5BKCM Ch. 18: Is she your mother?

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Ji Zhentian looked at Gu Yuan who was beside his son in shock. After a while, he suddenly stared at Aunt Chen and asked, “You said her surname was Gu?”

Aunt Chen was frightened, she had never seen her master like this before. After that, she hurriedly said: “Yes, yes, this is Miss Gu.”

Ji Zhentian hurriedly looked at his son: “Qisen, she…she…she…”

Ji Qisen said calmly: “Dad should know, I don’t need to introduce her, this is my mother.”

His words were calm, but after he said it, it was like a thunderbolt from the sky, causing everyone in the living room to become shocked.

Aunt Chen immediately felt that something was wrong with her head.

She had heard the young master calling Miss Gu “Mama”. But she always thought that this was the bad taste of young people, or it was just a name!

But now, her young master actually said “this is my mother”?

Unless there was something wrong with her young master’s mind, was that what she understood? How was this possible!

Butler Sima was shocked and almost took a step back, he seemed to know something about the past. Hearing this, he couldn’t help but look at Gu Yuan carefully. And it was then that he noticed that she really looked like his own young master!

So, this was the mother of his young master?

So young and so innocent?

Young master and his mother who was younger than his own master!

As for Camille, she opened her mouth slightly in surprise, exclaimed “OH MY GOD”, and then covered her mouth with her hands, feeling incredible and incomprehensible.

Facing the shock and inconceivability of a group of people, Gu Yuan calmed down.

She was quite curious about Ji Zhentian, who had become a legend in the business world when she was a student, but now seeing this famous Ji Zhentian looking at her with incredible eyes, she felt that they were all human beings with one head and two eyes, and it was no big deal.

She smiled at Ji Zhentian, and then politely extended her hand: “Hello, Mr. Ji, my name is Gu Yuan.”

Ji Zhentian had seen strong winds and waves, so by now he had recovered from the initial shock.

He looked at the little girl in front of him, and once again confirmed that, yes, it was her.

He was wandering among the flowers, but he was a non-marriageist. When he learned that a technological method could be used to obtain a child, he applied and successfully obtained a son.

But when the son was three or four years old, his son began to yearn for his mother. He was extremely fond of his son. He did not know how to satisfy his son’s normal desire for a mother. Because surrogacy was illegal in this world, so the way he came to the world also used the technology which was against modern law. In this case, how should he conjure a mother for his son?

So, he had to take his son to see the egg provider, Gu Yuan, who had been frozen for several years.

With the appearance of a young girl, she was frozen in a container, looking like a total immortal.

For Ji Zhentian, this was like a specimen. It was stored there, and he could pin his son’s desire for a mother on it, but it would not have any impact on his or his son’s life.

But he never thought that she would wake up.

After waking up, she had snow-white and translucent skin, a pair of clear and simple eyes, and her nose cocked slightly when she smiled, which made her look very cute.

But this was Gu Yuan, and there was an indescribable similarity between his son and Gu Yuan.

This made Ji Zhentian feel a little strange.

The girl who looked younger than his son turned out to be his son’s mother.

How to say this?

After Ji Zhentian coughed lightly, he finally found his position. He immediately stretched out his hand and held Gu Yuan’s hand with a smile: “Hello, hello, Gu Yuan, right? Congratulations on waking up!”

Gu Yuan laughed more and more: “Nice to meet you, Mr. Ji.”

The two sides shook hands in a friendly and cordial manner. After Ji Zhentian had finished greeting Gu Yuan, the host and guest sat down, accompanied by Ji Qisen who sat next to her, and the atmosphere was harmonious.

Camille, who was not so harmonious next to them, felt that her head was abnormal.

This, what was this?

Camille stared at the little girl who was supposed to be Ji Qisen’s girlfriend, but was called “my mother” by Ji Qisen. She didn’t even put anything on her face. It seemed that she didn’t even apply sunscreen, and her skin was clear. Her innocent eyes sparkled when looking at people with a smile, really the more you looked, the more bitchy you felt.

Whether this person wanted to hook up with his son or Lao Tzu, make it clear!

