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Li Shu took the luggage that Shen Yiyou was dragging and walked in front.

Shen Yiyou followed quietly, and Li Shu also slowed down.

They walked to the car and the driver opened the car door for them, Li Shu let Shen Yiyou sit in his seat, and went around to the other side.

Li Shu couldn’t touch Shen Yiyou’s hand, so he felt that they were too far apart. After a few tries, he put the armrests away, and then stretched out his hand to loosely grasp Shen Yiyou’s palm.

Shen Yiyou’s hands were soft and slippery, with slender fingers.

Li Shu held it in his hand, and immediately felt a sense of happiness and satisfaction in his heart.

This was the first time that Shen Yiyou had not rejected Li Shu at all since he lost his temper in July.

Shen Yiyou smiled lightly, looked at Li Shu, then looked up at the driver in front of him, he then got close to Li Shu, and said softly, “How long are you going to stay here?”

“Are you going back to the Bay Area anytime soon,” he asked, “or will you wait until the listing is over?”

Li Shu told him: “I can’t stay for too long this time, at most a week, and I will go back.”

Shen Yiyou’s lips were the color of the Damascus roses that Li Shu had planted in his grandmother’s garden in his childhood. They quivered slightly when they opened and closed. The teeth between the lips were white, and the tip of the tongue was bright red.

Shen Yiyou asked a bunch of questions and waited earnestly for Li Shu’s answer. After a while, he didn’t hear anything. So, he blinked slightly confused and asked Li Shu, “Are you listening?”

Li Shu really wasn’t listening, so he didn’t speak. He approached Shen Yiyou a little and kissed the soft, moist, light and sweet lips in front of him.

This was actually what Li Shu was thinking when he approached the Japanese restaurant in S City a few days ago and was about to call Shen Yiyou.

Holding the phone that day, Li Shu thought proudly that although he wasn’t really free every day and always made Shen Yiyou angry, he should be able to get a kiss from Shen Yiyou today.

Because after his sudden appearance three years ago, Shen Yiyou kissed him for the first time.

But soon, because of some reasons that Li Shu didn’t want to mention again, the expectation disappeared soon, and Li Shu didn’t call Shen Yiyou’s number.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for Li Shu to get the kiss.

Maybe it was because of the driver and Irene in the front seat, but Shen Yiyou had lowered his eyelashes, and after kissing for a long time, he moved back and said in a very soft voice, “Why don’t you answer my question first?”

Shen Yiyou’s cheeks were slightly red, as if he was a little shy, like a freshly picked cherry covered with the dew condensed by the morning mist.

Their lips were still glued together and were not completely separated.

Li Shu said “no”, said “no”, called Shen Yiyou’s name vaguely, pressed his waist tightly, and kissed his lips and tongue, Shen Yiyou also compromised, and got closer, then he kissed Li Shu obediently, such that it was hard to tell where one started and the other ended.

But soon, Li Shu’s lawyer called. Li Shu could only let go of Shen Yiyou, but he still held Shen Yiyou’s hand firmly, then he had a brief conversation with the lawyer, and agreed to meet with him in the hotel room after 40 minutes.

After arriving at the hotel, Li Shu first let Shen Yiyou enter the room to rest while he himself went to the conference room to talk with the lawyer.

The lawyer had obtained proof that Leighton Eddy took a year off from college for delusional disorder and was ready to release it to the media. The advisory team was also aware of this news.

After they communicated about the specific details, the lawyer left. Li Shu sat in the conference room for a few minutes, stood up hesitantly, and walked slowly to the master bedroom of the suite.

The door of the master bedroom was gray with a copper handle, Li Shu pressed it, and the palms of his hands and fingers felt a cold metal.

He pressed down, gently pushed the door open, walked into the bedroom, and saw Shen Yiyou lying on the bed, breathing quietly.

Li Shu got closer and saw that Shen Yiyou had closed his eyes and was sleeping soundly, his fair arms stretched out from the champagne-colored night shirt and rested on the soft quilt, making the bedroom look like it was wrapped in huge bubbles where he was having sweet dreams.

Li Shu sat on the edge of the bed and lightly wrapped his arms around Shen Yiyou’s wrist, Shen Yiyou’s eyelashes trembled, and he opened his eyes.

“Go back to sleep.” Li Shu said.

Shen Yiyou blinked, sat up, and the night shirt slipped off his shoulder.

