5BKCM Ch. 33: Auditions

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Gu Yuan’s face returned to normal after a while. She took a deep breath and quickly organized her thoughts.

If she hadn’t contributed that egg back then, there would be no Nie Yu in this world.

So there was a causal relationship between herself and Nie Yu.

In other words, if Nie Yu did something that endangered society, then she was also responsible.

Thinking of this, Gu Yuan suddenly felt that the burden on her shoulders was heavy.

She used to think that Nie Yu’s outlook on love and friendship was problematic, but now, she felt that Nie Yu’s outlook on values and life also seemed to have problems. She would never allow her son to drive and hit people so recklessly because of his wealth and power.

She must find a way to correct his mistake!

Gu Yuan clenched her fist and looked at her son beside her.

Today he still looked so handsome that people dared not look directly at him, but Gu Yuan was not in the mood to appreciate his handsomeness now.

“Do you think it’s fun to hit someone like this?”

“I hit a car, not a person.”

“But the person was in the car.”

“I only hit a car, and nothing will happen to people.”

“You’re just a human, not an immortal, how can you guarantee that there will be no accidents? If something happens to someone, it will be too late.”


He whistled frivolously as he said: “Your eldest son Nie Yu’s driving skills, there is nothing wrong with it.”

Gu Yuan looked at Nie Yu speechlessly, only to see Nie Yu’s high-profile complacent face.

When the car reached its destination, Nie Yu got out of the car.

Gu Yuan quickly got out of the car and followed her son in a few steps.

At this time, she really wanted to beat this son to death. Although she didn’t like Huo Sijia and the others, and although she was secretly happy to see them frightened to death, the twenty years of socialist value education she received told her that she could not hurt someone like that, this was wrong, even if they bully her, they should not be punished like this!

“Nie Yu, mother must tell you today, although you may think that your driving skills are very good, you just crashed into a car, and you didn’t hit people, but what if? Life doesn’t allow a second chance, you are rich and powerful, but you don’t have the right to trample on other people’s lives!”

Nie Yu squinted at her, she even forgot to take the umbrella because she was too excited, and the cool rain sprinkled on her bangs, which turned a little wet, with her excited fist movement, as she danced around lightly.

Her cheeks were flushed, her nose was flaring with anger, and she was trying her best to teach him a lesson.

“Okay, I know…” Nie Yu said lazily.

“What?” Gu Yuan was talking excitedly, but she was startled when she heard this, and she didn’t react.

“I said I know! I won’t crash cars casually in the future.”

He could wait for those women to get out of the car, and then smash her car to pieces.

Although his attitude seemed perfunctory, Gu Yuan breathed a sigh of relief: “It’s good that you can listen to me. There are laws and morals in this world. Don’t be too wilful.”

Nie Yu didn’t even answer, and walked forward.

Gu Yuan jogged to keep up, and said as she ran: “But mom is still very thankful. I know that Nie Yu is good to mom. He saw them bullying mom and wanting to avenge mom. Thank you!”

Nie Yu snorted from his nose: “That’s not it, I just think they are not pleasing to the eye, driving a broken car to pollutes the environment, it should be scrapped as soon as possible!”

Seeing his awkward look, Gu Yuan was silent for a while, and suddenly laughed.

She didn’t know why, but she thought that this son was somewhat cute.

If he could abide by the law and improve his moral level, he woul be a perfect son!

Nie Yu snorted again: “What are you laughing at?”

Gu Yuan smiled even more happily, looking at his awkward humming: “Stop humming, if you hum again, you will become a pig.”

Nie Yu: “Bah, you’re the little pig!”

Gu Yuan didn’t care: “I’m your mother, if I’m a pig, then you can only be a pig!”

Nie Yu fell silent immediately.

The phrase “I am your mother” was powerful and could be used at any time, with a lethality of 100+.

Gu Yuan raised her head and looked at him with a smile, only to realize that this was a shopping mall, not Xingyang Entertainment, which was the venue for the audition, and suddenly wondered: “Why did you bring me here?”

Nie Yu raised his eyebrows: “You have to change your clothes? Are you going to participate in your audition with a dirty skirt?”

Gu Yuan thought about it: “Oh, my son is still so thoughtful.”

Nie Yu said with a chuckle: “Where, it is far worse than your son Ji Qisen.”

After arriving at the mall, Nie Yu took Gu Yuan to a brand store, and asked someone to bring Gu Yuan a few sets of skirts that fit her. Gu Yuan casually found a low-key and simple dress, and the shopping guide lady seemed to have met a big customer. Naturally, she would not let it go, and recommend other new dresses desperately.

Nie Yu waved his hand directly: “I need one of each, and have them delivered to my home.”

Gu Yuan: “Gah?”

But Nie Yu couldn’t help but write down his home address directly to the shopping guide lady, so there was no need to even ask this time.

After the shopping guide lady quickly copied down the address, Nie Yu swiped his card and it was done. The whole process took no more than two minutes.

There was no time for Gu Yuan to stop it.

When Gu Yuan felt that this was too extravagant and wasteful, she had already been taken out of the shopping mall by Nie Yu and they went straight to the underground parking lot.

“It must cost a lot of money…, , I can’t wear so many clothes, besides, I still have some of my clothes, that Qisen bought for me.”

