TCYEC Ch. 18

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He cut the avocado into pieces, added lemon juice and sugar, and stirred well. He made the high-gluten flour into a thin meringue, which was baked in the oven into a delicate flower-shaped bowl; then he opened the tiger prawns and removed the sand. Then he stirred the same well with salt, black pepper, and garlic mash, and then put it in a hot oil pan until it was cooked.

He put a thick layer of avocado jam in a small bowl of puff pastry, pick up the cooked tiger prawns with chopsticks and placed them on top of the avocado jam, and put two in a small bowl of meringue.

Fei Qin carefully placed the tiger prawns, and looked at the delicacies he had cooked carefully, just like looking at his beloved one.

Just imagining Song Zhao’s satisfied expression when she puts it in her mouth, made Fei Qin’s eyes seem to smile even more.

“Ka–” Peng Zhigao shouted cut, and played back the scene just recorded on the monitor, and nodded in satisfaction, “Very good, this one passes, Xiaoyu, bring the food over.”

Hearing Peng Zhigao’s words, starting from the deputy director Wang Tai, everyone on the crew geared up and stared at the plate in Yu Siyang’s hands avidly. They waited until it was delivered to Peng Zhigao’s hands, and they quickly grabbed at it.

Wei Xiaofeng was brought onto the set by Luo Peng with an expression of finding fault, and what he saw was such a group of wolves and tigers.

He and Peng Zhigao were old acquaintances, and he had also met his team several times. Although they were not as famous as Chu Quan’s “Virgo team”, they were also known for their dedication in the industry.

What was going on now?

Instead of filming during working hours, have they changed to grabbing food?

“Lao Peng.” Wei Xiaofeng patted Peng Zhigao on the shoulder, and naturally picked up a pan-fried shrimp with avocado jam from the plate and threw it into his mouth.

Everyone on the crew: “…”

No, Yu Siyang only made four in total. Director Peng will definitely take to eat one, and the rest of the dozens of people will need to grab from three. This is a life and death battle. Now someone suddenly came and ate one. This is simply unforgivable.

Wait… Doesn’t this person look like Wei Xiaofeng?

“Oh, Xiaofeng, what brought you here?”

Well, as it’s Wei Xiaofeng himself, they cannot be angry at all.

Wei Xiaofeng sat down on a seat and looked at Peng Zhigao obliquely, and very arrogantly said, “You have tortured my celebrity such that he needs to be hospitalized, can’t I come and see him.”

Yu Siyang walked over slowly, and weakly called to Wei Xiaofeng, “Brother Xiaofeng, have you eaten lunch?”

“I’m going to go mad with anger, where would I have the time to eat lunch.”

This stupid boy, he really thinks he is iron man. Even though he was vomiting, he didn’t go to the hospital for an examination and was still filming here.

Wei Xiaofeng felt that since Luo Peng and Yu Siyang joined the company, the number of times he was angry had increased, and is about to break all limits.

Every time these two dudes do something stupid, his cold personality would collapse and he would become a fire-breathing dragon.

He didn’t want to play with these two guys anymore.

“You just ate a pan-fried shrimp.” Peng Zhigao unceremoniously dismantled the lie, “This is our prop.”

Wei Xiaofeng was furious, took another one from the plate and threw it into his mouth.

Can’t he see these people around him are ready to grab it?

Damn they are the props!

These props were made by his poor kid, why can’t he eat it!

Everyone on the crew: “!!!”

Fuck me, did anyone dare to drag Wei Xiaofeng out to have a fight. He dared to eat two of the four alone; this is simply a heinous crime.

“Brother Wei, long time no see.”

Ji Man and Hong Zhehao both came over to greet Wei Xiaofeng.

As long as he was not facing Luo Peng and Yu Siyang, Wei Xiaofeng was still that cold ace agent, and coldly nodded to Ji Man and Hong Zhehao.

“I saw that Xiaoyu is such a good potential newcomer, and wondered where did Lao Peng dig him out from?” Ji Man smiled even more genially at Yu Siyang. She never expected that Yu Siyang was a person under Wei Xiaofeng. “Brother Wei is still the most insightful.”

Ji Man knew how to flatter others. In one sentence, she praised Wei Xiaofeng, Peng Zhigao, and Yu Siyang at the same time, while not making people feel disgusted.