It was cold in the room, Li Shu raised his hand, at first he had wanted to help Shen Yiyou pull up the night shirt, but as soon as his hand touched Shen Yiyou’s shoulder, he suddenly pressed and rubbed it, then he approached Shen Yiyou, pecked and kissed Shen Yiyou’s cheek, and said, repentantly: “It’s not too late, there’s no need to go to bed too early.”

Shen Yiyou felt so itchy because of his touch that he couldn’t help laughing. He called Li Shu’s name again and asked something he had just thought of: “How did you find that restaurant?”

Li Shu’s kiss stopped for a while, his eyes didn’t look at Shen Yiyou, his face was as usual, but it seemed that he didn’t intend to answer Shen Yiyou.

Shen Yiyou confirmed: “You are secretly locating me.”

Li Shu said, “Can you clearly define locating?”

“…” Shen Yiyou looked at Li Shu angrily while also feeling funny, “You are invading my privacy, please stop immediately.”

“It’s stopped,” Li Shu said.

He looked into Shen Yiyou’s eyes and said, “I know it’s wrong, but I didn’t know what to do.” He confessed to Shen Yiyou, “I looked at it seven times in total. Three times because I wanted to find you, and four times because I missed you.”

Shen Yiyou watched him confess his crimes like a young boy and didn’t know what to say. After thinking for a long time, he said, “Don’t do it in the future.”

“Okay,” Li Shu said, “I’m sorry.”

In fact, this was the first time Shen Yiyou had heard Li Shu apologize, because Li Shu was always arrogant and stubborn, and thought that he could never be wrong, so it was always impossible for him to be the one who apologized.

Without waiting for Shen Yiyou to react, Li Shu suddenly came over, hugged Shen Yiyou’s waist tightly, curled his thick short hair against Shen Yiyou’s neck, and began to complain: “When he opened the door for you, he almost touched your arm.”

He hugged Shen Yiyou tightly, and the warm body temperature spread to Shen Yiyou through the cotton T-shirt.

Shen Yiyou put his hand on Li Shu’s back, thought about it, and asked, “Then why didn’t you come to stop him.”

Li Shu was silent for a while, then said to Shen Yiyou, “I didn’t want to come there.”

His tone also didn’t seem to be angry, it was as if he was simply stating the facts.

“I know that there are not many people who will like my character,” Li Shu told Shen Yiyou, “If you let me go to your friends’ party, it will only embarrass you.”

“It’s not that I haven’t encountered a similar situation,” Li Shu said. “I went to a boarding school in high school, and I also participated in a group life. As long as I was there, the atmosphere would not be very good.”

Shen Yiyou was stunned as he looked at Li Shu. Li Shu wasn’t wearing glasses, but because they were very close, Li Shu’s eyes were not very dull, and he was looking at Shen Yiyou very sincerely, making Shen Yiyou feel a little helpless in an instant.

He raised his hand and touched Li Shu’s face and chin, and his sour emotions gradually rose and engulfed him. He felt a little distressed for Li Shu, but he didn’t know what to say.

“Of course,” Li Shu added, perhaps seeing that Shen Yiyou’s face was not very good-looking, “I don’t care about embarrassment. The reason I didn’t agree to go with you before was just because I wasn’t free.”

Li Shu’s eyes were deep, and he looked at Shen Yiyou very seriously. He grabbed Shen Yiyou’s hand, kissed Shen Yiyou’s fingertips, and suddenly said, “Shen Yiyou, what are you thinking.”

“Don’t think about it,” he said.

Shen Yiyou didn’t speak, so Li Shu suddenly said, “I’m asking you, do you really want to learn how to prevent me from locating you.”

It felt like he was forcibly changing the subject, and the technique was also not very clever.

“Guess what,” he said.

Shen Yiyou looked at him, thought about it, and asked hesitantly, “Is it useful for me to turn off the positioning?”

Li Shu smiled leniently at Shen Yiyou and said, “No.”

“Think again.” Li Shu gestured.

“…What do you think,” Shen Yiyou thought hard again and guessed, “Change the phone and number.”

Li Shu smiled again.

He was like a big boy who was very happy and had no worries. He seemed like he was going to do something that was bad. He pressed Shen Yiyou’s shoulder, pressed Shen Yiyou into the bed, and said, “You can’t learn anything else.”

“You can only make me have no time to open the positioning.”

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