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The premiere of “Poisonous Delicacy” was arranged on the night before the official release. The location was extremely lively. Most of the people present were fans of Hong Zhehao and Ji Man. They brought banners and light cards to cheer for their idol’s first movie.

If you looked closely, there are bits of colour interspersed between the neat pink and the neat sky-blue shirts in the audience. They are the fans of Yu Siyang who came to the scene spontaneously.

Unlike the fans of popular idol artists, Yu Siyang’s fans are organized and disciplined. His fans have not yet been organized by official people, so they are scattered everywhere.

But even if there is no one to manage, these people have never liked causing chaos like fans from other homes. These people are cute foodies, chasing Yu Siyang every day asking him to post selfies and pictures of food. The most common thing to do in Yu Siyang’s new fans is to compliment him in a fancy way.

Fans with such a refreshing style made many artists envy.

After all, for the behaviour of their fans, idols pay.

Which artist does not want to have a group of fans who support him but make him feel at ease.

“Xiaoyu, you also have some fans for support.”

Luo Peng took Yu Siyang in the background and they peeped out their heads. Tang Hang stood silently behind the two of them. If you carefully observe his facial expressions, you will find that there was a hint of helplessness on his calm face.

As the oldest person in the small team, he often felt that there is a deep generation gap between himself and the two people who are leaning on the wall.

Yu Siyang doesn’t have many fans, there are only a dozen people, but they are very eye-catching.

Several of them were holding two large colorful light boards together, and the flashing cartoon characters on the light boards read “Yang Yang eat all over the world, and foodies are invincible”.

Specially eye-catching.

Yu Siyang looked embarrassed and even groaned with shame: “How did they write this kind of thing? Aren’t they my fans? How can I eat all over the world? They are pretending to be fans!”

“It’s natural to get black fans.” Luo Peng felt that this sentence was too high-level. It is certainly not an ordinary person who can come up with such a slogan. “When your fans exceed one million, I will ask the company to arrange an organization. The official fan club, the name will be the food group.”

“…” Yu Siyang was speechless for a while, “If the food group is screaming quickly, or bites the tongue, it will still sound like an idiot group.”

Luo Peng: “…” That seems to make sense.

After putting on makeup, Hong Zhehao looked around and found Yu Siyang. He followed them and peeped out from beside them, and asked, “What are you looking at?”

“Nothing, nothing.” Yu Siyang immediately stood up and took Hong Zhehao’s arm. Just want to pull people away.

Never let him see the weird slogans written by his fans, he would definitely laugh at it.

“Hahahaha …” Sure enough, Yu Siyang hadn’t pulled Hong Zhehao away, and Hong Zhehao had already seen the domineering slogan. He immediately laughed without caring about his image and almost rolled on the ground.

Yu Siyang was extremely depressed.

Tang Hang comforted him: “Anyway, you will see more people in the future. Don’t worry about it. From another angle, the fans are also very cute.”

Yu Siyang was not comforted at all, and he was even more depressed-my fans are so Stupid, really good.

The premiere ceremony officially started. One doesn’t know where the marketing company found the host. There was a lot of nonsense. After five minutes of reporting, the fans on the scene were almost impatient, and he finally said, “Please give way for Director Peng Zhigao and the actors of the crew”.

The moment Peng Zhigao took the four actors from the crew onto the stage, the audience burst into cheers and screams.

The bright lights hit the stage, reflecting the dark lines on Yu Siyang’s black suit.

Different from the casual wear of the previous running promotion, Yu Siyang wore a P&H high-end dress today. He had the slender P&H men’s dress physique but it did not make people feel that he is too thin. The lines are outlined with wide shoulders and narrow buttocks. The two legs are simply long enough to go against the sky.

Yu Siyang’s fans were immediately fascinated by the beauty that rushed towards them, and while screaming, they held the light board high, for fear that others would not see it.

Yu Siyang stood beside Hong Zhehao and waved calmly to the auditorium with a gentle smile on his face.

The position on the stage this time is different from the mid-year entertainment festival. In the middle is Peng Zhigao, on the left and right sides are Hong Zhehao and Ji Man, and Yu Siyang is standing next to Hong Zhehao.

In the entertainment industry, positioning is a very important thing. Peng Zhigao can not give Hong Zhehao face, or even refuse to give Mu Zhifeng’s face, but he has to give Hong Zhehao’s new agent some face.

Even though Jing entered the industry later than Wei Xiaofeng. He was indifferent but well-versed. He was called a gold broker with the same amount of fame as Wei Xiaofeng in the industry. Rumour had it that his background is not simple, and the big players in the entertainment industry dared not offend him.

Peng Zhigao has been in the circle for so many years, and with his current status, he is not only good at making movies, but he has also become fluent in the ways of doing things.

As soon as the five people stood on the stage, a new movie poster that had never been made public appeared on the big screen at the rear. Han Shantian and Fei Qin looked at each other sharply across Song Zhao, and Wu Fang looked at Han Shantian with gentle eyes.

The four faces had their own styles, appearing together, their beauty was amazing. The fans who came to the scene were also excited “Ah ah ah ah”.

After this wave of excitement passed, Peng Zhigao began to introduce the general features and plot of the movie, and praised the four actors on stage in turn.

Immediately afterwards, the host interviewed the actors and played some interactive warm-up games. The entire premiere scene was filled with “Ahhhhh” screams, and it was very lively.

When the opening music started, everyone returned to the stage and sat down, waiting for the film to be officially screened.

