LGHIHW Ch. 40: Arc 1.36

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The next morning, Lin Yayan was sent back to the Lin family, along with a surveillance video. The footage of her trying to assassinate the head of the R&D department of Haiming Group with a knife was so clear and obvious that Father Lin and Mother Lin couldn’t deny it even if they wanted to.

“I will not have any form of cooperation with the Lin family in the future.” Xuan Ming’s warning call came shortly afterwards.

“Nephew, our Yayan was joking…” Xuan Ming hung up before Father Lin could finish his words.

Mother Lin asked anxiously, “How about it? He won’t call the police, right?”

“Probably not.” Father Lin shook his head worriedly.

While the two were talking, Lin Yayan slowly woke up. First she looked at her parents in confusion, and then she remembered everything that happened in the laboratory. She suddenly sat up and was about to ask something, but she was shocked to find that her long black and thick hair was gone, and she raised her hand to touch her head, which was completely bare.

“Where’s my hair? What did you do to my hair?” She grabbed her father’s shoulders and shook him. It took her a long time to figure out the cause and effect.

“He’s showing mercy by not sending you to the police station! Let me ask you, why did you go and try to kill someone? Are you stupid? Don’t you know how to find a killer?” Father Lin who could say such a thing was obviously also not a good bird.

Lin Yayan kept stroking her head and spat out two names filled with resentment from between her teeth that were about to be broken: “Xuan Ming, Zhuang Li, just wait for me!”

“Stop nagging about others, they don’t like you at all.” Father Lin said angrily: “Xuan Ming just called and said that he would sever all cooperation with the Lin family. Once his investment is withdrawn, our family may have to face bankruptcy. I see that all your previous boyfriends are very good, so quickly choose the one with the strongest financial strength to marry. Isn’t that Duke of Country Y chasing you very closely? You should call him now to contact him.”

“Hmph,” Father Lin said with great hatred: “No matter how powerful the Xuan family is, can it be stronger than the Duke of Country Y? At worst, our whole family will immigrate to Country Y and become nobles!”

Lin Yayan also wanted to stabilize those powerful spare tires, so she took out her mobile phone to make a call. However, as soon as she turned on the phone, countless missed calls and unread messages popped up, making her phone buzz uncontrollably.

Father Lin smiled with satisfaction: “You have only been out of contact for a few hours, and these people are already eager to inquire about the news. It seems that my daughter is more charming than even what I thought.”

Mother Lin urgently urged, “Send them a message quickly. You have to continue to hang on to them until the situation is clear. Don’t make any unpleasantness happen. Our family will have to rely on their help in the future.”

Regarding their daughter’s overwhelming scandal, the couple was not ashamed but proud. This showed that they were a destined family with Lin Yayan, who was reincarnated halfway.

Lin Yayan nodded and opened the message. After reading the few messages, her face turned pale.

She saw the Duke of Country Y who was most obsessed with her write in a tone of deep disgust: [Woman, when you were with me, you also had sex with my brother, and then got involved with my sister’s husband! You played with our family’s emotions! If you dare to leave China, I promise to let you taste the feeling of being incapable of doing anything!]

In the end, he still failed to abide by the gentlemanly demeanor of the nobles of country Y and sent a brief national curse: [F**k, bi**h!]

Lin Yayan didn’t want her parents to see these messages, so she was about to cut them off quickly when her phone began to vibrate crazily. This time there were text messages in Chinese, from several different men: [Lin Yayan, you’re damn dead!]

[Lin Yayan, you were playing with me! You even seduced my dad when you were with me! Why are you so disgusting? Just wait, if I don’t peel off a layer of your skin, my surname will not be Jiang!]

[Lin Yayan, we are finished.]

The men who were madly in love with her had now become sober. Some people just sighed after having a big dream, some people left silently with heartbreak, but more people were full of unwillingness, resentment and crazy desire for revenge. How could they be willing to be toyed with when they could climb to the top of the pyramid?

In fact, as early as the beginning, Lin Yayan’s strategy was the most dangerous. It was impossible for her to know so many outstanding men at the same time, and she had to make friends, win over, and please them one by one. So inevitably, she hooked up with another man through this man; and then hooked up with another man through another man…

They were her slaves and her stepping stones, helping her climb higher step by step.

But now, these stepping stones had woken up, withdrawn, and the plan had backfired. Lin Yayan who climbed to a high place would now naturally fall to pieces. If you place your destiny on others, you will have to suffer the consequences.

Breakup text messages appeared on her phone screen one after another. Those words full of viciousness and resentment were far more frightening than Xuan Ming’s warning call. If these people got together to take revenge on her, the Lin family would be wiped out without Xuan Ming doing anything.

Lin Yayan wanted to turn off her phone, but her fingertips were shaking.

Father Lin and Mother Lin urged with pale faces: “Is there any misunderstanding here? Please call them quickly and explain to them!”

Explain? How to explain? In fact, Lin Yayan, the sea king, didn’t hide anything from anyone when she was playing around outside. She always thought that with the system in place, she would never fall over. So what if these people knew each other? Could they live without her?

But now, not only were they preparing to leave her, they were also madly cursing her, hating her, and taking revenge on her. This was wrong! This was very wrong! There must be something wrong!

“System, why did my heartthrob aura fail?” Lin Yayan asked anxiously.

