TCYEC Ch. 37

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Peng Zhigao led the crew to fight hard for nearly a month. After cursing Mu Zhifeng countless times, “Poisonous Delicacy” finally hurriedly finished editing and production. As soon as the production was completed, it was passed on for inspection, they got the movie approved, and hurriedly slated it to release on the National Day weekend.

Few foreign-language films were released on the National day weekend, but even the release of only domestic films have become a red sea[1]. Various marketing methods were frequently used, all wanting to put the money of the audiences into their box office.

The posters of “Poisonous Delicacy” could be seen on every bus stop, and Yu Siyang felt very embarrassed to see himself everywhere.

——The man who stood sideways and smiles in a perverted manner looks so stupid!

“Why are you covering your face?” Xue Chengxiu laughed at Yu Siyang’s hand, and inadvertently saw the poster on the bus stop, “You look very handsome, what’s the need for this, our family Yangyang is so handsome.”

Yu Siyang was too embarrassed.

His fans complimented him on Weibo every day, and they would confess to him whenever they caught the opportunity, it is too much.

The two had just returned from the law firm, where Xue Chengxiu had led Yu Siyang to see a lawyer, who he entrusted with full authority to deal with the legal accountability of Yu Zhongmin and Yu Fang’s malicious transfer of Yu Zhongguo’s property.

“Send you to Excellence Plaza?” Xue Chengxiu asked.

“Yeah, Director Peng wants me to go to his studio to find him,” Yu Siyang said, “It seems to be a matter for the promotion of the movie.”

“You have to make a movie and also participate in promotion, don’t be too tired.” Xue Chengxiu touched his head, the child was already thin, but now he seemed to be even thinner. He liked a slim figure, but the premise is that he must be healthy and not thin like a bamboo pole, which made him feel distressed.

Yu Siyang shook his head from side to side, avoiding the big hand, and said: “I’m not too tired. I’m not the lead actor. The lead actor is more tired. And filming is also quite interesting.”

“Okay, it’s good if you have a sense of measure.” Xue Chengxiu stopped saying anything.

Yu Siyang was a very thoughtful person. Xue Chengxiu accidentally saw the debt repayment plan and career plan he wrote in his diary. He carefully set out his goals, things to do, and knowledge to learn. It’s funny and distressing.

If he had succeeded in giving the college entrance examination, he would have already been in military training in the university by this time.

Many people of the same age still pretended to be giant babies in the arms of their parents. This child, who was once spoiled by his parents, was already begging for life. His plan also had “University”.

He should feel very sorry for not being able to enter the university smoothly.

“Yangyang, what major do you want to study if you go to university?” Xue Chengxiu tilted his head to look at the delicate profile of the young man, “I will go through the formalities now and you can enroll in October.”

Hearing that he could go to university, Yu Siyang had a moment of joy. After this moment, it was the reality that followed. Even if he could recover some of the transferred assets, he still owed Mr. Xue a debt of tens of millions.

There was also the brokerage contract that had been signed for fifteen years. Even if he is a little naïve who didn’t know anything about the entertainment industry, he knows that he is in a period of rising popularity, and now he has relatively good resources. He would not be allowed to leave everything behind to study.

The company has been relatively kind and didn’t try to squeeze him.

To be a man, he must know what he wants to repay, and those who have helped him, even if he is not capable of temporarily, he always has to pay back.

Moreover, Mr. Xue has helped him a lot.

For a winner in life like Mr. Xue, he doesn’t know how he can repay him.

It’s just that you can’t tell the other party, and you can’t always trouble others.

“When I pay off the money I owe you, I will try my best to get into university.”

The self-confident brilliance in Yu Siyang’s eyes made Xue Chengxiu’s heart hot.

He stretched out his hand to cover his eyes.

Can’t watch it anymore.

“Well, wait for that day, let’s choose a good major together.” Xue Chengxiu said in a low voice.

