FPH Ch. 32

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Mo Jingsheng was obviously surprised. He didn’t expect that the many male colleagues did not sign up, but this young and delicate looking girl had such an ambition.

Director Guan put a smile on his face again, and said happily: “This is Gu Nian. Xiao Gu has always been very fond of helping people and has a passionate heart. Almost all the residents in our district know her, and if there is any difficulty, she will be the one who always steps forward. Even though she is a little girl, she is very motivated.”

“Why do you want to join the criminal investigation team?” Mo Jingsheng asked with a serious expression.

Gu Nian scratched her head and said embarrassedly: “My father used to be in the criminal investigation team, but he died in a mission. At that time, I was just born, so since I have become sensible, I was determined to be a policeman when I grew up, just like my father.”

Mo Jingsheng was a little surprised, looking at Gu Nian’s age, the families of the policemen who died here in City B had all been properly accommodated. And he kept the list of police officers who died in the file in mind. Because his only younger brother was also a policeman and died in an undercover mission.

Comparing his heart, he was very attentive to this kind of thing, and even the family members of the sacrificed police officers and their current situation, he was well aware of it.

But he had never heard of Gu Nian, so he asked, “What’s your father’s name?”

“His name is Gu Licheng.” Gu Nian said, her face full of admiration and pride for her father.

Mo Jingsheng frowned slightly, he was quite sure that there was no such name in the list he knew by heart.

Gu Nian also saw that Mo Jingsheng didn’t seem to have heard of her father before, so she said, “My father is not a policeman from City B, he was from City J.”

Mo Jingsheng’s brows loosened and he smiled slightly: “So, that’s the case.”

So, Mo Jingsheng gave Gu Nian a form, she filled it out and handed it to him, and then she would have to go to the city bureau for an interview tomorrow.

Gu Nian didn’t expect that it would be so fast, but she had no appetite for the tense dinner, so naturally she forgot to call Chu Zhaoyang.

Afterwards, there was no news of Chu Zhaoyang during the few days of waiting for the result. He seemed to have disappeared.

However, Gu Nian also understood this. As the president of Chutian Group, Chu Zhaoyang must be very busy with so many companies and businesses.

But after so many days, it was a bit of a fuss to make a special call to Chu Zhaoyang to thank him for the lunch that day. Therefore, in the entanglement of Gu Nian, the days just passed, and the matter of contacting him in the end became irrelevant.

But the day before the results were announced, that was, Thursday night, Gu Nian received a call from Chu Tian to chat with her.

While the two were chatting, Chu Tian “unintentionally” mentioned that after Chu Zhaoyang sent Gu Nian back to the police station at noon that day, he then went on a business trip that afternoon, and might come back on Sunday or Monday.

It turned out that he was on a business trip. Knowing his whereabouts, Gu Nian’s heart was inexplicably calmed.

Gu Nian was stunned, why was she so settled? Didn’t she just hear Chu Zhaoyang’s whereabouts?

She suddenly realized that these days, she thought of Chu Zhaoyang every night.

Gu Nian tapped her head. It must be… it must be because she never had the opportunity to thank Chu Zhaoyang, and she had been thinking of him all the time, it must be like this!

But her ears and lips felt inexplicably hot.

“Nian Nian? Nian Nian?” Chu Tian called out on the phone.

“Ah? I’m here.” Gu Nian replied quickly.

“Why did you suddenly stop talking?” Chu Tian paused and smiled, “Are you thinking of my brother?”

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