TBLF Ch. 77

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The cream battle on the terrace had started.

Fortunately, the cake was big enough, so half was for eating and the other half for beating. Qu Dazhuang and Liu Haiyang pinched and smashed each other’s faces, while Wu Rui cheered by the side.

Yue Li just attacked Yu Zhuo, and now Yu Zhuo was holding the back of her head and pressing it on the cake plate. Yue Li was almost desperate, holding the corner of the table tightly with both hands, while resisting, shouting angrily: “What’s the matter with you, brother? How can you treat a girl like this! You won’t find a girlfriend like this!”

Straight boy Yu Zhuo was unmoved.

Yue Li: “Look! The boss is behind the wall with your sister!”

Yu Zhuo: “???”

Sure enough, he let go, Yue Li took the opportunity to escape, and heard Yu Zhuo roar fiercely: “What are you doing?!”

Ji Rang raised his hand to wipe the cream on his mouth, stood up straight and walked back as if nothing had happened, turning a blind eye to Yu Zhuo’s angry eyes.

Yu Zhuo: “Sister!”

Qi Ying didn’t even look at him: “Lili, I want to eat another piece of cake!”

Yu Zhuo: “…”

Fortunately, he didn’t see the scene where Ji Rang kissed his sister, otherwise he would be pissed off.

After the cream fight, everyone’s face was completely different. But they were all very happy. Qu Dazhuang opened the beer, the boys took it directly, and the girls poured them in small cups. A group of people toasted to celebrate, shouting in the morning breeze: “Eighteen years old! Long live boss!”

This was the best age and the most beautiful time.

When it was close to eleven o’clock, the blazing sun was already high in the sky, and the temperature rose. Everyone greeted each other, started to collect things and move back to Yue Li’s house. The coming-of-age ceremony officially ended.

Ji Rang with a bewildered look: “???”

He was ready to play for a day, but they ended it before twelve o’clock?

Qu Dazhuang yawned: “Ah, the sun is so big, it’s best to sleep in the bed with the air conditioner on. Goodbye everyone, I’m going home to sleep.”

Wu Rui carried his schoolbag: “I’m going to the library to do my homework, goodbye everyone.”

Luo Bing: “Liu Haiyang, let’s go to the Internet cafe.”

Ji Rang: “…”

So, they just broke up the party. Ji Rang looked at Qi Ying, who was packing her backpack next to him, and asked, “Then you…”

Qi Ying packed up her backpack, handed the sun umbrella to his hand, bent her eyes and said: “Let’s go, let’s start our second activity today.”

Huh? There is a second one?

Then Ji Rang was taken to the zoo by Qi Ying.

Ji Rang: “…”

The sun was so big, and the air was so hot, and he was so stunned.

He didn’t know why he had to watch a group of monkeys grab peanuts under the big sun on the 18th birthday.

However, although the weather was hot, because it was during the summer vacation, there were still a lot of parents who had brought their children to the zoo. The zoo was very lively, and there were many people around the venue for each animal.

Especially in the Panda House, there was a dense crowd in front of it, and they couldn’t get in.

However, Ji Rang was tall and could easily see from behind. Qi Ying was standing beside him, pulling his sleeves, trying hard to stand on tiptoe, but still couldn’t see anything.

Ji Rang’s shirt collar was twisted by her.

He thought that the little baby was so cute when she was jumping up and down, and he silently admired it for a long time. After she couldn’t jump anymore, he suddenly leaned over, put his hands around her knees, and raised her by his side.

Qi Ying exclaimed in a low voice, subconsciously holding his arms around his neck. Ji Rang had stood up straight, his arms firmly hugged her legs. Her line of sight was suddenly clear, and she jumped over the crowd to have a panoramic view of the Panda Pavilion.

She was so happy. After a while, she wowed and then wailed, and everyone who couldn’t see next to her were all jealous.

After watching for a long time, remembering something, she lowered her head and asked in a low voice, “Are you tired?”

Smelling the sweet scent of her body, how could he get tired if her body was so close to him.

Ji Rang felt that he could hold her for another five hundred years.

