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He found out!!!

Moreover, he had planned for a long time, and revealed the truth bit by bit!

Xu Maomao struggled in horror and shook his head, subconsciously refusing to admit it.

“The evidence is convincing, Xu Maomao,” Shen Yu smiled slightly, and then put on a serious face, “You rejected me and said you were afraid of cats, but you have been a cat with me for so long? Very suspicious.”

Xu Maomao: “…”

“I feel like I’ve been tricked,” Shen Yu paused, “I’m a little angry.”

Xu Maomao grumbled aggrievedly. I didn’t mean to play tricks on you, it was your Oscar who swapped us! He also threatened me not to leak the secret!

But now that the witnesses and material evidence were all complete, could he still deny it… The guilty Xu Maomao gritted his teeth and shook his head weakly but firmly, perfectly explaining what it meant to be a dead duck with a hard mouth[1].

Shen Yu looked at him firmly, and suddenly grinned: “I knew you would deny it, so watch it.” As meticulous as Shen Yu was, of course he would have expected that Xu Maomao would not admit it easily even if the evidence was convincing, after all, this matter was too absurd, plus he couldn’t speak, and Shen Yu couldn’t torture to extract a confession. So, he thought of a countermeasure.

He saw Shen Yu click on the page of Jinjiang Literature City and enter an account number—it was a high-v number he bought specially in the afternoon, and there was nothing in it, except for a large number of moonstones…Moonstone, interpretation: through tweets to other, the platform could get moonstones ranging from 1 to n. Moonstones had various functions, but most of them were useless, except for one use.

That was, it could especially be used to give negative points to an author’s article!

In Jinjiang’s points setting, a single negative point could cause devastating damage to the author’s article points, and his high V number had nearly 100,000 moonstones, no matter how high Xu Maomao’s article points were, he could turn it into a negative score with a little finger in a matter of minutes!

Xu Maomao watched helplessly as Shen Yu poked into his serial article, then selected “-2”, and the mouse stopped on the “OK” button… “

“Meow!” Male God, what are you doing! Stop it!

Shen Yu said gracefully and slowly: “Oscar, what are you excited about? You are not Mr. Xu, I’ll just give a negative score, so don’t be too nervous.”

Xu Maomao: QAQ

Seeing “suspect Xu” still refuse to “confess”, the ruthless judge Shen raised his eyebrows, and pressed the mouse with a slight movement of his fingertips.

Ding, a brutal negative score!

Xu Maomao’s eyes widened! God knows! He had never enjoyed the service of Moonstone in this article! (T皿T)

Oh, you still won’t admit it?

Shen Yu squinted at him, according to his own investigation, as long as there was a negative score, there was no Jinjiang author that was not afraid of it, if one was not enough, then he would surely be afraid of another one.

Seeing Shen Yu choose the second “-2” again, and the cursor move to “OK”, then thinking about the 100,000 moonstones he showed to him just now, as long as Shen Yu was willing to use them up, this article would become his first article with negative points in the history of Jinjiang!! Xu Maomao’s heart tightened, then he jumped up, and shouted loudly: “Meow meow!!!!”

Show mercy, hero! I admit, I admit, I admit everything!

The corner of Shen Yu’s mouth twitched, and he stopped: “Admitted defeat?”

The puppet cat nodded like a pug, its eyes were full of grievance and indignation, as teardrops filled its eye sockets and rolled around pitifully.

“Good boy,” Shen Yu nodded in satisfaction, then he changed -2 to “a bouquet of flowers”, entered the eight calm characters of “Leniency for confession, strictness for resistance”, and then asked, “So you are Xu Maomao, right?”

Boo! Your trick is too poisonous!

Xu Maomao nodded without tears: “Meow.”

While nodding, he stared at the negative score on the screen with heartache, and complained with big watery eyes: God, you pay me points! I’ve confessed and let it go, I want to make up for it, or whatever, I want you to scatter flowers!

Shen Yu smiled lightly, moved his fingertips slightly, and dropped a deep-water torpedo in front of him. After the little chrysanthemum buffered the page, Shen Yu continued to swipe the second, third… until he reached the tenth page. It was only when Xu Maomao realized it with a bewildered face that he quickly stretched out his claws to stop him from spending money indiscriminately.

