TBLF Ch. 39

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It’s impossible, it’s impossible in this life.

Every time he sees her in the future, he will think of this crystal clear snot bubble. 

God, what kind of deity did she offend, that she always made a fool of herself in front of her crush?!

Yue Li asked with a look of indifference: “Teacher, can you get me some tissues?”

Shen Yue finally couldn’t hold back, he burst out laughing. He smiled and turned around and took the tissue to her. Yue Li gave up on rescuing her image, covered her nose with paper and blew her nose loudly.

Qi Ying and Ji Rang had been waiting by the side. Seeing that she still has energy, they secretly squinted their eyes at Yue Li. Knowing that the problem is not big, they finally felt relieved.

After the doctor bandaged Yue Li, he prescribed a change of medicine and gauze for Yue Li, explaining that she had better not walk around for the past two days and to stay flat, to let the wound heal as soon as possible.

Shen Yue called Liu Qinghua, the teacher of Class 2, to explain the situation, and asked for two days off for Yue Li, and then leaned over to pick her up, “I will take you home first.”

Yue Li was a bit shy at once, afraid to look at him, stammered, “Thank you…Thank you, Teacher Shen.”

The man’s body temperature enveloped her.

He was princess carrying her.

The secret love which had just died because of snot bubbles started to sprout again.

Shen Yue hugged her in his arms and turned to Qi Ying and said, “Does Qi Ying have time? Can you accompany the teacher to take her home?”

Qi Ying nodded.

Ji Rang followed them all the way to the parking lot. He couldn’t follow, Qi Ying waved at him through the car window.

Yue Li looked at her gauze-wrapped knees and sighed sadly: “Am I not allowed to wear skirts anymore?”

Shen Yue comforted her as he drove: “Don’t worry, now that medicine is so advanced, it is easy to remove scars. No matter how bad, when you grow up, you can go to beauty treatment, and you will definitely not have scars.

Yue Li thought for a while: “In fact, having a scar is nothing, it’s just a badge of glory.”

Shen Yue thought this little girl is really optimistic.

When they arrived at Yue Li’s house, Mother Yue was also there. When she saw that her daughter had been carried back, she didn’t think what had happened and was so frightened that Shen Yue had to quickly explain.

Mother Yue’s soul finally returned, she patted her chest in relief and thanked Shen Yue. She then led them towards Yue Li’s bedroom.

Yue Li, who was still shy in Shen Yue’s arms, suddenly thought of something and shouted: “Wait! I…I… just put me on the sofa! I want to watch TV!”

The doghouse with socks flying all over the place cannot be seen by people!

Shen Yue probably also felt that it was not good to enter the little girl’s room, so he put her on the sofa. After giving a few instructions about changing the dressing, he turned and left.

He went back to school as the sport meet was still underway, Qi Ying simply stayed with her.

Yue Li had already told her mother that her new tablemate was gentle and well-behaved, and she was a martyr’s daughter. When she saw Qi Ying, Mother Yue liked her so much, she brought a fruit plate out, and went downstairs to buy some snacks like potato chips and coke for her to eat.

The two little girls watched idol drama all afternoon eating snacks at home.

Qi Ying ate dinner at Yue Li’s house before leaving. Mother Yue was worried about her going lone and insisted on sending her home. When they walked downstairs to the outside of the community, they saw a tall and thin boy sitting on a domineering motorcycle at the door, with one leg balanced on the ground, playing with a mobile phone.

Ji Rang looked like a typical bad boy.

The eyebrows are too wild, sharp, beautiful and indifferent.

Mother Yue was confused as she had never seen this person near here before.

Ji Rang looked up at random and saw Qi Ying come out, and as soon as he put his mobile phone away, he jumped off the motorcycle and walked in front of her.

Mother Yue stretched out her hand to protect Qi Ying by her side, and looked at him warily.

Ji Rang had become accustomed to being looked at with this kind of gaze. After approaching, he tried his best to speak calmly: “Hello Auntie, I will see her home.”

Mother Yue was a little surprised, turned her head to look at Qi Ying, and saw that she was pursing her lips and smiling obediently at the young man.