In this respect, Hong Zhehao was much worse than her. He climbed on to the crown prince of Fengyu not long after he made his debut. He had a smooth journey so his temper was getting bigger. He was unwilling to welcome others, whether it was Wei Xiaofeng or Peng Zhigao, he didn’t care about it, let alone about the newcomer Yu Siyang.

After saying hello, he angrily stuck to one side, while looking at Yu Siyang with unkind eyes.

He’s just a newcomer. It is obvious that he is not in good health, but everyone in the crew thinks that he bullied him.

He was picked on by Peng Zhigao so many times. Did he say anything? Wasn’t he feeling wronged?

What kind of people are Wei Xiaofeng and Peng Zhigao, what Hong Zhehao was thinking was completely clear to them.

Peng Zhigao shook his head. Another person who was praised so much that he forgot his surname. His acting skills are not as good as newcomers, but he does not even put his efforts in the right direction. Now the entertainment circle is deteriorating so fast. The audience will not be blind forever to their flaws.

“Ji Man is quite good at acting. Lao Peng is famous for his ability to cast. As long as you work hard, Lao Peng is still happy to teach.”

Wei Xiaofeng’s impression of Ji Man was not bad. For this woman who knew when to advance and when to retreat, he didn’t mind saying a few words for Ji Man, which also hinted that she should take care of Yu Siyang in the crew.

Ji Man chuckled and said to Peng Zhigao, “Then Director Peng should take care of me. This is the first time I am making a movie. In this way, I am also a newcomer just like Xiaoyu.”

“Sneer… …”

Hong Zhehao couldn’t help laughing when he heard Ji Man’s words.

This woman really knows how to pretend, disregarding how old she is and that she has crow’s feet, and still calling herself a newcomer. It is an insult to the word “newcomer”.

Yu Siyang glanced at Hong Zhehao secretly.

Others simply ignored him.

“I’ll take Xiaoyu home first; you film other people’s scenes first.”

Wei Xiaofeng asked Yu Siyang to remove makeup and change clothes.

Peng Zhigao was dissatisfied: “You take people away as soon as you come. I rented the studio today for nothing. It’s all about the money.” Although he was worried that Yu Siyang’s thin body could not hold up, Wei Xiaofeng’s overbearing attitude made him habitually complain.

“It’s not my money.” Wei Xiaofeng snorted coldly and pointed at Hong Zhehao with his chin raised. “Isn’t there still a lead role? First film the scenes of the lead role.”

Anyway, he didn’t want to let his poor child stay here in the name of shooting while being treated as a chef.

“Okay, let’s go, don’t block my eyes here.” Peng Zhigao waved towards Wei Xiaofeng as if swatting a fly.

Let the prop team change the set and shoot Ji Man’s separate scene first.

As for Hong Zhehao…

Peng Zhigao thought sadly, even if he had to do it kneeling, he would have to finish this film.

Yu Siyang was herded into the car by Wei Xiaofeng, and Luo Peng silently climbed into the back seat shaking like a quail.

As soon as he went to pick up Wei Xiaofeng, he was scolded bloody, and he began to doubt his desire to live.

This place is too sinister; he wants to return to his home planet.

Yu Siyang secretly glanced at Wei Xiaofeng from the co-pilot seat, and seeing that his face looked like ice, immediately made his skin tighten, thinking that Brother Xiaofeng should be brewing a big blowout, and him and Brother Luo would definitely be scolded to death.

“What are you looking at!”

Sure enough, Wei Xiaofeng started breathing fire as soon as he spoke.

Yu Siyang asked in a low voice, “Brother Xiaofeng, where are we going?”

“Hospital.” Wei Xiaofeng said viciously, “You don’t know that your gastroenteritis is recurring whne you vomit like that. You don’t go to the hospital, do you want to die?”

I really didn’t know! Yu Siyang thought aggrieved.

He secretly turned his head to look at Luo Peng, hoping that Luo Peng would help him to say a few words to let Wei Xiaofeng calm down.

Luo Peng immediately turned to look at the scenery outside the window without any trace of loyalty.

——Xiaoyu, it’s not that Brother Luo doesn’t want to help, it’s just that Brother Xiaofeng is really scary.


Yu Siyang was angry and took out his mobile phone to pretend to be busy.

Now that Wei Xiaofeng was so angry, it was not advisable to confront him head-on. This was the best way to avoid his anger.

It just so happened that a call came through, and the ringing of the phone startled Yu Siyang, and such that he almost threw the phone out.

“Hello?” He picked up the call without even looking at the ID.

