TCYEC Ch. 19

“Xiao Yu, Zhan Heng, actor Zhan Heng.” Luo Peng leaned on the back of the passenger seat, “The actor who won the Edward Academy Award last year, you don’t even know the superstar of our company.”

Yu Siyang was embarrassed and scratched his cheeks.

Zhan Heng is so famous, of course he knows him, but he did not associate the “Zhan Heng” in the creditor’s mouth with the actor.

The only person in Huaxia, who won the Edward Academy Award for Best Actor. He was not only popular in China, but also had a high reputation abroad.

Zhan Heng can be said to be an actor who had already become a movie god.

“Xiaoyu, Zhan Heng is your goal in the future.” Luo Pengyu said earnestly: “Let’s try to get a golden award.”

Yu Siyang complained: “Luo Brother, you are suddenly so serious; I don’t feel very used to it.”

Luo Peng: “…”

My child was taken away and he is not cute at all now.

“Actor Zhan looks really handsome. I have been in the company for almost a year, and I haven’t seen actor Zhan. I really want to see him in real life.”

Luo Peng as a fan pulled Yu Siyang and started talking about Zhan Heng. How handsome he was, how good in acting he was, and so on.

Yu Siyang nodded: “He’s pretty handsome.”

Wei Xiaofeng’s hands holding the steering wheel tightened, and he finally couldn’t bear it, “Shut up, don’t talk about Zhan Heng or roll out.”

Luo Peng and Yu Siyang suddenly quietened like a mouse.

Glancing at each other-Xiaofeng Brother has a bad temper today, it is terrifying.

“Get off.” Wei Xiaofeng parked the car into the parking lot of Cixin Hospital, arrogantly, “Luo Peng go and register.” Luo Peng ran away quickly.

Yu Siyang got out of the car, followed Wei Xiaofeng tremblingly, and sat down in the waiting area.

Xiao Feng-ge’s expression is not harmonious, so it is better not to provoke him.

“How do you know Xue Chengxiu?”

Wei Xiaofeng folded his arms with a particularly cold expression.

It stands to reason that these two people should not have any interactions. And on the phone, Xue Chengxiu’s words sounded very ambiguous.

In this circle, Wei Xiaofeng had seen a lot of unspoken rules. When such things are rules, who can accuse it without being condemned?

There is nothing to criticize one for going after what they wish.

It doesn’t matter if he is called indifferent or selfish, Wei Xiaofeng is not a defender, and he doesn’t care what methods are used by others to get to the top.

But such things cannot be done by Yu Siyang.

The child’s mind is pure, with a lot of nerves, and a little silly. This transaction certainly can’t be voluntary.

Yu Siyang has talent, and he also had a warm aura. He can also cook a good meal. As long as he is willing to work hard, in time, his achievements may not lose to the bastard Zhan Heng.

Wei Xiaofeng really didn’t want to see his talents obliterated.

Are there few such examples?

Hong Zhehao is a living one.

“This matter is a long story.” Yu Siyang whispered.

Wei Xiaofeng said angrily: “Then make a long story short.”

Yu Siyang straightened his back, without squinting his eyes, and explained the time, place, person, cause, process, and result of “How he Met Xue Chengxiu” concisely.

“In other words, you have been cooking for him all this time?”

Xue Chengxiu is an old glutton, everyone knows it, but it is too much to catch a kid and cook for him.

Even if he owes him money, he can’t make him do this.

Wei Xiaofeng intuitively felt that there was a conspiracy.

“Don’t go anymore in the future.” Wei Xiaofeng patted Yu Siyang on the head, “I’ll talk to Xue Chengxiu.”

Yu Siyang was so grateful that he said, “Thank you, Brother Xiaofeng.”

Wei Xiaofeng sighed; this boy is so silly and has a soft heart.

The first time they met, the child was less than fifteen years old, his eyes were clean and clear, and he was still a little nerd. He asked him if he wanted to act. He stupidly said that he was going to participate in a math competition, which almost shocked him and made him vomit blood.

In two years, things have changed with time. After suffering bankruptcy, the death of both parents, and being rejected by relatives, the child’s eyes are still clear, but they are stronger than before.

