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After the Spring Festival, on a sunny day in mid-March, Shen Yiyou moved to the sunny southern California.

It was said that he was moving, but he didn’t have much luggage. Li Shu had already taken the bulky items for him in advance. In the end, only a 29-inch suitcase was packed. Li Shu’s driver put it in the trunk for him and drove them to the airport.

Along the way, Shen Yiyou passed many buildings and shopping malls that he was very familiar with, an elevated playground roller coaster not far away from his home, and the familiar lush evergreen vegetation.

Shen Yiyou felt a little reluctant to think that he would not be able to see it from time to time in the future.

Li Shu sat next to him, not working in a rare manner, holding his hand solemnly, as if afraid that he would regret it.

A few days before he left, Shen Yiyou called his father and told him about his decision to move.

His father didn’t say anything to stop him, saying that Shen Yiyou was an adult and had the right to decide his future, but he would always be Shen Yiyou’s backing.

Shen Yiyou hung up the phone, although he didn’t know how sincere his father’s words were, he still felt inexplicably encouraged.

He felt that he was probably suffering from fear of a new environment, and now that someone had encouraged him, he could draw strength from it.

Because in fact he was really a very timid person.

Fortunately, the new environment was friendlier than Shen Yiyou had imagined.

He got in touch with former classmates and friends he had worked with, and soon he formed a new social circle and started to work on new projects.

Although Li Shu didn’t say much, Shen Yiyou could feel that Li Shu was indeed very excited because of his arrival.

After the listing of the environmental protection company was completed, Li Shu was a little free. Sometimes he would show up at the door of the apartment at 10:30 in the evening on weekdays. Even though his fingerprints were entered, he still asked Shen Yiyou to open the door for him and kissed him as soon as he saw him, then he would leave at six the next morning.

It was as if he couldn’t help but reconfirm that Shen Yiyou had settled down in a place that was just over three hours away by plane from his company’s location.

One day in June, Li Shu asked Shen Yiyou if he would like to see his sister Li Shishan.

“She talks a lot,” Li Shu said. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to.”

Shen Yiyou agreed, and Li Shu said to him again: “But don’t ask her to eat at that time, she will take it seriously.”

“…” At Li Shu’s insistence, Shen Yiyou could only say yes.

On the afternoon of Saturday that week, Li Shishan came to the door with a new set of china.

Li Shu was working upstairs, Shen Yiyou opened the door and saw the fashionable, beautiful and cheerful girl in front of him, but he was not able to connect her with Li Shu quickly.

In fact, Li Shishan was stunned when she saw Shen Yiyou.

She did not expect that a person like Li Shu, who seemed to be incapable of distinguishing between human appearances, would have such a good aesthetics when falling in love.

—A few months ago, Li Shishan’s bright and knowledgeable friend Lilith Leslie said that she was interested in her brother. When she wanted to meet Li Shu, Li Shishan didn’t know that Li Shu was in love, so she agreed to Leslie, she also felt that there was a chance that Li Shu could fall for her.

But Li Shu was no different when facing Lilith and a stranger, and he even treated Secretary Irene better than Lilith.

At that time, Li Shishan felt that falling in love with Li Shu could probably be included in the ultimate human challenge project.

Later, after she found out that Li Shu was in love, she asked Shen Yiyou’s name from Irene Felton.

Part of her heart was full of sympathy for Shen Yiyou, and part of her had some doubts.

—Having to survive Li Shu’s work, and endure Li Shu’s indifference, could ordinary people bear it?

People like Li Shu who would leave in the middle of their grandmother’s birthday banquet because of work, they would only be able to make time out of their schedule to meet Shen Yiyou for a meal, maybe every half a year.

Therefore, Li Shishan guessed that wanting to meet Li Shu more may also be the reason why Shen Yiyou moved to Los Angeles.

“Li Shu is still in a meeting.” Shen Yiyou turned around and said to her as he led her inside.

Li Shishan walked behind and couldn’t help but carefully observe Shen Yiyou.

Shen Yiyou was half a head shorter than her brother, and a little taller than her, with snow-white skin, slender limbs, and wearing simple casual clothes, he looked unforgettable.

He took Li Shishan’s china and put it away, thanked her gently, and then he asked Li Shishan if she wanted to look around the place.

Li Shishan had this intention and nodded happily.

Li Shu’s apartment was very large, with an upper and lower floor, the living room and the second floor were empty, and the sun was shining in from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Li Shishan had seen the photos of this apartment from the real estate manager, but now there were some minor changes. The color of the stairs had changed, and the lights seemed to be different. There were a few new paintings on the walls, and some photos which made the place feel inhabited.

Walking to the decorative wine cabinet, Li Shishan couldn’t help but ask Shen Yiyou, “Is it tiring to fall in love with a workaholic?”

She actually wanted to know if Li Shu’s physical contact disorder was cured, but this was not a question she should ask.

“Fortunately,” Shen Yiyou smiled at her gently, “he’s not so busy recently.”

Li Shishan was a little skeptical of Shen Yiyou’s answer.

She didn’t know much about the relationship between Li Shu and Shen Yiyou, but she couldn’t imagine Li Shu taking the initiative.

In Li Shishan’s inner imagination, the most likely situation was that Shen Yiyou was very considerate, and Li Shu was indifferent when they interacted with each other.

After all, Li Shu never mentioned Shen Yiyou to his family. If she hadn’t asked Li Shu if the property was idle, she would not have known that Shen Yiyou lived here.

But getting Li Shu to admit that he was in love was already a huge success.

