DLW Ch. 104: Extra 6

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Before Feng Weiming and Mu Yixi got together, he knew that Mu Yixi was very good at attracting bees and butterflies.

This was not surprising. In fact, both of them were very popular. Their family background was outstanding, and even the pickiest people couldn’t pick out anything bad in their personality, with outstanding temperament, proper wisdom, while being tall, handsome and rich, they were both excellent husband candidates.

However, Feng Weiming put a lot of pressure on people. He was white and delicate, more beautiful than a woman, with a cold temperament, like a high-ranking prince, which made people feel that he could not be grasped. His admirers only dared to admire him secretly but dared not touch him or talk to him.

Relatively speaking, Mu Yixi was much more approachable. His appearance was not that aggressive, his gentleness and consideration seemed to be at his fingertips, and he chuckled and whispered easily, immediately attracting countless mad bees and butterflies. However, he had superb skills, comforting left and right, and had thus trained his admirers to be submissive. He dared not make mistakes and people still thought that he was a very good person. And because Mu Yixi had never been with anyone, everyone always had a little hope for him in their hearts, and they refused to extinguish it. The president of the junior high school student union who was popular in Ya’an back then was still very charismatic. Those who followed him to the high school, even if they had a new student union president, still only recognized him as the only one, which showed his power.

Later, Feng Weiming and Mu Yixi got together, but the relationship was not acceptable to outsiders. Mu Yixi was thus still entangled by many men and women. But with the previous behavior pattern, they did not go too far. At the same time, Mu Yixi was also a good-natured person, although Feng Weiming behaved “I will not do such inelegant things as jealousy, I will not let those people go at all.”, but Mu Yixi still knew how to keep a distance, and not to let his admirers advance by even half a step. So, the two lived in peace.

But after arriving in France, Feng Weiming found that the situation had changed. French culture was romantic and warm, not at all reserved and subtle. Mu Yixi was handsome and charming, gentle and considerate, personable, and spoke elegant and fluent authentic French, which was exactly the type of person that French people liked. Chairman Mu had brought his heartthrob qualities to France, thus attracting countless admirers without any effort.

And these people were not the type who kept their feelings in heart. When they had a crush on someone, they would bravely confess, and even invite others to spend the spring night together, without the slightest reservation unlike the oriental people.

There were many French employees in the headquarters of Overseas Mu company in France. When they first entered, Feng Weiming and Mu Yixi had some reservations, and they could not publicize their relationship as lovers, so they could not mess around in public. What was public was public and what was private was private.

So in the face of their passionate confession, Mu Yixi just declined by saying that he had a close lover, which was unacceptable, but he did not specify who it was. In the Mu family here, he was a complete outsider, compared to Feng Weiming who had Mu Jiuqing’s blatant escort, so no one dared to mess with him, thus his behavior naturally had to be much more low-key and gentler. This gave people a feeling that he didn’t really have a lover, but just couldn’t let go of himself because of various scruples, which made them feel sympathetic and distressing at the same time. So those who were rejected refused to give up and tried to find ways to make things easier for him.

One of their big clients’ beautiful daughters, Elena, even hid the unsigned contract behind her back, and said: “Henry (Mu Yixi’s English name), if you don’t date me once, I won’t give you the contract.”

Feng Weiming was also there at the time, and others couldn’t see the change in his face, but Mu Yixi could feel his low pressure.

“If I agree to date you because of the contract, I’m afraid I’ll not be the one you want to date.” Mu Yixi said with a smile: “Beautiful Miss Elena, let the test end here.”

“Henry, you are right, I really like you more now.” Elena was able to come to such an important negotiating table. So, in fact, she could not be incompetent, but she had already been repeatedly rejected by Mu Yixi. Looking at his gentle smile, she realized that she did temporarily act inappropriately. The faces of the people present told her that the joke was not funny, but the words had already been spoken and she couldn’t take them back for a while. Mu Yixi’s decent and friendly answer just gave her a way to step down. Elena was full of gratitude, her heart felt hot, and she looked at Mu Yixi with even more affection.