Not everyone has the courage to carry more than one billion of debt; at least his father did not have the courage. Besides, he is only eighteen years old and his life has just begun.

“Brother Xiaofeng, Xiaoyu, go to the Gastroenterology Department.” Luo Peng registered and called for the two.

Yu Siyang was called by the doctor to do a bunch of examinations in the Gastroenterology Department. He originally felt as strong as a cow. After being tossed around like this, he had turned into a frosted eggplant.

“Slight dehydration and electrolyte disorder.” After the doctor read the examination report, he asked the nurse to prepare glucose saline and electrolyte solution.

Yu Siyang was taken to the infusion room by Wei Xiaofeng and said with a debt-collecting face: “If I don’t take you to the hospital, were you planning to die suddenly on the set, huh?”

Yu Siyang bowed his head and pleaded guilty.

Wei Xiaofeng was furious. After cursing Yu Siyang, he cursed Luo Peng. After cursing Luo Peng, he cursed Yu Siyang again. He cursed the two people so hard that they could not even plead guilty. Finally, he concluded by saying “I really owed you both in my previous life”.

Yu Siyang and Luo Peng looked at each other, and they both felt lucky that they were left alone.

The nurse who came to inject Yu Siyang with the needle snickered.

Seeing an outsider coming, Wei Xiaofeng immediately returned to the high-cold mode, standing at the door of the infusion room with arms folded, watching Yu Siyang and grinning condescendingly as Yu Siyang was pricked by the needle, and snorted coldly: “The big man is still afraid of getting an injection.”

I’m not afraid, it’s just that the nurse has very strong hands, and it hurts!

While Yu Siyang slandered in his heart, he looked at Wei Xiaofeng aggrievedly.

For his poor sake, can’t he be lenient?

He didn’t know that his body was so delicate.

“It’s useless to sell meng.” Wei Xiaofeng was particularly cold. Even though he is cute, but he can’t move him.

“I think it’s very useful.”

Xue Chengxiu walked into the infusion room and looked at Yu Siyang’s expression. Fortunately, although a little pale, he was still in good spirits.

The pitiful look of grievances is so cute.

He asked the doctor just now and he said that the symptoms were not particularly serious, but in the future, they needed to pay special attention to maintenance, and not allow him to eat cold and hot, irritating, and spicy food. If you can avoid eating, don’t eat, especially no overeating.

“Mr. Xue.” Wei Xiaofeng looked bad. “You are a busy man, how do you have the time to visit the artists under your banner.”

Xue Chengxiu chuckled, touched Yu Siyang’s head, and said, “My child is sick. Even if I am busy, I have to come take a look.”

“You also said that Yu Siyang is still a child,” Wei Xiaofeng reminded: “He is still young.”

Xue Chengxiu glanced at him with a smile.

He had never known that Wei Xiaofeng was such a responsible agent.

Still, this child is especially likable.

“The other day, I saw Zhan Heng at a charity dinner.”

Wei Xiaofeng’s eyes narrowed slightly, with an expression of “you say one more word, and you will be dead”.

Xue Chengxiu is not so easy to be threatened. He just heard him continue to say: “Zhan Heng is so thin as if he is suffering from love at first sight.”

“He is not thin, even if he is what does it matter to you.” Wei Xiaofeng almost sweared, but there was still a trace of reason and he remembered that this is his boss, and reluctantly held the word “fart” back.

Xue Chengxiu sat down on the chair to the right of Yu Siyang and squeezed his face easily. He felt very satisfied with his opponent. So he was in a good mood and stabbed Wei Xiaofeng a few times and said politely: “Zhan Heng is the company’s cash cow. In order for him to make more money for the company, as a boss, I naturally hope that he is happy physically and mentally and free from worries.”

Yu Siyang shook his head unhappily, and threw away the hand that was clamped on his face.

——It is said that a man’s head cannot be touched casually.

Wei Xiaofeng took a deep breath, and was about to swear, but suffocated his words back seeing the four bright and curious eyes of Yu Siyang and Luo Peng.

“Let’s go outside to talk.” With that, whether Xue Chengxiu followed or not, he took the lead to go out of the infusion room.

