TBLF Ch. 40

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Ten minutes later, Ji Rang led the two girls into a hairdressing shop called Golden Scissors. The barber originally wanted to say a few words about sales promotion cards and so on. Seeing the fierce boy giving him a look saying “You better shut up”, he could only blow their hair in silence.

After washing her hair and feeling refreshed, Yue Li felt that she had come back to life again, but looking at Ji Rang she kept her face calm. Yue Li was really afraid that he would find her to settle the accounts, and secretly sent a message to Qi Ying: “Yingying, you act like a baby with the boss. Don’t let him get angry with me, I’m so scared of him qaq.”

Qi Ying glanced in the mirror at the teenager who was sitting on the sofa behind them and playing with the mobile phone, nodded firmly, and ran over to sit next to him as soon as he finished blowing his hair.

Ji Rang was still angry that she didn’t pay attention to safety and ran around in the middle of the night. He didn’t know how messy this neighborhood was. In case he wasn’t playing in the internet café near here today, what if an accident had happened?!

The more he thought about it, the madder he felt, and his whole body became full of cold breath.

Qi Ying tugged at the corner of his clothes. Seeing that he ignored her, after thinking about it, she stretched out her finger to poke the corner of his tight lips.

Ji Rang finally reacted and gave her a sideways glance.

She was not afraid of him, she shook his arms with an aggrieved expression at the corner of her mouth. Her freshly washed long hair fell softly around her face, and the air was full of floral fragrance.

This is the first time Ji Rang had seen her with open hair.

The little girl with a ponytail used to be cute and well-behaved, like a sweet strawberry candy. After the hair was draped down, the small facial features were modified and looked more delicate, and the eyebrows were beautiful like budding roses, just waiting to bloom.

Ji Rang was impetuous, and suddenly got up to find a rubber band in the box in front of the counter, knelt down behind her, and said fiercely: “Tie up your hair!”

Qi Ying obeyed and didn’t move, letting him tie her hair.

Originally he thought it was a very simple matter, but he knew how difficult it was once he got started, and he was afraid of hurting her, so he couldn’t tie it up after a long time. The barber looked at him, and couldn’t help saying: “I just blew her hair, and she looked good.”

I don’t want to show it to other people because it looks good!

It took a long time to loosely tie a ponytail, and the top of her head became messy, like a bird nest. Ji Rang turned a blind eye, raised his hand and touched it twice: “This is great.”

Qi Ying tilted her head to look at herself in the mirror, and silently responded.

When sending the two home, Ji Rang glanced at Yue Li’s legs that were already able to walk normally, and asked in a cold tone, “Is the injury healed? Can you go back to school tomorrow?”

Yue Li: “…Yes.”

So Qi Ying no longer had to spend the night at her house from the next day.

Yue Li: Why do I feel like a bad student and a bad tablemate that was rejected by the other’s parent?

The weather had quietly entered winter.

It rarely snowed in Haicheng. In winter, the air is damp and cold. It is not enough to wear sweaters over the school uniforms. But there was a need to wear down jackets. But school uniforms must be worn, so you can only put on the down jacket over the school uniform.

So the entire Haiyi student body looked like bloated penguins.

Some girls didn’t wear down jackets in order to look slim. They only wore a turtleneck sweater over their school uniforms, and then they are taught to be human[1] by the weather.

In the winter, a lot of people will fall ill for this reason.

Qi Ying wore a lot of clothes. She is afraid of the cold, so she will add clothes without Wu Yinghua reminding her. Holding her tender yellow cup for drinking hot water every day, she kept her palms warm.

When she went to the water boiling room to get hot water after class, the two students next to her who looked like seniors were frowning, and their heads were close together.

Qi Ying accidentally heard Ji Rang’s name.

She deliberately slowed down, pretending to wash the cup with hot water, and listened to them saying:

——This kind of thing can only be settled by asking brother Ji.

——Brother Ji has quit. How long have you not heard of him fighting? He is now a good student.

——What should I do?

——I think we have to find Brother Zhuo.

——Brother Zhuo? Class seven?

——Yes, Brother Ji’s heir, the new school tyrant, who has the style of Brother Ji.

——But he is a freshman…

——What does it matter if he is in the first year of high school? Didn’t Brother Ji sit on the throne of the school even before his freshman year? Look around, let’s find Brother Zhuo before class.

Qi Ying: Huh???

Is her brother so good now?

Brother Zhuo?

This morning, this brother Zhuo was hit by his mother on the sofa because he didn’t want to wear a down jacket.