To be precise, Qisen got her a cloakroom, which was full of clothes, and she could wear them until the year of the monkey.

“What does Ji Qisen’s clothes have to do with me?” Nie Yu asked back.


“What kind of audition is this?” “Nie Yu saw that Gu Yuan hadn’t spoken for a long time, so he frowned and don’t know what he was thinking, but he asked a little angrily.

“It’s an audition for the heroine of a TV series under Xingyang Entertainment. I heard that the hero is a very famous actor.”


“He’s called…” Gu Yuan thought for a while, “He’s called Luo Juntian.”

“It’s just acting, why?” Nie Yu snorted.

“My goal is to be an actor.” Gu Yuan took a slow look towards him and said so.

“This is different.”

Nie Yu breathed out: “If you want to make a movie, then I’ll just ask someone to customize a script for you. I’m make sure they use the best for everything, and you’ll win over fans right away.”

“Thank you son.”

Gu Yuan couldn’t help but want to laugh: “But mother should rely on herself, only the result of hard work is sweeter, if you send me directly to the blue sky, what’s the point of that!”

“Really hypocritical.”

While speaking, they had arrived at the audition location. Gu Yuan got out of the car. After getting off the car, she looked at Nie Yu with a smile: “Thank you, son. In fact, you are really kind to mother, and mother is so touched. Bye~~”

Nie Yu said with a chuckle: “I just see you as pitiful, and I am afraid that you will lose my face. “

Gu Yuan watched his son’s luxury sports car leave, feeling really emotional.

This son was actually kind-hearted, but he was born too high, rich and powerful, and his eyes were above the top. As long as she slowly corrected this defect, he would still be a very good son.

A good son who was filial, kind and sensible.

Thinking of this, Gu Yuan couldn’t help sending a WeChat message to Ji Qisen: “Today I found out that Nie Yu is actually pretty good, so don’t ignore him at ordinary times. If you can, talk to him more and guide him.”

JQS: “Really? How is he not bad?”

Gu Yuan told Ji Qisen what happened today.

JQS: “What’s the name of the girl who drove past you, tell me.”

Gu Yuan: “Oh, her name is Huo Sijia.”

After a while, Ji Qisen never replied, Gu Yuan: “??”

JQS: “It’s okay. Aren’t you going to audition? Hurry up?”

Gu Yuan thought about it, then she hurried over, but… she always felt that something was wrong?

As soon as she entered the audition site, she found that there were not many people. To participate in the audition, you must first register. After the registration, the outside personnel would simply review, and then you can go in for an interview according to your number. Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan had already participated in the interview, and they were very happy to see Gu Yuan there.

“We thought you weren’t coming. It’s great that you’re here. Hurry up and get your number. There’s still time.”

“Yes! I just heard that assistant say that it seems that today is not suitable, and we are definitely out of luck, you go try it, maybe you will win!”

Gu Yuan was actually looking forward to it secretly, after all, she was personally selected by a famous director twenty-five years ago, and that famous director had a very good vision. So, maybe she really had some acting potential.

She didn’t dare to delay now, thanked her two roommates, and quickly got the number.

At this time, there were not many people in line, and it was Gu Yuan’s turn after a while.

After entering, she found that there were three people in charge interviewing inside. One was in a suit and leather shoes, and he should be at the leadership level of the company. The other was wearing a T-shirt and had a full beard. There was one——, Gu Yan’s eyes paused slightly, and it turned out to be Hu Yuejing.

Although it was unexpected, it was normal when you thought about it. Hu Yuejing, who was 45 years old, had retired from the first-line stage. It seemed normal for her to choose the heroine.

When Hu Yuejing saw Gu Yuan, she was naturally surprised, her eyes fell on Gu Yuan, and she took a good look.

Gu Yuan nodded to the three interviewers and smiled sincerely.

Ning Sanyue’s eyes lit up immediately, he narrowed his eyes, and looked at Gu Yuan in front of him.

Ning Sanyue’s TV series this time was about a country girl who walked into the capital from the mountains and forests, then walked into the palace, and finally ascended to the highest position. In an ancient costume TV series, the heroine should be pure and stubborn at first, but that kind of simplicity and stubbornness was wiped out step by step in the palace fight, and finally, in order to protect her beloved, the heroine was reborn from nirvana, with ruthless means, and finally ascended to the supreme throne.

The little girl in front of him was about seventeen or eighteen years old, with a ponytail and a youthful suit newly released by a top brand this year. As soon as she walked in, she brought a fresh breath, like the wind in the mountains, and she was completely different from the girls who had come to audition before.

Those girls all wore heavy makeup, but this one, who didn’t even seem to have any makeup, came with a bare face?

Ning Sanyue looked at Gu Yuan with interest, and flipped through the information on the register. She was a sophomore at the Film Academy.

Hu Yuejing next to him, as Ning Sanyue’s friend, naturally saw that since Gu Yuan came in, Ning Sanyue’s spirit suddenly rose.

Her expression was not quite right, she pursed her lips slightly, and looked at Gu Yuan with scrutiny.

It was this girl again, exactly the same as Gu Yuan in the past.

Unfortunately, her name was also Gu Yan.

Fate was such a coincidence.

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