He said in a deep voice, “I’m not tired, you can watch it as long as you want.”

She put her arms around his neck softly and said sweetly: “I’ve seen enough, let’s go see the little tiger.”

Ji Rang had visited the zoo for a school spring outing once when he was in elementary school, but he had never visited again. This time he learned that the zoo has renovated many venues and added many types of animals, which was much livelier and exciting than when he was a child.

Qi Ying liked animals very much.

She was not afraid of anything, she was so excited when she watched the python, her two little hands were holding the glass and she was stuck to it. The python moved its huge body around and hissed, Ji Rang almost got goose bumps, but she became even more excited as she watched.

What was going on with his little baby?

She wasn’t afraid of ghosts or horror movies, now not even afraid of snakes???

The two of them wandered around the zoo for more than two hours. Qi Ying finally got a little tired. Ji Rang took her to the food court to sit and eat some snacks. He thought it was over, but Qi Ying said, “After visiting the zoo, let’s start today’s third event!”

So, the two came to the cinema.

Qi Ying even bought the tickets, and when he went into the cinema, there were a few horror movie posters just outside the door, saying “Hot holidays, let you feel the coolness of fear”.

Ji Rang: “…”

No, he didn’t want to.

When Qi Ying picked up the tickets, he stood beside her with a look of despair, waiting for the machine to spit out the tickets, and finally heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the title on it.

It was a comedy.

Ji Rang accompanied her to buy popcorn and Coke. Seeing her happy face, he couldn’t help asking: “Don’t you like watching horror movies? Why didn’t you buy it?”

Qi Ying chewed popcorn, her cheeks bulging: “Aren’t you scared.”

Ji Rang: “???” The gangster wanted to save face and stared at her fiercely: “Who told you I’m afraid? I’m afraid of watching horror movies?”

Qi Ying tilted her little head: “Really?”

Ji Rang: “Really!”

She smiled: “Then let’s buy the tickets again, there just happens to be one movie that I wanted to see.”

Ji Rang: “…no.” The boss said: “A waste of money.”

Qi Ying didn’t know if she believed him or not, so she nodded obediently, “Okay.”

Just as the ticket office began to notify the ticket holders to enter the venue, Ji Rang hurriedly pulled her into the venue for fear that she would change her mind.

It was already evening after watching the movie

Now, the air was still hot and dry, but the clouds in the sky overlapped continuously, which was somewhat pleasing to the eye.

Ji Rang asked her: “Is there a fourth event?”

Qi Ying took out two night tickets for the amusement park.

Ji Rang looked at the tickets and then at her, suddenly feeling a little sour in his heart. Like eating candied haws, although it was a bit sour, it was much sweeter.

It turned out that she was really seriously preparing for his birthday date. From morning to night, one after another, the arrangements were very good.

At night, the amusement park was brightly lit, and they could see a huge Ferris wheel in the night sky in the distance. They had come once during the Chinese New Year before, but at that time it was mainly festive, and the activities in the park were also the themes of the New Year.

Tonight, the amusement park had resumed the fairy tale theme of the past, with float dolls, innocence and childishness, and summer water rides. It was dazzling to see it this way.

Qi Ying wanted to try everything, not even afraid of the roller coaster. Fortunately, the boss was not afraid of heights, and accompanied her to play all the high-altitude rides. When riding a pirate ship, her hair band suddenly loosened, and the aqua-green ribbon fluttered into the air with the wind, bending and flying, especially beautiful.

When she came down, Qi Ying’s hair was blown out of shape by the wind, and it was knotted into a mess. Ji Rang suppressed a smile and straightened out the strands with his hands.

She stood in front of him obediently, with bright eyes looking east and west, seeing the row of fun stalls behind, she suddenly pointed to the shooting stall behind him: “I want that.”

Ji Rang glanced back, his eyes sinking.

He hadn’t touched a gun in many years.

Even a toy gun.

That kind of touch, posture, and movement will remind him of his dreams. Once he remembered, his heart was filled with resentment and irritability.