Listening to what the two boys said, it seemed to be something difficult to deal with. Yu Zhuo wouldn’t be thinking about fighting again? He had invited his parents to school twice this semester, and he almost gave high blood pressure to his uncle. When he came to the house again, she was afraid that he will have to jump around again. As the end term is approaching, now you shouldn’t have anything wrong.

Qi Ying walked back to the classroom anxiously holding a cup of water. After thinking about it, she still felt uneasy. After school, she ran to Class 9 with her schoolbag.

Ji Rang was still in his seat lowering his head and copying notes. Qu Dazhuang was fighting with a few people in the back row. He turned his head to see Qi Ying and yelled excitedly: “Brother Ji, your little fairy came to pick you up from school!”

Ji Rang picked up the empty water bottle at the corner of the table and smashed it over, “You fucking loud speaker, why are you yelling.” After smashing, he stuffed the textbook into the school bag, carried the school bag and walked to the door, rubbing Qi Ying’s head: “Why didn’t you wait for me in your classroom?”

Qu Dazhuang: “…”

Brother Ji has changed, he has really changed, he was not like this before, he used to be very good to him, who was it that robbed him of his favor!


Qi Ying wrinkled her small face, with a vague anxiety under her eyes, typing on her mobile phone to show him: Yu Zhuo seems to be fighting.

Ji Rang sneered: “Didn’t he fight twice in three days?”

Qi Ying: This time is different, I am a little worried.

Ji Rang frowned, put his schoolbag on his shoulders, and took the bag in her arms, “Let’s go and see.” He turned his head and shouted Qu Dazhuang: “Go and find out who Yu Zhuo is fighting with.”

Qu Dazhuang: “I won’t! You only think of people when you need them, or else how do you treat them!”

Ji Rang turned to find something.

It seemed he was looking for something to smash people.

The nearest thing to his hand was a chair.

Qu Dazhuang closed his mouth and quickly slipped away.

Ji Rang led Qi Ying downstairs. As soon as he came out of the teaching building, the cold wind blew past. Qi Ying couldn’t open her eyes because of the blowing wind, and her long black eyelashes trembled slightly.

Ji Rang reached out and put the hat on her down jacket over her head. The hat also had two rabbit ears hanging down softly, too cute.

He couldn’t help laughing: “Little rabbit is good.”

Qi Ying was still anxious, seeing him still smiling, gave him an angry look.

Ji Rang’s expression was constricted, he retracted his hand, and took his cell phone to call Qu Dazhuang: “Did you fucking inquire? Will you tell me when I grow old?”

“Inquired, in West Tower Lane. He is fighting Brother Cao Rang, it’s terrible. He seems to be from the technical school. How fierce that group of people is. We carry a stick at best. Their group uses knives. Doesn’t Yu Zhuo want to live anymore? “

Ji Rang frowned and glanced at Qi Ying beside him: “I know, I’ll go there first.”

After hanging up the phone, he touched her head and said in a relaxed tone: “You go home first, I will go to him now. Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

Qi Ying looked at him for a long time, pursing her lips and nodding.

Ji Rang smiled, handed her the schoolbag, and strode away. She stood there for a while, and when he walked a little further, she followed with a serious face.

West Tower Lane had always been the first place for such appointments.

The alleys extended in all directions, there are few people and wide roads, and the location is remote. It is easy to fight, not to mention, to escape.

At this time, the alley was full of people, all unscrupulous teenagers who were not easy to provoke. The bully of the technical school Moxie had a shaved head and had dyed it red. He squatted on the wooden box against the wall, with a cigarette in his mouth, and squinted at the group of teenagers in school uniforms.

After watching for a long time, he sneered and laughed: “You have all come down to this level now? Can’t even find a good group of people?”

He put his cigarette butt in the crack of the wooden box and spit out the last smoke ring: “What about Ji Rang? Why did the school bully dare not show up and let a group of young boys come and die?” He spit on the ground, “What am I? I was expecting a terrific character, it turned out to be just a fool.”

The two boys who were muttering in the boiling water room this morning summoned the courage and shouted, “We don’t need to let Brother Ji come forward!” Turning their heads, they angrily said to the teenager who was wearing a black sweater and carrying a schoolbag next to him, “Brother Zhuo! That’s him! He is collecting back door protection money from our school’s students!”

Then Moxi smiled dryly: “Oh, this is your boss? So tender? Have you finished your homework?”

Yu Zhuo also smiled and taunted him: “Grandson, don’t just talk, let your grandpa see that you can withstand a few beatings.”

Moxie’s face changed, and he jumped up from the wooden box: “You’re fucking crazy.”

Yu Zhuo: “Grandpa will teach you this shameless offspring, it is justified, not crazy.”

No. 1 Middle School Students: “…”

Technical school students: “…”

Are you the fucking king of speaking?