Yu Siyang’s eyes were dim, and there was a glimmer of light coming in around the big hands that were not tightly held. He blinked without knowing it, and his long, curled eyelashes swept across Xue Chengxiu’s palm, like a feather swept on his heart.

Xue Chengxiu withdrew his hand abruptly and glanced out of the car window pretentiously. The car was already parked in front of the Excellence Plaza office building. He coughed and said, “Yangyang, we are already at the Excellence Plaza.”

“Huh? Oh?! Then I’ll go first.” Yu Siyang recovered, quickly opened the car door, and ran into the office building door as if fleeing.

He hid behind the gate of the office building, secretly stretched out his head to watch Xue Chengxiu’s car drive away, and let out a long sigh.

My face is still a little hot, I’ll go upstairs later.

Why did he feel uncomfortable just now?

It’s strange!

When the heat on his face subsided completely, Yu Siyang went upstairs to Peng Zhigao’s studio.

When he arrived, Luo Peng was already communicating the schedule with Peng Zhigao’s assistant.

Hong Zhehao had also arrived. He was playing with his mobile phone in the lounge. When he saw him come in, he happily patted the sofa and said, “Yu Siyang, come here quickly.” He hadn’t seen him for a while, but Hong Zhehao’s attitude was a bit strange.

“Did you bring anything to eat?” Hong Zhehao asked in a low voice.

Yu Siyang shook his head.

Hong Zhehao looked disappointed.

He is under the control of his manager, and he can’t eat this or that, and his little life is almost gone because of starving.

He wanted to come to Peng Zhigao today to communicate about the movie itinerary and to see Yu Siyang and steal some food from him, but he didn’t even bring any snacks.

This kid loves to bring snacks with him, why not today?

“What happened to you?”

“You don’t know, Jiace arranged for a devil agent to take care of me.” Hong Zhehao shuddered as if thinking of something horrible, and his voice was lowered. “That person is terrifying, and one look can make a person scared to death, it can even cure children crying at night.”

“It’s too exaggerated.” Yu Siyang didn’t believe it, and pushed Hong Zhehao away a bit. This person almost climbed on him when whispering.

“Don’t believe me,” Hong Zhehao vowed: “When you see him later, you will know that I am not exaggerating at all.” When he went to Jiace to report to meet Zhang Zong, his current agent Lian Jing was also there. Mr. Zhang’s office, as soon as he entered, he was frozen in place by Lian Jing’s eyes, and he dared not sit down.

It’s really not even a bit exaggerated, he’s scary.

When the two were muttering, the door of the lounge was pushed, it opened from the outside, and a very handsome and indifferent man walked in.

Hong Zhehao sat down immediately.

“Xiaohao, take a look at the schedule.” The man’s voice was also as cold as ice.

Hong Zhehao took the itinerary over, and he couldn’t be more obedient.

Lian Jing nodded towards Yu Siyang and stretched out his hand, “Hello Yu Siyang, I am Lian Jing, Xiaohao often mentions you to me, thank you for your care for him.”

“Hello, hello, it is actually Hong Zhehao who took care of me often.” Yu Siyang shook Lian Jing’s hand.

It turns out that Hong Zhehao was really not exaggerating. His agent could really stop children crying at night.

As soon as he came in, Yu Siyang felt that the temperature in the room became a few degrees lower, as if the air conditioning effect was built in.

“Oh, you all came so early.”

Ji Man and Lin Qing came in together, Luo Peng followed them, walked to Yu Siyang, and gave him the determined schedule.

When Ji Man saw Lian Jing sitting next to Hong Zhehao, a flash of emotion flashed in her eyes, but she quickly concealed it, and smiled and stretched out her hand to Lian Jing, “Mr. Lian, it’s been a long time.”

“Miss Ji.” Lian Jing shook Ji Man’s hand and left it with a touch of a cold attitude.