What’s the situation?

Puppy love?!

Children now…students now…ah, it’s so disappointing!

Ji Rang knew what she was thinking when he looked at Mother Yue’s expression and eyes. It doesn’t matter how he is misunderstood by others, but Qi Ying can’t.

He coughed and said nonchalantly: “I am her brother.”

Mother Yue: “Are you her natural brother?”

Ji Rang: “… I’m as good as a natural brother.” He decided to pretend to be Yu Zhuo, “I am her uncle’s son.”

Mother Yue: “Isn’t her uncle’s son younger than her?”

Why did Yue Li tell her mother everything!

Ji Rang forced a smile: “She has two uncles. I am the son of her other uncle.”

Mother-in-law suddenly realized that there was no need to doubt about him, and her eyes softened instantly, “I troubled your sister today. I also wanted to send her home. Since you are here to pick up your sister, I won’t have to make an extra trip. Be careful on the road.”

She glanced at Ji Rang’s motorcycle and said, “This kind of vehicle is not safe. It is better to ride less in the future.”

Ji Rang: “In a hurry today, I won’t do it anymore. I had been riding a shared bicycle before.”

Mother Yue nodded in satisfaction and waved to the two children.

Ji Rang led Qi Ying to the side of the motorcycle, took out a pink helmet from the back seat, and put it on her head. Qi Ying remembered the big and heavy black helmet the last time, not knowing when he secretly prepared this for her.

She squinted and smiled.

Ji Rang saw that Mother Yue had already turned back, and immediately exposed his nature, deliberately and violently said, “Little fool, what are you laughing about.”

Qi Ying smiled more happily.

It’s funny to see him pretending to be someone’s brother.

Ji Rang couldn’t hold it back either, and the corners of his lips were bent, and he bent over to fasten the helmet for her. “I found Teacher Shen and asked for the address. The place where your table mate lives is pretty hard to find.”

He didn’t tell her, but he actually came here very early. Worrying about her leaving early, he had been waiting downstairs for hours.

He fastened it and tapped on her helmet: “Okay, get in the car, brother will take you home.”

This is her second time on the motorcycle. The motorcycle drove more steadily than the last time. She hugged his waist obediently, without moving or touching, Ji Rang looked down at the slender fingers around his waist and abdomen. Although there was a layer of clothing, he still seemed to be able to feel the temperature of her fingertips.

He drove to Qi Ying’s house in a familiar manner, and Ji Rang stopped on the Haitang Road outside the community.

He didn’t want the misunderstanding of Mother Yue to happen again. He jumped off the motorcycle and took off the pink helmet from Qi Ying’s head. He reached out and stroked her curled up hair, “Go home.”

Qi Ying pulled the corner of his clothes, motioned to wait, then opened his little yellow duck bag and searched for something.

Ji Rang laughed: “What do you want to give me? Is it a small flag again?”

She took a folded piece of paper from the small bag full of candies, smiled and passed it to him.

Ji Rang took it curiously and opened it.

It is a piece of A4 paper, painted with watercolor brushes into the shape of the certificate, and in the middle is a line of graceful black handwriting: Certificate for Ji Rang.

——In view of Ji Rang’s outstanding performance in the Autumn Games and winning the first prize, this certificate is presented here. With this certificate, he can redeem a small wish from Qi Ying.

The year, month and day are written on the back, and the presenter: Qi Ying.

A small red handprint was also stamped in place of the signature.

This was made at Yue Li’s this afternoon.

She thought that the general probably didn’t like the prizes, as he looked unhappy when he received the prizes. Thus she made him a certificate by which he can choose as he pleased!

Ji Rang looked down at the certificate for a while.

Those handwritten words and painted colors all ran into his heart as if they had legs, and then covered his heart in silk, wrapped up in circles and melted into his flesh and blood.

After a long time, he raised his head and smiled at her: “Any wish?”

Qi Ying thought about it seriously, and felt that she couldn’t just give an unlimited promise, what if he asked for a villa for himself? So she stretched out the thumb and index finger of the right hand, pinched together meaning: only small wishes.