Moxie was so angry that he wanted to kill, and he said viciously: “Brothers, let these little boys who don’t know the height of the world see blood today.”

The group of technical school students behind him took out weapons, sticks and knives from their clothes.

Yang Xinyuan began to feel afraid, pulling at the corners of Yu Zhuo’s clothes, he whispered: “I feel like we can’t beat them! How about running? They have knives!”

Yu Zhuo threw his schoolbag to the ground, took out a brick from it, and said cruelly: “Run a shit! I will teach him to be a man today!”

Yang Xinyuan swallowed, “Then… Then I’ll call the police first, and let the police uncle come to rescue us later.”

Yu Zhuo: “…” He was silent for a moment: “Then you hurry up.”

Yang Xinyuan took the mobile phone and backed away. He stepped back to the very end and was about to secretly call 110 when he suddenly saw a person walking around the corner.

He was striding forward, carrying a wooden stick in his hand, with no expression on his face, but his whole body is aggressive. Seeing Yang Xinyuan, he paused and asked in a cold voice, “What are you doing?”

Yang Xinyuan trembled: “Ji… Brother Ji, calling the police…”

Ji Rang: “Don’t be absurd, hang up!”

When the words fell, he carried a stick and went straight forward. When the group of middle school students saw him coming, they became excited: “Brother!”

“Brother’s here!”

“Fuck fear! Brother Ji is here, he will fight with them!”

The crowd suddenly became excited, and Yu Zhuo, who was holding the brick, looked back, and dissatisfied with the approaching Ji Rang, said: “What are you doing here?”

Ji Rang couldn’t wait to beat him with a stick first, then kick him back: “You fucking go back for Laozi!” Yu Zhuo was about to get angry, Ji Rang said again: “Do you know how worried your sister is about you? ?”

He subsided because of his sister.

He lingered for a while, but did not speak.

After teaching a lesson to the boy, he turned his eyes towards Moxie.

He was also wearing a school uniform, with a schoolbag hanging on his shoulders, and a loose collar, no different from the little boys behind. But in that moment, he looked inexplicably scary, the whole body unstoppable, and the eyes were cold, and he smiled gloomily at them: “Fight, right?”

The bad boys in the technical school instantly remembered the labels of Haiyi Schoolmaster.

Violent, insidious, cruel, and rich.

Moxie could not help but start to wonder from his gloomy smile that he wouldn’t bury the soldiers around here, right?

As he was thinking, a group of teenagers rushed over at the corner and quickly rushed to Ji Rang, headed by Qu Dazhuang.

Qu Dazhuang was tall and strong, holding a fruit knife glowing with cold light in his hand. He looked very desperate, as he scolded and asked: “Who the hell is collecting the protection money from our school students? Get out for me!”

Just now, he said that he would let them see some bloody Moxi.

He had long heard that Haiyi’s Ji Rang was not easy to provoke. He had heard that even if he killed someone, his rich and powerful father could save him from going to prison.

He didn’t dare to provoke him before, but he recently heard that Ji Rang abandoned evil and was doing good, not only does he not fight anymore, but has also started studying. So, Moxie dared to attack Haiyi’s students and collected two days of protection fees.

This is what the fuck is called abandoning evil and being good?

The rumors are really killing people!

Moxie smiled in a friendly manner towards Ji Rang, “Brother, it’s all a misunderstanding.”

Ji Rang took a wooden stick and hit on him: “Don’t fucking call me a brother, you are not qualified.” He turned around and asked the two boys, “How much protection did he charge you?”

“Three thousand and eight!”

Ji Rang smiled and looked back at Moxie: “It looks like bullying to me.”

Moxie knew he talking was no good now, and asked in a cold voice, “What do you want? Don’t think I am really afraid of you.”

Ji Rang took a stick and patted his palm, tilting his head to think seriously: “Ten times, how about a loss of thirty thousand eighty?”

Moxi went furiously: “You fucking robber!”

Ji Rang: “Yes, I’m robbing, isn’t it obvious?” He was still smiling, but his tone was gloomy, “You blackmail these people for three thousand and eight, I can make you stay in jail for ten years, believe it or not?”

The legends surrounding him are unbelievable.

They are all still students, although they usually call out about killing people, who can really say that they are not afraid of going to jail.

As soon as these words came out, Moxie was immediately embarrassed.

He simply regretted that he shouldn’t have been so arrogant.

After a long time, he gritted his teeth and said, “Okay! This time the matter is completely cancelled, and the water in the well will not offend the river[2] from now on!”

Ji Rang smiled very gently: “Yes, Alipay or WeChat?”

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[1] Taught a lesson.

[2] The small people will not offend the big people.

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