There was a mess of noise in her mind, but the only thing missing was 169’s reply.

“System, system? Why don’t you speak?” Lin Yayan shouted anxiously.

The noise in her head intensified, but there was still no movement from 169.

“System, don’t scare me! What are you talking about! System?” Lin Yayan jumped out of bed, ran into the bathroom, shouted crazily at herself in the mirror, and dug at her scalp with both hands, trying to pull out the system.

The noise in her head caused tinnitus and gave her a splitting headache, but 169 never responded with even a word. It seemed to have disappeared, and it seemed to have never existed.

Lin Yayan cried bitterly and beat on the mirror with her fists. She not only shouted about the system in her head, but also kept shouting with her lips. Without her greatest support, she could not leave this world. If she could not leave this world, she would have to bear the revenge of those men.

Being hunted, kidnapped, disfigured… Various horrific scenes appeared in her mind, making her cry even louder.

Father Lin and Mother Lin thought she couldn’t stand the stimulation and went crazy, so they quickly asked the bodyguards to catch her and take her to the hospital to be sedated.

Not long after, photos of the Lin family daughter with a naked head being carried into a car by a group of big men were spread on the Internet. The men who once spoke out to clear her name had all deleted their Weibo or Instagram. Some people couldn’t hold it back and even sent several very vicious curses.

Not only were netizens not sympathetic, they even commented gloatingly: [Oh, Neptune finally overturned!]


At the same time, Qiao Yanan was also admiring Lin Yayan’s ugly photos and guessed: “System, do you think she is a missionary?”

248 shook his head: “I don’t think it’s possible. If she was really a missionary, just a few scandals won’t drive her crazy. You see, she even shaved off her hair, she is really completely crazy.”

“If she wasn’t doing a mission, why were those men so obsessed with her? I suspect she used props.”

“The props will not expire, so I am sure that she is not a missionary.” 248 opened the relevant web page and said: “Look, the men who were confused by her have now woken up, and they should have seen her true face.”

“If she is not the missionary, then who are the other two missionaries? Forget it,” Qiao Yanan didn’t want to waste time thinking, so waving her hands, she said: “No matter who they are, we can find them as long as we lurk around Xuan Ming. System, I want to buy an energy shield and a particle gun.”

“900,000 points, thank you.”

“So expensive?!”

“You should know how high-tech they are. Forget it if you don’t want to buy them. Just wait for other missionaries to come to your door.”

“I’ll buy it, I’ll buy it! Credit first!”

“10% interest.”


Qiao Yanan reluctantly signed the loan contract and got two high-end props. She played with them for a while, but she didn’t know what she thought of, and her expression turned extremely gloomy: “System, have you been spying on Zhuang Li recently?”

“I would hack into his computer every day and check what he was doing.”

“Then does he have any new research results?” Qiao Yanan rolled her eyes and smiled happily: “System, you steal all his scientific research results and papers and sell them to the United States. How much did Xuan Ming invest in him? One billion US dollars, if all this money is wasted, I would like to see what Xuan Ming’s expression is like and whether he will still regard him as a treasure.”

In order to defeat her opponents, Qiao Yanan had never hesitated to use any means. She never thought about whether doing so would shake Haiming’s foundation, lead to Xuan Ming’s bankruptcy, or harm the national interests. As long as she could complete her mission, nothing was unsacrificable in her eyes.

248 also did not consider the future of this country. It easily invaded Zhuang Li’s computer and ran into the laboratory’s database. It regretted: “I checked just now. He has been researching nanotechnology recently, but the progress is very slow. Although his scientific research results are among the top in China, they are still far behind those in the United States. Stealing and selling these materials will not be of much use.”

“What about selling it to domestic peers? In that case, Xuan Ming’s investment will be in vain, right?” Qiao Yanan asked unwillingly.

“It cannot be sold to domestic peers. These scientific research results of his were developed in cooperation with the EG Research Institute. The EG Research Institute is affiliated with the state and is linked to the military. Anyone who dares to buy their technology will be severely punished by law. In this case, we will not achieve the goal of destroying Zhuang Li at all but will provoke the investigation of the state machinery.” 248 rejected this proposal.

“Damn it, when did Zhuang Li get in touch with the government and the army?” Qiao Yanan showed an angry expression.

“He is a super genius. He can get in touch with anyone he wants, and he doesn’t have to rely on the system at all.” 248 said connotatively.

Qiao Yanan was so angry that she couldn’t speak for a long time. She barely suppressed her anger before ordering: “Anyway, I don’t care, you must steal his papers and scientific research results! It’s okay not to sell them, just publish them online for free for everyone to read! If secrets are no longer secrets, all his research results will be useless, and so will he as a person.”

248’s eyes lit up and he immediately praised: “Host, I have to admit that although your IQ is very low but your talent for conspiracy is very high. You are very good at destroying a person. I will download Zhuang Li’s research data right away and then publish them to the world.”

In this way, Xuan Ming’s billions of investments would be wasted, as would the huge funds invested by the state and even some of the top-secret technologies would be shared. In the end, it was the United States and the old capitalist countries in Europe that would be benefited. In this rapidly changing world, the backwardness of one technology may lead to the overall backwardness of national strength.

Qiao Yanan and 248 had no idea how much of a blow they would strike to this country. Of course, even if they knew, they wouldn’t care.

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