“Xiaoyu, someone told me that you had gastroenteritis, but instead of going to hospital, you dared to continue filming.”

Xue Chengxiu waved to let Yu Mingliang go out and sat down on the sofa.

“Mr. Xue?” Yu Siyang was taken aback, and hurriedly took down the phone to look at the caller’s name as “Creditor” displayed on the screen.

Wei Xiaofeng glanced at Yu Siyang when he heard “Mr. Xue”.

“It’s me,” Xue Chengxiu leaned on the sofa with a casual appearance, but what he said made Yu Siyang want to punch him, “Xiaoyu, were you thinking that if you are sick, you don’t need to come and repay the ‘creditor’ and cook at my house?”

Yu Siyang: “…”

He didn’t think about it like this at all.

Who would make himself sick because of this, he is not stupid.

Well… he admitted that he had thought about avoiding it.

But he didn’t mean to do it by getting sick.

Xue Chengxiu said: “Xiaoyu, you are so misbehaving.”

Yu Siyang had liver tremors; the creditor’s words sounded almost perverted.

“I didn’t mean to be sick, and I am not necessarily sick,” Yu Siyang said aggrievedly: “This should be considered a work injury.”

Xue Chengxiu was amused by him, “Does the company have to reimburse you for medical expenses?”

Yu Siyang muttered: “According to the provisions of the “Labor Law”, you should.”

Xue Chengxiu laughed, why is this kid so cute.

Wei Xiaofeng vaguely heard a burst of presumptuous laughter coming from Yu Siyang’s phone, and he frowned and asked, “Xiaoyu, who are you talking to?”

Yu Siyang took the phone away from her ear and said, “Uh… it’s Mr. Xue.”

“Which Mr. Xue?”

“It’s the boss.” Or the creditor.

Wei Xiaofeng was surprised, and stretched out his right hand towards Yu Siyang, “Give me the phone.”

Yu Siyang hurriedly handed the phone to Wei Xiaofeng, thinking, he shouldn’t make calls while driving.

“Mr. Xue, I am Wei Xiaofeng.”

Wei Xiaofeng’s voice seemed to contain icy edges, and Yu Siyang and Luo Peng shivered.

“I heard it.” Xue Chengxiu’s tone changed from the gentle words when talking with Yu Siyang, to the tone of a superior, “Is there something?”

“Excuse me, how does Mr. Xue know Xiaoyu?” Wei Xiaofeng asked. .

It’s not a secret that Xue Chengxiu likes men, but the other is still very ethical and has never done anything to his artists.

It’s not that no artists have recommended themselves as bed partners, but he had rejected them all.

But how does he know Yu Siyang?

Also taking the initiative to call.

These two people did not have any overlap at all.

“Wei Xiaofeng, some things are within the scope of your duties, so you should naturally take care of them.” Xue Chengxiu’s tone was flat, and the threat in it was self-evident, “but you should not take care of my personal affairs.

“Mr. Xue, Yu Siyang is my artist, and his business is what I should take care of.” Wei Xiaofeng said without concession.

“It’s impossible for the agent to take care of the artist’s personal friendships.” Xue Chengxiu chuckled, “Wei Xiaofeng, I never knew you were so conscientious. If so, why don’t you take care of Zhanheng more?”

“… This is my personal business; you don’t need to care about it.” Wei Xiaofeng said angrily.

“Look, isn’t that a double standard?”

Xue Chengxiu was very happy. Through the phone, although Wei Xiaofeng couldn’t see Xue Chengxiu’s expression, his tone made him want to hit him.

“Give the phone to Xiaoyu, I still have something to tell him.”

Wei Xiaofeng threw the phone over to Yu Siyang angrily.

Yu Siyang took it in a hurry, saw Wei Xiaofeng’s green face, and whispered to Xue Chengxiu: “Mr. Xue, what did you say? Brother Xiaofeng is so angry.”

Brother Xiaofeng?

Calling him so intimately.

Xue Chengxiu was very dissatisfied, and his wicked mood kept raising its head, “Xiao Yu, if Wei Xiaofeng dares to scold you, just tell him, Zhanheng is crazy about him.”


Yu Siyang was stupid. He hung up the phone and looked up at Wei Xiaofeng. Suddenly, his mind short-circuited and asked: “Brother Xiaofeng, who is Zhanheng?”

Wei Xiaofeng: “…”

Xue Chengxiu, I am going to kill you!

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