He looked down at Qi Ying, her eyes were very bright, staring expectantly at the fluffy sunflower pillow on the stall.

The look saying that she wanted it very much.

Ji Rang straightened out her hair and touched her head lightly: “Okay, I’ll win it back for you.”

He took her by the wrist and walked over and said, “Boss, one bullet.”

The boss glanced at him: “Young man, it’s impossible to hit with one bullet. At least ten rounds are required. I clearly marked the price. Let’s try ten rounds?”

Ji Rang said quietly, “No, just one shot is enough.”

The boss sneered and didn’t say much, set the special bullet, and then handed the gun to him.

Ji Rang reached out and took it, feeling a little heavy on his wrist. He tightened his fingers, took a deep breath, suppressed all the bad emotions, and then aimed the gun.

After looking at it for a long time, then put it down, the boss laughed: “Young man, can’t you do it?”

Ji Rang didn’t speak, lowered his head and adjusted his sight, aiming while adjusting.

The boss knew that he had met an expert when he saw his posture. Ji Rang had already adjusted his gun and hit the bullseye with a bang.

He lifted his chin and motioned to the boss to bring the sunflower pillow.

The boss wanted to cry without tears, and cried out in his heart, “It’s over, it’s a loss.” However, the rule was like this. He could only take the sunflower pillow off the shelf and give it to Qi Ying.

She crooked her eyes while holding the flower. Seeing her smile so happily, the tearing emotions in Ji Ran’s heart also dissipated a lot. He asked in a low voice, “Which one do you want?”

Qi Ying looked up at the dolls on the opposite shelf, and reached out: “I want that, that, that.”

She ordered ten.

Ji Rang: “Boss, ten more bullets.”

The boss almost fell to his knees with a plop.

But if the guest wanted to play, he couldn’t stop them. The boss held on to the belief that it was a fluke, that maybe he was lucky and will miss the target next time, and he loaded his gun with ten bullets.

Then he saw the boy shoot and shoot, and every shot hit the bullseye.

When the fifth shot was fired, the boss finally couldn’t stand it anymore, and cried bitterly, “Brother, please give me a way to survive! I don’t want your money anymore, and Sunflower should be given to you.” ?”

Ji Rang glanced at him faintly: “Didn’t you just say I can’t do it?”

Boss: “Okay! You are too good! It’s like a sharpshooter who can shoot from a hundred steps!”

Qi Ying burst into laughter, she held the Sunflower and pulled Ji Rang’s clothes corner: “I don’t want it, just this.”

Ji Rang put down the gun, paid for the previous bullet, and pulled her around to leave. The fingers were a bit stiff, but they were much better than he thought.

At least, the feel was still there.

Although he was still a little uncomfortable, he felt it was worth seeing the little girl around him happy.

Still immersed in his own emotions, he heard Qi Ying ask softly: “Shall we go play with that?”

Play, baby can play anything.

He raised his eyes and looked over—the haunted house.

…It seemed that he indulged her too much.

Qi Ying watched his face, pursed her lips, sighed and said, “Well, it doesn’t matter if you are afraid of playing.”

Ji Rang: “???”

Little girl don’t think that I don’t recognize that you are agitating me.

Ji Rang was angry and found it funny, rubbing her little head: “You really thought I was scared, let’s go!”

He led her in.

Walking forward with no expression on his face, when the ghostly staff jumped out, he stretched his lips and even looked at him with disdain. The more he was afraid, the calmer he was, the calmer his face was, the colder his face would be. When he didn’t smile, he looked a bit fierce, but now he looked as if was full of evil spirits.

“Ghosts” didn’t dare to scare him. They went to scare the little girl behind him, the little girl actually waved her little hand to greet the “ghost”.

“Ghost” felt so unfulfilled.

It wasn’t until he walked out of the passage to see the sun again that the stiff big guy sighed in relief without showing a trace of his fear.

Qi Ying was very happy, and said softly, “It was so fun.”

Ji Rang glanced at her, feeling heavy inside.

Yes, you think it was fun. The female ghost in white clothes stretched out her hand to scare you, so you ran and slapped her face.

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