Ji Man didn’t care about Lian Jing’s indifference, and chatted with Lian Jing on her own.

Saying it was chatting, it was more like she was talking to herself.

Lian Jing had nothing to say most of the time, even if he said, he just said “um”.

Hong Zhehao’s eyes moved between the two of them, looking at Yu Siyang’s gaze–the two must have gossip together.

Yu Siyang responded with his eyes-hello gossip.

After Peng Zhigao and his assistant had finalized the itinerary of the main actors of the movie, they sent people to the lounge to ask everyone to go to the press conference.

The promotion of the movie was in cooperation with a well-known marketing company in the industry. The original work of “Poisonous Delicacy” had mostly student fans. The marketing company arranged the conference ingeniously in the gymnasium of University of City A.

The press conference started at three o’clock in the afternoon, and the staff went to the scene in the morning to make arrangements. When the actors followed the director, it was almost noon. First, they had their box lunches, then they went to make-up after eating, and then walked through the process on the spot.

Hong Zhehao sat on the small bench, carrying his vegan lunch with a bitter expression on his face, drooling at the chicken legs in the Yu Siyang lunch box.

“You want to eat?” Yu Siyang looked at his vegan lunch sympathetically, and wanted to give him the chicken legs.

“No, no, no…” Hong Zhehao shook his head vigorously, peeking from the corner of his eyes, and whispered to Yu Siyang’s ear, “My agent is at behind me, you can give it to me when he leaves.”

Yu Siyang: “…”

Well, his agent was indeed terrible, but my brother Luo is cuter, and he quickly bit a chicken leg.

“Yu Siyang.” Suddenly, a crisp female voice called him, and then he was patted on the shoulder.

Yu Siyang looked up, and a sweet-looking girl was looking at him smiling.

“It’s really you,” the girl said, “I thought I was wrong.”

She came to the gym with a group of students to help the crew. As soon as she came in, she saw Yu Siyang sitting on a small bench. She hadn’t seen her in nearly a year. He had changed a lot.

Yu Siyang put the lunch aside, stood up, uneasy and didn’t know how to speak.

It was another person who knew him, but he didn’t.

The girl said: “Why, you forgot your old classmates? I am Nie Yixue. We sat at the same table in high school for three years.”

“Sorry.” Yu Siyang smiled.

Nie Yixue remembered that something happened at home before Yu Siyang finished his senior year of high school, and he dropped out of school afterwards. She couldn’t help feeling guilty, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I reminded you of something bad.”

Yu Siyang shook his head: “It’s okay, don’t worry about it.”

“How have you been recently?” Nie Yixue asked.

Hong Zhehao nibbled the cabbage, his ears stood up, and he felt the presence of gossip.

“Very good.” Yu Siyang said.

“Yu Siyang, I’m very happy to see you,” Nie Yixue paused, knowing that she was sprinkling salt on the other’s wound, but still couldn’t help but want to say it, “We made an appointment at that time. Those who took the big exam for University of City A together, I didn’t expect to have good fortune.” Yu Siyang looked at Nie Yixue in amazement. Why did these words sound so resentful? What is the relationship between this girl and the previous boy?

“Hey, what does that girl have to do with you?”

Nie Yixue didn’t get Yu Siyang’s answer, and left disappointed.

Hong Zhehao asked Yu Siyang to sneak out of the gymnasium, found a corner, and ate snacks without forgetting to ask for the gossip.

The city of A is famous for the beautiful scenery and as a university town. Outside the gymnasium is a lush grove. Yu Siyang was a little envious of the students who are strolling or walking in the woods.

“It’s the relationship of high school classmates.” Yu Siyang said: “I don’t even remember her.” Hong Zhehao turned his head and looked Yu Siyang up and down, looking very uncomfortable with Yu Siyang.

“Yu Siyang, you must never say that in the future.” Hong Zhehao said earnestly.


“Sounds like you are a bit of a scumbag.”


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