The meeting went better than expected and the contract was signed on looser terms. Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming walked out of the meeting room one after the other, and immediately saw Elena waiting aside. The other party looked at Mu Yixi with eager eyes.

Feng Weiming’s exquisite eyebrows and eyes sank almost imperceptibly, and a shadow suddenly shrouded his face.

Mu Yixi’s face was very close to him, his breathing was clear and audible, and the familiar breath gently touched his skin. Normally, Feng Weiming would have pushed him away immediately, then stared at him coldly, and condemned him for his irrelevance of occasions. However, Mu Yixi had never forced him, and had always been extremely obedient, until now.

But now, Feng Weiming didn’t want to push him away.

Mu Yixi didn’t make too many movements, and when he was almost kissing Feng Weiming’s lips, he backed away, and said with a smile: “You have something on your face.” As he spoke, he reached out and brushed Feng Weiming’s cheek.

Feng Weiming looked at him in disbelief.

Mu Yixi smiled without any guilt: “I will make it clear to Miss Elena.” Blinking at his lover, he walked towards Elena.

Elena’s face was weird and ugly, because Feng Weiming and Mu Yixi were approaching just now, and from her perspective, and it might be wrong, but what she seemed to have seen was that they were kissing. She had heard that Feng Weiming and Mu Yixi were cousins, they grew up together and had a very good relationship, but lovers?

Feng Weiming watched Mu Yixi and Elena come face to face, then he did not know what Mu Yixi said to her, but Elena’s face changed from cloudy to sunny, revealing a charming smile. The two turned around and walked out together in front of him like this, and Mu Yixi was also attentive and considerate enough to take the briefcase for Elena.

Seen from the back, this pair of a tall man and a beautiful woman looked like a golden boy and jade girl[1].

Feng Weiming was expressionless.

“Oh, Louis (Feng Weiming’s English name), Henry really decided to date Elena?” Their colleague couldn’t help asking curiously. Feng Weiming was unbelievably beautiful, but his personality was serious and cold, his IQ was extremely high, and his background was also tough. So, his colleagues subconsciously dared not make trouble with him. If it weren’t for the surprise that Mu Yixi was willing to get close to Elena, his colleagues would not have dared to gossip with Feng Weiming. Mu Yixi was very popular in the company, with many admirers and countless scandals, but there was no real evidence for it. But it was not surprising when you thought about it, Elena was a beautiful woman with a good family background, passionate and bold yet gentle and sweet, she was the dream lover of many men. It was understandable that Mu Yixi would choose her.

Feng Weiming said flatly: “He can try it.”

“What?” The colleague thought he heard it wrong.

“It’s nothing. Are you very free?” Feng Weiming glanced at him indifferently, seeing the other person’s whole body get covered with chills, he immediately turned around and returned to his post with hands and feet. For the first time he noticed, Louis was angry!

Did Louis also like Elena?

The colleagues excitedly felt that they might have caught onto the truth!

Oh such a wonderful plot where the cousins had fallen in love with the same woman! Brothers fight! Love triangle! You love me, I don’t love you, I love him. I don’t know whether he loved me or not… The bitter love that brought the cold Louis down from the throne…

Feng Weiming didn’t know that he had become the tragic male supporting character in a love triangle in the imagination of his colleagues.

He was a little dissatisfied with his loss of control. He shouldn’t have said something to his colleague that implied that he had a close relationship with Mu Yixi. With him going out with a client, why should he make such a fuss?

Obviously, Mu Yixi violated the company’s regulations and went out without permission… But now it was lunch time, and with Mu Yixi’s work level, it was normal to go out with clients…

Mu Yixi was gone for the entire afternoon. He came back before getting off work to take Feng Weiming home.