She didn’t care about her hooking up with the son, but hooking up with Lao Tzu would make her her enemy!

At this time, Ji Zhentian was still talking to Gu Yuan with a smile: “Since Miss Gu’s house is being renovated, you can live here first, you’re welcome to live as long as you want.”

Camille’s heart was sour, in fact she felt sour all over her body. It was uncomfortable, she had spent a lot of effort to get Ji Zhentian to agree to bring her back home, how come this Gu Yuan could live here as long as she wanted?

Camille finally couldn’t take it anymore, she gently rubbed over, took Ji Zhentian’s arm and said tenderly: “Zhentian, you haven’t introduced me yet, who is this?”

Her voice was charming and her appearance was even more charming.

Ji Zhentian then remembered that there was another Camille there. Camille was also his favourite recently. He immediately smiled and said, “This is Miss Gu, Miss Gu is Qisen’s mother. This is Camille, my girlfriend.”

Camille’s eyes blinked, her heart skipping a beat.

Really his mom?

Then the target of this Gu must be the father instead of the son!

Camille’s heart rang a warning loudly, staring at Gu Yuan, every strand of hair on her body became full of defences. It took her so much effort to catch a big fish like Ji Zhentian, and she couldn’t let Miss Gu who came out halfway to grab it.

Who the hell was this person, a goblin? Even with such an old son, she was still pretending to be a girl?

Camille looked at Gu Yuan again sourly, her face was so delicate and her facial features were quite beautiful, but she looked too simple, as if she was completely unprepared to live by herself.

Ji Zhentian liked this?

How did Ji Zhentian give birth to Ji Qisen with such a woman?

Many question marks popped up in Camille’s mind, but she still smiled charmingly and said softly, “Miss Gu, hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Gu Yuan looked at Camille curiously. Of course, she had noticed Camille a long time ago. She was really a beauty. She looked like a stage beauty at first glance. She was very…, she appreciated it very much, besides, this person was Ji Zhentian’s girlfriend, so she was likely to marry Ji Zhentian in the future? If she really married Ji Zhentian, she would be her son’s stepmother.

Although her son had grown up and she was not afraid of him being abused by his stepmother, it was still necessary to build a harmonious family.

So she gave a sincere smile to Camille: “Hello, Camille, it’s a pleasure to meet you too.”

Camille smiled at Gu Yuan: “Miss Gu looks very young and beautiful, and if I didn’t know you, I would think Miss Gu is eighteen this year.”

Gu Yuan smiled: “Actually, I’m forty-five years old this year.”

Camille almost choked on herself when she heard this.

She didn’t look like she was forty-five years old. Did she undergo plastic surgery? Was she in good looks? No matter how she took care of it, how could she maintain such a fairy face!

At this moment, Camille almost wanted to kneel down and beg Gu Yuan to share her maintenance recipe.

But of course she didn’t. She leaned her body even more on Ji Zhentian and used all her gestures and expressions to declare that this was her man and no one was allowed to take him away from her!

She must be calm, she must hold on, and she must maintain everything she finally got.

Aunt Chen, who was next to her, couldn’t calm down.

They always thought that Gu Yuan was a little girl, and they always thought that this was their young master’s little girlfriend. Why did she suddenly become a 45-year-old mother?

She raised her hand to support her head, no, she had to go back to the kitchen to rest, as she didn’t feel very good.

This was an embarrassing meeting. No matter how slow Gu Yuan was, she felt the blow to Camille, the beautiful woman, and the embarrassment caused to Ji Zhentian.

So, the meeting quickly disbanded, and everyone went back to their respective rooms.

Ji Qisen accompanied Gu Yuan back, and he sent her back to the room thoughtfully: “Mom, you don’t need to care about Camille.”

Gu Yuan was a little helpless: “I feel like she doesn’t like me.”

Ji Qisen: “Whether she likes you or not, it doesn’t matter.”

Gu Yuan said worriedly: “If she doesn’t like me, she won’t like my son. What will I do if she marries your father and bullies you in the future? Maybe she will have a child. Since you are grown up, you won’t be able to say sweet words to please your father. She will give birth to a cute baby. Your dad will start to like the child she gave birth to, and you may become the eldest son who is not valued, and finally be deprived of your inheritance and kicked out of the house.”

