PPM Ch. 89: They will be dismissed if people can’t be fixed!!!

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It would be overkill to have her translate useless documents.


Williams glanced at the mountain of documents in front of him, and had a note in his heart: ‘This time, he could finally relax…’

Li Shengxia finally drove the documents out within two hours.

Williams didn’t find fault, but asked her, “Li Shengxia, have you learned other languages besides German?”

“I’m just okay in English and Italian.”

“That’s great, here is an important document, translate it for me.”

Again? Li Shengxia almost fell…

“This is an English document, which contains a lot of technical terms, which is very helpful for design. I believe you can learn a lot after the translation.”

As soon as Li Shengxia heard that it was related to design materials, she immediately took the documents and went out.

This was totally the ultimate design textbook.

The words in it were difficult to understand. Li Shengxia racked her brains to translate it perfectly, but there were still many words that she had not heard of.

Fortunately, Ling Yarang was willing to help her. Because of some proper nouns in it, he had come into contact with it many times, so she felt a lot more relaxed.

But even so, Tan Qing picked out a lot of faults.

Li Shengxia felt that Tan Qing was definitely trying to deal with her! Because she poured glass of water on him last time, he held a grudge against her!

However, Williams was very satisfied with Tan Qing, “Stylist Tan’s instructions are all very good. Li Shengxia, after all the documents you have translated will be taken over and checked by Designer Tan, and if there is no problem, they will be handed over to me.”

“Ah his level is relatively high, why don’t you just let him translate it.” Li Shengxia said immediately.

Williams said righteously, “Designer Tan still has a lot of work to do. You have just arrived, so you need to learn a lot. You can also take this opportunity to exchange experience with him. He is a world-class designer. If he can give you pointers and help, you can learn a lot.”

When Li Shengxia thought of Tan Qing, she felt that he was a hedgehog, and she would be bruised all over when she came into contact with him.

Sure enough, this vicious person would humiliate her even more.

“What level is your English, why is the translation so sloppy?”

“Don’t you know this word? Haven’t you read design magazines?”


“I’m thirsty, go and pour me a glass of water.”

“You want to be splashed again?” Li Shengxia gritted his teeth, “I’m not responsible for serving tea and pouring water.”

“Okay then.” Tan Qing then threw the document aside.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“I’m very busy, of course I want to do things that should be done.”

“You’re cruel, can’t I just pour the water?”

“It’s over now.”

“You, how can this kind of person become a world-class designer, it is a shame for the design industry.” Li Shengxia said unceremoniously.

Tan Qing raised his eyebrows and looked at her with a half-smile. “How long until it’s my turn?”


“Do I still have to wait in line for a date?”

Li Shengxia really wanted to throw this glass of water on his face!

Tan Qing, did he really want to talk about love? It was better for it to be called abuse! Nausea! Nausea! Li Shengxia really wanted to spit in the water while bringing it to him.

As a result, as soon as she came out of the pantry, several people came in.

“Yeah, isn’t this Li Shengxia from the design department? Why is she starting to fight with other designers now?”

“I heard that Williams’ attitude towards her has been terrible recently. It seems that her backing has fallen.”

“She and Williams have broken up? No wonder she’s been so unlucky recently.”

“Hey, that tea girl, go buy me a cup of coffee.”

“I want strawberry cake.”

“I want toast.”

Who were these? When Li Shengxia returned to the design department, she was speechless. She found that she had a lot of post-it notes on her desk, which were full of things she had to do.

“What the hell is going on here!”

“Oh, I think you are very leisurely, so I posted on Weibo to tell everyone that you are part-time food delivery.” Tan Qing said leisurely.

“By the way, your errands will be counted as my dividend, at least the idea came from me.” He said and took the cup of tea in her hand, and then put a sticky note on her body, “I want this.”

“Tan Qing!!” Li Shengxia glared at him and said through gritted teeth.

“You don’t want me to review the manuscript for you?” Tan Qing glanced at Li Shengxia calmly and continued to read the document.

Li Shengxia felt that she had been stuck in her teeth drinking cold water recently!

The situation after that was simply worse than it was now!

Not only did she have to bring tea, water and take out, but she also had to sweep the floor and wipe the windows…

She instantly changed from a designer to a tea girl and a cleaner.

She didn’t understand. Although she didn’t do well here before, no one had ever bullied her. Why did these people torture her overnight?

As everyone knows…

Someone posted a notice on Weibo that no matter who tortured Li Shengxia, he could get a raise, raise, raise!

Why did the Prince hated Li Shengxia so much? Everyone didn’t know…

But everyone knew that the crown Prince hated Li Shengxia and wanted to torture her.

The point was, you can also get a raise!

Was there a better salary increase opportunity than this!? Of course they had to seize the moment!

Li Shengxia was finally as tired as a dog as someone wished, and from two people who happened to pass by her, it was a super good thing that “the prince sent a message, whoever can get Li Shengxia successfully will get a raise”, this article Weibo became a hit headline, and stayed on the list for a whole week without falling.

Li Shengxia finally understood why she was treated like this, she choked when he drank cold water recently, it was because a demon was getting revenge on her!

Why was he so naive? Was he crazy? Stupid? Was his brain flooded? Was it that much fun to play with her?

Mo Nianchen! This bastard, bastard, bastard!

How old was he, and he still played such a shameless game! It really refreshed her cognition of childishness!

Mo Nianchen sat happily in the office, counting down the time when she would come to beg him for mercy.


She didn’t even come after a week!

All his patience was used up!

“Can’t you be a little more innovative in how you treat people?! If you don’t fix them, they will all be fired!”

After one sentence was sent, the entire emperor’s inheritance trembled…

Li Shengxia was dead.

She had completely become the epitome of tragedy, and as long as you contact her, all will be rectified.

The most depressing thing was that no matter how everyone treated her, Ling Yarang would still come out to help her.

Mo Nianchen finally couldn’t hold it any longer!

Where in the world did this annoying ghost come from? He was playing games with his wife, what’s the matter with him, a passer-by, that he ran over to play the farce of a hero saving the beauty at every turn?

He was the hero in this game setting, okay?

Mo Nianchen quit!

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