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In the dry and cold room in the early morning, Shen Yiyou fell into the love nest constructed by Li Shu’s hugs and kisses.

He sat on Li Shu, hugging Li Shu’s neck, his night shirt had fallen down and was piled on his waist, the soft silk rubbed his skin regularly with his movements.

Li Shu put his hand on his lower back and kissed his neck and chest quietly, sometimes sucking, easily leaving a red hickey on Shen Yiyou’s body.

The bed shook slightly, the areas covered by the night shirt were tightly connected, and the squeezed lubricant flowed down Shen Yiyou’s legs.

“You have to lie down.” Li Shu persuaded Shen Yiyou.

He pressed down on Shen Yiyou’s shoulder, but Shen Yiyou was afraid of the pain and ducked to the left. Li Shu looked up at Shen Yiyou and said, “I’ll do it.”

After that, he pressed Shen Yiyou back to the bed, lifted Shen Yiyou’s night shirt a little, and exposed the connected parts to the air.

Li Shu lowered his head, as if observing it curiously, touched Shen Yiyou with his fingers and bit his neck tightly, while trying to push in, he said, “Why can’t I get in.”

Shen Yiyou almost cried, and whispered, “You don’t have to go all in…” Shen Yiyou’s legs were sore, and every time he had sex, his stomach already seemed to be full of Li Shu, and it was difficult for him to go in a little more.

“But there is much more.” Li Shu took Shen Yiyou’s hand and made him touch it.

Shen Yiyou’s fingers were held by him as he touched the exposed part, which was smeared with lubricant, it was even more hot and slippery than Shen Yiyou had imagined.

He wanted to withdraw his hand but was caught by Li Shu again.

“Today I’ve advanced less than before,” Li Shu said. He pressed Shen Yiyou three inches below his navel and said, “It’s only till here.”

“Don’t go in any more…” Shen Yiyou said, his whole body softened, and he gently grabbed Li Shu’s wrist with his hand.

“It may be that we haven’t done it for a long time, so you haven’t adapted,” Li Shu said about other things.

“I’ll be slower.” Li Shu let go of Shen Yiyou’s hand, lowered his head to cover his lips, and stubbornly went in and out, pushing harder and harder.

Shen Yiyou was pushed up and down by him. Although it wasn’t very painful, the feeling of being full was more painful than actual pain. He could hardly make a sound, and begged Li Shu to “be softer” with a volume as soft as a cat’s meow. “Take it easy.”

Li Shu listened to it, reduced his strength a little, but suddenly increased his speed, clasping Shen Yiyou’s waist and swinging it inward.

Shen Yiyou’s back was pressed against the sheet, rubbing up and down.

Li Shu buried his head, licked and kissed Yiyou’s chest, and sucked lightly with his teeth.

Shen Yiyou’s limbs were sore, and his instinct for security drove him to raise his hand, wanting to grab Li Shu’s arm, or touch Li Shu’s short hair as a gesture.

But before he could touch it, Li Shu suddenly increased his strength again, Shen Yiyou gasped for breath, and let his hand drop down.

This night, perhaps because Shen Yiyou was tired from the ten-hour flight, Li Shu only pressed him to do it once. Although doing it once with Li Shu was also boundless.

Li Shu didn’t wear a condom, he shot inside Shen Yiyou, then hugged him to clean up. The turbid semen was mixed with lubricant, and Li Shu rubbed it off Shen Yiyou’s inner thighs and lower abdomen, and then rinsed it off with water.

After returning to the bed, Shen Yiyou lay in Li Shu’s arms, resting on Li Shu’s right arm, and slept lightly for a short while.

But he had slept almost the whole time on the plane. When Li Shu talked to the lawyer, he also slept for a while, so he was quickly woken up by his biological clock.

Shen Yiyou opened his eyes and found that Li Shu was not asleep, instead he was holding a tablet in his left hand and reading the materials seriously.

Aware of Shen Yiyou’s gaze, Li Shu looked down at him and put down the computer.

“What time is it,” Shen Yiyou asked him.

“It’s half past four,” Li Shu said.

Shen Yiyou looked at him for a while before asking, “Why don’t you sleep.”

Li Shu touched Shen Yiyou’s cheek: “I don’t want to sleep.”

“Aren’t you only staying for a week,” Li Shu said, “but I don’t know when I can go to S City, so I don’t want to sleep.”

He lowered his head, looked at Shen Yiyou, and kissed Shen Yiyou’s lips: “The lawyer said it might take a while, but I will find a way to solve it as soon as possible.”

“I want to see you every day,” he said.

Li Shu’s heedless appearance melted Shen Yiyou’s heart, and Shen Yiyou said actively, “I can come again, I’m still a little freer than you.”

“No need,” Li Shu rejected Shen Yiyou and said, “Going back and forth is very tiring.”

