KHSW Ch. 301

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The disfigurement of a female star was an extremely serious problem.

A wolf jumped straight up, and when its sharp claws came to Bing Yanyan’s face, Ling Xi immediately rushed over and pulled Bing Yanyan, but her arm was scratched, Ling Xi only felt a hot burst of pain.

Xu Yizhi’s eyes were tinged with panic, and he hurried forward, “Ling Xi.”

When Liming and Yu Jiayin heard the commotion outside, they immediately ran out with iron bars.

“Bang—” In desperation, the captain fired a shot, hitting the hind leg of the wolf that was close to Ling Xi.

The wolf howled in pain, fell to the ground and screamed, “Woo…”

Just when he aimed his gun at the other wolves, Ling Xi glanced at the other wolves and immediately said, “Captain, don’t shoot.”

She saw that the wolves were all listless, and one of them fell straight down, “Plop—”

The other wolves were so sleepy that they couldn’t even open their eyelids, but they still stood unsteadily, but after a while, they all fell down one by one.

One after another.

What’s happening here?

The same question popped up in everyone’s mind at the same time, what happened to these wolves?

When the only sound left in the cold air was the wolf’s “wheezing” sound, the captain put down his gun, “Is anyone injured?”

Bing Yanyan recovered from the extreme panic. She almost thought that she was about to be bitten by a wolf. If Ling Xi hadn’t pulled her, she might have become the wolf’s dinner today.

At that moment just now, she only felt that her heartbeat was about to stop. Until now, her body was still weak and her legs were trembling…

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to treat the wound.” A cold light flashed in Xu Yizhi’s eyes. He just saw that wolf scratched Ling Xi’s arm. Although separated by a military coat, the wolf’s claws were extremely sharp.

When they heard what “Chi Jingyu” said, they gathered around Ling Xi after another. The captain’s eyes were filled with self-blame, “Ling Xi, where are you hurt?”

“I’m fine, Captain. I poured sleeping pills on the chicken, and they’re just asleep now. Can you please contact the local Animal Protection Bureau as soon as possible?”

The captain worried that these wolves would wake up soon, “Squad leader, report as soon as possible.”


Liming hurried back to the tent to get the first aid kit, “Sister Xi, please treat the wound first.”

Xu Yizhi took the medicine box casually, “Let me do it! Ling Xi, it will be warmer for you to sit by the fire.”

Then he helped her pull her arm out of the military overcoat and tore off half of the sleeve.

When they saw a long cut on Ling Xi’s arm, they couldn’t help but take a breath.

Bing Yanyan’s tears flowed down uncontrollably, sobbing softly, if Ling Xi hadn’t blocked this for her, it would be her face that was scratched now…

Xu Yizhi’s eyes were full of distress, wishing he could kill that wolf.

Carefully, he put his leg under her arm, “If it hurts, bite my shoulder.”

After finishing speaking, he gently wiped the alcohol cotton ball on it, Ling Xi closed her eyes in pain, and clenched her teeth tightly.

Seeing that Ling Xi was in such pain, Liming’s heart tightened. He quickly took off his military coat, pulled his sleeve up, and stretched out his arm, “Sister Xi, bite my arm, you bite!”

Xu Yizhi was slightly distracted, and if she wanted to bite, she should bite him, and his hands moved violently, causing Ling Xi to shed tears in pain.

Ling Xi opened her eyes and bit Liming’s arm…

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