Shen Yiyou showed her around downstairs and walked back to the living room. Li Shishan said wisely, “We won’t go up since Li Shu is at work.”

Li Shu also treated his sister equally and had no patience for her as well. If Li Shishan disturbed Li Shu’s work, she would definitely be kicked out of the house.

Shen Yiyou looked at the direction of the stairs and reassured her: “It’s actually fine.”

But he didn’t say anything about going upstairs. He walked to the bar and asked Li Shishan, “What to drink? Juice, milk or water?”

Li Shishan said “juice”, but before she finished speaking, there was a sudden noise on the stairs. She raised her head and saw Li Shu holding a laptop in one hand, while walking downstairs.

Seeing Li Shishan, Li Shu stopped for a while, and asked blankly, “Why didn’t you tell me when you came.”

Li Shishan looked at Li Shu and didn’t know what to answer, so Li Shu walked down.

Li Shu walked to Shen Yiyou’s side, put the computer on the marble table, hugged Shen Yiyou from behind, rested his chin on Shen Yiyou’s shoulder, and held Shen Yiyou’s wrist, then he took the juice bottle from his hand, and told Shen Yiyou, “I want to drink water.”

Then he dragged Shen Yiyou to reach the water bottle without saying a word.

Shen Yiyou seemed to be amused by him, while shrinking his hands, he said, “Don’t do this”.

“Go and sit down,” Shen Yiyou said to Li Shu, “I’ll bring it down for you.

Li Shu answered “no”, let go of Shen Yiyou’s hand, and took the water bottle and poured water into the cup Shen Yiyou took out.

Then he let go of Shen Yiyou, took the cup filled with water, glanced at Li Shishan again, said, “You pour it yourself”, and pulled Shen Yiyou away.

Li Shishan could only pour the juice by herself, and just after putting the bottle away, Li Shu came over to get the computer.

Li Shishan was about to get the cup when Li Shu stopped her: “Li Shishan.”

She withdrew her hand and looked up at her brother.

Li Shu’s expression was rarely troubled. He paused and said, “According to common sense, if I ask him to marry me, should I take him home before proposing?”

Li Shishan was very shocked and stunned for a long time, then she murmured: “I don’t know, you don’t need to before proposing, but you should do it before marriage?”

“Oh, then how can I talk to our parents,” Li Shu asked again. “If they don’t want to accept it, how can I convince them?”

Li Shu’s question was beyond the scope of Li Shishan’s thinking. She thought about it for a long time before she said, “Let’s take a look at it first?”

“You’re better at these things,” Li Shu nodded. “You go home this week and try it out for me.”

Li Shishan was struck by lightning: “Me?”

She didn’t want to be involved in such a complicated and arduous family conflict. Just as she was about to refuse, Li Shu said, “I can sponsor you a new apartment out of strong blood relationship.”

Shen Yiyou still asked Li Shishan to stay for dinner.

Unusually, Li Shu did not raise any objection, but after the meal, he began to ask her to leave.

Li Shishan also didn’t seem to want to stay, so she left soon.

As soon as the door was closed, Shen Yiyou asked Li Shu, “What did you say to her in the kitchen just now?”

Li Shu looked down at him and refused to answer, “Business secrets.”

He was wearing a new cultural T-shirt made by the environmental protection technology company last month and looked a little silly. Shen Yiyou gave him a new watch strap, and he had put on the new one, he was just too casual.

In the living room at night, Shen Yiyou and Li Shu each worked simultaneously for a while, then Shen Yiyou put down the computer first and went to wash.

When passing by Li Shu, Li Shu stopped him.

Li Shu clasped Shen Yiyou’s waist tightly, pushed the computer away, and pulled Shen Yiyou to sit on his lap.

He raised his head and looked at Shen Yiyou seriously, as if he was a little nervous and said, “Shen Yiyou.”

Li Shu brought out a large square box of jewelry brand that had been placed beside him at some point and handed it to Shen Yiyou.

Shen Yiyou looked at him and slowly opened it to see that there was a red embroidered purse in the box, but it was still not the one that Shen Yiyou’s grandmother had given him.

The purse was heavy in his hand, as if there was something in it, so Shen Yiyou hesitantly poured the things out, it contained two rings, and the metal products lay cold in Shen Yiyou’s palm.

“I didn’t tell you, your purse,” Li Shu said, “As soon as you lost it, I went to a professional agency to find it at home, but I couldn’t find it. Maybe it wasn’t lost in my home.

“I know this is different, this is what I did. When I did it, I kept thinking, how to meet you and how to let you not be angry anymore.

“Now that you’re not angry, I still want to give it to you.”

“Shen Yiyou,” Li Shu said, “Maybe I really can’t find the purse, but I can give this to you.”

“You marry me.” He said, taking care of it himself since Shen Yiyou had the rings in his hand, he put one on his ring finger first, and then put it on for Shen Yiyou, then he looked at Shen Yiyou, and Shen Yiyou also looked at him.

There was a sincere feeling in Li Shu’s eyes, like hope itself.

When Shen Yiyou first met him on the wintry terrace, he never thought of having a family. During their three years of love, he prevented himself from having a beautiful dream. Because of self-pity, negativity and lack of self-confidence, the future he didn’t want to think about on the rainy night when he walked out of the hotel apartment was almost lost. But now that dream could be easily found in Li Shu’s eyes.

Shen Yiyou didn’t answer at all, the ring was already on, so he just kissed Li Shu for the simple marriage proposal comparable to the last century and said “yes” to Li Shu.

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