“Meow meow meow!” Just sprinkle flowers, Xu Maomao pointed at “a bouquet of flowers” and yelled meow. Even local tyrants couldn’t be so extravagant! God, do you know that half of your money would be swallowed by the evil Da Jinjiang if you smash like this!

Shen Yu laughed sullenly, anyway, he spent money to buy JJ coins, and he couldn’t get them out if he didn’t vote, so it was okay to make up for the frightened writer Xu. So he smashed dozens of coins indifferently, and didn’t stop until there was no balance left.

“Are you happy?” Shen Yu asked, “Is it enough to offset the moonstone just now?”

Xu Maomao: “…” I was terrified! Readers must think that I am a RMB player who brushes tickets now!

“But one yard counts for one yard,” Shen Yu snorted, “Now we are entering the ‘trial’ session, criminal Xu, please listen to the questions.”

Xu Maomao shrank his head tremblingly, staring down at his claws: “Meow Woo.”

“Heh,” Shen Yu narrowed his eyes, “The first question, can you speak human language?”

He shook his head.

Tsk, it was a bit troublesome if he couldn’t speak in person. It seemed that he could only choose some yes and no questions to ask. Shen Yu thought for a while and asked: “You came to be my cat, so Oscar was hidden by you?”

Shaking his head.

“No? Then is it dangerous?”

He had to shake his head desperately for this question! Otherwise, Shen Yu, who loved pets like his life, won’t let him go!

Xu Maomao was thumping hard, crossing his paws frequently to express “switching” and “swapping”. Then he put his claws on his hips to imitate the cat immortal, covered his face and cried like he was forced to do this, and finally obediently shrunk into a ball, staring pitifully at Shen Yu.

Shen Yu actually understood such a tortuous and clumsy performance!

“You mean, Oscar… exchanged your bodies?”

Xu Maomao nodded desperately.

Shen Yu’s face was full of disbelief, he tapped the big desk lightly, and then asked a few more questions. After lengthy questions and answers, he finally got a rough idea of the truth.

“No wonder,” Shen Yu thought for a moment, then came to a conclusion, “That’s why you dreamed that Oscar told you those things in your dream, because you were worried about being caught by him… er, so you could be a cat with me with peace of mind?”

Unconvinced, Xu Maomao thought, I have no peace of mind, I have struggled before, and now I am working hard to regain my human body!

“What’s the matter with being transformed into a human form?”

This question was difficult to perform. Xu Maomao scratched the hair on the top of his head in distress. He couldn’t imagine how to express it even if he was as good as an actor, so he simply started typing on the keyboard with his claws. He typed extremely slowly, and it took him a long time to type a line: “Collect popularity, and I can change back.”

As for the red envelope group and so on, it was too complicated to explain, and there was no need for Shen Yu to know too clearly, he just wanted him to let him continue to consciously let him touch people.

Shen Yu suddenly realized: “That’s why you broadcast live on the Internet and go to work with me. Is it to gather popularity?”

Xu Maomao nodded, meowed softly, and grouped himself into a round lump together, aggrieved. Collecting love value was so hard, even dangerous! For example, he starved for several days in order to go to Qiao Lingfeng’s house full of emotions, and was almost dragged away by Shen Yu… Now that he had made it clear, he at least didn’t have to worry about this problem anymore, although he would be ashamed to have been seen naked. He even wanted to find a seam in the ground to get in, he felt it would be very awkward to get along with each other in the future…

“How much popularity do you need?”

Xu Maomao raised his body slowly, and then exaggeratedly drew a big circle: “Meow.” Much, much, astronomical figures.

“Can I make you popular?”

“Meow.” Nodded, but you are not passionate enough, every time there was only a little, not even enough to get between the teeth! Xu Maomao looked with a little contempt.

Shen Yu looked at him quietly for a moment, then said coolly: “Speaking of which, you also secretly ate a lot of my tofu, Mr. Xu?”

Xu Maomao didn’t mean it, but Shen Yu still felt that he was being played.

