KHSW Ch. 137: We’re Husband and Wife!!!

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Although he knew that her “amnesia” was fake, but now, she was still by his side, that’s enough, some things didn’t need to be said, they just needed to be felt with your heart…

“By the way, why did your voice sound like Jingyu before?” Even she didn’t hear anything different.

Xu Yizhi said in a deep voice, “I have learned dubbing, but I can only imitate people I know very well.”

Ling Xi’s eyes shone brightly, and the look of admiration on her face made him feel particularly joyful.

Searching was always frustrating, and even the scenery that was enough to stop tourists was difficult to attract her attention.

The streams flowing down from the high mountains converged into lakes, as if sky-blue gems were embedded in this fertile soil, and the steep mountain road were spreading upwards, and they seemed to have no end in sight, but Ling Xi had no intention to appreciate such a beautiful scenery.

After climbing the mountain road for a while, Ling Xi felt that her waist and legs were a little sore, but she kept silent, holding Xu Yizhi’s hand, she continued to climb to a higher place.

Seeing Ling Xi’s face turning red, Xu Yizhi suddenly squatted down, “Come up, I’ll carry you.”

Ling Xi shook her head, “It’s okay.”

Seeming to have insight into Ling Xi’s mind, Xu Yizhi voluntarily picked up Ling Xi’s two legs, Ling Xi exclaimed and hugged Xu Yizhi’s neck tightly.

“We are husband and wife, don’t worry about it.” Xu Yizhi’s numb voice got into Ling Xi’s ears, making her feel a little itchy.

The man’s thoughtfulness made her twitch her lips, lying on his back, she could feel the vibration of his chest when he spoke.

“Husband, can you just hand over the company to Chi Jingyu like this?”

The man walked lightly, so he must have good physical strength.

“Well, don’t look at him sometimes being unreliable, his work ability is good.”

Ling Xi had always been thinking about what happened in her previous life, but she didn’t know how to tell him, after all… even she thought it was impossible.

“Then, do you know Chi Jingyu well? Also, how did you meet him?”

Xu Yizhi didn’t think much about it, he thought that Ling Xi was just curious, so he said, “I’ve known him for seven years, that year, he hacked my computer, then I found his IP address, and I thought he had great potential, so I let him follow me.”

After climbing a step, Xu Yizhi continued: “Jingyu was raised by his father since he was a child. It is said that his mother died of illness when he was very young. He followed me for seven years, and I have long regarded him as my own brother.”

“Did he say that?” Ling Xi was full of doubts. In her previous life, she accidentally found a stack of certificates in Chi Jiayang’s father’s room. They clearly had Chi Jingyu’s mother’s name – Yang Huilin.

She thought Chi Jingyu knew, so she never touched his sadness.

“Well, what’s the matter?” His intuition told him that Ling Xi was a little weird.

“Then… do you know that Chi Jingyu has a half-brother?”

“This matter? I never heard him mention it.”

Ling Xi began to ponder in her heart that the Chi family didn’t seem to know where Jingyu worked now, what’s more, the relationship between him and Chi Jiayang had always been tense, so it shouldn’t be him.

By the way, last time she remembered that the secretary’s voice was very similar to that of Chi Jiayang’s cousin, but he said that he did not know her.

“I guess he hates that family now! That’s why he let you take him in.”

Xu Yizhi frowned slightly, because he cared too little for Jingyu.

“By the way, what’s the name of your secretary? I went to the company twice before, and I felt like he was a bit like someone I knew before, but unfortunately I couldn’t recognize him.”

“He came back from abroad last year, and his name is Yang Wei.”

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