Ji Rang was amused by her actions, and reached out to touch her head: “Okay, little wishes, I know.” He folded the certificate, put the precious piece of paper in the innermost pocket of his bag, and whispered: ” Little fool, go home.”

Qi Ying waved to him, turned and walked home.

Ji Rang stood there and looked at her back.

She walked among the autumn leaves flying in the sky, the only touch of warmth in this cool season.

After the autumn sports meet, the school resumed normal classes. The next upcoming exam is the final exam of this semester. This is related to whether you can get red envelopes during the Chinese New Year and spend a pleasant winter vacation. Even the playful students have to study for them carefully.

Yue Li’s knee injury didn’t heal by then, and she couldn’t walk, so she took a vacation for nearly a week. She was originally a person who worked hard and couldn’t keep up with the progress of her studies. Qi Ying was worried that her homework would be missed, so she went to her home every day to give her tutoring after school.

But her home is in the opposite direction from Yue Li’s house, one in the east of the city and the other in the west. It is not convenient to run back and forth, and she can’t bother her mother to send her back every day, so Yue Li proposed Qi Ying to live in her house temporarily that week.

She also wanted Qi Ying to be here with her. After all, she was bored to death because she couldn’t get out of bed or go out every day.

Mother Yue talked with her uncle Yu Cheng. Yu Cheng felt that letting Qi Ying play with her classmates would help her recover. After explaining her health issues, he agreed.

The two little girls slept in the same bed every day, turned off the lights in the middle of the night and whispered hidden in the quilt. Qi Ying is a very good listener, and Yue Li is a babbler, so they were very complementary to each other.

Life was very leisurely; the only problem is…

Mother Yue forbid them to wash their hair.

Mother Yue is the kind of middle-aged women who often watched the health channel. She saw somewhere that frequent shampooing was not only bad for the scalp but also makes it easy to get cancer. Since Yue Li entered Junior High School, she has strictly controlled this aspect.

Only allowed them to wash their hair once a week.

Yue Li was tortured crazy by this family rule.

It’s impossible to wash only once a week, is she shameless? She could only save her pocket money and wash it secretly outside. After all, washing their hair outside is expensive, it costs twenty yuan!

Qi Ying was also surprised about it the first night she came to stay at Yue Li’s house, why did her mother ask her when she last washed her hair when she was blowing her hair after a shower.

After she learned that it was two days ago, why did her eyes look so weird.

From that day on, before Qi Ying took a bath every night, Mother Yue would specifically come and say: “Yingying, don’t wash your hair, it’s not good for your health, you must learn to maintain your health at a young age, or it will be too late when you are old.”

Qi Ying is a good girl who respects her elders and can only agree.

So the two hadn’t washed their hair for four days.

In the middle of the night, the two were lying on the bed and chatting. Yue Li scratched her head and couldn’t help it: “Yingying, do you want to wash your hair?”

Qi Ying’s eyes lit up and nodded fervently.

Yue Li’s knees had recovered a lot, and she can start walking. She got up from the bed and put on her clothes softly: “My head is almost itchy! My mother goes to bed early for health care and in the morning she walks around. She shouldn’t know if we keep quiet.”

The two of them got dressed, did not dare to turn on the lights and put on their shoes, and sneaked out the door with their bare feet, carrying their shoes.

Yue Li, who had been lying in bed for several days, finally breathed fresh air, and the two went straight to the shampoo shop.

But at this time, many stores were closed. The two of them walked along the road and finally found a store that was still open in the downtown area.

Just about to cross the road, a speeding motorcycle stopped seeing them.

Ji Rang was stunned at the two girls walking on the street in the middle of the night.

It was coincidental that he saw them. He had just left the internet café where he was playing games with his former junior high school buddies and was about to go home.

The surroundings were noisy, many people off the night shift were eating supper nearby, and there were bastards also loitering around, Ji Rang was so mad at them.

He got off his motorcycle aggressively and came over, shouting at Yue Li: “What are you two doing here in the middle of the night?!”

Yue Li was trembling due to the yell from the boss, and said tremblingly: “You may not believe it, we just want to wash our hair.”

Ji Rang: “???”

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