Shen Yiyou watched Li Shu for a long time, and actually wanted to ask whether it was easier for him to go back and forth, but in the end, he hesitated to say, “Li Shu, I want to move here.”

Without waiting for Li Shu’s reaction, Shen Yiyou continued, “I don’t think it’s suitable for me to stay in City S anymore, and my parents don’t want me to stay in China anymore.”

He told Li Shu: “They don’t want to have a son who is like a ticking time bomb with a different sexuality than others, and I don’t want to always not be with you—”

At this moment, Shen Yiyou thought of the “sneak” he mentioned to Li Shu before, but also remembered that Li Shu didn’t think they sneaked around at all, so he stopped.

The word “sneak” really sounded like he was complaining about something, and Shen Yiyou didn’t want to look discouraged, so he put it another way: “I feel like I don’t have a home anyway, and it’s the same wherever I live.”

When Shen Yiyou spoke, he didn’t look at Li Shu, buried his face in Li Shu’s chest, and put his hands on Li Shu’s strong abdominal muscles.

Li Shu paused for a long time, stroking the back of his hand very lightly and cherishingly, and said in a low voice, “California may not be a good choice for you.”

“I mean from a professional point of view.” Li Shu’s voice was calm.

Shen Yiyou had never imagined that Li Shu would say something that was close to rejection. He didn’t know how to react for a while, so he raised his face, opened his mouth, and reluctantly said, “It’s okay.”

“Well,” Li Shu kept watching him, and after a while, he spoke again, “but I bought a house in Los Angeles.”

“The location is not bad, the scenery is very good,” he kept his eyes on Shen Yiyou’s face, as if observing his words, and said slowly, “The decoration is also very new, it has been designed by your favorite designer. Originally, I went to see it because I was accompanying Li Shishan, but I walked in and just thought, Shen Yiyou might like it.”

“But you were still angry at the time, plus,” he paused again, and stated gently, “you didn’t seem to have any intention of coming before, so I didn’t tell you.”

Shen Yiyou looked at Li Shu, froze for a while, and said, “Really?”

“Then do you want me to come?” he asked Li Shu.

Li Shu seemed to think that Shen Yiyou’s question was worthless, looked into Shen Yiyou’s eyes, and asked, “What do you think?”

“If you wanted me to come, why didn’t you ask me before.” Shen Yiyou said softly.

Li Shu looked away.

He grabbed Shen Yiyou’s hand, paused for a moment, and briefly said, “You haven’t mentioned it before, so I thought you shouldn’t have thought about it.” Then he quickly changed the subject and said, “The weather in Southern California is good, but you might not be able to stay in Northern California. If you want, I’ll take you to that apartment, we can stay there if you like it, or change it if you don’t.”

Shen Yiyou hugged Li Shu and gave a dull “um”.

Li Shu also hugged him.

After a while, Li Shu felt that Shen Yiyou seemed to be crying. Tears dripped on Li Shu’s body and flowed down the lines of his muscles.

Shen Yiyou didn’t look up, and Li Shu couldn’t confirm it, so he stretched out his hand and clasped Shen Yiyou’s narrow chin, making Shen Yiyou raise his face.

Shen Yiyou didn’t resist, but he closed his eyes, there were tears on his face, and his lips were pursed. It might be that the rosiness caused by Li Shu’s sucking had not faded away, or it might be that he was crying but his lips had turned red.

“Why are you crying?” Li Shu asked Shen Yiyou.

Shen Yiyou didn’t speak, Li Shu lowered his head and kissed away his tears.

A few days ago, on the way from the gate of the Japanese restaurant after Shen Yiyou left, to the airport, for more than ten kilometers, Li Shu was thinking that he might not really be a competent boyfriend.

He had never been in a relationship, he didn’t know where to find a way to systematically learn scientific love, and he didn’t even know how to call Shen Yiyou with a more intimate title, just like what Li Shishan used to call her previous boyfriends such as, “Baby “,”Honey”.

But Li Shu’s love for Shen Yiyou would never lose compared to anyone else.

“Don’t cry.” Li Shu didn’t know how to comfort people, so he could only whisper in Shen Yiyou’s ear.

Shen Yiyou hugged Li Shu, buried his head in Li Shu’s chest, and said, “Li Shu”.

“I love you.”

Shen Yiyou’s voice was very light, it was trembling and a little hoarse, but it was still nice.

He raised his face and looked at Li Shu, his eyes were like a lake, so that Li Shu could not take his eyes away.

Human life was very short, so short that every minute and every second spent with Shen Yiyou was worth remembering alone.

For Li Shu, he believed that Shen Yiyou represented beauty, vividness and love, a symbol of all good things, and was the humanistic meaning in Li Shu’s secluded and peaceful life.

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