Yu Siyang found his position. As soon as he sat down, he felt that his left hand was being held by someone. With the dim light reflected on the screen, he saw the person sitting on his left, and he was surprised and whispered: “Mr. Xue.”

Xue Chengxiu shook his hand again, leaning into his ear and said, “Yangyang’s first movie, of course I have to come to join him.”

“Poisonous Delicacy” started with the shot of a man and a woman. In the scene there is a phone call, the camera is staggered, the woman is changing clothes, and the man is making breakfast.

The exquisite clothing and high-end interior decoration show that both men and women are from good backgrounds. The woman put on the latest coats and sat down at the dressing table. When the camera turns, it becomes the Bluetooth headset on the man’s half face and ears.

The woman had outlined her red lips with lipstick and pursed her lips. She was obviously satisfied with herself in the mirror, and said briskly: “Eating together tonight?” The man said with a deep magnetic voice, “You come to my house, I will make it for you.”


As soon as the lens moved, it showed the face of the woman, Song Zhao happily twirling in front of the mirror, take the package to get started, out of the lens.

Immediately afterwards, the camera switched to the kitchen where the man was. The man who had not shown his face put a plate of carefully cooked breakfast on the table, giving the audience a back view. The camera focused on the plate of breakfast, and the heat from the breakfast gradually gathering together, it becomes four big characters-poisonous delicacy.

The scene turned into a lively and noisy street. A group of people gathered around to watch the excitement. Han Shantian stepped aside from the crowd, showed his ID, raised the cordon, and circled the dead on the ground, asking the forensic doctor who came first: “What is the cause of death?”

“It is preliminarily determined to be food poisoning.” The forensic doctor stood up, taking off his gloves and said: “The time of death was probably between 9 and 11 last night. Specifically, I have to wait to go back in order to perform further autopsy.”

Han Shantian nodded and bent over to look at the deceased. Suddenly, he found that the deceased seemed to be holding something in his hand and immediately called someone to collect it.

A Phantom drove by the roadside, and Fei Qin sat in the back seat, in a neat black suit, glancing indifferently out of the car window.

The moment the camera zoomed in, there were bursts of gasps and whispers in the premiere venue.

“Well … so handsome …”

“So handsome, my titanium dog eyes …”

“Abstinence, abstinence.”

“Poisonous Delicacy” was released on September 27. It won the highest box office on the first day and received nearly 40 million box office. The country’s largest public film critic, Broad Bean, also gave it a rating of 7.8 points online, which is a lot higher than the other domestic movies in the same period.

This movie has fresh meat, flowers, delicious food, love, and suspense, plus the original fans, which makes it simmering pot, and it is quite popular among young people nowadays.

However, professional film critics are not as easy to talk to as the audience. What they love to do is provide all kinds of provocations, from the theme of the film to the plot setting to the lens application to the actors’ acting skills to the editing special effects, and even the soundtrack and the acting. They took it out and were very critical, regardless of whether it was a bad movie, it turned into a bad movie in their mouths.

“Poisonous Delicacy” had a high box office, and it put a strong pressure on domestic films of the same period. Even the imported foreign blockbuster also felt it. There are too many people who did not find the movie pleasing to the eye.

Peng Zhigao had warned everyone in advance, and as expected, all the characters in the film were taken out and criticized severely.

For example, Ji Man still had zero acting skills, only pouting and staring, and people wanted to laugh at the crying scene; Hong Zhehao’s acting skills appear and disappear, and he does not show the high IQ required for the role in the play at all; Lin Qing has only performed without any breakthrough in acting skills. And she was playing a silly role.

On the contrary, Yu Siyang was estimated to have just made his debut. There could be no comparison with previous works. There are only a few words of scolding over and over again-the role is abnormal, the three views are problematic, and it misleads young people.

After all, it was his first movie, and Yu Siyang felt terribly uncomfortable when he was scolded from beginning to end.

When he first got the role, he also felt Fei Qin was a pervert.

But people’s mood is so strange, he can feel that the role is abnormal, but when the role he worked hard to deduce was being sworn at and called abnormal, he is not happy too.

“Obviously, it’s not very abnormal.” Yu Siyang was angrily, “and he died very miserably in the end.”

“The film critics are like this. They pick bones in the egg[1]. They praise you in disguise for your good acting skills. You showed the perversion vividly.” Luo Peng comforted, and showed him the phone in his hand, “Look, your fans have exceeded one million, we can form a food troupe.”

Yu Siyang looked at him disorderly: “Brother Luo, are you serious?”

“Of course.” Luo Peng was already calling the company’s fan public relations department.

Yu Siyang silently opened Weibo and saw countless people discussing “Poisonous Delicacy” and his role under his Weibo.

Thinking that his lovely fans will be called “food group” in the future, they will also feel uncomfortable in their hearts-they will definitely be laughed at by other fans.

Then he remembered the Weibo that Peng Zhigao had asked him to post, and immediately found a still picture on his phone and sent it out.

Yu Siyang V: “Thank you for your support of “Poisonous Delicacy”. At 3 o’clock tomorrow afternoon, @HongZhehao and I will be broadcasting live on the live streaming platform. Please stay tuned. Thank you [heart][heart].”

As soon as Yu Siyang posted, Hong Zhehao reposted his Weibo with the text: “The first live broadcast, please take care of me.” Live! broadcast!

The fans of the two couldn’t calm down, and yelled, ” Don’t tomorrow afternoon ah ah ah ah, it is better to do it today, now do it now”.

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[1] Nitpick.

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