen Yu couldn’t figure out anything!

But now that the relationship between the two was affirmed, it would be easy to deal with what came next. Second-generation heir Shen Yu, who capitalized on relationships, borrowed this video from a friend, and then collected all the evidence, including IP address comparison and previous surveillance videos, and planned to “confront” the suspect Mr. Xu Maomao. The reason for the “confrontation” was possessing a pet cat in private, becoming a prodigy illegally, and the time for “trial” was scheduled to be tonight!

During the period of “waiting for trial”, Shen Sherlock Holmes Yu specially read Xu Maomao’s past masterpieces in order to better understand the “suspect Xu”. What about “Interstellar God Charlatan Princess”, “Wealthy Marriage”, “No Charge for Picking Up Guests Tonight” and so on, all sounded very bad and discordant names. After reading the masterpieces of writer Xu at a glance, especially when looking for the prompts in “The Author Has Something to Say” and groping for the dirty little train stored on the scarf, Shen Yu seemed to have opened the door to a new world…

What flowers blooming in full bloom, bento box on the train, Guanyin sitting on the lotus, the spiritual world of great writer Xu was really quite rich! The young Shen detective had never heard of it, let alone there were many scenes of human and animal play!

While getting onto the car with relish, Shen Yu drew these key points seriously.

Maybe it would be useful in the future, Shen Yu thought honestly.

As night fell, after explaining things to the people in the store and saying goodbye one by one, Shen Yu hugged Xu Maomao who was still sleeping soundly in the office, and when he moved, Xu Maomao woke up.

After a day of dancing, Xu Maomao was very tired and didn’t want to open his eyes at all, so he just let him hug him, and brazenly arched into his arms until he arched into his coat, clinging to his close-fitting thermal underwear tightly.    

Shen Yu lowered his head, showed him a strange expression, and pulled him out of his arms: “Don’t sleep, wake up.”

Xu Maomao: “… Meow?”

His smile made him a little flustered.

After returning home, Shen Yu quickly finished dinner, then carried him to the big desk, turned on the computer, and plugged in the USB flash drive.

“Oscar,” Shen Yu said the name meaningfully, hugged him to the middle of the screen and said softly, “Look at it.”

Xu Maomao naively thought that Shen Yu was going to show him a dance video, so he squatted obediently. But after sitting down, he saw him open the browser and enter a string of text.

The green page of Jinjiang Literature City suddenly appeared in front of him, and then Shen Yu entered a pen name bit by bit.

Yao, Yao, Jiu!

Xu Maomao: Shocked.jpg!

Shen Yu kept going. After a few operations, the IP address was dug out and matched with this machine.

“It’s exactly the same, isn’t it?”

Xu Maomao was not a computer novice, he was very clear about the meaning of these few lines of comparison, and suddenly opened his eyes and stepped back anxiously, but it was as low as Shen Yu’s chest.

“There are more.”

Shen Yu then turned on the recording of his transformation that day.

“Do you remember this date? December 2nd, it happens to be the revision time for chapters on the Literature Online.”


Then he heard in his ear, “It’s not over yet.”

Immediately afterwards, there was a surveillance video of the elevator. Xu Maomao could clearly see that it was his own house and saw the “him” in the picture coming out of the house, although his steps were proud and light, but his face was cautious and curious, as if he was not familiar with the environment—nonsense, that guy must be the cat immortal! It turned out that this was how it looked after taking over his body…

“At the end of October, you never went back after you left home, at least all the monitoring showed that you didn’t, and after I investigated, I found that there was a puppet cat walking around the neighborhood on a certain day, according to the description of the security guards that day, its appearance was very similar to yours now.”

Shen Yu’s voice was slow and unhurried, just like the usual tone, but Xu Maomao was terrified!

His whole body was furry, and his small mouth was so shocked that it couldn’t close. He was turned around by Shen Yu in a daze, and met Shen Yu’s calm but dark eyes, and he asked softly: “Xu Maomao, what is the purpose of you coming to my house to be a cat?”

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Shen Yu: It used to be an exercise, but now it’s for real! If you don’t pick it up, it’s fine. Once you pick it up, you have to be crisp, steady, accurate, and ruthless!

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