Ji Qisen suddenly felt three black lines appearing on his forehead.

Where did his mother see this plot of a third-rate dog-blood novel that she could instantly make up such a giant power struggle?

He took a deep breath, looked at his mother, and said solemnly: “Mom, you don’t have to worry about these problems, I promise you, it will never happen.”

Gu Yuan tilted his head: “How can you guarantee it?”

Ji Qisen: “First, my dad won’t marry her at all, and he won’t have a second child. Second, whether I leave AK or not, it’s not my dad who has the final say, but me.”

The voice was light, but domineering.

Gu Yuan was instantly shocked by her son’s tyrannical breath. She looked at her son and said after a while: “Son, okay, it’s up to you whether us mother and son live on the streets!”

Ji Qisen: “…”

Can’t she say something good?

Actually, Gu Yuan believed in her son. For such an old son, he wouldn’t be bullied by Camille even if she wanted to be in power.

But she also knew in her heart that she was only living here temporarily. If Camille really married Ji Zhentian in the future, her son would still have to get along with Camille.

In view of Camille’s unkind looks to her today, she decided to test Camille first and help her son on the road.

So after lunch that day, when Ji Zhentian and her son were discussing business affairs in the study, Gu Yuan saw the time and came to the balcony beside the living room, where Camille was drinking coffee.

Camille was a great beauty, with wavy curly hair, wearing a miniskirt showing her slender white legs, a pair of sandals, and her ten toenails painted bright red, she looked sexy and charming at first glance.

When she saw Gu Yuan coming, she sat up straight, armed herself, and said with a smile, “Miss Gu, would you like some coffee?”

Gu Yuan: “Thank you, what kind of coffee is this?”

She had drunk a little coffee before, but she didn’t understand it. She had probably learned a little in the past two days. There were many kinds of coffee, some such as mocha, which she could drink, while others, it was best not to drink.

As for why, she didn’t understand, and her son didn’t tell her, but she still decided to listen to her son.

Camille stared at Gu Yuan’s young girl’s face, desperately trying to find the trace of a knife, but no, she couldn’t see it at all, so she looked back sourly, stirred the coffee stick in her hand, and said lightly: “This is civet coffee ?”

Gu Yuan: “Civet Coffee? What does civet mean?”

She understood coffee, but civet she didn’t understand.

Camille frowned slightly, she was a little puzzled, it was said that this woman gave birth to a son for Ji Zhentian, even if Ji Zhentian didn’t marry her, the alimony she got should have been huge, how could she not understand, what civet coffee is?

Camille looked at Gu Yuan’s youthful face, and became more suspicious: “You don’t even know this? Civet is cat shit, and Civet Coffee is cat shit coffee.”

In the eyes of ordinary people, the expensive civet coffee was naturally graded, while the civet coffee in the Ji family mansion was the world’s top quality, ten times more expensive than gold, the global annual output of it was only a few pounds, and it was exclusively reserved for foreign royal families and top people from various countries, ordinary people couldn’t buy it at all.

When Gu Yuan heard this, she was so surprised that she couldn’t help herself from saying, “Cat shit, is this cat shit coffee?”

Camille looked at Gu Yuan’s unbelievable look, suddenly found a little confidence and superiority, smiled and stirred the glass rod in her hands gracefully and said calmly, “Yes, this is cat shit.”

For a while, Gu Yuan couldn’t catch herself. After a while, she couldn’t help but say, “Do you like to drink cat shit?”

Camille nodded and took a sip elegantly: “I really appreciate the taste, the unique flavour, the thick and mellow aroma, and the supreme enjoyment.”

As she spoke, she also half-closed her eyes, her long and curly eyelashes hanging down lazily.

After Gu Yuan was shocked by the three views, she finally asked another doubt in her heart: “Then do you like eating shit?”

Camille’s face turned pale with anger when she said this, and the coffee in her mouth was spit out, and her elegance was suddenly gone.

The maid next to her who was about to deliver juice to Gu Yuan couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

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