PPM Ch. 90: Li Shengxia, do you like the Prince?

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Just when Li Shengxia was running around the city for a colleague in search of an almost extinct design tutorial, a vase suddenly fell from the air…

Ling Yarang and Mo Nianchen rushed over from both sides and pushed Li Shengxia away…

But, Ling Yarang was just a little bit faster than Mo Nianchen.

Mo Nianchen’s hand was cut by fragments, but he hid it behind himself and did not let Li Shengxia see it.

With a cold face, he pretended to say, “Now beg me for mercy, apologize to me, and this will all be over.”

Li Shengxia had not seen Mo Nianchen for many days. Ordinarily, she should feel a little happy to see him, but not knowing why, hearing what he said, she instantly felt extremely annoyed.

She roared angrily: “Mo Nianchen? Is this your purpose? Finding so many people to harass me just to make me beg you for mercy? Apologize to you? Why should I ask for mercy? Why should I apologize? That vase, you’re the one who asked someone to smash it, and now pretending to be a good person, you’re so despicable!”

“What nonsense are you talking about, am I so lowly in your eyes?” Mo Nianchen’s eyes showed a trace of anger, he just wanted to make her talk to him, just beg for forgiveness, why was it so difficult?

“Aren’t you bored? Aren’t you bored to find so many people to harass me? Mo Nianchen, who do you think you are? I’ve endured you for a long time! I’m not wrong, why should I apologize! “

“Li Shengxia, don’t say it, he is the crown prince…” Ling Yarang let Mo Nianchen look bad, then immediately reminded Li Shengxia, “I don’t think this has anything to do with him, he was also trying to save you…”

“I don’t care about her and you! Shut your mouth!” Mo Nianchen coldly pushed Ling Yarang away, trying to drag Li Shengxia back.

But who knew that Li Shengxia would shrug away his hand fiercely…

Mo Nianchen didn’t expect her to react like this, and was stunned for a while.

Li Shengxia didn’t even look at him, but looked at Ling Yarang and said, “Don’t speak for someone like him, he won’t appreciate you anyway! Blood… You’re bleeding, hurry up, I’ll take you to the hospital …” Li Shengxia saw the blood on Ling Yarang’s hands, and immediately gave Mo Nianchen a stern look, “If there is something wrong with him, I will never forgive you!”

“Heh…” Mo Nianchen gave a cold smile, and the sneer was so piercing that it hurt. “You idiot, can’t you see who is really good to you? Are you blind?”

“It’s not up to you whether I’m blind or not. The points are very clear! And you, meeting you is the biggest tragedy in my life! There is no one!!”

Li Shengxia said, pulling Ling Yarang and leaving. She was furious at that time and didn’t realize that Mo Nianchen’s hand was dripping blood…

Mo Nianchen looked at Li Shengxia’s back, his pupils were filled with anger that could not be concealed. “Who do you think you are, what’s so great about you, you stupid woman, if you have the ability, get out of my way, and never come back!”

Li Shengxia sneered in her heart. He forgot they were arguing? Forgot they were in the cold war? Did he think she would compromise with him if he did this kind of trick? He thought too beautifully!!!

But she didn’t know why, she was in a bad mood!

Even with so many people harassing her, she had never felt so bad!

After Li Shengxia and Ling Yarang walked for a while, she found an excuse and said to Ling Yarang, “Just drop me here…”


Li Shengxia nodded, “Well, I live near here.” She didn’t want Ling Yarang to know too much about herself. It could be said that she didn’t want anyone to know her relationship with Mo Nianchen…

Ling Yarang didn’t ask any more questions, just tentatively asked Li Shengxia: “Li Shengxia, accompany me to the movies tomorrow.”

She replied without thinking, “Okay.”

“You promised so quickly, it wouldn’t be because I was injured for you just now?”

Li Shengxia shook his head. “Of course not.” But somehow, Mo Nianchen’s hurt expression kept flashing in her mind. Would he be hurt? Do not make jokes! Had she lost her mind recently!

Seeing her absent-mindedness, Ling Yarang asked, “Li Shengxia, do you like the prince?”

“How is that possible!” Li Shengxia immediately retorted at the words ‘Prince’, and then it seemed as if realizing something, she coughed lightly, lowered her voice and said, “Stop joking.”

Ling Yarang looked at her with a smile, then lowered his voice and said mysteriously, “Why don’t we hide from everyone?”

“You, what did you say?”

Li Shengxia looked at Ling Yarang in shock, it was the first time she had been confessed to in such a sincere way…

There were a few people who said they liked her before, but they all disappeared the next day “I admire your talent, and like a girl like you very much, I think…”

Before Ling Yarang’s words were finished, Li Shengxia couldn’t help but reject him, “That…sorry, I… …”

I’m already married to Mo Nianchen…

Although she hated Mo Nianchen, it was a fact that they were married, and she must not provoke Ling Yarang.

Before she could say these words, Ling Yarang had already interrupted her gently and said with a smile, “Don’t refuse so quickly. Reply me tomorrow.”

Li Shengxia finally froze at what she wanted to say.

Ling Yarang had always been so gentle.

Such gentleness was hard to refuse.

If it wasn’t for her relationship with Mo Nianchen, maybe she would really like him.

In other words, this time Mo Nianchen didn’t let Ling Yarang do anything, which surprised Li Shengxia a little.

However, judging from her previous experience, all the boys who had contact with her eventually disappeared the next day.

Tomorrow… Maybe Ling Yarang would be gone…

Thinking of this, Li Shengxia said to him seriously: “Ling Yarang, you will bring danger to yourself, don’t talk about it in the future.”

Ling Yarang was a little curious. Raising his eyebrows, he asked: “Is it dangerous to like you?”

“Yes!” Li Shengxia nodded solemnly.

She thought he would stay away from her, but who knew, he smiled and said, “As long as it’s for you, it’s worth it. I’ll see you at the entrance of the Dolphin Bay Cinema tomorrow.”

Having said that, he waved at her and left.

Li Shengxia looked at his back and wanted to stop him, “Ling Yarang…”

But he just smiled brightly, turned his head and waved to her, and continued walking.

It had to be said that Li Shengxia’s mood was very complicated now.

She was very worried about Ling Yarang disappearing like this… After all, he was one of the few people in her life who was nice to her. But Ling Yarang ran too fast, she couldn’t tell him clearly.

Tomorrow was the weekend.

She could only tell him tomorrow…

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