Xu Maomao looked up guilty: “… Meow?!”

“I’m still surprised, Oscar should be very afraid of water, but then he often peeked at me taking a shower.”


“And he also became fond of stepping on my chest.”

Hey, hey, the male god is turning over old scores!

“Also always licking people.”

Xu Maomao was so ashamed that he couldn’t bear it, he never expected that his sneaky behavior, which he thought would not be discovered, would be caught out by the male god!

Shen Yu narrowed his eyes and said, “So why did you reject me so simply at the beginning? Don’t you hate pets? You even cured Phoebe and helped the Caucasian. Was the so-called ‘can’t get along with pets’ just a reason to reject me?”

After being deleted and blacklisted by Xu Maomao, and the fight to no avail, Shen Yu once even doubted his own charm. Therefore, Xu Maomao’s contradictions in combination made him very puzzled.

“…Meow.” How do I tell this? Let’s talk about how the topic got so crooked here!

How could Xu Maomao know that Shen Yu really cared about this matter, he really liked him at that time, but how could a person who he had met for the first time compare with a house cat that was still recovering?

“…Forget it, you can’t tell, anyway, you can’t change back for the time being, so you can be a cat with me first.” Shen Yu squinted at him, and smiled a little viciously, “I think it’s good for you to be like this. You treat him like that, very dedicated.”

As he spoke, he hugged him indifferently and ravaged him severely.

Xu Maomao always felt that there was some kind of indescribable conspiracy in his smile, and the always gentle male god also looked a little scary, as if he was brewing some bad idea.

He shivered, and after he had had enough rubbing, he carefully broke away from his embrace, and typed a few words on the keyboard with great difficulty.

“I want to go home and have a look.”

He wanted to know where the cat immortal wore his body!

“Just take a look?” Shen Yu frowned, “Don’t you want to go back and live?”

Xu Maomao shook his head, although he felt that it was a bit embarrassing to live with a blind date in this posture, but a cat’s life was too difficult, that wandering incident had left a deep shadow on him.

Shen Yu snorted: “You got my cat angry, of course you have to stay, it’s too late today, I’ll take you back tomorrow.”

As they were preparing to go to bed, Xu Maomao consciously nestled in the nest, not as usual going to rub on the bed cheekily. Unexpectedly, Shen Yu picked him up and said seriously: “Sleep with me, Oscar has always slept with me.”

“Meow.” But don’t you already know that I am Xu Maomao?

“You are my cat now.” Shen Yu’s tone was very natural, but also very righteous.

“Meow…” You can treat me like a cat, but I can’t treat you as a real shit-shoveler, dear! Man, your heart is too big! It’s all like this, can it be treated as nothing?!

Shen Yu didn’t give him a chance to refuse at all, he forcefully suppressed Xu Maomao’s weak (half-push, half-resigned) struggle, let him press against his chest, yawned, and used that sexy low voice mixed with snort, as he said: “Now, sleep.”

The sensitive cat’s nose was full of the refreshing and pleasant smell of the male god. Xu Maomao was happy and tangled, so after struggling for a moment, he finally relaxed in his arms.

Shen Yu breathed evenly as if he was already in deep sleep, then he moved a bit, the front of his chest was “inadvertently” mischievously spread out, revealing his sexy clavicle and pectoral muscles, and two small spots that looked delicious… Uh, don’t doubt, even Xiao Shou would be interested in Xiao Gong’s little grapes.

The cat’s eyes had particularly good eyesight in the dark, and the beautiful scenery in front of him could be seen at a glance. For Xu Maomao, who was naturally bent, it was really a lively test.

So Xu Maomao, who was once again driving a heavy-tasting human-animal play car in his mind, suffered from insomnia all night…

The scheming man suddenly opened his eyes quietly, and the long and narrow eyes in the night shone brightly. After a while, the owner of the eyes pursed his lips, then he seemingly inadvertently hugged the cat in his arms.

The next day, as if nothing had happened, Shen Yu fed Xu Maomao before driving him back to his original home.

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[1] “A dead duck with a hard mouth.” means the person is stubborn to a fault. Everyone thinks he is wrong, but he doesn’t admit it.

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