“Yang Yang, I’ll go to talk with your Manager Wei first, you wait here for me to come back.” Xue Chengxiu ordered.

Luo Peng waited for Wei Xiaofeng and Xue Chengxiu to walk away before he leaned into Yu Siyang’s side and extorted a confession: “Xiaoyu, why did Mr. Xue call you ‘Yangyang’? It was so intimate.”

“Huh?” Yu Siyang looked confused.

Aren’t you curious about the inhumane things between Xiao Feng-ge and Emperor Zhan Heng?

There was no previous hint as to how the topic changed so fast.

“Someday even if you are sold, you will go to help count the money.” Luo Peng patted his head bitterly.

Yu Siyang looked at Luo Peng suspiciously for a while, then reacted, and said in surprise: “Yes, why does Mr. Xue call me that? It feels so terrible.”

Luo Peng: “…”

Can your reflection arc be longer?

Over there, Wei Xiaofeng called Xue Chengxiu out, and the two walked one after another to the garden of the inpatient department of Cixin Hospital, and sat down on a bench meant for people to rest, separated by a wide distance between them.

Wei Xiaofeng sat with a cold face.

Xue Chengxiu didn’t worry, and leaned back in his chair leisurely.

At this time, whoever speaks first will fall behind.

“Xiaoyu is a very innocent person,” Wei Xiaofeng took the lead to break the silence. “Even after a drastic change, he is still the stubborn child I knew two years ago.” Xue Chengxiu understood that Wei Xiaofeng would say next. But he doesn’t like to listen to these words.

After eliminating the suspicion that Yu Siyang was a person sent by Xue Chengji, Xue Chengxiu observed Yu Siyang for a period of time with the most ordinary mentality, leaving other factors aside; Yu Siyang is the type of person he prefers.

Talented, diligent, mindless, pure and thorough, who will work hard to accomplish his identified goals.

He saw several times that the kid was chopping vegetables and memorizing lines, and he asked him what a rich second generation should look like, and tried his best to figure out the role he got.

In such an impetuous age, fewer and fewer people are able to do things in such a down to earth manner.

“So?” Xue Chengxiu looked arrogant.

He understands how good his child is, and he does not need to be told by others, and then conduct moral kidnapping in the name of “being good for him”.

Wei Xiaofeng understood that he seemed to have touched Xue Chengxiu’s reverse scale, but he had to say, “Xue Chengxiu, you are not suitable for Yu Siyang.”

The heir of the Xue family is good at calculating people’s hearts. If he really wanted to calculate Yu Siyang that fool would not even be able to guess until there is nothing left but the bones.

“It’s not for you, Wei Xiaofeng, to make the final decision.” Xue Chengxiu said in a leisurely manner: “I think you and Zhan Heng are quite suitable, why don’t I see you together.”

If he had a rocket launcher now, Wei Xiaofeng would definitely have carried it, and blasted Xue Chengxiu into dregs.

This person is really annoying.

They were clearly talking about him and Yu Siyang, but he had to talk about Zhan Heng.

Don’t say that Zhan Heng was dying.

Xue Chengxiu chuckled: “Wei Xiaofeng, there is a saying that a person drinks water to know whether it is warm or cold, you should not decide the life for others.”

Every time he mentioned Zhan Heng in front of Wei Xiaofeng, he is like this. It should really be seen by those in the circle who said he was cold.

“Xiaoyu is not somebody else.” Wei Xiaofeng said insistently.

The smile on Xue Chengxiu’s face disappeared for an instant, and he glanced at Wei Xiaofeng faintly, “He is not for me, but he is for you.”

“He is ten years younger than you, you are simply a beast.” Wei Xiaofeng was finally calm.

Xue Chengxiu coldly snorted: “Since I have been accused of this crime, should I take the beast down.”

“…” Wei Xiaofeng looked suspicious, “Will you be so restrained?”

Xue Chengxiu suddenly smiled and laughed. Wei Xiaofeng’s back was cold.

It seems that Wei Xiaofeng’s life is really good, and he should find something for him, lest he always cares about other people’s private matters.

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