He received Feng Weiming, who had no emotion on his face, but looked almost displeased, and couldn’t control his lips from curling into a smile for a while.

The temperature in Feng Weiming’s eyes suddenly dropped several degrees again.

After getting in the car, Mu Yixi said: “Don’t be angry, I just had a meal with Elena, it’s nothing.”

Feng Weiming: “I’m not angry.”

Mu Yixi laughed: “You can scrape off frost from your face. I didn’t expect your jealousy to be so strong, I didn’t notice it before.”

Feng Weiming tilted his head and let out a dead light: “I, don’t, eat, vinegar.”

Mu Yixi: “Really?”

“Hmm.” Feng Weiming nodded reservedly: “This is a business matter. You know that it’s good to be clear about public and private matters.”

Mu Yixi: “I understand, then I won’t refuse Elena’s invitation in the future. Their company has the intention to expand cooperation with us. If you don’t mind, I have the confidence to take all their orders.”

Feng Weiming: “…um.” They didn’t have a deep foundation in the overseas Mu family, and they needed credit to gain a firm foothold.

Mu Yixi held his hand and said emotionally: “Obviously, you are so kind. You understand righteousness and are neat and generous. As long as the result is good, the process is not important, isn’t it?”

Feng Weiming felt a slight stalk in his throat: “… …Well.”

Mu Yixi was very happy, and along the way, he enthusiastically praised Feng Weiming with all kinds of beautiful words and teased him to talk. But Feng Weiming’s mouth seemed to be zipped up, and his face remained expressionless, without making a sound.

When the car reached home, Mu Yixi took Feng Weiming’s hand in, and he said: “…before I had lunch with Elena, I helped you wipe off the stains on your face, she thought I was kissing you, so as soon as I walked over, she questioned me. I told her that I have something very important to ask her for help. Guess what it is?”

Feng Weiming’s air pressure became lower and lower. He had no interest in Mu Yixi and Elena’s process of getting along alone! He began to want to break away from Mu Yixi who was holding his hand.

Regardless of his struggle, Mu Yixi held his hand firmly, and continued with a relaxed tone: “When I arrived at the restaurant, I said to her, ‘I have decided to propose to my beloved, and I hope to give him an unforgettable marriage proposal, Elena, you are my friend, do you have any good suggestions?'”

Feng Weiming paused.

Mu Yixi pushed open the door, revealing a newly furnished living room, velvet cushions, flowers, candles, balloons, ribbons and a sumptuous dinner, it was full of romantic atmosphere.

“Obviously, I don’t want to be just colleagues with you in the company. I hope that no matter when and where, we will be the closest companions.” Mu Yixi looked at Feng Weiming affectionately, and said seriously: “Of course, occasionally, the closest enemy is also very interesting.”

Feng Weiming’s eyes were slightly watery, and Mu Yixi’s next sentence quickly calmed his loss of mood, and then he showed a very real and beautiful smile.

Mu Yixi said softly: “Let’s get married, wear rings of the same style, and tell others that we have masters, so they should stop being delusional, okay?”

Feng Weiming said firmly: “Okay.” Feeling uncomfortable like today, he didn’t want to go through it again.

Mu Yixi hugged and kissed him, thinking: Mingming thought he was a heartthrob, and countless people liked him wherever he went, but in fact, at least half of those so-called admirers were there for Mingming. Because they dared not get close to Mingming, they sought help from him who had a good relationship with Mingming and wanted to pursue him on a curve. He would never tell Mingming about such a fact. The French’s courtship was too straightforward. If he really kept a distance from him in the company as Mingming said, he would have to vomit to death watching Mingming interact with others in the future. Elena rushed over in a daze, it was really useless…

Mu Yixi indulged in the intimacy with Feng Weiming contentedly.

After getting married, he could finally let go of half of his heart.

For the remaining half, he would continue to work hard.

He must be the only one in Mingming’s eyes forever.

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[1] Chinese phrase used for a perfect couple.

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