KHSW Ch. 302

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At that moment, Liming felt Ling Xi’s pain…

Shen Bingqian, who was still in the tent listening to the commotion outside, opened the zipper of the tent and walked out. Seeing that Ling Xi had only scratched her skin a little, there was a moment of annoyance in her eyes. It was too difficult.

“Ling Xi, are you okay?”

Shen Bingqian asked hypocritically, but everyone only cared about Ling Xi, and no one paid any attention to her.

After Xu Yizhi finished bandaging Ling Xi, Ling Xi let go of her mouth, Liming quickly covered it with his sleeves, and put on her coat, “Liming, I’m sorry, did it hurt you?” Ling Xi felt a little guilty.

“It’s okay, sister Xi, I have rough skin and thick flesh, so it doesn’t hurt at all.”

Hearing what Liming said, a strange light flashed in Xu Yizhi’s eyes.

Bing Yanyan blushed guiltily, “Ling Xi, I’m sorry, if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have been hurt.”

Ling Xi raised her eyes, got up slowly, raised her other arm, and wiped the tears on her face, but said nothing.

Their field survival training was suspended due to the discovery of wolves on the mountain.

“During this survival session, Comrade Ling Xi and the group of recruits, performed well, and I would like to commend you.”

As soon as the captain’s voice fell, everyone applauded.

“In addition, congratulations to the six recruits who successfully passed our physical training. In the next stage, you will go to the flight academy to start your new journey above the blue sky.”

“Ling Xi, is your arm okay?” As soon as the group dispersed, a group of male soldiers surrounded them.

Seeing this group of boys all around Ling Xi alone, Shen Bingqian felt very uncomfortable. If she had known that it would be so difficult to get her hands on her in the army camp, she would not have followed her to such a crappy place.

Originally, yesterday was an excellent opportunity, and it was all because of these people meddling in their own business.

“Yanyan, I’m not feeling well, so I’m going back first.”

“Oh, good.” Bing Yanyan nodded slightly, she still had something to say to Ling Xi, so she didn’t go back with her.

Looking at these blurred faces, Ling Xi was slightly moved, “Don’t worry, the doctor has already prescribed the medicine, and this arm will be fine after a few days.”

“How did you come up with the idea of using sleeping pills to deal with those wolves?” Yu Jiayin was originally a man of few words, so it was not easy for him to take the initiative to say this sentence.

Ling Xi slightly raised the corners of her lips. Naturally, she would not tell them that she knew that there would be a pack of wolves. Since she had no way to stop it, she might as well find a way by herself.

“Wolves are a particularly cunning group. They are afraid that the food given to them is poisonous, so one wolf will try it out first. If there is nothing wrong, the other wolves will eat it. I happened to bring sleeping pills, so I took all the pills, dissolved it in mineral water, and then sprayed it on the chicken. After the first wolf ate it, the medicine will not be effective in a short period of time. So, the other wolves thought it was fine, and they boldly ate the chicken I threw over, and then… That’s what you saw.”

There was a trace of pure appreciation in Yu Jiayin’s eyes…

Xu Yizhi looked at the group of people surrounding Ling Xi, with a faint air-conditioning on his body, but in order not to reveal his identity, he had no choice but to hold back.

“Ling Xi, let me help you go to the bathroom!”

Ling Xi looked at Bing Yanyan with a complicated expression, “No, I only hurt my arm, not my leg.”

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