TBLF Ch. 37

It was too late for Ji Rang to make any response to the incident, and the whistle had already sounded.

He could only start to bury his head and run wildly.

There was a chaotic and lively cheering sound all around, Qi Ying silently thought, fortunately, she can’t speak, otherwise she wouldn’t know whose name to call.

The distance of fifty meters is very short, and the players rushed to the finish line in no time.

Ji Rang took first place.

Such a distance and speed seemed a piece of cake for him, except for a slight panting, he was not at all tired. Qu Dazhuang rushed up with cheers, but they were all surprised to see Ji Rang’s gloomy eyes: “Aren’t you happy if Laozi won?”

After looking around, it became clear.

It turned out to be because his little fairy was gone, and she didn’t stay to give a reward after the game.

Qu Dazhuang comforted: “There are so many games, she might have to rush to cheer for her friend, let her be okay, didn’t she also rush to cheer for you. Be broad-minded.”

Ji Rang kicked him away.

There is no way to tell them.

She didn’t come to cheer for him at all!

So angry.

After the first group ended, the second group started. After all the groups are finished, the men’s 50-meter sprint will be ranked according to the first rank of each group.

Ji Rang went back to the lounge to change his clothes and sat in the stands waiting for the result.

When the game reached the third group, Qi Ying came again.

She had another small flag in her hand and was looking around.

Ji Rang was almost furious.

This little idiot is fearless.

He stood up abruptly and walked towards the runway aggressively. Qi Ying was looking around in the crowd. After finding Ji Rang, a smile appeared on her face and she ran towards him.

She reached near him and handed the small flag in her hand to him like a treasure.

The four words were written in bold red: Ji Rang, come on.

There was also a heart drawn behind the words.

The boss suddenly didn’t know what to do with his anger.

For a long time, he stretched out his hand and he rubbed her head indiscriminately, feeling angry and funny, “Fuck you, do you know that the race is over for me?”

She pulled the little yellow duck bag that was hanging on her side, opened the zipper, took out a bottle of sweet and sour soda from the inside, tilted her head and handed it to him.

Ji Rang stared at her and sneered: “I won the first place, and you give me this?”

Qi Ying blinked, as if asking: What do you want?

Ji Rang took a few deep breaths in silence, reminding herself that she can hear now, don’t talk nonsense, and maintain your image.

He stretched out his hand to take the bottle of soda, and when he twisted the cap, he found that it had not been opened. He didn’t know why, but he felt a little disappointed.

Qi Ying watched him take a sip and then bent her eyes with a smile, took out her mobile phone and typed to him: My brother is about to jump in the competition, do you want to cheer for him together?

Ji Rang snorted.

Who wants to cheer for that calf?

He screwed on the cap: “Let’s go.”

The high jump venue was already surrounded by a group of students. Ji Rang squeezed in the front row with Qi Ying and looked down. She was pulling out a small flag from her little yellow duck bag.

Yu Zhuo, come on.

Ji Rang: ?????

Are you fucking buying them on wholesale?

Qi Ying felt the scorching gaze above her head, and carefully raised her head and glanced up. At the chilly gaze, she pressed her lower lip with a bit of grievance, then stretched her finger to the heart on his small flag, and pointed to Yu Zhuo’s again.

It means: You have love, but he doesn’t.

Ji Rang:…………

Who the hell loves you!

The big guy pursed his lips and cast his eyes on the playing field.

Yu Zhuo was already preparing for a leg press stretch. As he stretched, the shirt went up, revealing half of the waist and abdomen, and several girls stomped and screamed: “Ahhhh, I see the abs!”

“He’s worthy of being a grade grass[1]! A handsome face and a good figure!”

Ji Rang: “???”

What did he hear? Grade grass? Just this kid?!

He saw that the classmate Cao Xiao finished his warm-up exercise and waited for the whistle to sound. After the run-up and a handsome leap forward he easily stepped over the pole.

There was screaming, applauding and whistling, and he seemed to be quite popular.

Qi Ying also waved a small flag with excitement. Ji Rang glanced at it, feeling very jealous.

After the first round, the teacher raised the pole to increase the height, and the second round continued. The voices around him cheered on Yu Zhuo the loudest. He was not arrogant or impetuous. He had a stern expression. He ran and jumped earnestly. It seemed he wants to get a good result.

The result was that he had bad luck and met a sports student.

It can be seen that he has reached his peak, and he can’t jump one centimeter taller. But the physical education student was comfortable enough. After jumping over his back, the teacher raised the pole by one centimeter.

Yu Zhuo’s tense expression showed signs of discouragement.

But he didn’t give up until the last moment. He cheered up, took two deep breaths and was about to run and take off. The sports student stood aside and smiled and said, “Classmates, give up, don’t hurt your waist.”

These words were harsh to the ears, and they were obviously mocking him. It seemed that his popularity had attracted jealousy.

According to Yu Zhuo’s temper, it is possible that he would start to fight on the spot. But at such a critical moment, he had to put all his energy on the pole, and he can’t be affected by a few words. Even if his eyes held anger at this time, he couldn’t help but grit his teeth and concentrate on preparing for the game.

Seeing that he was unaffected, the sports student wanted to say something, but suddenly a bottle of mineral water flew over from behind and hit him on the back of the head with a bang, immediately startling him.

The sports student clutched his head and suddenly turned around, furious: “Who the hell did it?!”

Ji Rang folded his hands and stood at the forefront, with a cold expression: “I threw it. You fucking try to say another rubbish sentence?”

The sports student saw him and was seriously stunned, then he ran to a place close to the referee in a panic. It seemed as if Ji Rang was rushing to beat him.

Yu Zhuo had already started on the run-up, gritted his teeth and jumped up, leaping over the pole.

It was probably because of the resolution in his heart, but he jumped over it again.

After he landed, he suddenly turned over and got up, seeing that the pole was still there, he felt incredible.

Then came the sports student.

He didn’t know if he was affected by Ji Rang but he made a mistake when jumping and hit the pole with his body.

Yu Zhuo got the first place.

He was too excited, and his serious expression finally changed to the joy of a young boy. He rushed to Qi Ying like a child and hugged her again and again: “Sister! I won! I won first place!”

Qi Ying smiled and touched his head.

After he finished jumping, he looked at Ji Rang next to him with a cold face, gave a dry cough, paused, and said uncomfortably, “Alright then, thank you.”

Of course he saw Ji Rang help him out.

Then he heard Ji Rang say quietly: “As family, I should obviously do this.”

Yu Zhuo: “???”

Who the fuck is family with you?!

After saying that, the big guy suddenly remembered that Qi Ying could hear him now. Facing Yu Zhuo’s irritable expression and Qi Ying’s curious look, he felt a little nervous, but he kept a calm face and added a sentence casually: “All of us are Chinese.”

Yu Zhuo: “…”

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[1] Guys that are recognized as liked by most girls.

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